The Accident

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Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



The Accident

Running outside into the chilling air, my heart pounding in my chest, as my sister chased after me. Finally discovering that I could come inside because the smoke and flames were contained, I soon learned that the fire came from the oven. I was glad to know that everybody was safe. My cheerful feelings were swept away as I thought about the possible causes of the fire.

As soon as I was called inside, I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders because I didn’t have to worry that anyone was hurt. New feelings replaced it, feelings of curiosity, wonder, anxiety, and the biggest feeling off all, fright. Frightened that maybe I was the cause of the fire starting, and it would be my fault if anything we cared about burned. Curious about what burned, wondering about how the fire started and anxious to figure out if it will ever happen again.

When I woke up that morning a fire was the last thing on my mind. The only thing I thought about was what I was going to wear and what was going on today. But looking back on it now, I noticed a faint fume of smoke that morning, almost as if there was a forest fire and the ash was being carried down from the mountains, but obviously I thought nothing of it. I live in the state of “colorful Colorado” so the smell of ash was a normal smell, but this time it was different. The smoke just smelled so much closer, closer like it was in my house, but little did I know that it actually was.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning where I had not a care in the world. I was running around happily in my front yard until I heard the screams of my little sister Cal yelling at me.

“Go, go, go!” was the miniature shout she let out.

“What? What’s happening?” I soon replied, trying to stay calm.

“It doesn’t matter just run!”

That moment was right when I realised something happened. Something bad. And I had the hardest decision to make, do I run or do I go inside and protect my family. And at that moment all I did was run, ran with everything I had while making sure in my peripheral vision that Cal was following me.

“Are you okay?” was the only words that managed to slip through Cal’s raspy voice.

“Ya, what happened?” I replied in wonder

“ A fire, smoke in my lungs, and screams. I don’t know a lot else because mom was screaming to grab you and run.”Cal replied out of breath

“Callie, Lizzie, where are you guys?”

“We’re over here mom!”Cal and I hollered with relief, as we ran to greet our mom. Both of us were relieved that she was okay, but we were praying that Tommy and Rascal were okay too. Tommy is my 2 year old brother and Rascal is our bernese mountain dog puppy. Thankfully they both were fine, which made me wonder how and why they didn’t come with Cal to get me, and also why we found them in the basement when my mom, and the fire were upstairs.

“Mom, Tommy, Rascal, are you okay? How did the fire start?”

“We’re fine liffy!” Tommy spoke confidently

“Yes Lizzie, we’re okay. I don’t know why the fire started but hopefully we’ll figure it out.” my mom exclaimed

“We better!! Will it ever happen again? Has it ever happened before?” I wondered

“Lizzie! Now is not the time for questions! You come help me figure it out.” mom continued “Callie go play with Tommy and Rascal, and make sure they stay safe. PLEASE!”

So we parted ways, I went into the kitchen with mom to figure out how the fire started and Callie went outside to occupy Tommy and Rascal.

“Mom, tell me the truth! Do you have any idea how the fire started??”

“Lizzie, if I did I would tell you,”My mom snapped “I’m sorry for yelling, but I need to make sure that our family is safe!”

So my mom and I investigated, for what felt like hours, and came up with nothing. Nothing with the plugs were suspicious, no cables were cut, loose, short, or open. No bad smells and everything looked in tack. We had no idea what to do until we found something, a little piece of metal, we then tried to see if it fell off something included in the oven. But then we found nothing again, but we kept that little piece of metal in our brains to see if anything would spark.

Today when I woke up I smelt it again, I smelt that ashy forest fire smell, like it was in our house. I ran downstairs, frightened, and just as I dreaded there was a fire, so I ran and woke mom up while I grabbed Cal, Tommy, and Rascal and ran out of the house.

“Guys, you can all come back inside now!” mom sayed with a sigh about 10 minutes later

When we ran over to the house, we all were questioning by this point. It seemed like mom finally had an idea of how the fire started this time and Cal and I were beyond ready to hear what she thought. We were both in shock when she said,

“I think the cause of the fire was from someone in our family….? Callie? Lizzie?”

“MOM! How could you accuse us of……?” As I was interrupted

“Wait….. I have something to tell you…..” Callie murmured in a hushed tone.


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