Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Accusations

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



They both stared at me, then at each other. “What are you talking about!?” said Amanda. “Both of you could be the killer. Amanda……”


“You do have a decent alibi, but not a perfect one. You said the killer had green eyes, but an alibi from my computer says otherwise.” i said. “A computer?” she asked nervously. “When you supposedly were attacked by the killer in the lobby, me and Josh went to find you. We encountered a laptop left in the cafe and on it was an AI, created by a programmer who works for many companions, a prodigy like us. After we found Josh’s body i found the computer with it’s screen cracked. The killer snuck up here after killing Josh and smashed the screen after noticing the AI. The AI said the killer had red eyes there though.” i said.


“Tha…… that doesn’t prove anything!” said Amanda. “It actually does. After investigating Josh’s death, i found a pair of green contact lenses on the desk. It’s very possible that you used a video recording to fake Lucas’s scream before you killed him which would have taken place before the scream, you used a device such as a laptop or your cell phone to control the hot tub and a self destruct sequence on the helicopter, killed Josh when you left the cafe and faked your injuries when we found you in the lobby! When the lights went out, you put on the cloak you hid behind the desk and attacked! None of us noticed your body was gone and after he cracked the light bulb you ran back and lied about the green eyes! You tried to put the blame on Creeper!” i said.


She just stood there and stared at me. “I…….. i…….”


“And you Creeper. You could just as well be a killer. You were downstairs when Lucas died and could have secretly killed him without the others noticing, your laptop could have been used to control the crusher and helicopter and you could have snuck downstairs to attack us. You left for a minute to go check something upstairs when you claimed to have bad signal and went up the stairs, but you could have easily gone to check and find Josh!” i said.


He did the same. “It….. it wasn’t me……. It isn’t!” he exclaimed.


The alarm on Indom’s computer when off for the time.




???’s POV

They….. They have to let me out!

Alex….. Amanda…… Creeper…… Indom



“Guys!” yelled Indom. He was looking at Andrew’s feed. He was banging on the door. “Cmon! Let me out! I’m frickin bored!” yelled Andrew.


We blinked, he was gone.


“IT’S HIM! WE LOCKED THE DOOR IT’S THE ONLY EXPLANATION!” i yelled. The feed for Suite 9B went out. We looked at the other feeds. “Guys!” yelled Amanda. She was looking at the room feed. Half the wall was blown apart and the room was burning.


“Oh god no!” yelled Indom. The hallway and room feed were both out. Andrew was standing in the flames and looking at the camera. It went out and turned to static. “AHHHH! RUN!” yelled Indom. He got out of his chair and started dashing around the lobby.


“Guys i’m getting some food. This kind of stress makes me hungry.” said CJ and he ran to the cafe.


“Alright so it has to be Andrew.” i said. “What if the ghost got him. Maybe he isn’t the ghost.” said Amanda. “There’s no body inside the room except other Andrew’s body.” said Indom. “Well Andrew probably knows we found him out. We need to arm ourselves!” said Amanda.


I noticed something on the wall, a steel sword. I grabbed it and swung it around. “It works for now.” i said admiring the shining steel blade. I then realized something. The secret passageway in the kitchen. The killer could use it…..


“CJ GET OUT!” i yelled.


“No! Get away! AHHH!”


We looked to the kitchen. We all heard a gross sloshing and squishy sound. The kitchen doors flew off the hinges and a body flew out. CJ was on the ground, a knife in his abdomen. “No! I can’t ….. Control…. Myself!” yelled CJ. He collapsed and fell unconscious.


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