Friendships , Humidity, and the Big Wave

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Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



“We are now ready for liftoff. The runway is clear, so please enjoy your flight.” The pilot speaks over the loudspeaker. We escalate into the air as the plane takes off. My stomach drops. I crave the feeling. The air smells like  gas as we begin our five hour journey to Ft Myers, Florida.  About two hours in, my brother and I are  playing card war as our plane is about to land in Chicago, because we have an indirect flight.

“ Why are we in Chicago?” my brother, Peter asks.

“We have a stop before we can see Grammy and Grandpa in Florida.” I tell him as we board our next plane.

Even though he is nine, he can still be stupid at times. Well, I guess we all are sometimes.


We eventually land in  Fort Myers, Florida. We walk outside the plane and the humidity hits us like a wall of hot sticky warm air. Since we are from Colorado, we have a low humidity and most people from Colorado aren't used to the high humidity levels, but I have been here enough that I am pretty used to it. So when we get here, can be a little hard to breath at first, but we adjust quickly. We walk through the airport to get our bags that we checked, then head outside. The Florida nights are humid, but warm and lovely.  I missed this place, even though there are mosquitos everywhere. “So many memories.”, I say as we walk over to get our rental car. We always rent a car because our grandparents live pretty  far from the airport, and since our plane usually arrives late, we just rent a car to drive ourselves out. We head to the rental place and pick out a brand new really nice  red van. We hop in and head to our grandparents house.


The next week flew by in a flash. We got to our grandparents house that night and then went to sleep because it was so late. We played in my cousin's pool all week long and went bowling a bunch of times. One time when we went bowling, we also played laser tag with our aunts, uncles, and cousins. We played kids vs adults, and kids won! Overall though, I won! I enjoyed rubbing it in my Uncle Dave’s face. We even got the same sore, but I had better accuracy than him, therefore giving me the better score. It was an awesome day. Another day we went to a water park called Sun Splash. I was actually tall enough to ride the biggest slide. We went down that slide, and it is called  X-Elerator. It was practically a 100 degree angle down! I was so scared to go on it, but it was definitely worth it.The experience was super cool! My cousin Christine,  Peter, and I all had a great time at the waterpark and made some great memories in Florida.


At the end of the week, we began the long drive from Fort Myers, Florida to Orange Beach, Alabama. We pile into the car and begin the lengthy drive.


“Abby. We are here!” my brother shouts at me. I come out to my “cave”. It’s really just a bunch of blankets arranged like a cave. I have been reading the book Insurgent and listening to music all the way here in my cave.

“Wait, we are already at the condo?” I ask my brother.

“No silly. We are at a gas station near the condo. I have to go to the restroom. So yea, after this we only have like 20 more minutes till we get there” he replies as we get out of the car. We walk in and go to the bathroom, then come out.

“Can we get slurpees?” Peter asks standing in front of the machine. “I am super hot and thirsty”

“Sure.” My mom says.

So we each pick one out.  Peter gets Mountain Dew flavor, and I get Coke flavor. Then we begin driving again. We cross a great big bridge over the Gulf of Mexico, and then we are at the condo. We check in and then see our other grandparents and our Aunt. We get all the stuff to the room, which is amazing. When I first walked in, I thought I was in Greece. It had a huge white pillar right by the door, which always reminds me of Greece. It was such a pretty condo, the wallpaper, the furniture, the whole arrangement was was just alluring. We dropped off our stuff and hopped back into the van. We drove from our condo to Pensacola, Florida to pick up my best friend in the whole world, Emma. We drove for about an hour to go pickup Emma and her family at Pensacola International Airport.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. We are driving in circles around the airport. Just waiting. I am going to DIE if I have to wait any longer. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

“When are they going to be here!” I say impatiently.  

“Soon, I hope.” my mom says.

Then I see her. It seems as if time freezes at that exact moment. She stands in a blue and white striped gymnastics jacket. I’d be able to recognize her anywhere. Her dirty blonde hair tied up in a neat ponytail, her signature style, headband slung over the top. A gymnastics shirt on, the same one she gave me for my birthday. Hard not to recognize her. I hurdle out of the car and tackle her with hugs.

“ I missed you so much! I am so glad you are here!” I say as I greet her and  help her get her luggage to the van.

“Are you excited to see the condo?” I ask her as we get in the car.

“Yea.. Is our room cool?” she asks.

“How should I know, I’ve only been in mine.” I say.

“The pool is really cool, and we have a great view of the ocean from our room as well, so yours shouldn’t be much different.”

“Cool” she says.

We drive for the same time on the way home, but now I have a friend to talk to. We arrive in the hotel and go down to our floor, sea level. The main entrance it actually on the second floor, so we go down a level. We grab the keys and run through the hall down to my room first. The Greisens, Emma’s family, say hello to my grandparents, then Emma and I raced down the hall to her room. We turned the key in the lock and were in awe of such beauty. Her room is Hawaiian themed and  was so beautiful. I loved it.  Emma and I stood in the door frame for like thirty more seconds, awe struck. We eventually walk inside, and it smells like the beach. The couch and wallpaper are decorated with Hawaiian themes, and the paintings are of Hawaiian flowers.

“Oh I love these paintings!” Says Emma’s mom, Lisa, as she walks inside the room, followed by her dad, Greg.  

We walk into her bedroom, and to our surprise we see two beds instead of one, and since she doesn't have siblings, there is now and extra bed.

“Hey now we can have sleepovers without kicking each other.” I say as I plop down on one of the beds.

“You want to go out to the pool?” She inquires.

“Of course!” I reply.

“Meet you at our condo in five.” I say as I skip away to get ready.


We walk outside into the hot, humid, Alabama heat. We stand by the side of the pool and look down to the bottom, where there is a huge tiled Phoenix because our condo is called the Phoenix 7. “On three, we jump.” I say, taking her hand. “One… Two… Three…!” I pull her with me as I sprint towards the clear as crystal water. We plummet into the water together making a huge splash, and soaking Peter who was about to get in. We swim in the pool for about an hour or so, then Peter comes up and asks us if we want to go to the beach. We both say yes and hop out of the crisp, cold, water into the hot, sticky air. We walk down the torrid, wooden boardwalk. We get to the end eventually and we see the ocean right in front of our eyes, “...Wow…” Emma stammers. We race down the sand to the ocean as the the sun starts to set over the Gulf of Mexico. We both run up to the water which runs up over our toes and cools our feet of from the hot sand. We spend the rest of the evening, just playing around at the beach together, and by that night, we were exhausted. We went back to our rooms and went straight to sleep. The next morning we went to the Flora-Bama, which is a restaurant like place right on the border of Alabama and Florida. We begin to order, and Emma and I decide to split some nachos for lunch. My mom and grandma decide to stick to the tradition, and buy a local delicacy: Oysters. I have never tried one, and I’m pretty sure I never will. They look all slimy and smell like they were just plopped out of the ocean and onto our plates. Yuck! Emma and I decide to just eat our nachos, without Oysters.


We walk down the silky soft alabaster sand down to the water again. It is our second day here and we have gone to the beach twice, this will be our third visit, and our first time boogie boarding. I have been boogie boarding before, but Emma has not, so we teach her.  Boogie boarding is where you take a small board almost like a surfboard, but not wood.It still floats on water and you lay on it long ways. From the top of my shoulders, my boogie board comes down to mid to low thighs on me. My boogie board has two dolphins on it, and I have had it since I was seven. Basically to boogieboard you swim out into the ocean or Gulf, then turn your board towards the shore, and start kicking and swimming as a wave comes up behind you. Then the current will take you all the way back to the shore. It is super fun. We were having a great day when it happened. We were swimming in because a bunch of big waves were hitting. We were just about back to shore when a surge of water strikes me. Salt water fills my lungs as it pours through my nose and burns my throat. I gasp for air as I reach the surface. Emma screaming is the last thing I see before another wave plummets me and I black out.


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