The Last Winter of Life

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An important lesson that should be taught and learned by all, myself included.

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017



The Last Winter of Life

I am but an Old Man now in Winter's embrace. The Springtime in which I was born has long left me and no rememberence of the youth that has slipped away from this life that I have led on this Earth. Troubles and trials I have had many, with dispair and sorrow, and while it may sound strange I find comfort by drawing closer to The Last Winter of Life

Most of my time here is spent, and the rest from this life on this Earth is close at hand. No more pain and sorrow shall riddle this old body days upon days without end. It has been a very hard life filled with remorse from the first time I opened my eyes and gazed through false window panes. There used to be joy, but that I have forgotten as the sorrow overtook them at an early age, the Springtime of my life.

However, I, as an Old Man, can only hope to help someone but if they would only listen. The memories I have overtake me now since old age has crept in and stolen them, but the pain I will always feel and have keeps me going, for what purpose I do not know. Surely God is not done with me as of today as I sit and make an appeal to someone younger to try to help them through their life while they are still in their youth, the Springtime.

The woes and misery of life are as only as strong or weak as you let them be, so make the life you live while you are young and strong, so in the Winter Time of your age there will be no regrets that haunts your sleep, body and mind. Take into account the ones you meet in life and the effect that you have on them.

There are still thoughts and the hurt I have brought upon others in my past that still bother me today. One of the problems for me is, I cannot forgive my past actions and deeds that has brought these feelings to light in my everyday of living. I go to bed at night facing no sleep and wake the next morning to start over again with the same haunts in my life.

Please try to live correctly and respect others so as you will not have to bear these feelings when you are older and alone. This is my only plea I ask of you young people, sit with me and learn from my mistakes if you will, and you will see yourself in me even though you do not want to admit it.

I no longer take thought of myself as the damage has taken it's toll on me. I will receive what is due to me at Judgement Day and I accept that Judgement without question when I meet that The Last Winter of Life and stand in front of God's Throne to give account of myself and my actions while I walked upon His Earth.

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The Last Winter of Life

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