My new cycle

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It's about a Frist gift from dad , small happiness that we use to cherish in childhood.

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017



Sunny Gogoi

I remember a very valuable time of my life , "My new cycle" ?I was at class nine most probably , I was equipe with by brand new devil DX hero cycle. Oh it one of the best thing that dad gifted me. That moment when I present her in front of my friends . I boasted of her body her speed her grace ..oh her tires front one is bit thin than the rear one . I always use to dream her as ...the front tire symbolized beauty wid grace..but the back one is a real tough guy with ? some extra muscled . something like a turbo engine ... Lets visualise you ..view of my funny Innocent friends . Partha is impressed by her body and power system....while Pranjal wants to ride her real fast .. Amul a bit jealous he is planning to buy a new better one than mine and girish his brother is blank as usual ..Simi is admire her and me too..lozy pass a look ..not much interested ..and the Main boasting procedure is in front of juniors ...a stupid branch of bhai's admire ..whom I never give a f**k . I just used to ingnor them. Now the main tension is to shed my cycle. If I park her far , may someone stole it away the lock OK or it cheated me . The usual routine hours seemed to be ages . From the window I throw looks by looks it there or some took it away ..OK now let me take you to the main picture of the whole time passing story. Its nothing my ageing friend it is one about a remembrance of a moment in my school life . in simple words ..morning of winter,I am in my white shirt and red sweater (mom' Laundry) ready .. Standing in Amul' s Brenda he is getting ready as usual late and slow like snail or tot..leave it I will not waste brain to spell it...Partha and Pranjal ready in beranda as powerful twins ..swift and strong. Girish is almost ready simi too was on her miss India ..and two or three juniors outside. Environment ws cold foggy but the sun was powerful enough to cut it. All fresh and natural ,homely ...people so known and simple ...and now all highly complexed ...all very robotic ...polluted ..sun rays dull ..smoke more powerful than fog. Freshness turned to utter dullness... We are just acting to be happy or are we hoping for a happy and that natural ..FUTURE.

Do comment if it reminds you of your Frist gift from Dad.

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