Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Murder in the Locker Room

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



I let go of her and tears fell to the floor. I heard someone come into the room behind me. “Z……. Zoey!?” exclaimed Amanda. “She’s gone.” i said. “I’m calling CJ.” she said.


20 minutes later, everybody was here. “We….. we have to investigate this.” said CJ. “But Zoey……. I thought for once there would be another girl besides me in the group!” said Amanda as she cried. Indom put his arm around her shoulder and they left the room. I just stared at the body. So did CJ, Josh and Andrew who had finally arrived. “Sorry i was trying to beat a level of OH GOD! ZOEY!?” he yelled. He fell to his knees in fear.


I just looked at the body. I-i had to figure out who did it. I have to investigate the crime scene. I may only be a normal high school student, but i could still figure out common sense.


I walked over to the body and kneeled down. The body had several burns on her arm and shoulder. The knife had penetrated her waist and 2 mini throwing knives had penetrated her right arm. She had died of blood loss as the fire from the explosion didn’t burn her too bad besides throwing her against the wall.


I pulled the mini knives out of her arm. They were small and were thrown from his hand. But that seems almost impossible. To be thrown by only his hand and puncture her arm hard enough to break it and cause it to bleed seems almost impossible.


I then left the body alone and went to examine the broken wall. Somehow, this person had blown apart the wall between the girls and boys locker rooms. I kneeled down and found something under the rubble. A few pieces of black metal. I looked over it and realized, it was a pipe bomb!


The killer must have set off the pipe bomb and blown it up when she came into the room. But it didn’t show any signs of the killer being in that room and the pipe bomb didn’t have a wireless explode button. I looked at the floor and noticed a peculiar tile. I walked over to it and found it wasn’t a tile, it was a pressure plate. It must have been connected to the pipe bomb.


I then walked out the locker room and looked around. A bloody sword was stuck into the ground and on the end was a piece of cloth. “She fought the killer, but he stabbed her with the sword.” i said as i pulled it out. The sword was long and silver and the handle was wrapped with white cloth. No fingerprints could be seen on the blade. “Dead end?” asked Amanda. I nodded.


We all walked back to our room, still pondering over it all. “She thought she could get here and kill him. But… she was wrong. If she had maybe asked us to come then maybe she wouldn’t be dead. Maybe someone else would be.” i said to Amanda. “It’s her recklessness that got her killed. Just ignore it.” said Amanda. Something wouldn’t leave my mind though. “Is one of us really the killer?” i asked. “You think there’s someone else here?” she asked. I didn’t answer. “We checked all the rooms. And to be honest i don’t trust anyone here. Not even you. I still believe that one of us killed Zoey in cold blood. Whoever that is will die for their actions, but for now we have to be careful.” she said. I looked down at the ground, walking up the stairs. “Do you know how were going to survive this?” i asked. She shook her head. “There’s a single thing that will keep us alive. Hope, it’s the key to survival. Without hope people will just give up on everything and quit. That’s why we have to keep hope alive.” i told her. She smiled and soon, we reached the room.


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