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This essay is about my life of how i made it and how it got complicated all the way. ...

Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



I am not a philosopher or something. Nor I am a celebrity or any star. I am just a normal person as you and everybody in this world is. Yes I am Archna. Archna Yadav. Basically from Uttar Pradesh but staying in Mumbai. My father is an ex- serviceman (Indian Navy) and my mother is a homemaker. I have an elder sister and brother. Yes. This is the way I introduce myself whenever anyone asked me and asks me in classes, or interviews etc. Yes that’s me.

Now what shall I explain you or talk to you about. Yes “Life”. A mere four letter word but still has a big meaning. If you talk to anyone about it, you will actually understand how big life is. But some people take this life as a game and end it up for no reason or any small reason. Life is all about mistakes, apologies and what not. Life is something which has to be understood and not to be played with. Life is very precious and you should never waste it for stupid things and for stupid people. You don’t know how much your family loves you and they will never be able to get to know until you tell them your life issues.

Being a girl, I understand what all things girls have to go through and by all that I can say one thing- “Girls are indeed very strong and much stronger than men.” What all we go through maybe mere things for men but it’s us who faces all this and they will never understand our situations. Our situations are totally different from what they think they know very well. No they never know us and they never will. I tell you girls. Never regret on being a girl. Always be proud to be a girl because being a girl is not an easy job. And indeed that’s why we are given a special tag- “BEING UNIQUE”. Nowadays what women can’t do. Everything .Even the 104 satellites which were sent into space by ISRO was operated by none but women. Women and girls are much more than what people think of.

Now let’s talk of how to make life easy & simple. It actually looks difficult, but it’s actually very simple. If u try to implement it would surely help. I have always been through a lot of stress. Be it study stress, relationship stress and health issues and many of the girls reading this also have gone through all of this & maybe they regret that why did it happen in their life. Firstly, we need to understand that everything in our life happens for a particular reason. If anyone comes in our life, that also happened for a reason. They came in our life, so that you could learn something. And “If anyone comes in your life and goes away, don’t regret about it, it’s just that their part in your life is over”. Just think positive about whatever happens in your life. Everything has a reason behind it. So accept that. 

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