Mr. Intimidating

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This is a continuum of Mr. Intimidating. Veronica agrees to take on Mr. Henderson as her client. along the way she starts to change in ways she does not like, giving Mr. Henderson control.

Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



The men leave and I go back into my office to try and figure out what  the hell just happend to me. "I hope no one saw my litte melt down." I say to myself.  I  get myself together and decide to head out, since my work here is done.

I give a call to my bestfriend Liz.

"Lizzy!" I squeal.  Lizzy is the only person who has ever seen me for who I truly am. I dont think my parents even know who I am at times. Anyway , right now I'm just a bit confused and in need of a night out.

"Hey, girl what ya up to?"

"Just left work, did you want to go out tonight?. Ive been so stressed and uh a bit off today. I need a night out."

"Hell yeah, I would. we could catch up you know I just have so much to tell you.'

I smile "Great!, is 8:00 okay for you?"

"Yes see you then, and take a driver we are getting drunk tonight." she giggles.

I decide to shower again and re-touch up my hair. I give my long black hair loose wavy curls.. my signature look. My make-up is in between a light and heavy look, but I decide on lip gloss instead of lipstick. I dont know I just never really liked lipstick unless its a nude or brown color.


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