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This is a story when I went to stay with my cousin and met her girlfriend for the first time. I was to stay with her for 5 days. What could go wrong?

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017




I walked through the door and saw her for the first time, sitting there on the bed looking at me through her big brown eyes which she claims changes color. I said the courteous ‘hi’ and she acknowledged it. She was my cousin's girlfriend. I was going to spend 5 days with her. What could go wrong? 

I had a bottle of rum in my hand as a present. I sat down immediately with three glasses and a liter of rum. Apparently she was not big on drinking and a vegetarian, completely opposite to me and to be honest I was a bit disappointed but also intrigued by the idea of corrupting the innocent soul. 

There were five of us, my roommate, his girlfriend, my cousin, his girlfriend and I. The boys drank up, a bit too fast and I was drinking on an empty stomach and the alcohol was working its way to notorious part of my brain. We then got ready and headed up to a club. 

We start by having kamikaze shots, we got one and the girls got two each. The poor innocent soul had to take two shots because of me. All of this was followed by a mega 1 liter long Island ice tea cocktail. The mixture was working its magic, loosening every one, removing inhibitions and blurring boundaries. The boys were too drunk and having a great time and I was talking to the girls asking them to set me up with someone but sadly there were none to our taste. So I returned to conversing with them, turns out she was a private person or just too careful or maybe both. 

I wake up the next day not really remembering a lot. Apparently all the boys had blacked out some part of the night, and I was so drunk that I lost my glasses plus I was booking an Uber on Google maps. I was so embarrassed when the girls told me this. I tried to laugh it off as a joke.
We were to go on a road trip, which I had no intension of going with two couples; the car was not in a condition for such a long road trip and I took charge and to everyone’s disappointment canceled the trip assuring the girls that they won’t get bored and that’s my responsibility. My cousin was particularly worried about the trip being canceled as he informed me then that he apparently had plans to break up with her after this trip but was stringing her along because it had been a long time since he got laid and the plan which he had in his head was terrible and would have hurt her considerably.

In the evening we went to one more club and it was a karaoke night, another friend of ours had joined us that night, the boys ordered beer and the girls ordered cocktails and as usual she didn't want any but I wouldn't take no for an answer, so I ordered her one. The night progressed, more beer and cocktails were ordered, we were all buzzed and singing along. She was sitting right across me and we were talking, me being my drunk charming self. The guys went out for a smoke and I being a nonsmoker chose to stay behind with the ladies. Since the music was very loud and much conversation was not possible I used to give her these intense looks and she always looked back directly into my eyes questioning me with those big brown eyes of her. What was I doing? 

A song played in the background with lyrics suggesting a napkin with a girl's number on it and then she said something that threw me off balance. She said that line was perfect for me which was followed by an obvious question by me why? Her answer shocked to me to the core and all the booze wore off. Apparently last night I was so drunk that I gave both the girls an idea about my encounters with the opposite sex in the current city I was working in which projected me as a womanizer. I was dumbstruck, I had apparently even told her the nickname of the girl who was almost dating me which was very unlike me as I am a very private person. I tried to turn it around but all in vain. Embarrassed again we went home. 

We reached home, were about to enter the main gate but a group of drunk uncles apparently had a problem with us bachelors and they had a problem with my attitude. I mouthed fuck off and walked away, trying not to instigate a fight but they stopped others. I returned and they were trying to instigate me. I am a big guy, a former boxer, I didn't fear them but just because I didn't want a scene and there were two ladies with us, I just kept my hands behind me and smiled and tried to walk away, every inch of my body wishing that he would just so ever slightly push me so that I could right hook him but thankfully it led to nothing. All the boys asked me the same thing that why I didn't hit him as they were just waiting for me and I explained it to them that there were two ladies with us and their safety was paramount rather that my ego. I redeemed myself as a man of character and control from a womanizer that night. 

Next day we just went to a water park, had a great time nothing noteworthy happened except for a moment when a girl cut across between us and she wanted to set me up with her and just a minute later his boyfriend followed. Both the girls and I had a moment, looked at each other and reached the same consensus, she was too meh. Also while we were in the wave pool; she didn't know swimming, so I held her hands and took her to the deeper end. She was scared and I looked right into her eyes and squeezed her hands tight, telling her not to fear as I am there for her and nothing would happen to her and she relaxed thus building some more trust. 

Next day I had called a college friend over who was our mutual friend and who later even got his girlfriend. We were back on a drinking spree since 1 in the afternoon, we made cocktails and as usual I was drinking on an empty stomach. The alcohol hit hard and everyone was pretty intoxicated. She was still being too careful and trying to be in control and me being the devil I am called her over to sit next to me. I put my arms around her and pulled her in and whispered in her ear, ‘enough of our stories and secrets, tell me something about yourself. Something fun, something crazy, just something’ and like a well-trained KGB agent maintaining her cover she gave away nothing. I was not giving up so easy. I got up changed the song and dragged her to dance. It was not one of those slow romantic dances that you see in movies but half-drunk people just shaking on the floor. I thought maybe a little dance would loosen her up. I was playing very specific songs with very specific lyrics and they were having an effect, if not on her definitely on me. Three four songs down, I pulled her close again and whispered in her ear, ‘tell me something man, it'll be between us, your boyfriend even doesn't have to know’. Meanwhile the guys were dancing amongst themselves clicking pictures and selfies. There was a time in the party where my relationship status was the center of the conversation with all three girls ganging up against me trying to figure out how I could have been single and who I was seeing. At one point according to them I was seeing around 9 women at the same time. The new girl was specially hell bent on finding about my ex-girlfriends, even though I was quite open that I have never been in a serious relationship.

My plan to open her up was clearly not working so with our drinks in hand we moved away from the crowd, to the balcony, music playing in the background mixed with the chirping of crickets. Cool breeze rubbing against our damp sweaty skins. I see her shiver, this time I place my hands around her waist and pull her closer and start rubbing her arm slowly. The sky was clear with the moon shining bright, illuminating her face with a soft pearl white glow. Her eyes reflecting the moonlight. I move close to her ear, her hair brushing against my nose tickling me, 'wow' ever so slowly, a faint whisper. I pull back but stop close to her face, moving away the hair covering her face, our eyes locked, I have her face in my hand I rub my hand over her lip moving it across her lip as if wiping something off it. She's anticipating my slightest moves like a gazelle and then ever so slightly I go in for the kill, it was now or never. The alcohol removing all the doubts and insecurities from my head with my heart beating a million beats per minute and then everything slowed down; a slight brush at first, my lower and upper lips pulling her upper lip as if knocking on a door as to say hi. I feel the warmth of her breath, she's hesitant I press harder, she responds ever so slightly just enough for me to notice and then there was no looking back. It seemed like an eternity, the sweetest kiss was the one that I had till now never tasted. Strangely there was no sexual energy of any kind, which was a new territory for me. I was moving my hand through her hair and she was just pulling me towards her, scared or letting me go, scared of this moment getting over and so was I. 

All good things must come to an end. Someone shouts out my name, I come back to my senses and pull away, scared shitless. It just hits us what we were doing, we can't seem to look each other in the eye. I just betrayed my best friend since childhood, my favorite cousin. 

I move back inside, they want me to make the next batch of cocktail, I do so and gulp down a few glasses, trying to forget but no amount of alcohol was going to help clear my conscience. She walks in, says she's done for the night and has to sleep now. We all finish our drink and head to our separate rooms. 

I lock the steel door and try to sleep in the empty room. 

P.S. Do leave your thoughts and criique behind, thay are highly appreciated for a writer is nothing unless he knwos how people feel about his work

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