The Angel of Death

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Follows a twin as she and her sister are experimented on by Josef Mengele( The Angel Of Death) during WW2.

Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



Unsuspecting, confused. 
What's going on?
We hold our mothers hand,
Don't want to get lost,
Fathers already gone.

We're being pushed,
Crying out only to be shushed.
Men in Nazi uniform
Order people around
And Ignore their discontent.
Left, right.
Right, left.
Where will we be sent?

My question is answered
As The Angel Of Death's eyes lock
Onto me and my sister,
With a look that can only be 
Described as sinister. 

Just a whisper,
Cold and cruel.
And then our mother is ripped 
From us like a stool.
She's thrown to the right 
As we yelp in fright.
We sob for help, but no one comes.

The Angel Of Death
Walks us down the halls.
Doesn't care about our health,
Just treats us like dolls
As he drags us to hell.

Days, weeks, 
Even months of despair 
As we are poked 
And prodded beyond repair.
No one ever hears us speak,
We can't as we're too weak;
But the doctors don't spare us a glance as they're in their science trance.

I wake up ready for more tests,
But my sister lays in distress.
Shining skin and laboured breaths...
Signs of a fever.

I'm left alone in our 'room',
Trying to keep hopeful,
Trying not to think of her 
Impending doom. 
At least she'll get to hold mother 
and father again,
At least she won't be near the men
Who make her feel so much anger.

The doctors leave me 
Alone for a while.
But I know they'll be sending me
To my death soon enough,
And I can't help the relief I feel.

Blaring noises,
Shouts of alarm.
I sit confused,
This hasn't happened before...
A banging at the door,
And I'm up from off the floor.
With one huge push, the door 
Swings open,

And I'm trembling,
As a man in uniform 
I don't understand, comes walking
With eyes filled with sadness and 
Anger, like a storm.

Skinny and weightless,
I'm picked up by warm arms.
And I fall into a deep sleep,
Listening to my saviours heartbeat,
And his soothing whispers.
The kind of whispers that I hadn't 
Heard in months.... years?
I don't know.

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