Chapter 2: The Next Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 337

† Begin Chapter Two – “The Next Day”

It’s the next morning and Kaigi is locking the door to their RV. Sara is already sitting outside waiting for him under the canopy just enjoying the beautiful day. 

“You really did a good job setting this place up Kai.”

“Glad you like it mom.” 

They walk to the car together. 

“Honestly mom, it was no more than what I normally do every time we move to a new place,” says Kaigi as he opens the door to let her get into the car. 

When Kaigi gets in the car Sara says, “I’m sorry I always put you through this so often Kai but -”. 

“Mom just stop. Sorry I didn’t mean to cut you off but I know why you do it, so you don’t have to apologize every time we move. Remember, I’m a little different so I can handle it. No worries and no more apologies please!” Kaigi says strongly. 

“Okay,” Sara answers seeing how Kaigi felt and deciding to leave it alone. 

Kaigi looks up in the rear view mirror surprised and says, “Oops! Hold on a second mom; let me put my contacts in real quick. I was rushing and stuck the case in my pocket instead of putting them on right then.” 

As he is putting in his contacts, Kaigi asks his mom if she has the spare contacts in her purse. 

“Yes I do. I never take them out. I’m old but not senile.” 

“Oh I did not mean it like that mom, sorry.” 

“Its okay sweetie, I’m just playing around with you.” 

Kaigi finishes then looks at his mom. 

“How do I look?” 

His mom looks up at him saying, “Every time I look at you with your contacts in and your eyes look so normal, I tend to forget about your real eyes sometimes.” 

“I don’t know where Nanna got these from but I’m glad she had them made when I was younger.  I don’t feel so out of place when I’m out in public. I can fit in if you overlook the white hair,” Kaigi says giggling. 

“Well sweetie, to answer your question, you look as handsome as ever. I don’t know how long I can keep the young girls away from you.”

“You know I can’t get involved with anyone mom. I’m special and my specialness can’t be shared with anyone but you!” laughs Kaigi. 

“I’m not going to be around forever and because of your aging, I would hate to know that you would be alone all that time,” says Sara solemnly as she lowers her head. 

“And it’s exactly because of things like that why I have to be alone. No one must find out about me, besides I have Nanna also to look out for me. Anyways let’s go see what this town has to offer for us newcomers” replies Kaigi quickly trying to change the subject.

  As they leave to go into town, Sara thinks to herself how she wishes things could have been different. 


Kaigi and Sara ride around and visit several shops where they pick up food supplies and miscellaneous household items they needed to stock up on. They’re enjoying themselves and see that there are a lot of nice people that does not seem to care too much about Kaigi’s hair color. If they did ask, he just joked about it and said he was trying to have hair like his mom. A couple hours pass and Sara is starting to feel tired and so they stop to get a bite to eat before they go home. They enter a small café and everyone is sitting down minding their own business and enjoying themselves. There are a few empty stools at the counter, along with tables and booths, so they find a booth by the window. While walking to their booth, Kaigi all of a sudden gets this strange feeling all over like he senses something and turns around to see just a few people sitting at the counter. He doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, so he immediately turns his head back around and brushes the feeling off like it never happened and takes a seat. The waitress comes over a few minutes later with a smile, giving them menus and asking what they would like to drink. 

“I would like some good ole fashion sweet iced tea please. Do you have that here?” asks Sara. 

“Of course ma’am,” answers the waitress. 

“How about you handsome, root beer right?” the waitress asks smiling. 

“No, I’ll take just a glass of water please,” Kaigi answers. 

“Okay one sweet tea and one water coming up,” the waitress says still smiling. 

“That’s fine, thank you,” says Kaigi. 

“I’ll go get your drinks and when I get back I’ll take yours orders okay?”

 “Okay,” replies Sara. 

A few minutes later, the happy waitress comes back with their drinks and takes their orders. Kaigi orders two hamburgers while Sara only has some chicken noodle soup. As they are sitting there enjoying their meal and their time together, a group of five bikers comes through the door with a ruckus. They drove up on motorcycles, one female and four males. They’re a local group that has been seen around town here and there. Sara and Kaigi seen them when they first drove up outside but was hoping they were not as bad as they looked. Everyone in the café gets their attention as they make their way to an empty table toward the back corner of the café.

Sara whispers to Kaigi, “They must be in a gang or something.” 

“Maybe so… I don’t know,” Kaigi whispers back. 

One of them has a scar on the left side of his face from his ear to his chin. He is the leader and the other members called him by the name Scar. 

They yell out, “Beers, beers, we want ice cold beers. Bring lots of them too and make it fast before we get upset!” 

Kaigi picks up the fork next to his plate annoyed and whispers, “What a bunch of thugs. Why do people act that way? I’d like to teach them a lesson or two.” 

Sara softly replies, “As long as they don’t bother us, we stay out of it.” 

Kaigi looks over at them and sees how they are mistreating the nice waitress they had, and how they are making a mess, disturbing the peace and making everyone leave because they don’t want to be around them.

“I can’t stand it,” Kaigi says getting angry and unwillingly bends the fork he is holding.

Sara taps Kaigi on his hand to get his attention and whispers, “Kaigi, look at the fork; hurry up and fix it back to normal.” 

Kaigi looks up at his mom with a shocked look on his face. Sara looks back at him with equal shock as well.

“Didn’t you just tell me yesterday that you know how to keep yourself in check?” 

“Sorry mom, I didn’t mean to do that. And yes I did say that and I can keep myself in control even though it might not seem like it right now,” Kaigi replies calmly. 

“It’s okay Kai, let’s just hurry up and finish our meal so we can leave.”

They continue on with their meal trying to ignore the commotion not to far from them.  All the other customers have left the café except a young guy and little girl. The cook, waitress and busboy were also the only ones left inside the café. 

One of the bikers yells out, “Hey Scar, I think we cleared out the building. Oh well, I guess that means more beer and food for us huh?” 

Scar looks at the table where Kaigi and his mother are sitting at and answers, “Yeah I guess so!” 

The waitress is still being harassed by the gang members as she tries to attend to them to keep them satisfied. The cook is an older man and also the owner of the café. He just finished calling the local sheriff to come help them. He comes from behind the counter to try to help his employee. Kaigi and Sara watch him and wonder what he is doing. 

He walks over to the gang’s table and says, “Hey guys and ma’am, I don’t want to cause no trouble with you all but I’d appreciate it if you would not harass my employee. She’s a good waitress and has been doing all she can to attend to you today.”

“Whoa, I think pops here is trying to tell us what to do. I think he doesn’t want our business here,” says one of the bikers. 

“I’m hurt and offended. I think we should take our business somewhere else guys… nah I don’t think so,” says the female biker. 

Scar stands up and gets in the owner’s face saying, “Old man turn around and go cook us some more food before you don’t have a café to work in no more.” 

The owner is scared and shaking nervously.

Scar acts like he is going to sit back down then quickly turns back around yelling, “I thought I said get back to work old man!” as he pushes him backwards.

The owner is so scared and surprised by Scar’s actions that he loses his balance from the push and falls to the floor, hitting his head and passes out. All the bikers start laughing. The waitress and busboy both run to their boss’s aid. 

The waitress yells, “Someone has to help him please!” 

“Yes help him please, oh please,” some of the bikers say mocking her. 

Everyone is furious with them. The young man and little girl that are sitting in the booth next to Sara and Kaigi get up with their food and stand in front of Sara and Kaigi’s table. 

“Hello, I am very sorry to bother the both of you, I know we do not know each other but could we join you in finishing our meal together. She seems to be a little scared and we just got our food so I’d hate for it to go to waste,” asks the young man. 

“Sure no problem, please join us,” Sara answers looking up at him.

The young man sits next to Kaigi. Sara scoots over to let the little girl sit next to her.

“Hi you pretty little doll, I’m Sara and that’s my son, Kaigi but I like to call him Kai for short. What is your name?” 

The little girl just looks straight ahead and does not say a word. 

“Please excuse her rudeness. That’s my little sister, Mia and my name is Jiler. Very nice to meet you both,” says Jiler.

Sara and Kaigi both say nice to meet you back to Jiler at the same time. 

Jiler is 18 years old, almond colored completion and has a little extra weight on him and not the kind that is all muscle. His little sister, Mia is nine years old. She is short, petite and a lighter almond color complexion with two ponytail tails of long curly black hair. 

Jiler tells his sister, “Hurry up and eat so we can get out of here before those thugs get worse.” 

Unfortunately, one of the bikers was watching and listening to them and heard what Jiler said. He gets up and starts to walk over to their booth. Kaigi knows he is headed their way but ignores it. 

Scar looks up and yells out, “Hey Roddy, where ya headed?” 

“Just over there to teach that fatty boy some respect,” answers Roddy. 

“Don’t hurt em to bad Roddy!” yells the female biker. 

“Sorry luv, this one time your sweet talk won’t work on me,” Roddy replies feeling totally confident right then. 

As Roddy gets closer, Jiler and Kaigi are looking at him. Jiler stands up because he will be the one to confront him. Roddy walks up to the table and slams his hand down on it startling Mia. Sara grabs her and puts her arms around her and slips back toward the window as far as she can. 

“What you gonna do boy?” asks Roddy up in Jiler’s face. 

Just then Kaigi blurts out, “Hey hey, man we are all just sitting here trying to enjoy our meal, we don’t want any trouble with you guys. We will leave if you want us too.” 

“Leave? Whoa the party is just getting started!” shouts Scar. 

“Make that fat boy pay!” yells one of the bikers.

“I want in on this action,” says the female biker as she gets up from their table. 

“Liz, get your butt back here and keep me company,” demands Scar. 

“After I get me some action time,” Liz replies. 

She starts to walk over to where they are at but the nice waitress cuts in front of her.

“You guys and gal are deplorable. I know I can’t stop you, but someone has to stand up to you,” says the waitress. 

Liz starts to laugh real hard as to imply her noble actions are a joke. 

She looks at the waitress’s name tag and says, “So your name Faye huh?”

“Well well, I’m actually surprised you can even read,” Faye says with a smirk look on her face. 

“I’m gonna smack you clear cross this room you b -” Liz shouts but stops when she sees Faye put her fists up. 

“Now we partying! It’s a girl fight and we don’t even have to pay!” yells Scar. 

Just then another biker walks pass the girls and over toward where Kaigi and his group is at. 

“I want in on this action too,” says the fourth biker to Roddy. 

“Well Tank, you take the little white hair punk here begging for us to leave em alone.  Boy here is mine,” says Roddy. 

Just then Liz and Faye start to take swings at each other and end up tussling on the floor.  When Roddy and Tank turn around to look, Jiler kicks Tank in the groin. Tank automatically grabs his crotch and falls to the floor in severe pain. Then he quickly hits Roddy in the face and makes him stumble backwards, trip over a chair and fall to the ground dazed. The other biker watching the girls fight with Scar, sees what Jiler did and runs over there while Jiler is distracted and hits him on the side of his head with a beer bottle. Jiler falls unconscious to the ground and is bleeding a little on the side of his head. Mia screams out Jiler’s name and starts to cry. Kaigi looks over at his mom and Mia crying and tells them it will be alright, not to worry. 

“Kai, please don’t do anything to cause attention or lose control,” Sara says worried about the darkness in him coming out. 

“Why don’t you just shut up you old hag and shut that lil brat up too!” yells the fifth biker still holding the broken bottle. 

The fifth biker then looks down at Jiler and kicks him in the side shouting, “Trash!”

He looks at Kaigi getting out of his seat and smiles as he starts backing up from the table.  Kaigi stood up and his back is to Liz and Faye fighting and Scar.

Kaigi is getting upset. He steps toward the fifth biker. 

“How dare you talk to my mom like that and bother these people! We did nothing to any of you!” says Kaigi agitated and trying to keep calm. 

In the meantime, Scar has decided things are getting out of control and needs to step in. Faye manages to kick Liz back into a wall and she bumps her head enough for Faye to take the final swing and put Liz to sleep. Scar not happy about that, walks over to a distracted Faye and quickly punches her in the jaw so hard, she falls flat on the floor. Faye just lays there, half conscious, dazed and unaware of what is going on around her. 

Roddy finally gets back up and the busboy sees him and yells out, “Oh no, I got a bone to pick with you! If you want some, come get it!” as he moves away from his boss’s side to leave him out of harms way. 

Roddy charges after the busboy that runs toward the back area of the café.

“You lil white haired faggot. I’m gonna kick some color into your head,” says the fifth biker. 

“We don’t have to do this,” Kaigi pleads to the biker. 

“You’re such a wuss! Give me a break.”

The biker swings and strikes Kaigi in the jaw, swings again and hits the other jaw, and again and hits him right in the stomach with all his might like a three hit combo. Kaigi falls to the ground on one knee for a moment but gets right back up. 

“I asked you nicely to back off but you refused to listen,” Kaigi says calmly. 

In an instant, Kaigi swings and sends the biker flying to the wall behind him. 

A couple of minutes ago, Scar had walked over to the table where Sara and Mia are at. He made the two of them stand up as he holds a knife in his hand. 

 “Kai! Kai!” Sara starts to shout. 

Kaigi quickly turns around and sees Scar standing between his mom and the little girl holding a knife to his mom’s chest. 

“Leave my mom alone!” shouts Kaigi starting to forget to stay calm. 

“Oh yeah, well that was some hit you gave my friend there. I guess you’re not as scrawny as you look white haired boy and I really don’t feel like letting her go,” taunts Scar. 

“You better let my mom go now!” shouts an angry Kaigi as he steps toward them. 

“Unt un… don’t take another step! I said I don’t feel like letting her go, so what you gonna do whitey?” taunts Scar again.

Just then Kaigi is starting to completely let his anger take control. The light above where he is standing starts to flicker. To Scar, Mia, and his mom’s surprise, Kaigi’s hair starts to change colors right before their eyes. Starting at the roots, his hair changes from white to black until it reaches the ends. Suddenly the light above Kaigi stops flickering and blows out. 

“How?! How’d you do that?  How you change your hair color just like that you freak!” shouts Scar. 

Kaigi’s contacts come out and you can see his completely all white real eyes. They suddenly turn all black. 

“No one… I mean no one tries to harm my mother!” shouts dark Kaigi. 

Scar now afraid throws Kaigi’s mother and the little girl down in the booth seat. Mia quickly hides under the table. Now more enraged Kaigi looks at Scar then Scar charges at him with the knife. The knife connects with Kaigi’s body right in the chest but it only bends giving Kaigi a small cut. 

Scar looking dumbfounded and scared yells, “That can’t be… what are you?!” 

“Your worst nightmare,” says dark Kaigi with a deep sinister voice. 

He grabs Scar by the neck and lifts him up off the ground with one arm. 

“Kai. Kai. No Kai!” yells Sara afraid of what he is going to do. 

Scar is kicking and grasping for air. Kaigi enjoying the moment, smiles as he holds Scar up in the air chocking. Sara stands next to Kaigi and touches his arm then grabs his other hand. 

“Kai, sweetie look… I’m okay. Let him go sweetie, come back to mommy Kai.” 

Just then you hear the sirens from the sheriff coming. Her words reach Kaigi in time. 

“Mom,” he says softly. 

Instantly his hair starts to turn from black to white again, this time from the ends to the roots. He loses most of his strength and drops an unconscious Scar on the floor. 

“Mom! I’m so sorry, please forgive me,” cries Kaigi as he falls to the floor on his knees in shame.

 Sara puts her arms around him tightly. Tank manages to regain his composure but still feels somewhat woozy. When he hears the sirens, he sneaks out the back of the café while everyone is distracted. Blue and red flashes of light are outside the café now. The sheriff comes inside and wonders what in the world happened. He tells his deputy to call for an ambulance.

The busboy was just about to be plumbled by Roddy with a chair but the Sheriff pulls out his gun just in time yelling, “Freeze! One false move and it will be your last. Drop the chair now!”

Roddy throws the chair to the side and raises his arms up in the air. The deputy handcuffs him and takes him to his squad car. As they walk out, Roddy sees Scar on the floor unconscious and then Kaigi and his mom hugged up together and wonder who did that to Scar. Sara tells Kaigi it will be alright and lets him go. Kaigi sees Mia under the booth table in the corner scared and reaches out to her. 

Mia screams, “No monster, leave me alone!” 

Kaigi quickly moves his hand and looks at his mom. Sara looks at Kaigi and sees that his eyes have turned back to being completely white again. 

She thinks to herself, let me hurry and get his spare contacts before anyone sees him.

Sara grabs her purse and quickly gives Kaigi the contacts to put on. Sara then goes to Mia and manages to get her to come from under the table. The sheriff walks over to Sara and Kaigi and asks them if they are alright. 

“Yes sir but I think the little girl here and my mom is pretty shaken up with all this,” says Kaigi pretending he is alright. 

“You are bleeding a little son, it’s a small cut but you still should let the medics look at that when they arrive,” says the Sheriff. 

“No, I’m perfectly fine. Just look after everyone else especially my mom and Mia please,” Kaigi replies feeling disturbed deep down. 

“Sure thing son but I’m going to need to get your names and ask all of you some questions okay.” 

The paramedics arrive and tend to Liz, Faye, the busboy, the owner, the fifth biker and Scar. They take Jiler to the hospital along with Mia. The fifth biker, Liz and Scar wake up and are treated there then arrested and taken to jail. The owner was taken to the hospital also while the busboy and Faye say they are okay and stay behind to clean up the mess. Kaigi and Sara left right after the medics released Sara and the sheriff talked to them. 

In the car Sara says to Kaigi, “Let’s just get home so I can see about your cut and we can talk about this entire event tomorrow alright sweetie?” 

“Sure,” Kaigi replies softly. 

They arrive back home and not much is said between the two of them. Sara looks at Kaigi’s cut which has already starting to heal. She decides to just cover it up with a gauze. They both decide to get some much needed rest. Kaigi feeling really bummed out about the whole experience walks to his mom sleeping quarters and asks her if she took her medicine and if she needs anything as he normally does throughout the day. 

“Yes I took my medicine and I just need to get rest. That was a terrible experience and my nerves are a little shaky right now. I’ll be fine later I’m sure.”

“Okay mom. I love you,” says a depressed Kaigi. 

“I love you too my lil Kai.” 

Kaigi walks away with a slight smile on his face after hearing those words. 


Meanwhile, back at the sheriff’s office, Scar and his buddies are in a holding cell waiting to be processed. The three of them are talking. 

Roddy asks, “What happened to Tank?” 

“He must have got away before sheriff boy got to him,” says the fifth biker. 

“He better take care of business until I get out of here or he will wish the sheriff had got to him first instead of me,” says Scar with a serious tone. 

“So what happened to you two? I turned around and both of you were on the ground sleep,” asks Roddy. 

Scar gives Roddy a ferocious look. 

Roddy recognizes that look saying, “Sorry Scar, it’s none of my business.” 

Scar tightens his fist and hits the wall with his right hand. 

“Maybe he was on something. PCP or something cause I gave him a three hit combo and it barely made him go down. He must have hit me hard enough to make me go backward and after that is a blur. I think I tripped and dislocated my shoulder that way, cause I’m still in pain right now,” says the fifth biker unsure and confused. 

Scar thinking back to the hit Kaigi gave the fifth biker, decides to lie and says, “Yeah that’s what happened. I seen you move backwards and you did trip. I didn’t know you dislocated your shoulder from your fall cause you definitely was sleep.” 

“Wow I was out huh? But see I knew it was more to it then that guy only hitting me! But still hits mighty hard for a punk though,” says the fifth biker holding his shoulder. 

Roddy and the fifth biker look at Scar. Scar has a look of rage and hatred on his face. 

“I vow to make that white haired freak pay for getting the best of me!” Scar says angrily.

To save face in front of his followers, he tells them a false story of how Kaigi got the best of him from behind. 

Just then two deputies come up to the holding cell and one of them says, “Alright Willie Byrd.” 

“That’s Scar to you!” he yells not intimated by the deputies. 

“Whatever. It’s time for you to go get acquainted with your new living quarters. They actually have prettier bars on them then these do,” says the deputy sarcastically while smiling. 

“Screw you,” Scar says angrily. 

The other deputy smiles and unlocks the door to let Scar walk out. He closes the door and tells Scar to turn around. 

As he is leaned up against the bars and being handcuffed, Scar smiles at his buddies and says, “This just gives me time to think. Payback will come.” 

End Chapter Two ††

Submitted: October 30, 2017

© Copyright 2021 dena-writes. All rights reserved.


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