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Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



The Last Chapter


Emily’s eyes gazed around the gym at a sea of familiar faces. Everyone was dressed in abnormally nice attire and each person’s face expressed a different emotion. An overwhelming amount of voices filled the room,and an uneasy feeling filled Emily’s stomach.

“I can’t believe this is our last day in elementary school,” She murmured.

“And Emily’s last day in Texas,” Olivia added, hugging Emily.

Emily wiped her sweaty palms on her dress and nervously fiddled with her messily curled hair. The overwhelming sound of hundreds of students talking became louder as the teachers tried to get everyone’s attention. After about thirty minutes of trying to organize the grade into groups the teachers gave up, and they all entered the auditorium together.

Emily had been in the auditorium hundreds of times, but for some reason, this time seemed different. The dark room, filled with hundreds of smiles, seemed to hold more joy than it did when she had been there two weeks ago for the fundraising pep rally. She sat, and only half listened when the principal began her annual speech about the 6th graders. As Emily began to grow restless, the blinding stage lights flickered on, sparking Emily’s interest.

“A lot of these kids have been here since kindergarten,” The Principal began, “We have seen them grow from toddlers to teenagers, and I am confident that each and everyone of them will do something great!” Emily watched as the crowd collectively rolled their eyes, knowing that the Principal had said those exact words for the past ten years.

The image on the screen began to move. A slideshow began, showing the sixth graders throughout the past seven years. As the screen began to fade, the lights brightened, and the crowd began to cheer.

“Now, we will honor all the outstanding things that these kids have achieved in the past year!” The principal announced, and all of the teachers walked onto the stage. Emily sat patiently in the hot, crowded auditorium principal announced award after award. Her face lit up as the principal called her name, and she was handed a certificate.

After the award ceremony, the crowd was ushered back into the gym for yearbook signing. Emily tried hopelessly to get a signature from the whole grade, but she knew that that would be almost impossible. Once her page was covered in various colorful signatures and notes, she met her friends against the wall of the gym. Just as Emily opened her mouth to speak, a loud voice echoed over the speaker.

“Students and staff,” The voice began, “Please prepare for clap-out!”

Clap-out was a ceremony that Emily’s school held every year. The sixth graders would parade around the halls of the school for the last time, and the rest of the school would clap and cheer. There was often a few tears from the parents and huge, colorful posters from little siblings. Emily had never thought twice about this event, but now that she would be the one with the school’s eyes on her, she was extremely nervous.

Emily anxiously followed her peers out the gym doors and was immediately overwhelmed by the sounds of chanting and cheering from the crowd. Emily begged her mind to focus on anything other than the thousands of eyes that seemed to be trained on her. She frowned as she realized that this could be the last time she would ever see most of the kids in the crowd in front of her. As she turned into the kindergarten hallway, she glanced at them and wondered if she had ever been that small. They all waved pieces of construction paper with scribbled words that were barely legible and smiled admiringly at the sixth graders.

As Emily continued to walk through the hallways, she was reminded of memories of people and places that she hadn’t thought about for years. She realized how much this school and the people in it had influenced her. After about ten minutes, Emily noticed that she was about to approach the school’s exit. She stopped abruptly causing the long line of people behind her to run into each other. She studied the long, ugly benches that she had sat on for hours, waiting to get her eyes checked. Her gaze shifted towards a galleries of drawings and paintings that she and her peers had created throughout their time in elementary school. She remembered sitting at her friend's house for hours, slaving over a drawing for a contest.

Suddenly, her friends called her name, pulling her out of her trance and forcing her to move forward. She stood in the doorway, and time seemed to freeze. The rest of her grade filed out of the school around her. Her hand was abruptly yanked forward, and she was launched forward off of the tile of the school, and onto the concrete sidewalk.

She had been looking forward to going to middle school since her second week of kindergarten, but now that the moment was approaching, she was horrified. She instantly began dreading her first day of middle school. Her mind immediately thought of dark, never ending hallways lined with lockers and painfully boring classes. However, the sound of laughter and joyful voices behind her caused a smile to spread across her face. She looked towards her friends, realizing that her last memories at her elementary school should be a good one. She decided to say one final goodbye.

As she approached her friends, tears filled her eyes. “I’m going to miss you guys so much.” Emily hugged each of her friends, hoping that this would not be the last time she would see them.

“Emily!” A voice called from behind them. Emily turned around and saw her mom, waiting to pick her up.

“Bye,” She called before walking towards the car, and taking one last look towards the school.


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