The fallen angel

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Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



 Hi my name is Sully i’m from heaven.

I’m supposed to be dead and in heaven but somehow i fell from heaven and came back on earth. Before i fell to earth my great friend jesus told me something was missing and i have to find it. If i don’t find it i’ll be stuck on earth forever. ya that may sound easy just finding something i’m missing but the only problem is i don’t know what to look for or where to look for it.I hope i find what i needto look for because i wanna go home. I haveno place to stay no one can see me i have no food and i’m scared and confused. God and Jesus told me there is always a way. Hey uhh hold on i’m getting a call from my friend jesus.

JESUS-hey i forgot to tell you something

ME-ya what is it

JESUS-you are looking for a girl

ME-but no one can see me on earth

JESUS-only the one you love the most can see you have fun looking for her byeeee.


Well at least he told me what i’m looking for now all i need to do is see if someone sees me. I think it’ll be easy. I still can’t find the one i’m looking for it’s harder than i thought there are so many people i try talking to people but no one responds or looks at me. I wish i had help from someone. Oh that reminds me a guy asked me if i needed help i was going to say yes until i found out he was not talking to me. I need help i looked everywhere i flew everywhere i can. No one claims they see me or hear me. I’m starting to get scared like really scared.(THE NEXT DAY-)

Hey you guys it has been a whole day and i still have not found her.this is harder than i starting to get hungry now and i cant go to the store or restaurant to buy food or drinks hold on let me call my friend. (5 MINUTES LATER)Ok now i know how to get food he said that he´ll send me food to eat and something to drink.i only have a three days left to find her and that's not really a lot of this is hard i think i found the person im looking for there is a girl that keeps looking at me and waving at me a but i'm not completely sure if she is or not. Tomorrow i’m going to go up to

her and see if she sees me or not.well i'm going to go to bed now it's been a long day today. GOODNIGHT. Goodmorning, i’m too afraid to do anything i’m so scared to go up to her. It’s now or never right oh my gosh this is scary.i wish i had help. She can see me we talked for a while but now i have to go back where i came from .i’m happy i’m going to be her guardian angel and get to watch over  her and protect her. Well i have to leave now. Well bye i’ll see you guys soon…


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