Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Water and Air

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



I ran down the hall as fast as i could. The doors had locked at 11:30 as Indom said. It was one minute to then. I spotted Josh and Aiden entering. I ran in and looked around. Amanda, Josh, Aiden, CJ and Indom were all there. “Where’s Andrew, Zoey and Dylan?” i asked.


“Dylan wanted to go sleep in Indom’s helicopter because the seats were comfy. Andrew went to go and stop him.” said Amanda. “What about Zoey?” i asked. “Oh she’s upstairs.” said Aiden. I groaned and ran upstairs and Amanda followed.


I didn’t know if i should tell everybody about what i found. The student profile and all those weapons, if one of us was actually the killer…..


No….. i couldn’t doubt my friends like that. Doubting my friends will just lead me down a path of death and despair.


I quickly took a shower in the 2nd in the upstairs bathroom. I had to duck tape the door shut since there was no lock and I never shower in a room without a lock. I just don’t trust people like that.


Once i was out i found Amanda already asleep. I checked downstairs real quick and found the others all safe. CJ was asleep, Aiden and Josh were in the hot tub watching a japanese mystery anime on their chromebook and Indom was eating a sandwich in his bed. I went upstairs and went to sleep.


I was dreaming. I saw shapes and colors, heard screams and moans and saw blood and corpses. Only thing i could make out, 3 words.






I didn’t know what it meant but it was probably bad.

“Alex wake up!” yelled Amanda. I opened my eyes and looked around. Amanda was at my side, looking freaked out. What now?! Blood was seeping through under the door.


“Josh! Aiden! CJ!” i yelled.

“AHHHHHHH!” yelled a voice i knew as CJ’s. I grabbed my phone off the bedside table and threw it at the door. It bounced off. I groaned, got out of bed and swung the door open.


We ran downstairs and found it all. Josh and Aiden were in the hot tub and Indom was knocked out on the floor. There was blood dripping from his skull. Amanda kneeled down next to him. “Minor head injury, but he’s alive and sane.” said Amanda.


“He……. he just collapsed….. Right there…. He said something…..” said CJ.

“What did he say?” i asked.


“Two…...Two words………. He’s coming!” yelled CJ. The lights flickered on and off. The windows turned black. I noticed something on the ceiling. Outlines around a chunk of the ceiling. A crusher. “JOSH! AIDEN GET OUT OF THERE!” i yelled. “LOOK OUT!” yelled Amanda. Josh squealed and jumped out. “But it’s too cold out there.” said Aiden.


The ceiling fell and luckily Aiden ducked. A huge crusher from the ceiling was blocking the barrier from water and air above the hot tub. Basically he was stuck underwater.


We ran over to the glass on the side of the hot tub. Aiden was banging on the glass, trying to escape. “Someone get a weapon! We need to break it!” i yelled. Josh ran into the kitchen and came back with a fork. “I NEED SOMETHING TO BREAK GLASS NOT TO STAB IT!” i yelled. He threw the fork across the room and was about to go get something else when it happened. I could spot several black holes in the block and in the sides of the hot tub. Josh noticed too. “NO!” yelled Josh. It was a trap


Long black metal tipped spears erupted from the holes. They came out one end, and hit the other. Aiden’s body floated in the water, punctured with spikes. They went straight through him. Blood was leaking from his mouth and holes where the spikes ran him through. His expression was in horror and fear and he probably felt a lot of pain as he died. But now……. Aiden was dead.


“Guys……. What about Andrew and Dylan?” i asked.

The room shook and we were knocked off our feet. “Earthquake!?” yelled Amanda. “Look! One of the windows is unblocked!” yelled CJ. We ran over to the window and looked out. Smoke was coming from the roof. “Look out!” yelled Josh. He knocked the 4 of us away from the window. We got up and looked.


A fried, burnt up piece of metal was lying on the windowsill. It was connected to a big piece of burnt up glass, like it was a car’s windshield. “No……… not him too.” said Amanda as tears formed in the corner of her eyes. I didn’t notice at first, but under the metal was a severed hand. The hand looked burnt up and pale, and on the wrist of the hand was a golden and black bracelet. Dylan’s bracelet.


“Guys. We gotta get outta here when morning hits!” CJ. “I’ll make a call.” i said. I ran upstairs and found my phone where it usually was, bedside table. I picked it up and called someone. My other friend Andrew, Andrew Blythe.



“Andrew? Is that you?”

“Yeah it’s me. What do you want i’m at Julian’s house helping him get his 17th degree black belt?”

“Dude! Something happened. Our house burnt down and we had to go to a hotel!”

“What? Let me guess, Andrew?”

“Yeah him. But it’s been two nights so far and Aiden, Dylan and Lucas are all dead. Somebody murdered Lucas, drowned and shot Aiden with spears and blew up Indom’s helicopter with Dylan inside!”

“WHAT!? Okay i’ll be there in 2 days! JUST DON’T DIE!”


“Oh well we kinda went to DisneyLand.” said Andrew.



He hung up and i had hope. But that hope would soon be crushed


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