The War of Twin Gods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story that I really enjoyed making and I hope you guys enjoy it too! The first part of this story might be a bit boring but the late story is really good, personally. But that's
just my opinion, so feel free to leave yours in the comments. (Gosh, I feel like a sellout sometimes). But anyways thanks again, enjoy!

Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



  "There once was a boy named Aidan. He was always very melancholy and was a great warrior. He served in the war long, long ago called the War of the Three Great Nations. In the war was Simte, the land of the west, Abylone, the land of the east, and our own land, Zedna. At that time Zedna was a very small country that would usually be called the apple core, because the land was widest in thenorth and south, and skinny in the middle.

  "Aidan lived in a very remote village, hidden deep in the jungles of Westerfield, named Secreyat. He defended whatever country he was hired to with a sacred magic passed down through his family. THe only way to protect yourself was with a spell called Yamatarosu. It was a temporary curse that would protect whoever wore it from the disentegrating effects of the gate spell he used. But then, for the first time, he failed.

"A Senjin captured him before he could use his magic and stabbed him with a magic neutrilizing vaccination. He was placed in a cage and drowned to death, and then because of superstition, he was burned and his ashes buried deep beneath the earth. His town was taken over, but his only son ran away creating a new town that is now known as Tal'icomia, but the common toungue pronounces our village as Tacoma. So, storytime's over, but now you know the story of my great, great, great, great, great grandfather."

  At least that's what Jarod had been told. Jarod was the protector of Tacoma and the great, great, great, great, great grandson of Aidan. He was a legend, defeating anybody who threatened his village. His hobbies included surprisingly peaceful activities though such as farming and story-telling.


  A giant spew of dirt and sand flew through the air, creating a giant column. Then Jarod could see a soldier coming up the hill he sat on. "Go to the saferoom ok? Bring you're mom and dad with you and don't come out until I tell you it's ok!" Jarod ushered. Then Jarod felt a tug on the bottom of his robe. "But Uncle Jarod! I want to come too!" It was his grandson, David. He was a naturally a warrior, but being six, he wasn't prepared for a battle of this magnitude.

  "Next time, ok?!" 

  "Ok Uncle! I won't fail!"

  "Good boy." said Jarod with a smile. Once David was down the hill, Jarod asked the soldier, "Who's attacking?!" 

  "It's the Senjin, sir!" said the soldier panting. Jarod let out a scowl and ran to his house. He grabbed his twin blades and suited into his samurai like armor that he recieved when he fought for a japanese clan. It was hand crafted and of expert quality, being able to deflect an arrow without a dent. 

  When Jarod realised that the soldier was still waiting outside for further orders, he let out a grim smile. "What are our orders now, sir?" the soldier cried over the sounds of the fight behind him, holding a tight salute.

  "Get our men on their archers and have formation ten carried out on any melee attackers!" yelled Jarod through his tent. "And tell Mavrick, Johnson, and Howard to meet me at my tent. Let their commanders cover for them!"

  "Yes, Sir!" yelled the soldier and ran back to where the battle was. A minute later Mavrick, Johnson, and Howard were outside.

  Mavrick, Johnson, and Howard were the best aim with a bow and normally covered Jarod while he let his blade run free. "Cover me please," said Jarod and ran down the hill and around several houses. When Mavrick figured out that Jarod was going for a flank he told the other two.

  Jarod's blade let out a whinny as it was unsheathed and started to tear through enimies, quietly and efficiently.

  Soon enough the enemy troops started to retreat into the jungles. Jarod signaled to the trio and started following suite, running into the jungle.

  Jarod climbed up a tree and watched as the seven or so enemy soldiers hid behind trees. soon enough he saw Mavrick, Howard, and johnson all climb up their own trees. Mavrick then jumped from tree to tree getting closer and closer to a group of four enemies.

  He dropped a disk shaped object on top of the group and pushed a button on his belt. The disk blew up, leaving the four men dead.

  When the other three heard the explosion they all ran like hell. One tripped over a root while another slipped and rolled down the hill. The one that tripped on the root ran down the hill to find his buddy while having the third one trail right behind him.

  Jarod leaped down the hill from his tree having about two seconds of air time as he stabbed one of his blades through a soldiers shoulder. He let go of his blade so he wouldn't crash straight into the ground and instead tumbled into the other man running downhill.

  When Jarod rose he could see the rest of the party at the top of the hill and the man who fell down the hill at his right sprawled out on a stump.

  Then the man started twitching. Jarod thought he was seeing things though so he carelessly got up and walked away, back up the hill.

  Then he heard shifting. His group was calling something to him but he couldn't quite make it out. Then he slowly turned while grabbing his lost blade from the fallen soldiers shoulder.

  There was the soldier standing, with his gun in his hand, leaning against the stump for support. A ear-piercing sound rang throughout the whole jungle and whole flocks of birds flew out of the trees.

  Well, this is the end huh? thought Jarod, but then he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard Howard's familiar voice. It said, "C'mon you're not dead yet!"

  After about ten seconds Jarod realized that he hadn't been shot. There was no pain, except for the ringing in his ears, and there was no blood. When he looked up, a there stood a small person, with a blade as long as their arm.

  Had he deflected the shots? thought Jarod before he felt himself being lifted off the ground by two pairs of strong, muscled arms, which he then matched with Mavrick and Howard.

  Then Jarod realized that no human would be able to survive a tumble all the way down the hill, over branches, rocks and slamming into a stump. It just wasn't humanly possible!

  And then it happened.

  The only reasonable thing that could happen.

  The soldier shifted along and the young man followed suite and shifted as well.

  Jarod let in a deep breathe and a long exhale. Before him stood the twin gods, Ratoscus and Tuuxig.

© Copyright 2020 danielSmith. All rights reserved.

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