YOUNG STAR part 12

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Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017





. . . Aila was sitting in front of the windows and was remembering every little part from her past, her tears were not stopping. There was almost daybreak when Aila put on the black clothes, took the black pointes and went to the old dance studio. When she entered the room, she stood in the middle of the room and was looking at herself in the mirror. She could not see clearly because of a bit darkness, there was coming only little light from the windows. Aila was remembering her last words which she sadi to Tom, she burst into tears and started whirling at only one place. She suddenly saw a fat little girl opposite her, she was laughing and jumping around Aila, she was her childhood. Aila was whirling more and more, with her childhood and she was not stopping it.

. . . The next day the TV director did an official conference. There was invented the journalist from different TV, magazines, newspapers and from the radio, too. At the conference only TV director and the manager Dani sat at table. The TV director talked about the photos of Nicholas and Aila. He said that the gossip about the love between the group leaders was true, that they loved each other from the childhood and were planing to engage after the solo concert. When the journalists heard the news, they started asking too much questions.

After the conference Dani called to Nicholas.

Manager Dani - Where is Aila?

Nicholas - I do not know!

Manager Dani - Find out where she is! She will not answer if I call her.

Nicholas - Dani! I think there is something problem, I did not see her from yesterday,

I tried to call her but she has turning off the mobile.

Manager Dani - And you told me just now such calmly!?

The TV director was behind her and was talking with someone, when he heard Dani's reaction, he stopped talking and asked her.

TV Director - Is there some problem?

Manager Dani - Nothing special!

She smiled and walked in the hall. She was still talking with Nicholas.

Manager Dani - Did you call Betty or Nellie? Maybe they know.

Nicholas - They also did not know.

Dani - Alright! I think I know where she is. Call me if she contacts you.

When manager Dani finished talking with Nicholas, She called Aila, but her mobile was not still turned on. Dani angrily sat into the car and went to the old dance studio. She was looking as a crazy, every minute was calling Aila, but her mobile was still turned off. Dani stopped the car in front of the dance studio and entered faster, when she opened the door of the dance hall she saw Aila, she was sitting in the corner. Dani came closer to her and angrily took off her black pointes. Aila looked at her with sadly eyes and said her.

Aila - Do not touch me Dani. If you do not want to I give up everything,

then please do not touch my pointes, never Dani, never.

Aila was trembling, she was looked a sick. Dani burst into tears and when she hugged her, Aila started crying. Dani did not ask her anything, just was hugging.

Aila - It too hurts Dani, my whole body is burning,

like someone is drowning me form inside.

I can not anymore, everything is starting again,

Dani I think I am becoming crazy. What I have to do

to stop this pain, to disappear it. Please do something,

stop this Dani.

Dani was crying too

Dani - My girl, my little girl.

They were sitting on the floor. When Aila tired to cry she put her heat on Dani's knees and fell asleep. Dani was looking at her sadly and caressing her hair.

. . . Time was passing, Aila's psychological problems were becoming worse. Herewith Aila's and Nicholas's popularity was growing more and more, the journalists were writing only good things, they were enamoured about them. But Aila was not interested in it anymore, she even was not reading articles about her. She became very aggressively, was arguing with everyone at the rehearsal, she did not like anything. Aila was not dressing white colors anymore at the conference, at the interviews and kind of measures, she was wearing only black clothes. Nicholas and Dani were not asking her a reason, because they knew real reason, they just were quiet. For Nicholas it was difficult to see Aila's bad behaviors, he was trying to hide her problems from everyone to keep her reputation.

Aila almost was not sleeping at night, she was visiting the old dance hall very often and was dancing whole night with a black pointes. And in the morning she was going in the main square to meet grandfather but he was not there anymore.

. . . Aila's condition was becoming worsen, she everyday was clawing with nails her feet at the same place where her mother was beating her with the iron ruler. When she was doing it, her mind was turning off, she was remembering only her mother's behavior. Aila was suffering with pain during the rehearsals, she was smiling, joking with friends, but Nicholas knew about her feet pain. He tried to talk with her many times, but could not, she did not let him to say something, she was changing a topic when he was starting to say something. The days were passing and Aila's feet were becoming more and more worse. . .

. . . One day when Aila was going to the company, she asked her driver to stop the car near the square. Aila sat on the same place where she was used to sit with grandfather. After a few minutes she fell asleep on the bench. It was the midday when grandfather came to Aila and woke up her. She happily jumped up when she saw grandfather and hugged him.

Aila - I missed you too much, how many things happened to me and you were not here, left me alone.

He smiled and sat down on the bench.

Grandfather - I missed you too. My beautiful young star.

They were talking for a long time, Aila was sharing with him her secrets and she even did not notice that Nicholas was behind her and watching how she was talking with her self, alone, she was smiling and whispering as there was sitting someone, but there was no one, she was alone. Nicholas eyes were full of tears, he was looking at her for a few seconds, Aila was smiling and sometimes she was stopping as she was listening to someone. Nicholas could not see more, cleaned the tears and came to her. He put the hands on her shoulders and said.

Nicholas - Mrs Aila, do you remember that we have the rehearsal?

Aila cheerfully turned back when she heard Nicholas voice.

Aila - Nicho? How did you find me?

He did not answered her and Aila continued talking.

Aila - Grandpa, he is Nicholas, my future husband.

Aila laughed and looked at Nicholas, he was smiling to hid his worry from her. He tried to pretended as he also was seeing grandfather and they were talking together for a long time.

Aila and Nicholas came back to the dance hall in the midday. Nicholas did not enter the dance hall with Aila, he went to see Dani. Nicholas finally told her everything about Aila, she was listening to him and could not believe it, she was beating a hand on her heart and was crying.

Nicholas soon came back to the dance hall, Sophie was waiting for him and she asked him to give her a minute to talk. They went out from the room. Sophie checked everything around and when she saw that they were alone in the hall, she said.

Sophie - I think you have to know this.

Nicholas - Tell me!

Sophie - I think Aila has some problems.

Nicholas - What do you mean?

Sophie - She asked me to took out the cd from her bag yesterday

and suddenly I saw the socks with blood, these last days she makes

a lot of mistakes during the dance.

Nicholas looked around and he asked her.

Nicholas - Who knows this except you?

Sophie - Only me and you.

She stopped for a minute and continued again.

Sophie - There is something also.

Nicholas - Say it!

Sophie - She has the scrapes on feet.

Nicholas - Did you say this to someone?

Sophie - Of course no one.

Nicholas - please keep this secret, no one should hear this.

Sophie did not say anything, they entered the dance hall. During the rehearsal Nicholas was looking at Aila's feet and he saw everything. Aila was making too much mistakes, she was trying to hid the pain. The rehearsal was not finished when Manager Dani entered, she shouted the dancers to leave the room except Aila and Nicholas and angrily threw the newspaper in front of Aila's feet. Nicholas took it in and saw Ailas pictures with the article. There were pictures where she was sitting with black clothes and crying, at the different places. Nicholas became very angry and threw it in the corner. Aila was smiling she even did not check what they were writing about her. Dani looked at her angrily and asked.

Dani - Are you smiling? Is it funny for you Aila? I am not interested in what is happening,

I even do not ask you anything. Just do everything to stop these canards,

stop ruing your life.

Dani took breath deeply and asked her.

Manager Dani - Did you understand me?

Aila came closer to Nicholas and touched his naked waist.

Aila - Should I do kind of things to people see that we are still together?

Or I have to do more?

And Aila kissed him on the neck.

Nicholas - Stop it! I do not like it.

Manager Dani - Aila please! Keep everything these what you have now, wake up!

Aila - I am going home.

She took her bag and left the room angrily. Dani asked Nicholas to take her home.

. . . When Nicholas took her home, he went to the old dance hall on his back way , he was standing in the dance hall's entrance and remembering every moments, which he spent with Aila. He was falling in love with Aila, his love was enormous. Nicholas started shouting when remembered Sophie's words and he broke every mirror in the dance hall, he was hitting the mirror's shivers.




. . . Dani and Nicholas knew everything about Aila but both were quiet. Dani hired a psychologist and she introduced to Aila as a her new personal stylist for the tour, only Nichols and she knew about this. A psychologist was 30 years old beautiful woman, Aila and she become good friends but Aila was not sharing her problems with her. The stylist and Aila were going everywhere together, except the square, Aila was going there alone but the “stylist” was following her secretly, she was recording videos that how Aila was talking with herself. and then she was watching them to make a decision about Aila's psyche.

. . . There were two weeks before the tour started. Aila was smiling everytime, did not arguing anymore, she had everything good at a glimpse. But when she was alone at her apartment, she was still scraping her feet. Even her " stylist " also did not knew it.

. . . One day when they were practising Aila suddenly felt dizzy and fall down on the floor, Nicholas faster came and took her by his car. The news about Aila spread of rumors momentarily, a lot of journalist were waiting for her. Nicholas and Dani were in the ward, Aila was sleeping, Dani could not stop she was walking in the room and time to time he was breathing deeply. It was evening already but Aila still was sleeping, Nicholas was sitting next to her and was canoodling her hands. After a few minutes Dani's mobile rung, there was calling the TV director, his voice was very angry. Dani sadly looked at Nicholas and left the ward. There were two bodyguard at the room entrance and Dani ordered them to not let others to visit Aila.

Nicholas was looking at Aila and talking something in a very law voice.

Nicholas - Let's run away, just forget everything. . .

His tears were not stopping. He looked very tired and sleepless. After a few hours Aila woke up, slowly turned her head to look at Nicholas, she smiled when saw his tears. Nicholas faster took the mobile and called the doctor. Soon two doctors entered the ward, one of them was Aila's "stylist"- a psychologist. The doctor was asking kind of questions to Aila, when he made sure that everything was good he left the ward. There were only a psychologist and Nicholas and after the two minutes she asked Nicholas to leave the ward for a few minutes. When he went out, she sat down near to Aila and smiled.

A psychologist - I see you are not angry with me.

Aila chuckled and said in a low voice.

Aila - I guessed it at our first meet, I knew it that you was not a stylist

and do you know why? . . . Your style was scaring me.

They both laughed about it and then a psychologist said her.

A psychologist - Yea, you are right! So because of it you was not talking too much with me?

Aila - Doctor, I like you but please do not try to understand something,

stop looking for the reasons to why it is happening to me.

She stopped for a minute and then continued again.

Aila - I do not like talking about me.

A psycholkogist - Do not have you a person with whom the secrets are you sharing ?

Aila - Yes I have only one,MR Lony, he is a very lovely and kind person.

A psychologist - How many time have you known MR Lony?

Aila - When I first met him I was fourteen years old.

A psychologist - How old is he?

Aila - I feel that I am at the police interrogation.

They smiled, a psychologist straightened Aila's blanket and stood up.

A psychologist - Alright! You need a good rest. I will visit you later.

While she left the ward Aila said her.

Aila - Thank you that you are my doctor.

A psychologist smiled and left the ward.

. . . On the second day Aila discharged from the hospital. She was sitting on the wheelchairs, some bodyguard and Nicholas were with her, when they went out a lot of journalist infested to them, they were taking photos and asking too many questions. When they came to the car, one journalist asked her.

The journalist - Is it true that you have the scrapes on feet?

Aila suddenly started trembling, she was quiet. Nicholas faster closed the car's door and they went.


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