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Have you ever lost something? An arguement? A toy? An opportunity? A friend?...

Have you ever lost yourself? Who you, as a person are?

I hope not.

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



My eyes see only darkness

It feels close to blindness


Once I carried a heart of gold

But now all that's left is a husk so cold


I feel lost, without a friend

Being stuck in the dark at the end


My own kindness lost to time

Anger filling me during night- and daytime


My hands shake with rage

I feel as if I were in a cage


I want to break free

Light is what I want to see


I feel lost, without a helpful hand

I can't seem to move, less stand


Filled with hatred for my actions

I go on, without giving any reactions


They say I speak little,

I say my voice is brittle


They say I should smile,

I say it'll only work a little while


They say I shouldn't be so depressed,

I say all they do is make me stressed


I feel wrong, I feel untrue to me

It's a curse from which I can't flee


I'm lost, so is my kindness,

I spent it all on others, I was filled with blindness


I'm destroying who I am, my very being

But it's something I won't be seeing


Since I lost myself to my darkness

The only company being my own blindness

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