Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Entering the Hotel of Loss

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



I drove down the road towards the hotel. Downtown lostville was a pretty big place right near the water. “Alright everyone got their bags?” I asked. Everybody nodded. “Ugh i’m starved. Let’s get some food after we check in.” said Indom. “Agreed.” said Lucas. Amanda pointed at something outside the window. A huge brick building with stained glass and a helicopter on it. “That’s my helicopter that my friend who owns the hotel got me for my birthday.” said Indom. “Oooooo! We should shoot it with fireworks!” yelled CJ. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” yelled Indom in his very loud voice. He kicked the car door open and shoved CJ out. “DUDE!” yelled Andrew. We stopped the car and looked back to see an angry CJ. “Indom i am gonna kill you later!” yelled CJ.


After getting CJ back in the car and strapping down Indom we kept driving towards the hotel. After 5 more minutes we had arrived. The LostVille sentinel hotel. The car stopped and we scrambled to get out. I parked it on the curb and we left.


We exited the car and examined the outside of the hotel. It was a huge brick hotel with shining lights and stained glass windows. “Woah. This place is nice. Not too trashy, not too fancy.” said Amanda. We walked through the doors and looked around.

The floor was carpeted red and the lobby was big. A man sat at the front desk and no other people were waiting in line. There was a cafe next to the stairs with 8 groups of people eating. Several waiters were walking around. There were flat screens hanging from the ceiling. Fancy music played in the background. It was like a 5 star hotel.


“Alright let’s go check in so i can go upstairs and sleep!” said Indom, smiling happily. They walked over to the check in desk where the man was and i walked over near the cafe.


“He-hello?” said a voice. I looked over my shoulder to see a young girl holding a luggage bag and looking around nervously. “Hi, i’m Antonio. You okay?” i asked. “Yeah i guess, i’m Zoey. But my friends just disappeared. It’s weird so i decided to just wait for them here.” said the girl. “Well me and my friends came to stay here so if you need any help were on the 8th floor.” i said. “Oh really? Same!” she said.


She looked over to the stairs for a second. “I better go up to my room and put my stuff away. It was nice to meet you.” she said. “Same to you!” i said as she walked up the stairs. I went to go join the others.


“Welcome to Hotel Phantasm. I’m Carl. Are you Indom, Alex, Andrew, Amanda, CJ and Lucas?” asked the check in guy. “Yeah that’s us.” said Indom. He tossed us 3 pairs of keys. “Alright you got suite 8C. Have a murderous day.” said Carl as were walking away. “K! Wait what?” said CJ as he slowed down. “I said have an amazing day.” said Carl. We walked towards the stairs, still suspicious about Carl.


I looked back, Carl was gone.


“Alright me and Lucas are gonna go get some coffee from the cafe.” said CJ. “I’ll go get us something from the fast food restaurant across the street.” said Andrew and he ran out of the building. Me, 26 and Indom walked up 8 flights of stairs till we finally got to our room. There were 3 other people standing outside the room. “Josh? Aiden? Dylan?” i said. “Alex!” yelled Josh. “Oh great.” said Dylan. “Sup.” said Aiden.


Josh was one of our friends from school. He’s basically an extreme party animal. Josh was gonna live with us but he decided to move in down the street with Aiden and Dylan. Aiden was kinda the unstable kinda guy. You never know what he’s gonna do next. One time we had him go pick up Andrew’s birthday cake. We didn’t know at the time but not only did he get the cake, he bought another cake but an exact replica. So he decided to put explosive candles in it. As soon as we lit the candles, it exploded. After Andrew raged Aiden revealed he had the actual cake safe.


Dylan well, he's rich. And occasionally annoying. He was born into a rich family and lived in a mansion outside town with his family till he decided to move out into a nice house in town. He sometimes acts like he’s better than everybody else just cause he’s rich. But compared to this guy we all know, Blake Gordon, Dylan’s humble.


We were the only people on the floor, the rest of the rooms seemed abandoned. “What are you doing here?” asked Dylan while holding onto his gold and black bracelet. It was his most prized possession, one of a kind. “Our house got burnt down cause Andrew decided to make popcorn. Without taking the plastic off. So we came to stay here. This is our room.” i explained. “Wait this is our room. Carl probably thinks that because we're friends we came here together.” said Aiden. “But i don’t want these losers here!.” said Indom. “Yeah same!” said Dylan.


Amanda ran over and slapped them both and stepped on Indom’s foot. “Deal with it.” she said. “Why’d you only step on my foot?” asked Indom. “Because your annoying.” she said. Aiden pulled open the doors and we walked in. “Woah! Nice!” exclaimed Aiden.


The room had a red carpet, a mini kitchen, a huge bed for 2 in the room above the kitchen, a hot tub, 2 tvs and 3 other small beds on the main floor. “Alright i call the big bed!” yelled Amanda. “Hey i want the big bed!” i yelled. We fought up the stairs and dived for the bed. We both touched it at the same time.


“Well theres 6 of us, one 2 person bed, 5 one person beds and a couch. So i guess both of you get the big bed.” said Indom. “What?” we both said. We looked at each other. “Agree not to tell the others?” said Amanda. I nodded.


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