My work I'm presenting is a fiction, work of my imagination that describes imaginary events and characters.



Description: A glimpse into the lives of three besties. Lucy, Jas, and Dian. Their lives are full of love and compassion for one another.


Allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is, Lucy, (I see.) I am the main character. And I am...Well, age is just a number, but I am younger than my brother, Dian, and older than my best friend, Jas.  I have a bubbly cheerful personality, and I have always had a positive outlook on life and finding the best in others. My nickname (I see) describes me perfectly as a young girl. I see all the different personalities whether good or bad, and I still choose not to be judgmental because as a human being with imperfections, I do not have the authority to judge anyone. In my spare time, I volunteer at a nursing home. Caring for the elderly who once loved and cared deeply makes them happy to know that the world is a phenomenal place and that no good deeds go unseen. I love animals because they love unconditionally, and nature because it is beautiful, peaceful and full of unexplainable things. My favourite thing to do is drawing and making something look so realistic on a piece of paper is art in my eyes. My brother and I live with our mom, Confidence. She's a single mother, but we call her Mrs Fabulosity. As a single parent, she plays both roles of a mother and father figure. She's independent, full of energy, and works hard to entertain and make sure we are well taken care of. And when there are circumstances, she always heals our hurts and gets us back on our feet. My brother, Dian. He's the most honest, loyal and sweetest guy I know. He makes me smile and shows his affection for me as a brother. He's my personal assistant who made me discovered and understand the true meaning of friendship ( siblings love)  We live in a small community with a population of Four thousand five hundred individuals, but with everyone dealing with the ups and downs of life we still manage to treat each other with love and respect. My homegirl, Jas is practically my sister. She's always there for me through thick and thin. She got my back, and she knows I got hers, and when I fall she'd pick me up. My fashionista. She got a passion for fashion. So whether you are looking for new opportunities in life, a shoulder to cry on, or new friends for life, Farm-way high community is definitely the right place to come.


Quote by me: Having a special bond with people with different personalities, race and beliefs is the definition of "Family loyalty" They love and respect you for who you are.

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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This is very creative. Very well penned

Sat, October 28th, 2017 6:15pm

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