Common, Infuriating Misconception about 'Stranger Things'

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Just a rebuttal against all of the most common things I consider mistakes which other less-observant people tend to make.

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Ok. Common misconceptions about Stranger Things which Infuriate me. The Demogorgon was not slain, you asses!!! The Demogorgon was described in the D and D session as having defeated the party. In the end of Season 1, we mention the ThessleHydra being defeated. Obviously, the Demogorgon is still out there. Therefore, the demogorgon slaying Will’s character suggests that the first appearance of the monster might be the Demogorgon; but the monster which 11 slew was certainly not. I also didn’t see the similarity between the Monster and the D and D Demogorgon description. The Monster didn’t have two heads, tentacles, or conflicting personalities (which we know of). And even the title ‘Demon Lord’ hardly seemed to fit the monster. But now here to support my opinion comes Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer. I remember seeing the new monster for the first time and thinking the following things:

1: That’s a demon lord if I ever saw one

2: Giant legged, three-toed monsters, rotting fields, and giant toxic clouds. Huh. Oh, and weird vine-like plants… looks like War of the Worlds to me.

(Totally an homage to HG Wells, at this point). At this point, I was convinced that the Demogorgon was the weird monster in the sky. These are the reasons why I thought and still think it. 1: Weird tentacle-like Appendages. 2: Fits the whole ‘demon lord’ description.

Now as for the description of the Demogorgon, it is described as having a bearish (?) torso, tentacled arms which fork into two tendrils at the halfway mark, (like how the Monster from S2’s legs fork into three appendages,)  and two heads which supposedly have their own personalities. As for the tendrils, these fit the monster’s appearance, and, well, the vines we see in S1 and what I’ve hence seen in S2. Now for the tiny bit of information which absolutely proves my point and proved it to myself: The demogorgon’s two baboon-like heads both have their own personalities. On top of this, they are said to secretly plot to kill the other head, but know that they Cannot do This because they Share The Same Body. Wow. Huh. I see. Since in the latest episode of S2 I’ve seen ends with Will screaming on the hill after the Hawkins scientists begin to burn the tunnels to get rid of the tentacles, and since (spoilers) we know that the monster has become part of Will, that they are in a similar relationship of Will and the Monster sharing a body; yet neither can kill the other because they are linked. This proves it to me, and should prove it to you. Now I know this isn’t a very good bit of writing, and that I formatted it badly, but the intent wasn’t the writing quality but the concept; since I don’t have any other way of sharing my thoughts.

If you’re reading this Felix, feel glad in knowing that you’re the reason why I deleted all of my short stories. You a$$hole.


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