The Riddle Makers

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Paranormal Journal

Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



October 28, 2017

9:28 pm

  I’m just sitting here waiting for the sleep-aid to kick in. A moment ago, I heard a faint, but high pitch voice start talking into my right ear. I didn’t catch most of it, but I did catch the phrase “Astral Planet.” I’ve heard the voices of these negative spirit attachments mention that to me before. I’m not really sure what they mean by that….or if they even mean anything by it at all which is very suspect and questionable. I’m not sure if they really mean anything by a lot of the things that they say. They’re always attempting to play mind games. They use psychological warfare and they can be quite devious at it.

Trying to figure out what they mean by some of the things that they say can easily just lead to going back down the rabbit hole. For example, one minute I’ll hear them say “get me off of this planet,”, but then the next moment they’ll be lobbing critical statements at me. I simply just try not to give a damn about anything that I hear them say. I’ve been tricked and deceived by them far too many times before….it is what it is….they can be masterful bull-shitters.

  I’m about to turn in for the night here shortly. The sleep-aid is kicking in and right now I just want to sleep. I’m hearing their voices a little louder at the moment because they’re using the noise of my humming refrigerator to project their voices. I’m trying not to pay attention. It’s pointless to try and listen in on what they are saying. Sometimes it’s hard not to listen. Sometimes it’s just almost like a knee-jerk reaction. I hear a voice… mind tries to listen even though a significant part of me just doesn’t want to hear any of it.

This week I have been hearing these voices saying some mysteries things. A few examples are “the helicopters are on the way”…..”the UFOs are on the way”……”there are superior life forms on this planet”……..”this planet is under demonic oppression”…..etc.  I regard these cryptic statements of theirs as little more than just their attempt to get me thinking about distressing things. I just have to remember how many times they’ve changed their stories and in fact how many stories they’ve told.

  They are storytellers and creators of elaborate lies. They have deception down to an artform and they forge it into a weapon. A struggle against this element (aside from whatever else it might be) is a struggle to break free from their constant barrage of lies, riddles, illusions, etc. One can expect to hear many strange things….troubling things…..they will bombard you with disturbing illusions. They will try and send you on your way down the rabbit hole.  But, one need but be observant. This element eventually gives themselves away. They will jump from story-line to story-line, often contradicting themselves.

  In my own situation, they were especially clever in luring me into a false sense of security and essentially a trap back when I was first communicating with them by means of EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) during the winter of 2015. When I first started experimenting with EVP, I didn’t capture or hear any voices on my recordings at first, but it wasn’t long before I did. The voices that I initially was hearing seemed to me at the time to be quite benevolent in nature and I became extremely fascinated by what I was experiencing….so much so I would say that doing EVP sessions quickly became an obsession for me. But, looking back now from a different vantage point… is clear to me that from the very start, these deceiving negative spirits were setting a trap for me.

  Their initial (seemingly) benevolent nature so convinces me that when things did take a darker turn and my oppression situation began, this only served to fill me with a great sense of confusion. At first, I had no idea what had happened. It wasn’t until later on, when I had seen other accounts very similar to my own that I realized that it was essentially a set up all along.

  Once again, looking back from a different vantage point now, I am amazed at how naïve and foolish I was at the time. But, as I’ve stated before, one can become mesmerized by the mysterious nature of this kind of experience. It can easily lead to becoming an obsession. One can become driven to experience more… seek out answers….to experience a profound sense of discovery.

  These negative entities (whatever their origins are) are very masterful at luring a person in to further communicate with them. An example would be the very same scenario and outcome that befell me.  A person starts experimenting with EVP, within a short span of time they begin to hear all sorts of mysterious and fascinating things on their recordings and they find themselves overtaken in a very real way by a sense that they are experiencing something profound.

  In my own case, I was very much blind to the dangers and I certainly at the time did not know that at least one of these dangers was that the voices in some cases can come out of the recordings and a person can start hearing them at all times of the day and night. These entities can come out of the recordings in other…equally disturbing ways as well.

  They can affect you physically and also make you feel their presence. They often will cause these distressing physical disturbances while you’re attempting to sleep…sending your normal sleep routine into chaos essentially. They can affect objects and various things in your surroundings as well. I’m sure there is much …much more……these are just some of the things what I’ve experienced in my own situation. In a very real sense I believe, by communicating with them to the extent that I did initially, I unknowingly opened the gate of my perceptions to them…..and they stealthily entered with the intent to wreak havoc.

It did not take long for them to gain access to my perception range either. This has been a point that I have reflected upon quite a bit since my oppression situation began. I’m sure that there are a lot of factors involved with this and I’m sure I’ll never get to the bottom of it completely. Perhaps part of it is that wherever these negative spirits dwell, the veil is quite thin that separates us and sometimes it doesn’t take much effort at all to knowingly or unknowingly bring them further in and closer to our reality.

  I once heard one of these voices say “we can hear you, we can touch and we can see you.” I do know this to be true….very true. Wherever they are…they can very much see into our dimension. It might be more accurate to go even further and say that they are practically in our own dimension. I simply don’t know. I certainly hope that this malevolent element are not the only ones here….but they are here.

  The darkside is real and it is always looking for opportunities to enter into a person’s life. Reaching out in an attempt to communicate with what is essentially the unknown is certainly one of the ways that it can enter. But, it may not enter as one would expect. It will can very often wear a mask and it can wear it well.


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