Mysteries of The Lost World

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - A Discovery

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



The lights went out and came back on. Everybody was still there. “Guys it’s daytime!” yelled CJ. We looked out the window. The sun was shining through the now unblocked windows. “THE DOOR!” yelled Indom. We all charged through the door and hit something and fell over.


“Ow! Guys what the heck!” yelled Andrew. Andrew was lying on the ground after we knocked him over. “Dude! There was a murder! Someone murdered Lucas!” yelled Amanda. “What? This ain’t good.” said Andrew. “Dude where were you!?” i yelled. “I came back and the door was locked. I tried using the key but it didn’t work so i just slept in the lobby downstairs.


“Andrew!” exclaimed Aiden. “Aiden? Josh? Dylan? What the hell are you guys doing here?” asked Andrew. “Carl gave us the same room as you guys. Stupid concierge.” explained Dylan in a snotty voice.


After a half hour of explaining everything to Andrew we decided to keep investigating. Andrew and Josh took the lobby, Dylan and Aiden went to our room and Amanda took CJ out for some ice cream to help him cope. I went to go check the rest of the floor.


I walked down the long hall. It was long but there were only 4 rooms considering how big they were. I knocked on the door to the room next to us and it opened to reveal Zoey. “Oh hi Alex. What’s going on?” she asked. “Uh…. one of our friends…. Is dead.” i said. She gasped.


“D-dead?! How!? Who did it!?” she asked. “We don’t know. But there was a bloody message on the wall. It said that 7 more people would die. But there’s 9 of us.” i said. “So one of you guys are going to be left alone. Well i guess it’s not that bad.” she said. “No. It means one of us is the killer.” i said. She covered her mouth. “What!? Then…… we have to stop them!” she said. She stepped out of the room into the hall. “I-i…… i won’t let any more killings happen! I will find this killer and take them down!” she said enthusiastically. You okay?” i asked. “Yeah, it’s just that….. I know how it feels to be involved in a murder. When i was younger i got taken captive with my friend, my sister and her friend and….. I’m sorry i can’t say anymore.”

I looked at her as a single tear fell from her eye. “I….. i just wish i could see my sister again.” she said once more. I put my arm around her. “I….. i need to help. What can i do?” she asked.


Suddenly Andrew and Amanda came down the hall. “Hey who are you?” asked Andrew. “I-i’m Zoey. Why?” she asked. “Well it’s weird that you’re here. I checked the other rooms and each floor with Aiden and Dylan and nobody else is in the hotel, no staff or guests at all. Also every single window seems to be reinforced and impossible to break and the exits are all locked.” said Andrew. “Were trapped!?” exclaimed Zoey.


“Yeah. For now were stuck here.” said Amanda. “Well. I want to help catch the person whose doing this. Please allow me to help!” said Zoey. They looked at each other for a second. “Okay. But are you okay with helping a bunch of strangers investigate a murder?” she said. “Yeah. I just wanna help!” she said. They walked away, leaving me alone in the hall.


I opened the door to the room after Zoey’s room. Completely untouched. Where were all the other people? The cafe was packed and i saw several other families while going to our room when we checked in yesterday. But there was one other room. The last room next to ours.


I opened the door and it creaked open. It was a small closet, about the size of a small room. Light shined through the windows. I flickered on the light and looked around.


The walls were brick and there were weapons everywhere. A few guns on the floor, 3 old medieval like swords on the ground. There were also 4 japanese armor stands all labeled. They were each labeled, ghost armor, steel armor, knight armor and knight armor 2. The steel armor and Ghost armor were both gone.


I then noticed 2 book shelves near all the weapons. They were packed with books so i quickly skimmed the titles. Murders of 1979, The Phantom Massacre of 2011, Deadliest Murder Case of Washington DC and the Chase Around the World, a story of the Greatest Forensic Investigator were some of the books i saw. But something was weird. A blue book with a gold thunderbolt logo on the side.


I pulled the book out and dusted some dirt and dust off the cover. It was the student data for West Ottawa Academy. I opened it up and looked to the table of contents. It had the students for the past 20 years, despite the book being quite thin. I noticed there was a second section for certain people. People with the disorder. It was labeled, the X2 disorder.


I flipped into that section and it consisted about 150 students over the past 20 years. Overall about 900 students have been born with the X2 disorder. So with 150 actually attending here….


I flipped through the pages and actually saw a few i knew. The Nurse with the X2 disorder who got into the hall of fame again this year went here a few years back. I then located our student profiles. Amanda’s student profile showed her basic information along with her grades for the past few years. It showed the same for Aiden, Josh, Indom, CJ and Lucas. Lucas…….. He had been accepted at a University……. He had his whole life ahead of him……. Who had done it….. Why had then done it…….. And was it one of us?

I started to flip faster trying to find mine……Hina Esler……. Antonio Johnson….. Juzo Haslestia…… Alexia Kanan…….


But while i was walking in circles around the room while reading i did it. I accidentally tripped on a damaged floorboard and i fell into the bookcase. I felt a pain on my head and everything turned black.


Me, Andrew, Indom, CJ and several others exiting West Ottawa High School and looking at something in horror. I was at an angle where i couldn’t see what though. It then changed to a girl. She had dirty blonde hair, a white shirt and black skirt. She was also wearing cute thick black glasses and had 2 blue eyes. I heard her say two words: Jaxi Blair. It was the girl from the earlier vision.


I also saw 4 other people. A boy that looked extremely similiar to me, but was wearing a black shirt and a dark grey scarf and also had thin black glasses. Another girl was wearing a pink shirt, jeans and was holding a tablet. She had long black hair and had a hair clip on that looked like something familiar from an anime i saw the other day.


The other boy had a green shirt on it with a giant red snake on it with the number 87 on the back and in one hand had a trench coat and the other a bow staff. The last girl had black sweatpants, a black shirt and short brown hair. She looked…… familiar.


I opened my eyes and looked around. I was awake and back in the room. I felt some glass on the back of my new and brushed it off. I looked around but the student profile book was gone.


I left the room and saw sundown was coming soon. I ran back to the room and found everybody except Amanda and Zoey downstairs. They were all watching a movie on the tv. I walked upstairs and into the room where i saw them both. They were sitting on the bed talking. “Alex where have you been!? We thought you had died!” she yelled. “Sorry i was in the room down the hall. I blacked out.” i answered. “Alright….” she said.


“So did you find anything else?” i asked. “Well yeah, kind of. A key that i found in the hallway. It unlocks the waterpark in the back of the hotel.” she said. “This place has a waterpark? Tomorrow we are all going there. Maybe we could find more clues and have some fun while doing it.” i said. They nodded and about 20 minutes later Zoey left to go back to her room.


I just laid there in bed next to Amanda, who had already fallen asleep, thinking. I wondered who the killer could be. “Do they even feel remorse for killing Lucas?” i asked myself quietly. I didn’t get to find out as i drifted to sleep seconds later.


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