Empty Piece of Memory

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Old memories go, better memories come.

Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



Give me an empty piece of memory

Where I can fill what’s to come

That old faded melody

Still sounds in my ears with a hum.


What keeps the old ones

Just keeping popping up?

Aren’t these all just said and done?

Old images onslaught that won’t stop


I need to plan for a plot

Where I plant memories that I want

Where ts don’t’s cross and I’s don’t dot

And I have copyright to haunt


Every niche, nook and cranny reminds me

Of a past that wasn’t supposed to be so

How do these darn images just find me?

How can I replace now with things I chose to let go?


So crammed with filled up space

That I hardly am able to push in the new

Now I hope to fall in God’s good grace

And replace that one with a new memory sinew


Then how can I live without my memories?

The one that made me who I am today?

That ones that pushed me past ceremonies

That people painted as a prayer I pray


We need sad to make happy

And memory is the catalyst

If only these two make it snappy

I’m ready to redeem what my mind resists

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