Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Body in the Lobby

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



I was just floating. Colors were splashed around me throughout the sea of darkness surrounding me. I continued to float until i saw it. The light. Was i….. Dying? Or……. just waking up?


I opened my eyes and looked up at the wooden ceiling. We were still in the hotel. I looked at my watch and at the time. It was about 4. Now i remember. The sun had risen after Dylan and Aiden’s…… demise. I remember collapsing in the kitchen. I…… i didn’t feel good. It didn’t seem like an external injury or even an internal injury. Maybe a mental one? 3 of my best friends died before me, in the same room as me and i had to experience all that. I felt bad. I felt, guilty. If i hadn’t left for Gatorade, Andrew would have never burned down the house and we wouldn’t be here. And Aiden, Lucas and Dylan wouldn’t be dead. I had to pull myself together.


I needed to piece together the clues.


The killer was either Andrew, Creeper, Indom or Josh. It couldn’t be Amanda as she had an alibi the whole time. Creeper and Andrew were the most suspicious. Lucas was crucified by black daggers

I heard the door and Amanda walked into the room. I realized something. “Amanda. Did you guys go up to the roof?” i asked. “No. The roof doors are still locked. Creeper and i checked this morning.” said Amanda.

I crawled over to my bag on the side of the bed and pulled out several cans of spray paint. Graffiti would take my mind off this. I quickly got out of bed and pushed the tv over to the side, leaving the blank wall behind it exposed. I shook the cans and got to work.


“ALEX WE DON’T OWN THE HOTEL ROOM!” yelled a voice. I opened my eyes and saw CJ in the doorway. I realized i had fallen asleep halfway through. But the Graffiti was completed. “Dude stop sleep painting!” yelled CJ. I had spray painted….. A donut. Just a chocolate donut with sprinkles. I felt tired again. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. “Alex? You okay?” he asked. He rushed over to me and felt my forehead. “Aw seriously! Okay well lay down and sleep. Usually it’s a one day thing.” he said. I decided to take his advice for once and quickly fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.






I realize something……. Would i make it out of this?


I opened my eyes as i realized something. There was no heat coming from the other side of the bed. I looked to the side to see it. A horrific sight.


She was lying in the bed, tears leaking from her eyes mixed with blood. A knife was sticking out of her chest and she was pale and cold. Her expression was filled with horror. Amanda…….


“AHHHH!” i screamed. I fell out of the bed and onto the floor. No…… this couldn’t be happening. I quickly rushed over to her side. I needed to do something. But…… i couldn’t touch her. Now 4 of my friends were dead. She just laid there peacefully, if it wasn’t for the knife and the blood coming from her chest i wouldn’t even think she was dead.


I was about to touch her when i realized something. Was….. she dead?

I touched her and my hand went through her. Amanda disappeared and the room was empty besides me. I noticed it then. In the corner of the room was a holo projector. It had faked her death. But wait…… where was the real Amanda? And who had put up the holo projector?


I quickly ran out of the room and downstairs. I didn’t see her anywhere. Andrew, CJ, Indom and Josh were all asleep. I quickly poured a cup of Josh’s water on him. He screamed and i then realized it was just hot tea. He screamed and got out of bed. He just looked at me in anger.


“Josh…. Amanda’s gone.” i said. He looked at me. “What?! What do you mean gone!?” he asked. “She’s not in the bed!” i said. He got off his bed and we looked around. “Doesn’t look like she’s even here.” said Josh. I noticed something.


The door was half open and something was lying on the ground. I kneeled down to see Amanda’s phone. We quickly ran out of the room and looked around. There was something on the staircase downstairs. One of her pink slippers. We looked at each other in fear. Was Amanda….. Dead?


We ran down the staircases with no sign of her. We eventually got to the dark lobby. “Go check the cafe, i’ll look around the check in desk.” said Josh. He ran over to the desk and jumped over the desk. I walked into the cafe and looked around. The cafe was dark and it was empty of people and most items.


I walked into the cafe and looked around. Nothing caught my interest at first. I opened the door to the kitchen and walked in. It wasn’t too fancy, but modern. A coffee machine…… a blender…… knives….. Things you would find in most kitchens.


But i noticed something. Part of the wall was pressed into the wall. I poked it and it was revealed to be a button. Suddenly the wall next to it opened to reveal a secret passageway. I looked into it and discovered a wooden staircase leading up. I walked up and found it to be very long and the passageway being very small. I could barely fit through but finally go to the exit.


I came out and looked around. It was the hallway on the floor our room was on. It seemed like this was how the killer got up here faster instead of going up the other staircase.


I came back down the stairs and i happened noticed something else that seemed important in the cafe. A laptop sitting on one of the cafe tables.


It had the logo of a silver thunderbolt on it. I opened it and found the desktop completely cleared. I tried to check the owner but it was just called ???. But there was one thing on the desktop. A small program called E.K.


I clicked on the program and it appeared. A blue background with several apps and in the middle was a girl. A girl was just standing in the computer. “Uh. Hello?” i asked. She looked at me. “Oh hello. I am Emma Kelson, an AI developed by a programmer prodigy.” said the voice. I just stared.


“An AI? Like a sentient being?” i asked. “Yes. I was created to not only complete important tasks but to also be a companion to my creator. The one who created me was a girl, Hina Ikarin who along with her brother was an programmer prodigy. They have designed many different programs and work for the huge computer company, Celestin PCs.


“Oh. Well maybe you could help us. Were trapped in this hotel and someone within us is killing us off!” i said. “Hmm. I think i’ve heard of that in a game…. Eh oh well. While i can’t directly help because of damaged communications i will be able to do something eventually. Maybe if we go up to the roof then i can hook up to a satellite dish.” it said. “Sure, but-


“Alex! Over here!” exclaimed Josh. “Uh one second Emma.” i said. I dashed from the computer and over to the side of the front desk. Josh was kneeling next to something. His breathing was fast. I looked over his shoulder and saw it.


She was lying on the floor in a small pool of blood, blood dripping from the side of her head and a cut through her shirt stained with blood. A black dagger was lying at her side along with a metal bat lying against the wall, blood splattered all over it.


Amanda was…….. dead?


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