Mysteries of The Lost World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Fall break, 2 weeks off school. In this world, something is different. There are people known as, the special ones. A rare mutation in the genes at birth gives the child a special ability, a talent
basically. Almost nobody shares the same talent, because of the many fields of study out there. Some people are born the toughest in the world, or the best gamer in the world. But Alex Jackson, one
of the special ones, goes to school with several others, all friends and all talented. But after a mysterious fire in their special one's shared apartment and an encounter with a mysterious bellman
in the hotel they went to stay at, they all realize something was wrong. But not until someone is pinned against the walls, dead and stabbed through with a black dagger. One of the special ones is
a cold blooded killer, and now they have to catch them and end the murders. Only two will survive

Table of Contents

Last Day

I stared at the killer, his sword plunged into the man below. “You monster!” i yelled. “You’ve killed everybody!”   ... Read Chapter

Shopping gone Wrong

“Alright let's go and relax.” said Lucas. I parked the car outside the apartments and we got out. We were all 18, and lived in a ni... Read Chapter


“Hello? Indom? Andrew? CJ?” i yelled. I was in darkness. Everything was black. I could see myself, but nothing else. Everything the... Read Chapter


We had to drop off Amanda at the house because her favorite show, The Ultimate Talent Challenge, was on. Basically they had different p... Read Chapter

Storm and Fire

I hit the radio and put on a song from this action movie i saw a few weeks ago  and drove down the road. We passed cars at 90 mph ... Read Chapter

Entering the Hotel of Loss

I drove down the road towards the hotel. Downtown lostville was a pretty big place right near the water. “Alright everyone got their ... Read Chapter

First Night, First Fatality

About half an hour later CJ and Lucas came back and went for a swim in the hot tub. “Alright where’s Andrew?” asked Lucas. “It... Read Chapter

Pinned to the Wall

“NO!” yelled CJ. He started to cry and Amanda put her arm around him. “Who did it?” i asked. “What do you mean?” i asked. ... Read Chapter

A Discovery

The lights went out and came back on. Everybody was still there. “Guys it’s daytime!” yelled CJ. We looked out the window. The su... Read Chapter

Bodies in the Water

  We all got up late that day, well 11 o’clock to be exact.   When i woke up Amanda was already awake digging thr... Read Chapter

Fatal Mistakes

I strolled towards the exit and grabbed a knife. I needed to find out who it was, but if the killer is awake and can see my movements, ... Read Chapter

Murder in the Locker Room

I let go of her and tears fell to the floor. I heard someone come into the room behind me. “Z……. Zoey!?” exclaimed Amanda. “S... Read Chapter

Water and Air

I ran down the hall as fast as i could. The doors had locked at 11:30 as Indom said. It was one minute to then. I spotted Josh and Aide... Read Chapter

Body in the Lobby

I was just floating. Colors were splashed around me throughout the sea of darkness surrounding me. I continued to float until i saw it.... Read Chapter

Duel in the Shadows

“She……. She’s dead!?” i exclaimed. We both just stared. Her wrists were slit, blood was coming from a wound on the side of he... Read Chapter

The Killer Within you

The daytime came, and two us had died. We explained the situation to everybody of what happened last night, leaving out the part about ... Read Chapter

The Laptop

We walked around his body and me and Blythe lowered him from the rope around his neck. We laid his body on the floor. Blythe kneeled ne... Read Chapter

Suite 9B

I called the others and they met up with us on the 9th floor. 9B was the room next to the locked one on the floor above us. “I….. i... Read Chapter


They both stared at me, then at each other. “What are you talking about!?” said Amanda. “Both of you could be the killer. Amanda... Read Chapter

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