Fire and Pain

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good read! very suspenseful

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Today was a good day.  Ryan and Drake were cruising down the street in his firetruck. Not literally, Drake drives  a red prius. He’s a really big conservative, so now he gets about 51 miles per gallon in town.

Ryan was excited to catch the 8-pounder. He still could not believe that Colby had out fished him the week before. They were using the same bait and everything, Colby had just gotten luckier than even Ryan had expected. Ryan began thinking to himself. Have I just always been a little jealous of Colby? He had the cool friends I wanted, he was able to do everything I can, and more. All the girls talked to him.. maybe I have been. Ryan’s thought was disrupted suddenly.

“Do you smell that?”, Drake asked.

“No? What is it?”

“I smell gas..”

“Did you bring any? Because I didn’t”

“Noooo, like my car gas dude!”, Drake replied in a chuckling tone.

“Has it ever done that before?”

“Nope, but it’s as if…”

Drake was too late. Right as he was about to explain what he thought was wrong with the firetruck, it stopped moving.

Ryan and Drake were about halfway between the town and the water hole. Now they simply did not know what to do. Ryan had an idea.

“What if we call Colby to come pick us up?”, Ryan asked.

Drake thought to himself for a second, then answered, “Okay, that’s not a bad idea.”

“Okay, I’ll give him a call.”

Colby didn’t answer. Great. Now what are we going to do? I guess we could hitchhike. Nothing bad happens when kids around here do it.

His idea became reality. A white 1993, chevy impala was driving around the bend. Ryan ran to the middle of the road and flagged it down. Inside, there were 4 large women, who looked as if they had not seen what they were wearing. “Hello, I’m Ryan”, Ryan started, “My friends car broke down and we are trying to get a ride back into town. There anyway that you could give us a ride?”

The driver spoke in a raspy, smokers voice. She sounded as if she was from Alabama and lived in Arkansas. “Sorry, but no sir not today. But my husband is coming through after me and he as more room. I am sure he wouldn’t mind if y’all hopped in!”

“Yes ma’am, thank you!”

“No, thank you..!”

Chills went down Ryan’s spine. She had went from real friendly to really creepy zero to one hundred real quick. The impala drove off and Ryan went to explain to Drake about what was going on. Drake was excited about the news.

About 10 minutes later a 1998 Chevy van came flying around the corner. “This must be him”, Ryan said. The van pulled up and 3 men came piling out. “Or ummm…. This  must be them.”

It all happened fast. One second they were talking and the next there had burlap sacks over their head in the back of the van.

Drake was freaking out. On the other hand, Ryan was keeping his cool however.

“Oh my god, is this a reality show?? I am so excited. I knew I should have done my hair this morning!”, Ryan said.

The first man Ryan saw had a crisp, firm voice, with a hint of bitter.  When he spoke, the ground shook. “No, this is not a reality tv show. You might as well get that out of your head.”

“Hold on I’m getting a call. Hello?”

“Hey Ryan what’s up?”

“Well we tried to call you cause Drake’s car broke down and we tried to call you to come help but these nice people just picked us up and if feels like we are on a tv show but he swore that it is not for a show. He drives a creepy van and everything.”

“Umm.. Ryan? I think you are getting kidnapped.”

“No we are not getting kid napped… are we?”


“Hey uh Colby, we are getting kidnapped. Help us!”
“What are yall riding in?”
“A white 98 chevy van. We are on our way back into town.”

“Okay, bet.”
Colby hung up on him. The other men then took his phone and threw it out of the window. “Well that’s great”, Drake said.

About a century later, the van stopped. Abruptly. Fast. Next thing Ryan knew, he was floating. Just kidding, he was flying through the air like a bullet. Colby had came out of nowhere and crashed into the van. Along with him, there were four cop cars. “You are under arrest for attempting kidnapping.”

The man spoke again, “NO, we weren’t trying to kidnap them! It was for a reality tv show. Do you not recognize me?”

“Oh my god”, whispered Ryan, “It’s John Cena.”


The End.


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