Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Laptop

Submitted: November 14, 2017

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Submitted: November 14, 2017



We walked around his body and me and Blythe lowered him from the rope around his neck. We laid his body on the floor. Blythe kneeled next to it. “He was stabbed to death several times and died from that. No signs of suicide or……. Wait……. No wait…….. He…. didn’t die from the knife.” said Blythe. “What do you mean?” i asked. “Well from what i see here…… he hung himself first…… someone after probably stabbed his body…..” he said.


“So he……. Killed himself!? Josh committed suicide!?” exclaimed Amanda. “It….. seems so……” said Blythe. “That can’t be possible. Josh is the one of us that’s always happy 24/7. He makes everybody laugh and is always smiling. He would never do that!” i said. Blythe’s eyes widened and he pulled something out of Josh’s pocket. A small notebook, a diary?


He opened it up and we all looked at it. We just flipped through pages, seeing good things and occasionally drawings of pineapples for some reason. But finally we got to it.


Day 484

This is horrible. I can’t go on any longer. My 2 best friends Aiden and Dylan are both dead. They died within minutes of each other. It should have been me. Me and Aiden were both in the hot tub together. If i had pushed him out or tried to rescue him….. This wouldn’t have happened. Now there’s only 6 of us left. Well…… soon it will be 5. When i die…… i’ll be able to see them again. Aiden and Dylan. Lucas too. I wonder if they’ll discover my final prank…..


Goodbye world…….. Joshua Lopez


Blythe finished reading out loud and dropped the book. We all were in tears. Josh, who’s talent was being a comedian that seemed useless, was actually inexistent the last few days after Lucas’s death. He had fallen into a cripling depression. If we had known…….. We could have stopped him. But now he’s gone…..


We split up into the suite to look around. I took the bedroom. As i was walking towards the stairs i saw Creeper’s backpack lying on the floor next to his mini bed. Didn’t seem suspicious.


I walked up the stairs, opened the door and saw it. The computer that was on the desk was open and the screen was cracked. I dashed towards it and jumped over the bed to where the desk was. I tapped the mouse and luckily it turned on. Emma was on the screen, but her head was bandaged. “Ow…… the killer came here and yanked the cord out of the wall. I stopped charging and died within minutes. But the killer had a mask on. I could make out red eyes though. But that’s pretty much it.” it said.


Red……. Eyes? Amanda said the killer had green eyes. Maybe she was lying…….. Or the computer was……


“Alright. I’ll keep investigating.” i said. I left the computer alone and looked over the bed. Nothing. I was about to exit when i noticed something on the dresser. A pair of green contacts. “Was the killer wearing contacts?” i said to myself. I then noticed something gleaming from the bottom of the stairs. I rushed down and saw the other two. Amanda was searching near the beds and Blythe was in the kitchen. I looked and saw what was gleaming. The light had hit something metal next to Creeper’s bag. A black dagger!?


I picked up and examined it. No marks or blood. This knife was brand new and hasn’t been used. But it was the same type of knife used to kill Josh, almost Amanda and Lucas. This is getting complicated.


Creeper doesn’t have too much of an alibi coupled with the green eyes fact and the found dagger, Andrew has almost no alibi and has red eyes and Amanda could have lied about the fact she saw green eyes as well. But who…… who was the killer!?


We finally finished about 5 minutes later. “I didn’t find too much. Nothing was touched.” said Blythe. “I didn’t really find too much. I mean i did find a small bloodstain next to Creeper’s backpack. We left the room and as we were walking out i whipped around and ran back in. I noticed something different. Creeper’s bag wasn’t next to his bed like i saw it when i entered, but near the hot tub in the corner of the room. I walked over and found Amanda’s backpack next to it, along with a small bloodstain. She had moved his backpack!?


“Alex cmon!” said Blythe. I nodded and followed him out the door.


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