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Imagery for unrequited love

Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



You’re my lighthouse

My ship’s in the dark, lost to you

I search for your island

Hoping your light will guide me through


You’re on rock land

And I’m lost at sea

If you shine on me you’d understand

How I need you completely


As I sail through many tides

I hope one them will be your trail

I’ve been touched by many brides

In all: they ride, in love: they fail


But your roving light robs my soul

To this sailing day I don’t know why

It was but the doll of the fool

Who thought love rained from the sky


Now you hide somewhere in the rocks

But every now and then I see your light

I know I’m the guy who guises love as he stalks

But I’m also the sailor who dreams by night


So many times I stayed off shore

Hoping you’d see it like love

Made of honour as you were before

So there’s no sense looking at the cove


I write these words as if my last

I know there’s a smell of salted sea in the air

This is just to say your lighthouse is my past

I steer the present 180 so we have no future to fare

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