Chapter 1: Home Again

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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† Begin Chapter One – “Home Again”

It’s raining quite hard tonight. The rain seems to have come out of nowhere. Sara’s anxiously driving down the partially lit road. She makes a quick right turn and is speeding down the dirt path heading further into the woods. The tears in her eyes are making it harder for her to see as the rain hits her windshield. Suddenly a deer dashes out in front of her car as she is driving. It startles Sara and she tries to avoid hitting the deer which quickly runs out the way.  The car swerves and veers off the path into the grass. Sara tries to get the car under control as she hits the brakes, but the front left side of the car swipes a tree very hard and keeps on moving.  The impact makes Sara hit her head on the steering wheel. Trying franticly to get the car under control and hitting the brakes even harder, the car finally stops. Sara opens her door and when the inside light comes on, she looks up into the rear view mirror and sees a little blood on her forehead. Not caring about her injury, Sara jumps out of the car and continues on running down the path. The rain is steady falling as Sara is still crying and running with all her might. 

“Please don’t leave me,” Sara says softly to herself, “Don’t leave me!” she then shouts.

Tired and wet, Sara continues on to try to reach that spot before it’s too late.

I need to get there, she thinks, I need to get there before he leaves me. I want to see him one last time. I have to at least say goodbye.

More determined now, she starts to run off the dirt path cutting through the bushes and trees. It’s dark in some spots but Sara isn’t frightened because she knows the area very well. As she finally reaches her destination, Sara pauses for a moment then realizes she is all alone. No one else is there. With great disappointment on her face, she drops her head down and sighs.

“I’m too late… he’s gone… he left me,” she whispers sadly to herself.

Sara looks up to the sky and can see it’s a full moon amongst all the dark clouds. As the rain drops fall on her face hiding her tears, there is a flash of light in the clouds followed by a loud thunderous sound. Sara doesn’t even react because her body feels numb. She decides to turn around and go back, but suddenly sees flashes of light flickering rapidly through the trees up ahead. Sara runs quickly in that direction. As she gets closer to the light, she can vaguely see the silhouette of a person so she knows someone is up ahead. Wet and very tired, Sara hides behind a tree while she tries to gasp for her breath. Suddenly she hears a voice that instantly makes her heart start to flutter and a smile comes to her face. She would recognize the sound of his voice from anywhere and she knows it’s Kaigel over there. Before she could try to move, she suddenly hears another voice and decides she better wait before she makes herself known. She quietly stays there watching from behind the tall tree.

I cannot clearly see or hear what is going on between the two of them.  Are they arguing?  Ahh the light on their ship is blinding me at times. I have to try to get closer, Sara thinks to herself.

She slowly and carefully ducks down low and quietly moves up to hide behind a tree that’s closer to them. Luckily the night time and rain camouflages her movements. Sara continues to watch quietly. Her heart is desperately telling her to run to Kaigel, yet her body won’t move due to a stronger feeling inside of her telling her to stay. As Sara continues to watch what seems to be an argument, Kaigel and the other person start to engage in a scuffle. The rain is beginning to slow down now. Sara starts feeling disoriented from the injury on her head and her vision blurs as she gets very dizzy. She lowers her head and leans up against the tree to regain herself. Suddenly she hears thunder again which makes her lift her head up and in the distance she think she sees what looks like another person’s figure, yet she can’t make it out clearly due to her blurred vision again. As Sara quickly looks back toward Kaigel, she suddenly sees him stabbed by the other person. Sara looks at Kaigel’s precious face then sees the blood dripping down his body. She watches as he reaches out and grabs the other person’s shoulder as he is trying to gasp for his breath. His lips move as he mumbles something to the other person then slightly turns his head and looks at Sara. Their eyes connect for that short moment before he falls to the ground. Suddenly everything turns all black.

“No… no,” Sara mumbles.

“Mom, mom, MOM! Wake up mom.”

“Huh… what,” Sara says out loud as she realizes she had fell asleep and was dreaming again. 

“You’ve been sleep for a few hours mom. As you can see, its daylight now so first let me say good morning.”

“Time surely goes by fast these days, anyway good morning back to you son,” Sara replies as she looks out her window then starts to cough.

“You alright mom?”

“I’m fine sweetie, just fine,” Sara answers as she continues to look out the window.

I am starting to have this same dream quite often now and I don’t know why.  I hope it is not some kind of bad sign. Well I can’t worry about that right now because we are moving to a new place for a new start.  It’s really troublesome that this move is nothing new to us. It’s the same routine as always unfortunately, Sara thinks to herself.

Its early morning and Kaigi and Sara, are riding in their Winnebago down US Highway 317 heading toward a small town called Biltonburg. Kaigi is driving while Sara is sitting in the passenger’s seat enjoying the scenery. The highway itself is a road through a long passage of countryside. Nothing but trees, hills, and pastures of green run along that highway. For Kaigi and Sara, the view is perfection. They are en route to their new place to settle down and call home for a little while once more. Kaigi is of average height and average build with low cut pure all white hair. He also has pure all white eyes, which make him appear to be blind and kind of scary to anyone that could see him like that. His eyes match his hair for a very unusual look. He has small distinctive light brown spherical like patterns on his creamish colored skin. There is one right above his right eye, one on his face near his left ear, one on the front side and back side of his neck, and a few others spread out over his body. They are not very noticeable unless someone is very up close to him; however he is still a handsome young man. When Kaigi is out in public, he always wears his contacts to hide his white eyes and give the appearance of normal brown eyes. Sara is Kaigi’s mother. She is about 55 years old and a few years after Kaigi was born, her health has been an ongoing issue and it’s getting worse as she gets older. She is a very petite lady with gray hair and wrinkled light brown skin. She looks much older than what her age really is. She walks with a cane and spends much of her time now in bed, sitting around in the house or sitting outdoors enjoying nature. They soon see a sign that says “Welcome to Biltonburg” and are happy to know they’re close now. Still driving down the same highway, they pass by several farms then a few houses and before they knew it, they are entering the main part of the town. They see several shops, grocery markets and places to eat. Since it’s so early in the morning, they don’t see too much activity with the townspeople at the moment.

“This place is actually a little bigger than I thought it would be, don’t you think?” asks Kaigi. 

“Seems that way. The information I received on this place said small town, but maybe their definition of small and mine are different. Oh well, we’re here now so we’ll soon see how it is,” replies Sara. 

They continue to ride through sightseeing and soon they reach the outskirts of the other side of town. They had called around days earlier and found out this place had a small mobile home park a few miles past the main part of town. That is Kaigi and Sara’s destination. They come to a road that leads off the main highway. According to the map, this is the road they are suppose to follow along which leads to a dead end. About five minutes later they see a sign that reads ‘Welcome to Camp Kapes – Your best RV park’. They finally reach the place where their new home will be. Every town they live in, their Winnebago is their home. They enter and stop at the main office to get everything set up for their stay. The park is very spacious, bigger than most of the other ones they have stayed at in the past. They have a nice vacant spot in the back corner of the RV park property. They get out of the mobile home and take a look around them surveying the land. There are a couple of small trees beside their living area and directly behind them is a large privacy fence that surrounds the entire RV camp. Behind the privacy fence are many tall trees. Kaigi and Sara feel the spot is perfect. 

“Have you looked around long enough mom… I have. What do you think? I think it’s a pretty nice spot this time and not many other campers are close to us.”

Sara turns to look at Kaigi answering, “Yes, it’s nice. By the time we get things together, it will be a good spot to stay for awhile.” 

Sara starts to cough again. 

“Are you okay?”

“Yes Kai, I’m fine. I think I’ll go in and let you take care of things out here. I’ll rest for a few then get up and start lunch okay,” Sara says walking to go inside the RV.

Kaigi doesn’t say a word but decides to get started. He has made this move plenty of times so setting up the place is easy for him. His usual list of duties are weeding the grass, putting up the wooden fence around their area, setting up the gazebo, putting the chairs and table under it and other necessary small odds and ends. A couple hours pass by. 

“Finally finished, man it’s so hot out here today. Time to go inside and relax the rest of the day,” Kaigi says softly to himself as he stretches.

Just as he says that, Sara opens to the door and tells Kaigi to come in and eat.

“I will be there in a sec, mom.”

“Okay, I’ll go ahead and fix your plate,” she says then closes the door.

Kaigi goes inside and washes up. He decides to take his contacts out for now. Kaigi joins Sara already sitting at the table eating. He has a couple of sandwiches on his plate and a glass of water. As Kaigi eats, Sara stops to stare at her son. Kaigi realizes it and stares back at her for a moment.

“Is something the matter mom?”

“No I was just looking at your eyes that’s all.”

“I decided to take out my contacts since it’s just you and I eating at the moment. If it bothers you, I can put them back in.”

“No, no Kai, you’re fine. I was just thinking about what made your eyes and hair turn all white in the first place. Sometimes I just wish I could turn back time. If I could, I would have never let you dig that thing up,” Sara says disappointed then lets out a sigh as she continues to stare at her son. 

“Well mom, what’s done is done. From what you told me about my dad, I’m not 100 percent human anyway. I was born different because my father came from a far away place, then I happened to find that cube and well all that made me who I am today.”

“And I love you and I’m so proud of you too. You have a kind heart but can’t really show it since you’ve never really had a chance to live a normal life and make friends. We’ve had to move so much that you’ve had to live this isolated life. And Lord only knows keeping your secret hidden has been difficult at times because of that stupid cube!”

“Well now that I’m older, I can control whatever that black stuff was inside that cube.”

“Yes it seems like you can but I still worry sometimes. Gosh I can remember that like it was yesterday,” Sara says shaking her head.

“It’s strange I can’t remember any of it at all. Well you know I mean the part after we found the cube up until I woke up. I only know about it through what you tell me periodically right?”

“If you say so.”

“Well mom, how about telling me about that incident that changed me… pretty please? I’m sure it has been awhile, so I would really like to hear what happened once again please,” pleads Kaigi.

“Alright, alright. Let’s see, you were about six at the time. We were taking a walk in the woods like we did sometimes but this day we just happened to take a different path just to see some new scenery. You were walking a couple of steps in front of me when you suddenly turned around towards me asking do I feel that. Of course I didn’t know what you were talking about so we kept walking. The more we walked, the more you kept saying you feel something. You grabbed my hand and insisted I follow you, telling me you know where to find it. Well I didn’t know what ‘it’ was, so I humored you and let you lead me to whatever you were talking about. We ended up at a giant dead tree. It was huge. You could see the big dead roots that grew out above the ground, yet it gave off an aura as if it was still alive somehow. It was very strange to me. You pointed down and told me it was there under one of the dead roots. Then you tugged on my shirt asking can we dig it out. I didn’t know what to think about you at that moment. I told you we had to go back home and will come back tomorrow. That next day we started digging together. I was only doing it to make you happy. I didn’t know digging was so difficult but that was because the dirt in that area around the tree was harder that normal however we managed. On the second and last day of digging, Nanna came back. She would always leave then come back whenever. She decided to go with us that day. That day however, we didn’t have to hardly do any digging. Shortly after we started, next thing I knew, I hit something with my shovel. I didn’t want to break it, so I moved the dirt with my hands and something looking like a black rock was there.  Nanna pushed it all the way out with one of the shovels then we could see it was a small black cube. When you saw it, you told Nanna and me that it was calling out to you.  You asked me can you pick it up. Nanna didn’t think it was safe and said you shouldn’t bother it until we checked it out first. We both tried to pick it up; unfortunately neither of us could really handle it. When I tried to grab it, it was like it shocked or repelled me and hurt my hand. Nanna was able to pick it up but only for a couple of seconds before she had to let it go. For us, that there was a major warning sign to leave it alone. Unfortunately in that same moment, out of the blue you suddenly reached down and grabbed that cube and that’s when everything changed.”

“I’m assuming you mean the ‘me’ I am now. Anyway sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt you, please continue,” says Kaigi smiling.

“As I said when you picked up that cube, everything changed for all of us, especially you. Nanna immediately shouted out, ‘No Kaigi, put it down!’, but it was too late at that point. The cube started cracking in your hand and a couple pieces of it started falling to the ground. As it cracked, a black substance, like a thick gassy fog, started coming out and covering your hand. You tried to drop the cube but couldn’t. Nanna and I tried to get it out your hand but couldn’t touch any part of your body at that point. It was chaotic. Suddenly you started shaking real bad like you were going into convulsions and fell to the ground. We could see the black substance move up from your hand and arm to your face and into your nose. When it started going in your nose, your eyes started turning black and your hair turned black as it grow longer. I was screaming cause I couldn’t hold you and wanted you to be okay. I was so scared that I was going to lose you. There wasn’t a lot of that black substance in the cube so it went into you fairly quickly. When it was gone, I reached for you and realized I could touch you again. I grabbed you so fast and held you in my arms as you continued to shake. Nanna was also holding your hand. After a couple of minutes, you stopped shaking suddenly and were perfectly still.  Nanna and I both checked to see if you were still breathing, which you were of course, you had fallen unconscious. As we checked over you, your hair started turning white from the roots down to the ends. We didn’t find out about your all white eyes until you woke up a couple of hours later. Nanna tried to explain to me what she thought that black foggy like substance was but she really didn’t know. We watched you for years and luckily had no problems with you, so Nanna and I thought that black substance was nothing to worry about anymore. Then it happened, you were about 12 years old at the time. We were in the woods and a lone coyote or wolf or whatever it was acted like it was going to attack me. You got so upset, it was the first time in years we witnessed that dark change in you again. Your eyes turned black and your hair started slowly turning black from its roots. You went after the animal but it ran from you I guess out of fear. I tried to grab you but you pushed me back so hard, I had to lie on the ground for a few minutes. It was like you had super strength. Nanna luckily and literally had to clunk you on the back of your head and knock you out. After that day, we realized your anger can make you lose control and that black substance would take over.”

“And here we are now, eight years later however now I know how to keep myself in check... well for the most part anyway,” Kaigi says smiling.

“Yes I’m so glad for that. I know all this hasn’t been easy on you but you’re a warrior like your father so I knew you could handle it. You know I never told you this but I went back later that day to look for that black cube. To my surprise, it was pretty much intact; only a couple pieces on one side of it broke off, so I picked them up. What was super strange was that giant dead tree seemed like it shrunk down in size. Even the roots shribbled up and were even with the ground now instead of above it like before. It no longer felt like it was alive but truly dead that time. Anyway at some point in time after that, I put the broken pieces back on the cube to fix it and stored it away. Don’t really know why I did that and kept it all this time; I guess as part of remembering what happened that day.”

“One day you will have to show it to me and I would like to go back and look at that tree one day also.”

Sara looks up at Kaigi and smiles. The two of them continue to talk for a little while longer. When evening approaches, they cook dinner together. After eating, they clean up then Sara settles down and decide to call it a night. A little later Kaigi walks over to his mom’s sleeping quarters and asks her if there is anything else she needs. 

“No sweetie. Thanks for being such a wonderful young man and being my lil Kai. That’s what you are and will always be to me, my lil Kai, no matter how old you get,” Sara answers full of joy because she is grateful for the time she spent with her son today. 

“I love you mom. Get some rest because we have to go into town tomorrow to restock on some supplies okay.” 

Sara starts to cough a little then replies, “Okay good night.”

Kaigi decides to put on his headphones and listen to some music before he goes to bed. He thinks about the story he heard earlier of how he became how he is now, what this new town will be like and why they had to up and leave the last town they had been living in for a year.

That’s why it has always been mom and me… well and Nanna too I guess. Anyway it doesn’t matter; I will always be here for mom. It’s my fault she is sickly all the time yet she has always protected me so now it is my turn to protect her, he thinks to himself.

Kaigi starts to yawn and softly says out loud, “Phew I’d better get some sleep. After all, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring my way.”

End Chapter One †








Submitted: October 29, 2017

© Copyright 2021 dena-writes. All rights reserved.


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This is such a great story. However, if you space out the narrative, along with the dialogue; it would make this story, much better, much easier to follow, and easier on the reader's eyes.

Love and Hugs,

Sun, October 29th, 2017 10:39pm


Thank you so much for taking time out to read my story and comment! I thought I had it spaced out and set up nice but when I uploaded the chapter, it didn't look like I wanted it to so I just left it ? I have to get use to the editor on here better. Thank you again for your time and helpful input! Take care ????

Sun, October 29th, 2017 5:27pm

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