The house

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Two friends on a rainy night get stuck in the forest....what will happen to them?

Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



''Hey come on jack we are going to be late''

Chris was yelling at Jack to hurry up as he opened the car door,he sat and waited for Jack.

Jack entered the car and said ''Sorry man I had to pack the things I needed it took a while to sort them out cause I had alot of things I wanted to bring with me''.Chris sighed and started the car engine.

They had driven for about an hour when it started to rain.''Ah...we are not going to make it in time for the camp at this rate''.Chris said.Then suddenly the car engine began to stop.''Oh no!''

Chris parked the car on the side of the road and got out of the car and ran to check what had happened.''Damn! the engine is too heated up.We will have to wait till tomorrow for it to cool down.What do we do its raining cats and dogs out here''.Said Chris.

''Jack go and see if there is anyone is around''.Chris ordered.''Alright I will be back in a few minutes''.Said Jack.

Jack got out of the car and ran a few kilometres.Then he saw a big house he went closer to see if there was anyone inside,but the light were all turned off.He searched for a door bell but could not find one.So,he tried knocking on the door,but no one answered.He turned the door knob and it was not locked.

It was pitch black inside and he could hear the echos of the creaking door.''I should have brought a flashlight''.Said jack.Just then he felt a chill from behind he turned and thought it was just the wind from the opened door.

He went on walking and found a room which was lit.''There was no lights turned on when I looked from the outside.Thought Jack.He opened the door and saw that the light was coming from a lamp placed on the side of a bed.

As he was looking around when he saw a window he walked further and saw someone in a black dress entering the house.He thought it was the house owner.''I should go and ask for help from her''.Said Jack to himself.

He went out of the room and looked around but there was no one around.

''That is weird...I definitaly saw someone entering''.He was standing there thinking what to do when he heard sounds of sharpening of metals from the room he just came from.He turned and slowly went further towards the room.

He was standing just outside of the room when he saw a women with two knives and sharpening them.He felt his heart beating faster and faster as he stood there watching her from behind.

Her sharpening got faster and faster and then she suddenly stopped and started to move around the room searching for something.He watched the women as she was moving around the room in her long black dress and blonde hairs.

He thought that he should leave.Just as he was about to leave she said in a soft and sweet voice,'' me a favor?''

He moved forward entering the room,he answered.''W...what...favor?

She answered''Can you lend me something''?

He started to sweat bullets '' you want''? Said Jack.

Then she turned around and shouted in a horrifying voice''YOUR EYES!!!!

Her eye sockets were empty and blood was dripping out on the floor.At this sight Jack screamed and tried to run but the door slammed shut.


The rain had stopped as he was waiting for Jack to come back.He noticed that it was taking him longer then he said.He thought that maybe he should go and check but he could not leave the car alone in the night.So,he thought he should wait a little longer.

After fifteen minutes he heard Jack screaming.He got up and ran towards where Jack had gone.He heard him scream again now in pain.He ran and heard it coming from the house miles away

He reached the house and saw that the door was opened.He entered slowly,''Jack!!''He called out,''JACK!!!''.Still no answer.He moved further slowly he heard a cry from the lit room.

He ran into the room and saw Jack sitting on a chair facing the window.''Jack what are you doing?Why did you scream?I ran as fast as I could when I heard you scream what hapenned?Jack did not answer.

ANSWER ME!!!.Screamed Chris.

Jack got up from his chair.''Chris...can... you do me a favor?

Chris  ''What favor? lend me something.....?Said Jack

What are you talking about !?, What do you want!?Said Chris angryly.Thinking that Jack was just making fun of Chris.

Jack turned around His eye sockets too were emptyand blood was falling like a waterfall from his eyes and he shouted ''YOUR EYES'!!!' and put two knives in Chris's eyes and plucked them out.

Chris sreamed and screamed in pain and died....or so we think......

No one has found them ever since that night everyone searched and searched but there was nothing left even their car has vanished ,not even the house is there anymore.Only the sounds of sharpening of metals and screams of pain from the deep forest remain.


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