Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - First Night, First Fatality

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



About half an hour later CJ and Lucas came back and went for a swim in the hot tub. “Alright where’s Andrew?” asked Lucas. “It’s 11 at night and he still ain’t back.” said CJ. I picked up my phone and called him.


“He… hello?”

“Dude where are you? You’ve been gone for 2 hours now.”

“Oh well there was…. A long line that went outside even. Then the uh…. Car broke down.”

“It’s across the street you walked there!”

“Oh i’m uh, going through a tunnel! See ya later!”

The phone hung up. “Ugh! Stupid Andrew.” i said. “What’d he say?” asked Aiden. “He said there was a long line, the car broke down even though he walked and he’s going through a tunnel.” i said. “Alright well let’s just get some of the microwave popcorn CJ saved.” said Josh.


Indom made the popcorn since Josh would probably make the same mistake as Andrew and we all went in our own beds except for me for now. I left the room for a second and walked out into the hall. Amanda was taking a shower so i was going to use the bathroom in the lobby.


I walked down the stairs which consisted of many many steps that tired me out. I eventually reached the bottom and walked into the lobby bathroom. There was graffiti on the walls and ceiling so i thought it looked nice. I noticed something on the ceiling around a thunderbolt symbol. An air vent, but bigger than normal. I decided to ignore it for now.


As soon as i was done i stepped out of the bathroom and saw Zoey drinking a cup of coffee and looking at something on her smartphone in the cafe. I walked over to see what she was doing and when i almost saw what was on the screen she noticed and tossed the phone across the room. “Oh my god you scared me.” she said. “Sorry, just wondering what you were doing.” i said. “N-nothing. Nothing at all. I was just looking at some pictures.” she said as she walked out of her seat. “Really? It seems like you’re hiding something.” i said. “Well i barely know you, of course i would hide it. I don’t want anyone here to find out.” she said. I looked at her again for a second. “What do you mean?” i asked. “Wait. you look kind of familiar.”


She looked at me with fear. “Oh um….. Well i guess i can tell you. My name is Zoey, but i’m the famous ice skater prodigy.” she said said, holding her arm. I knew she seemed familiar. “I remember you! You were in the Olympics and won 14 gold medals last year!” i said. “Y-yeah. But i don’t want anybody to know. I came here to get away from all that for a bit and i don’t want anybody to know that i’m some famous person so they don’t come asking for selfies or autographs.” she said. “Don’t worry, your secrets same with me.” i said. “Thank you.” she said as her phone rang. She picked it up and was getting a call. “Oh be right back, my sisters calling.” she said. She walked away towards the desk, talking on her phone.


I decided to leave her alone and headed back up the stairs. Night was coming soon and it was already dark out. Where was Andrew? I decided to ignore it for now and go to the other room in the suite, where Amanda was watching tv.


Me and Amanda sat in the big bed watching Ultimate Talent Challenge on tv. “I love this show.” said Amanda. “Same. What’s your favorite episode?” i asked. “That one with the Nurse going against the Athlete in the surgery challenge and that guy accidentally switched his liver and his heart and put his lungs in his stomach!” said Amanda. We started to laugh and then the lights went out. “Guys?” i yelled. The tv was off, the lights were off. Everything was off.















“AHHHHHHH! Who said that?” said Indom in a scared voice. I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight. It seemed to be the only light working. Indom was holding his laptop in the doorway and CJ was eating a chocolate bar. Aiden and Dylan were holding onto each other and Josh was holding a slice of half eaten cake. Amanda was hugging the bed and shaking with fear. “Where’s Lucas?” i said.




We all listened and heard a gross sloshing and squishy sound. Like…. The sound the guy made during the surgery challenge after his liver became his heart.


“Lucas!” yelled CJ. He ran over to the door but the bookcase next to it fell over and blocked the door. Books scattered across the floor and Amanda dived away. “EW KNOWLEDGE!” yelled Amanda. Indom fell back and was outside the room. “NO NO NO! LET ME IN! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled Indom as he banged on the door. CJ and me attempted to move the bookcase. It wouldn’t budge. I could still hear gross sloshing and squishy noises downstairs. “Guys did Lucas call over a friend or...” i said. “Nah it’s just us here. LUCAS!” yelled Josh.


“Hold on. I got this!” yelled Dylan. He kicked the bookcase and it moved to the side. We ran out the door and i shined the flashlight around. The lightbulbs on the chandeliers weren’t cracked. They all couldn’t have gone out. The couch was turned over and there was something next to Lucas’s bed.


“Hey guys. Did Lucas have any red gatorade?” i asked. “No.” said Dylan in a nervous voice. I turned the light on higher and got closed. Spilled on the bed was a puddle of red liquid


It trailed off the bed and into the kitchen. “Guys.” i said nervously. Amanda, CJ, Aiden, Josh, Dylan and Indom walked down behind me. Indom turned on his laptop’s flashlight for the camera and 26 turned on her phones light. CJ spotted Lucas’s phone on the ground and picked it up. The last app he was on was netflix.


CJ turned on the light and they crept into the kitchen. One of the drawers had fallen out of the counter and hit the ground. There were several untensils scattered across the floor.


“AHHHHHHHHH! Uhhh…. Guys….. I found him….” said Indom. I could see some tears in his eyes and he was shaking in fear and clutching the side of the marble kitchen table. We looked up towards the wall.


Mounted on the wall and hung from the ceiling by a knife, blood splattered on the wall and leaking from his eyes……...was Lucas.


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