My Heart Burns

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This is a little poem about someone, someone who I once loved.

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017



I didn't know who you were,

it wasn't love at first sight.

But slowly we had met,

And you became my sunlight.


I've never found anyone like you,

you stood out from the rest.

You told me such sweet things,

like saying I was the best.


Confessing had never been easy,

but I couldn't handle it anymore,

Keeping it a secret,

would just make me suffer more.


It was the happiest second of my life,

when I knew you loved me back.

Just those three simple words,

made me see colors in a world of black.


But as time went on,

you felt a little different.

You keep telling me the same things,

and those words felt insignificant.


I tried to let it slide,

but problems shouldn't be shoved aside.

I tried to hide my insucurity inside,

but it ate me up and I slowly died.


All I believed was turned to a lie,

I didn't want to believe but the thought just made me cry.

All this time I thought you were on my side,

but actually you just took me on for a ride.


Now you will never return,

but all cruelties aside.

My heart burns,

and I hope you're satisfied.

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