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Chapter 10 (v.1) - There's A First Time For Everything

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It was dark, silent and cold. The bitter air started clawing, the wind howling, the darkness swallowing everything around it.

Suddenly, Tsunami gasped for air, opening his eyes as he gripped the ground below him. He frantically looked around, his vision still blurred, his heart racing. The pain in his neck was gone, but the disgusting metallic taste of the Vampires blood still lingered in his mouth.

‘’And so, he returns to the land of the living… ‘’ came a sly, quiet voice.

Tsunami turned his head frantically, looking behind him. There, leaning back against the wall, a rather disgusted look on his face, was Elijah. He was glaring down at him, blood splattered across his pale face.

‘’W… What happened?’’ Tsunami asked as he stared back up at the ceiling.

‘’You died’’

He frowned, trying to remember what had happened. All he could recollect was the Vampire biting him and forcing him to drink his blood… Wait… Had he transformed into a Vampire?!

Panicking, he rolled onto his stomach and desperately stared over at Elijah, ‘’am I- ‘’

Elijah abruptly placed his index finger over his mouth and slowly shook his head.

Tsunami fell silent, unsure why he was telling him to be quiet. But he didn’t want to ask; he had seen enough crazy shit for one day.

Then, lowering his hand, Elijah sighed quietly, ‘’did I or did I not tell you to keep out of trouble?’’ he questioned, glaring at him.

He remained quiet, staring over at him.

‘’This is the second time I have had your foul, revolting blood sprayed on my face. I do not make a habit of- ‘’

‘’Am I dead?’’ he interrupted.

Angered, Elijah sighed again, ‘’no, you are not, baka. I reached you just in time – How lucky for you. If I had decided to leave you – and you should know by now that I did think about doing so – then you would be in the same situation as your perverted brother’’

Shocked and relieved, he looked back over at Elijah, ‘’you… I… What did you do? I thought I died’’

He smirked, ‘’you did. I killed you’’

Tsunami frowned angrily and went to respond-

‘’I managed to remove your heart before the Vampires blood and venom reached it’’ he explained quietly, looking over at the door and then back down at him, ‘’tell me: how did a Vampire manage to best you?’’

Surprised by Elijah’s explanation, he fell silent, thinking for a moment. Had he saved his life? Of all people, why did it have to be him? There was a high probability that he was going to use this to gloat or ridicule him at a later date. Now, he felt even more stupid-

’Ne!’’ Elijah growled quietly, ‘’I asked you a question!’’

Startled, he shook his head and stared over at him, ‘’it… He was… Different from any other Vampire I have seen… He spoke oddly too’’

Elijah frowned and started walking over to him, ‘’he was stronger than you?’’

Watching him crouch down beside him, he nodded, ‘’I couldn’t even get a single hit on him’’

Grabbing his arms, Elijah frowned strangely, starting to help him to his feet. As the two of them stood up, they both looked around.

‘’What is this shit you have all over you?!’’ Elijah exclaimed, holding his blood covered hands out in front of him, the yellow and green slime dripping from them.

Tsunami looked at his disgusted face and shrugged, ‘’there was some… Thing in that box over there’’ he said as he pointed to the destroyed coffin, ‘’I think that’s what made the Vampire come – He said something about it being his pet – or experiment’’


He nodded, ‘’yeah, he said I let it escape, so he was going to replace it with me’’

‘’Any Vampire should know that they cannot turn a Demon’’

‘’Yeah, well maybe this one knew about Ares’ curse’’

‘’Perhaps’’ Elijah said as he looked around again.

They fell silent for a few moments, but then Elijah held his hands towards Tsunami, ‘’do something about this before I resort to using violence to distract myself from this… Filth’’

‘’What do you want me to do?’’ he growled.

‘’Think!’’ he hissed.

Irritated, Tsunami started looking around and as he set his eyes upon a huge barrel at the end of the room, he sighed. He started walking over to it, peering into it to make sure it was empty. Then, he held out his index finger and touched the side of it. Almost instantly, it started filling with water from the point he was touching until it was filled to the top.

He then looked over at Elijah, ‘’there’’

Still clearly irritated, he stormed over, glaring into the now water-filled barrel. He then glared at Tsunami, a look of distrust in his light-green eyes.

Tsunami frowned angrily, dunking his hand into the water to show him it wasn’t toxic or acidic.

Then, Elijah shoved him away, pulling his jacket off and threw it on the table beside the barrel. Then, he slowly placed his own hands into the water, watching as the blood and strange goo started washing off.

‘’What did this… ‘Thing’ look like?’’ he asked, starting to rub his hands together, washing them.

‘’It looked… Dead’’

‘’Dead?’’ he frowned, scooping up some of the water into his now clean hands and splashing it onto his face.

He nodded, ‘’it’s body was… Mangled, awfully mangled. I could see bone under its green skin… It groaned like something in serious pain – I even pulled the damn things head off and it was still… Moving’’

Rubbing his hand over his face, Elijah sighed quietly, ‘’did it get away?’’

‘’I couldn’t exactly chase after it with a freaky Vampire trying to- ‘’

The two of them were suddenly silenced by a strange gargling sound coming from the door.

‘’It left its head’’ Tsunami said plainly.

Elijah shook his head slowly, but then pulled his hands from the water, holding them out in front of him again. He stared at the summoning rune of his wrist for a brief moment, but then glared back at Tsunami who was already staring at him.

Tsunami frowned, ‘’what?’’ he asked, looking at Elijah’s soaked hands, ‘’I can’t do nothing about that’’

‘’I do not expect you too’’ he grumbled, fire suddenly consuming his hands, evaporating the water from his skin, ‘’I do, however, expect you to keep yourself from dying again. Next time, I will not be there to save you’’

‘Why did you save me?’’ he asked abruptly, glaring at him.

But Elijah didn’t answer. He frowned angrily and chucked the jacket at him, starting to walk over to the door.


Tsunami watched him open the door and leave without another word. He frowned, but didn’t feel the need to chase after him. Had he really died? And had Elijah really been the one that had saved him? He was the last person he would have expected to come to his rescue… But here he was… Alive.

Slowly, he raised his hand and dragged it over his chest, a strange ache lingering there. He looked down, realizing that he was covered in blood, his torn shirt still drenched in the strange goo. Then, he raised his other hand, Elijah’s jacket gripped in his hand. He smirked. As much of an asshole as that man was, he still cared. He had a laughable way of showing it, but it was now clear to Tsunami that Elijah wasn’t as heartless and selfish as he had first thought.

A sudden sense of guilt building up within him, he rushed over to the door and leaped out into the hallway, staring over at Elijah as he strolled down the corridor.

‘’Elijah!’’ he called.

But he kept walking.

He frowned, ‘’thank you,’’ he called, ‘’for saving my life’’

Approaching the trap door, Elijah moved his arm out and held up his thumb. Then, he lifted the door open with his foot, jumping down and closing it behind him.

Watching him disappear, Tsunami smirked – was he starting to like him? He could tell that he was starting to look past his rude, intolerable attitude – saving his life seemed to have changed his opinion.

But then, he remembered – He had died. Elijah had killed him. He felt strange… He had just died for the first time. Ares’ curse had revived him as it should, but he had felt a bitter cold loneliness, an overpowering dark consuming him… He had felt every tiny inch of his body healing, every drop of blood turning to dust and seeping back into his veins… It felt like thousands of tiny knives jabbing at him. Is that what Alpha went through every time he revived?

He shivered. That was something he didn’t want to experience again. A bewilderment taking over, he straightened his torn shirt, clipping the few remaining buttons together. He walked back into the room, slipping into the jacket Elijah had given him. He wasn’t sure what to do now, but he knew for sure that he couldn’t go back to the party with all this blood on his face.

Buttoning the jacket, he walked over to the water-filled barrel and started cleaning his own face and hands. The monsters head continued gurgling from where ever the Vampire had kicked it, but Tsunami ignored it. He should probably take Elijah’s advice and head back to the party; if he came across that Vampire again, he definitely be screwed. It was extremely remarkable that Elijah had saved him once, but a second time? That would be like expecting the sun to rise at midnight. It would never happen.

Shaking his hands dry, he started heading towards the door. All he wanted to do was return to the party and forget what had just happened.


Meanwhile, Elijah was walking through the dungeon, a perturbed look on his face. As much as he hated to admit it to himself, for a moment, he was afraid that Tsunami was going to die. The last thing he needed was two Demon-Vampire hybrids wandering around. It was bad enough with just Alpha, but if Tsunami was to become one too, everything would quickly turn disastrous. But that wasn’t the only reason for his concern. He did somewhat care. Not very much, but enough to save his life.

But as he turned the corner leading to the stairs, he stumbled and came to a halt-

‘’There you are!’’ Thea snapped, storming over to him.

He stood there as she rushed over, a furious look on her face and as she reached him, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, growling.

‘’What do you want?’’ he growled, trying to keep himself from smacking her hand off him.

She pulled him forward and glared into his eyes, ‘’why is Alpha telling us you defiled my sister?!’’ she growled angrily.

Elijah frowned strangely, ‘’defiled?’’

But Thea ignored his confusion, ‘’I knew you only wanted her for one thing! I tried telling her, I tried to get her to see you for the repulsive cretin that you are but you’re using some kind of Demon magic to trick her, ain’t ya?!’’ she spat.

He scowled angrily and abruptly pulled away from her, tidying his shirt, ‘’I have no idea what you are talking about’’ he said simply.

She stumbled back, startled by his sudden movement, but she quickly straightened up and stood in front of him, keeping him from walking up the stairs, ‘’don’t play that card with me!’’ she snapped, ‘’I know exactly what you- ‘’

‘’You know nothing’’ he hissed, glaring at her.

‘’I know enough to see what a monster you are!’’

Bothered by what she had just accused, he backed away slightly.

Thea pointed harshly at him, ‘’you’re a monster! You killed all of your people just to save yourself – If you really cared about Kathrina, you would have tried to save her – ‘’

‘’I did save her!’’

‘’No, you didn’t! You brought down a whole lot of misery on her! Not only did she lose four years of her life, when she finally regains her memory, she finds out that all of her people are dead including her parents! You could have helped us! You could have saved us! BUT YOU DIDN’T! YOU SAVED YOURSELF!!!’’ she cried, tears starting to roll down her face.

He fell silent, both anger and guilt starting to fire up within him.

Thea wiped her face and pointed at him again, ‘’you… You’re selfish! You care only about yourself! The only reason you kept her alive is because you know you can’t live without her! You’re using her as some kind of salvation – But you don’t deserve it! You don’t deserve her!’’

Elijah glared at her, breathing unsteadily as he tried containing his anger.

She sniffled and wiped her face again, ‘’I hate you!’’ she cried, ‘’none of this would be happening if you had just died when Regis did!’’

Her words cut deep, causing his anger to fade into sadness. He lowered his head, staring down at the floor, unable to respond. She really did despise him. A few moments ago, he had wanted to express how he had actually saved Kathrina and countless others, but now, it just didn’t seem to be worth it. There was no way he’d ever change Thea’s mind. She hated him and that was that.

He suddenly raised his hand and pushed her aside, glaring at her.

Thea gasped slightly, noticing a stray tear in his left eye as he walked past her, a heartbreaking look on his face. She couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty. She watched as he stormed up the stairs and disappeared, the door slamming shut above.

She slowly sat down on the bottom step, tears still rolling down her face.


Back in the ballroom, Elijah slammed the door behind him and started storming back towards the table where everyone was sitting, but half way there, he stopped beside a crowd of people. He was furious at Alpha for setting Thea on him like that, but he didn’t feel like confronting him. If he did, he’d probably end up starting a huge fight, grabbing the attention of every Vampire in the room and putting everyone else at risk. If they were revealed as Demons, everything would soon explode into a disaster.

Vampires and Demons really hated one another; Vampires enjoyed rubbing their inability to die in Demons faces whereas Demons enjoyed showing off just how much stronger they were. But after finding Tsunami, it started to look like the tables were slowly turning. He didn’t want to take the risk of there being more of those stronger Vampires in the room.

He took a deep breath and calmed down, pushing his way through the crowd and headed over to the table. As he reached it, everyone looked up at him, some of them laughing from the conversation they were just having. He frowned at them, noticing instantly that Kathrina wasn’t with them.

‘’Where is Kathrina?’’ he asked, taking his mask and putting it in his trouser pocket.

Octavia looked up at him, ‘’she went to look for Harley, he left not too long ago’’ she explained, but then frowned, ‘’where’s Tsunami?’’

Elijah looked down at her, ‘’he should be on his way back here- ‘’

‘’Did you start shit with my brother?’’ Alpha called, a challenging look on his face.

Scowling harshly at him, he stormed past the table, ‘’ask him yourself’’ he growled, starting to walk towards the door.

As he left, Tsunami suddenly appeared out of the crowd, slowly walking over to them.

Reaching the table, he slumped down in a chair and sighed loudly.

Alpha frowned strangely, ‘’why in the hell are you wearing scar-face’s jacket?’’

‘’Huh?’’ he asked, looking over at him.

He raised one of his eyebrows, ‘’don’t tell me… You two are bi-curious- ‘’

‘’Are you fucking stupid?!’’ Tsunami suddenly spat, ‘’you’re disgusting!’’

His brother laughed, ‘’hey, I’m just laying out the possibilities’’

‘’Well get that perverted shit out of your head right now! If you really must know, he saved my life’’

Everyone suddenly fell silent, staring at him in disbelief.

Octavia threw her arms around him, ‘’what happened? Are you alright?!’’

He smiled, ‘’I’m fine. My coat was somewhat destroyed in the rush to save me, so I guess he gave me his as some kind of… Sentiment’’

‘’Elijah? Sentient?’’ Alpha scoffed, ‘’he’s probably laced it with some kind of poison that’ll slowly kill you’’

‘’Oh, shut up!’’ Tsunami snapped, ‘’anyway, why is Thea crying on the stairs?’’

They all looked at him with confusion.

Joe then frowned at Alpha, ‘’you’re an asshole’’

He shrugged, ‘’hey, I got a reputation to keep up’’

‘’What are we supposed to do now, anyway?’’ Logan asked, ‘’Elijah’s gone, Kathrina’s gone and so is Harley; what do the rest of us do?’’

Tsunami looked around at everyone, ‘’have we any idea who Alucard is yet?’’

They all shook their heads.

He sighed and sat back, ‘’well, let’s just stay here a little longer and see if anything happens. It’s rather odd for a party’s host to not show himself’’

Everyone agreed, going back to what they were talking about before they were interrupted by Elijah and Tsunami’s arrival.


Approaching the exit to the room, Elijah stopped, staring ahead. Just outside the door beside one of the pumpkin displays, there was a small group of rather desperate-looking Vampires. They were crowded around something… Or someone. But then, he noticed that that someone was none other than Kathrina, a perplexed look on her face.

Clenching his fists angrily, he stormed forward.


Kathrina backed away, her back against the tombstone that sat in front of the pumpkins, ‘’look, I’m not interested – Please, just leave me alone before you get hurt’’ she pleaded, looking up at them all.

One of the Vampires laughed, ‘’is she threatening us?’’

She shook her head, ‘’no, no! I don’t want you to get hurt, but if you don’t leave me now, something- ‘’

Another placed his hand on her shoulder and grinned, ‘’come on, pretty little girl, you’re here all alone, why not come with us? You do know half the reason this party is here is for us to find ourselves little snacks like yourself’’

Smacking his hand off, she frowned in disgust, ‘’I’m not a little girl!’’ she snapped, glaring at him.

The Vampires laughed at her stroppy face as she glared at each of them.

Another grabbed her wrist, ‘’this is OUR city, so you’d better do as we say or you’ll be the one who ends up getting hurt’’ he grinned, baring his two fangs.

But, Suddenly, their laughter faded as Elijah’s claw-bared hand slammed down onto the center Vampire’s shoulder, making him flinch and look back at him in shock.

‘’You get one chance – Leave or I will rip all of you into pieces and feed you to each other’’ he growled, glaring at them.

‘’Who the fuck are you?’’ one of the Vampires hissed, glaring back at him.

Kathrina’s eyes lit up; she had been hoping he’d come before she had to make a mess of the Vampires herself. But then again, she had also been hoping he wouldn’t. Nothing was more dangerous and relentless than Elijah when it came to protecting Kathrina. If she told him the kind of things they had been saying, he’d tear them apart and wait for them to regenerate only to rip them into shreds again. She didn’t want to be a witness to that kind of scene.

The Vampires turned their attention to Elijah who still had his hand on the center Vampire’s shoulder.

Elijah bared his four fangs, growling quietly as they all confronted him.

However, the center Vampire looked cautious, ‘’come on, let’s go’’ he said, looking at them all.

They all looked at him and frowned.

‘’What? You’re just gonna let him talk to you like that?!’’ one of them exclaimed.

He shoved Elijah’s hand off, ‘’I said, let’s go!’’ he growled, turning around and starting to walk away.

Kathrina watched as the group reluctantly left, glancing angrily back at Elijah.

‘’Are you alright?’’ Elijah asked, placing his hand on her shoulder.

She nodded, ‘’yeah, I’m fine, they were just… ‘’

‘’Just… What?’’

She shrugged, ‘’I guess they were trying to flirt with me’’

A furious look appeared on his face as he sharply turned his head and glared over in the direction that the Vampires had left in.

‘’Hey, its fine’’ she smiled, pulling his hand off her shoulder, ‘’they’re just Vampires’’

‘’I should kill them for even thinking- ‘’

‘’No, let’s not kill anybody, please’’ she said quietly, shaking her head.

He sighed and looked back down at her, ‘’do you want to go back inside?’’

‘’No’’ she answered, looking up at him, ‘’I want to leave – I don’t like it here. There’s too many Vampires’’


Smiling, he grabbed her hand and started walking down the path. Neither of them said anything to each other as they came to the gate which had been left open, the Vampire guards nowhere to be seen. It was even later, the moon high in the sky as a bitter cold floated on the light breeze. The violin music from within the building echoed outside, becoming something eerie as it collided with the sound of the howling wind.

As they left the gate, Kathrina looked up at Elijah, ‘’what happened to your cute suit?’’ she teased.

He looked down at her and smirked, ‘’I lent it to Tsunami – His is in pieces somewhere in the castle’’

She frowned, ‘’what?’’

‘’It is a long story’’ he smiled, looking ahead as they started walking down a deserted street, ‘’I will tell you when we get back to the ship’’

They continued walking down the street, the music becoming fainter as they got further away from the party. The rushing waves from the docks could now be heard, a few seagulls cawing occasionally. The air was even colder here, the sea carrying a freezing wind on it. There were still no people around and it was a little too hard to believe that everyone was attending the party…

Elijah frowned as a strange, ominous feeling suddenly came over him. He gripped Kathrina’s hand tighter as they came closer to the docks. It felt as though something was watching, waiting… But he couldn’t sense anything. Without his Jikato, he felt completely vulnerable.

Kathrina looked up at him, noticing the worried look on his face. She didn’t know why he seemed so tense, but feeling him gripping her hand tighter made her believe he might have sensed something.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ she asked, staring at him.

Slowly, he looked down at her and stopped walking, ‘’I think something is- ‘’

Suddenly, before either of them could react, what seemed to be a Vampire came out of nowhere, grabbing Elijah’s shoulder and pulled him back, sinking his fangs into his neck as he yelled out in both pain and anger. The Vampire abruptly pulled its fangs from him and kicked his back, sending him flying across the path and smashed into a wall.

‘’Elijah!’’ Kathrina yelled, but another Vampire swooped down from the building beside her and grabbed her.

Elijah groaned and tried to stand up, blood dripping from the wound on his neck.

Before leaving, the Vampire glared down at Elijah and spat blood onto the ground beside him, ‘’how foul’’


Kathrina struggled, the Vampire gripping onto her tightly as he carried her away in his arms. She looked back to see if Elijah was chasing them, but all she could see was the Vampire who had attacked him, blood on his face. It looked like she was going to have to be the first person to kill someone today –

She growled angrily, focusing her magic into her back –

‘’Oh no you don’t!’’ the Vampire laughed, crashing his hand across her face.

Everything suddenly started spinning, a dizziness consuming her. She felt as though she was about to pass out, a ringing sound echoing through her head. She wanted to fight, but she felt so tired… What had he just done to her? Everything was blackening, her eyes slowly closing. She had no idea what had happened or who it was that was carrying her. Her magic wouldn’t respond and felt as if it was all over the place, unable to focus. All she could do was hope that Elijah was okay and would come to her help… Again.

But as the Vampires continued racing over the rooftops, there were no signs of Elijah.

‘’W… Where are you taking me?’’ she asked, dazed.

They didn’t answer, they just laughed.

As the tiredness became overwhelming, she slowly allowed her eyes to close, falling into a cold, empty darkness…





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