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Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017







Dear Earth.

From: Draven Dash.

This is like a message in a bottle except I didn't have a bottle, just this one way transponder, because I am not permitted to receive any communications from earth since I am a convicted murderer and was given a choice of death or volunteering for this voyage into space. I was given this single use, one way transponder to send a message back to earth if I happened to find a planet capable of supporting human life.

I have and let me tell you now you are going to wish a million times over I didn't.


Sometime over the last twenty years I flipped. Meaning. I think I am insane with visions of revenge. You see. It was not me who killed all those people, which I am sure you figured out once you launched me into space and the killing continued. For that I can never forgive you.

I rocketed across our solar system for eleven years. Then one day my little vessel was sucked into this enormous swirling mass and within a few days I was a long way from earth in a part of the galaxy that no one from earth has ever seen, not even through your massive telescopes.


Then I spent another nine years out here exploring a vast new reality and for a while did not feel so bad about my fate, at least not until my food, water and air supply began to run out. In desperation I began a serious search for an earth like planet and as you can see found one, which by the way I had to crash land on because you good folks did not think to teach me how to land this thing. I guess you figured I'd never get this far. Well, I did and survived the crash. But it gets better. For me, not you.


The ship and everything on it with a few exceptions was destroyed. I survived because....well I am not sure how. I put on one the space suits and just as the ship was about to smash into the ground I hit the pilot eject button which apparently blew me free of the crash. I do not have any memory of what happened between ejection and waking up sometime later, pleased that I had no broken bones or serious lacerations. Just a bump on the old noggin that left me with a headache for a few days. It probably would have been a lot worse without the helmet.



I managed to recover a few day's supply of rations and water and a carton of cigarettes. Thanks for that anyway. Then I went exploring. Oh yah. I forgot. The planet I crashed on is amazingly like earth.

I walked for days this way and that discovering plenty of clear clean water streams and natural edibles much better than the survival rations. But then after nearly two weeks I found something incredibly exciting. Indigenous, intelligent inhabitants with an amazing method of communicating. Thought waves that come to mind in visions inside the mind. They have a spoken language as well, though not in a way any Earther could use. And, to clarify, they have no resemblance to humans what so ever.


They are about 6 inches long, glow in the dark in several different colours and appear like a cross between a lobster and a scorpion, deadly tail included. The male and female differ only in the shades of colour and for a point of note the young are white until their version of puberty which takes up to 25 years. Between the age of 18 or so and 25 they serve in the Guard, which I will explain about later and engage in higher education, much more advanced than anything on earth.


Male and female are completely equal here and, though the female lays the eggs the male cares for the infants until they are about eight years of age. Then they are sent to their version of an academy of early education.

I learned all this in our first days of communication and they learned about me and that I was in fact innocent of the atrocities I was accused of back home on earth. And, for the record, when I first began this letter it was with threats of vengeance on my mind. These peaceable folks have since convinced me that I should not dwell on your poor judgement and forgive you. So I do, forgive you.


I have chosen a place among these wonderful creatures. I have joined the Guard, an army that battles against the threat of Oronacks, winged beasts that prey on the Illil, my benefactors and friends. The Illil are a simbiotic being that can join with a variety of hosts. Primarily they unite with another winged creature that take up the ongoing battle again the Oronacks.

Oronacks and the Belinarn are about equal in stature and are about the size of a raven. They travel in small flocks and it is a sight to see when they meet in sky in battle. I have developed a very powerful slingshot that shoots stones the size of golf balls and is proving very effective against our enemy. If I don't kill the beast immediately I at least break a wing, bringing it down and...well...dispatching it when I find where it fell.




I guess I have said all I wish to except I will not ever be returning to earth, for several reasons, even though I have learned it is possible and quite a simple matter to do so. I have allowed an Illil to join with me and have discovered some most delightful things about the relationship, one that few on earth have ever known.

Goodbye and farewell and many thanks for sending me here. I hope you earthlings never achieve the ability to travel out this far in the galaxy. It would really ruin my day.

Draven Dash



© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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