Her Gaze

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Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



Her Gaze



Once your eyes lock as one it is like quick sand has taken a hold

holding you tight.To look into her crystal blue eyes is like diving

into tropical pools swimming as deep as one breath can take you

before your next breath needs to be taken and you rise to the

surface for more.



The smile you see upon her face gives you a feeling of happiness

inside and you no as long as she is in your life nothing can

break the bond you share. The beauty you see before you is

not just skin deep it lives deep within her and every moment

you share reinforces the love you feel for her.



It is said the eyes are the windows to your soul to gaze into

them is like looking through a window of time they tell a

story of her life giving you a new insight to the one you love,

her gaze is like an extreme force leaving you unable to

break free but at the same time welcoming her in close.


She is all you want in life she is the rising and the setting

of the sun she is the summer rain that falls softly upon

your face.She has the strength of many and the touch

of a gentle soul she is now and you hope will always

be the reason you wake each morning to gaze upon

her once more.



By Bunzy 27/10/17

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