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Life is a span of help or support to each other living around

Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



It's has been a long run for a small girl of eight years old from the dark cluthches of child slave market where she had been pushed by her own husband aged of 40 years.Their age difference definitely show that their one horrible marriage was not but a filthy game of business between this old hound and her poor parents.After surviving the hot sun of desert and heat of her thirsty hunger she at last reached a point from where she visually can reach some one for the hope of survival.As they say the God is with them whose destiny is written by their own hands,she was found by a caravan who were on their way for a medical campaigning.After few days of medication and rest she saw the new light of her life in a medical hospital.In there she uttered her name to the attending nurse "Sanjivni".

It's been two decades of life which has been  the hardship of Sanjivni to become a doctor in a way to serve back those who helped her to achieve her present an ESCAPE from her past of shame and pain.

She has been serving the neediest from every angle of humanity. At last she has achieved the award of social service from the government. The award for which she was asked to travel to the capital along with her whole team of service.

At the earlier stage of her medical practice the day to day job was just a normal routine of her life but later this service became her lifestyle and as well as a new vision of many  youngsters to become like her in the medical field of social service.

In this whole period of time  the only person who felt her close to his heart was her blind patient to whom she was voice of God and an feeling of life.This relationship was more of trust and kindness of which she was more secured and caring about.

In the moment of departure to the capital also she holded his hand and promised to return to start a new life with him for ever.

A few days of depart,doctors have confirmed the day of operation for the eyes donated by her to him as which was her last wish before she closed her eyes to sleep of death met during the road trip to the capital.

Now he sees the world through her eyes and she is living with him forever as his vision same as before departing him.

She stood as her name SANJIVNI the life saver for him LAKSHMANAN.


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