"The Black hole"

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Submitted: October 29, 2017

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Submitted: October 29, 2017



NASA has just constructed a team of individuals who are sworn into the international space station to explore "the dark hole" that is growing bigger but what they don't know is that once in the hole they are lead to a new world. A world we haven't  seen before a world where anything goes. The team are now being hunted by forces beyond our knowledge. Time is running out.

They must figure a way to destroy the black hole before it is too late. On the journey they meet good people who help. But ultimately it will all come down to finding the diamond.

This diamond is a special technology that can somehow destroy black holes but to get it you have to be out in the open and with monsters everywhere time is not on your side and the United States government wants the hole blown up witch makes things even harder for NASA. Can they locate the diamond and get out of the hole before the government blows it all up endearing the earth. Once the black hole gets destroyed the creatures have nowhere to go but the earth! And they can survive the atmosphere in space. It's the ultimate test to us. The black hole just very well may swallow our earth hole.

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