Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Indomitable Devotion

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Elijah gripped the bleeding wound on his neck as he tried to stand up, leaning against the wall beside him to keep himself from falling. Blood seeped through his fingers as he managed to climb to his feet, but as he looked around, everything was blurred and slowly fading to black. He was seeing double – triple – quadruple of everything, the Vampire’s venom quickly spreading. But he didn’t have time to negate it, he didn’t have time to think about himself.

Grunting painfully, he lowered his hand from the wound and started stumbling over to one of the buildings, an overwhelming dizziness slowly consuming him. He knew that he had about four minutes before the venom spread enough to start making him hallucinate and that was something that would not only be dangerous for himself, but for anyone around him. So, he had to act fast. Kathrina had been taken and with no signs of black flames exploding through the air, it had to mean her capturers had managed to subdue her. She needed his help.

Reaching one of the smaller buildings, he gripped the roof with his hands and quickly leaped up onto it, rushing over to the taller house beside it, climbing that one and then another until he had reached the rooftops towering over the city. Then, he sharply turned his head and glared ahead – They had gone that way.

Wasting no time at all, he sped into action – Holding his arms behind his back, he raced across the rooftops, following the Vampires trail. There was no use following the Vampire’s scent as this city was full of them and he could end up following someone completely different, especially in his current disorientated state. So, he was following Kathrina’s; thanks to the mark he had put on her so many years ago, tracking her was easy.

He continued rushing across the rooftops, his vision becoming worse, the venom still spreading. But then, he fixed his eyes upon something ahead – There, running not too far ahead was one of the Vampires he had seen take Kathrina, however, he wasn’t carrying her. His eyesight was too blurred to make out if any of the shady people running further ahead were carrying her, but he would increase his chances of rescuing her quickly enough if he was to thin the numbers of her capturers.

Then, glaring furiously, he concentrated on the rogue Vampire, chasing after him.

The Vampire suddenly looked back, a startled look on his pale face –


Blood sprayed everywhere as Elijah’s claws collided with the Vampires face. He stumbled forward and crashed onto his back, the rooftiles below him cracking loudly as Elijah leaped onto him like a rabid wolf, ripping and tearing at the Vampires body with his claws, a frightening, monstrous look on his face. The Vampire choked, spat and then –


Growling angrily, Elijah forced his hand into the Vampire chest and ripped his heart out before he could even try to fight back. The Vampire abruptly turned to ash as Elijah stood back up and continued racing forward.


Three minutes.

Elijah breathed frantically as he rushed ahead, fixing his eyes upon what appeared to be three people ahead, one of them with his arms held in front of him, a white blur shimmering brightly – That was them!

A predatory look in his eyes, he fixed his eyes upon the one running to the right – if he could take out him and the one on the left, only the one carrying Kathrina would remain. He scowled and leaned forward, his arms behind his back, gaining speed, catching up to them quickly.

The Vampire on the right glanced back over his shoulder and mumbled something to the others – Then, he broke off from them, slowing down, glaring back at Elijah –

Setting his predacious eyes on the Vampire, Elijah snarled quietly, starting to race over to him as he moved further away from the others. With his vision still blurred, it was hard to tell which of the eight incoming blurs was the Vampire, but he didn’t have the time nor patience to decide – Growling angrily, he swung his raptorial hands forward, swiping at one of the blurs, but nothing happened!

Suddenly, the Vampire crashed into Elijah, sending him flying back and crashing down onto his back, the rooftiles shattering below him. But he quickly climbed to his feet and grabbed the Vampire’s wrist before he could grab him-

‘’You Demon scum!’’ he hissed as Elijah pulled him into a headlock, ‘’you’re only making this worse! Alucard always gets what he – ‘’


The Vampire’s body dropped as Elijah let go and as it started turning to ash, he turned around and raced off, chasing the two who had separated.


Two minutes.

With time running out faster than he had anticipated, Elijah started to panic. That last Vampire had mention Alucard, but he had killed him too hastily – no, he hadn’t. That Vampire was just an obstacle between himself and Kathrina. Alucard didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was rescuing her. He leaned forward even more, gaining more speed, his eyes glaring at the huge blur of people ahead. There were only supposed to be two, but his eyes were seeing dozens.

Irritated, he closed his eyes for a brief moment -

Suddenly, he slipped, the tiles below him cracking -

He gasped, opening his eyes to see the ground below moving closer –

But then, someone grabbed his hand –


He stared down at the ground, but then looked up to see Harley leaning over the roof, grasping his hand, a rather panicked look on his face. Elijah frowned and looked back down at the ground again as he dangled there, still unsure of what had happened – Had he lost his footing?

Harley grunted angrily as he tried pulling him up, ‘’what are you doing?!’’ he growled, struggling, ‘’get the hell up here!’’

Still slightly dazed, Elijah scowled at him, but grabbed hold of his other hand as he offered it down to him, placing his feet against the window below, quickly climbing back up onto the roof. He climbed to his feet as Harley let go of him, looking around – The Vampires were still in sight. He squinted, trying to make out if there were still two of them-

‘’Take the one who has Kathrina, I’ll deal with the extra’’ Harley suddenly instructed, grasping the black bow he had been given by Elijah not too long ago.

Elijah nodded and the two of them burst into action, racing beside one another, gaining on the Vampires ahead. They ran quickly, their arms behind their backs, their eyes focused on their targets. Elijah was considerably faster than Harley; his being a Demon not only made him much stronger than the others, but it made him faster too.


One minute.

Leaving Harley behind, Elijah came closer to the Vampires, almost close enough to reach out and grab them. He could see Kathrina clearly; she was unconscious, a small cut along her forehead – Those bastards! Angered, he held out his right hand, his claws ready to kill -

Suddenly, just as he was about to reach out and grab the Vampire carrying Kathrina, they dropped, leaping down from the rooftops.

He stumbled, skidding along the roof and came to a halt at its edge – He stared below as the Vampires rushed towards a large crowd of what looked like other Vampires, all of them huddled around a large stone statue of an armored knight sitting on a horse.

The venom now overpowering him, he dropped to his knees, unsure of what to do. There were far too many Vampires for him to defeat, even with Harley who was nowhere to be seen. But they had Kathrina, they had her! There was no way he was going to let them get away with her, he wasn’t going to lose her now –

Struggling, he climbed to his feet, the dizziness consuming him. But he fought it, leaping down from the roof, blood still trickling from the wound on his neck. He had to be extremely careful – the only thing he had to kill these bastards were his claws – his fangs and venom were useless. If he were to get even a single drop of Vampire blood in his mouth, it would react with the venom already in his body and start to turn him, resulting in his death. Demons, after all, cannot become Vampires.

Landing on the ground, the crowd of Vampires instantly turned their head and hissed at him, baring their fangs, their red eyes glowing brightly.


His time was up.

The world around him started spinning insanely, the darkness starting to glow a crimson red, the moon morphing into a blazing explosion of fire. The Vampire’s hisses and laughs transformed into the eerie screams and cries of the people he had once known.

As he stared at their pale faces, they suddenly became familiar… Makiere appeared before him, his white hair stained with blood.

‘’You did this’’ he cried, his voice eerie and disorientated.

Then, Gorvenal, his father, approached from the left, blood pouring from his chest, ‘’why did you kill us, Elijah?’’

A sudden panic falling over him, Elijah closed his eyes, but their eerie screams only grew louder, the sound of roaring flames and crying children raced around in his head. It was like a nightmare, like the things he saw whenever he slept… He was seeing it all again – his worst, deepest fear was combing with that of his regret, overpowering him – He couldn’t take it!


As a petrified yell filled the air, Kathrina slowly opened her eyes. She had no idea where she was, but hearing Elijah’s surprisingly horrified yell had startled her. Looking around she realized she had been placed down below what looked like a statue, a huge crowd of people surrounding it. The dizziness was still overpowering her, but she had to try and remain conscious.

Making sure not to alert the people around her that she was awake, she slowly moved her hands, relieved to find that they hadn’t bound her. She closed her eyes for a moment – her magic was no longer disrupted and there was no sign of the Vampires who had caught her. But then, it hit her – were all of these people Vampires too? And if they were, why did they want her?

She frowned and slowly turned her head to the right-

‘’Ah, I see you have avoken’’

She gasped as a black-haired Vampire suddenly crouched down beside her, glaring at her with his bright red eyes, a devilish grin on his face.

‘’Don’t try anything stupid, or your friend vill be killed’’ he said, pointing to her left.

Kathrina scowled at him, but then turned her head in the direction he was pointing – Elijah was surrounded by several Vampires, all of them hissing down at him. He was still, mumbling, shaking his head every now and then. What was wrong with him?

She looked back up at the Vampire, ‘’let him go!’’ she growled.

The Vampire laughed, ‘’oh, no’’ he smiled, ‘’I vill not let either of you go. I vas specifically asked to vring ze two of you’’

‘’Who are you?!’’ she growled.

He grinned and stood up, ‘’vell, I vas told to kill ze Demon, vut I’d like to keep him for my own purposes’’

Disgusted and confused, she looked back over at Elijah and frowned. Were these people part of the Red Rakshasa? The people who had sent assassins after her? Could they have resorted to sending Vampires this time? She didn’t know, but there wasn’t really any time to find out. Whatever was happening to Elijah, it didn’t look good. She had to act fast – But what could she do with so many Vampires around?

However, as she stared over at the rooftop above Elijah, she calmed down. She was ready –


The Vampire beside her suddenly yelled painfully, falling back.

Wasting no time, a cloud of black smoke started surrounding her –


A loud, ominous roar filled the air as Harley readied another arrow, aiming for the Vampires surrounding Elijah below. He breathed deeply and pulled the string back. Letting go, the arrow sped through the air and struck one of the Vampires, abruptly turning to dust. He smirked and readied another arrow, but then glanced over at the smoke as a small black dragon suddenly emerged, its eyes glowing a dark green.

‘’Okay, dragons’’ he mumbled, slightly surprised even though he had seen Kathrina shift before.

He then concentrated back on the Vampires who were now scurrying towards Kathrina. He squinted and let another arrow loose, frowning as it hit another Vampire.

As it turned to ash, he watched as the dragon’s eyes suddenly changed, glowing a dark orange and black color. Its feathered body suddenly burst into black flames, floating off its feathers as it started swiping its front paws through the air. It seemed that Kathrina was fine, so now all he had to do was keep helping her deal with the crowd.

He stood up and started racing across the rooftop, moving to a better vantage point. Swiftly, he crouched down and skidded across the rooftiles, readying another arrow and abruptly letting it go, watching as it flew through the air and struck a Vampire that was attempting to escape down an alley. He glanced over at Elijah, making sure there were no longer any Vampires around him.


Below, Kathrina swung her tail around, knocking several Vampires back and as one of Harley’s arrows turned another to ash, she widened her jaws and growled angrily – A huge stream of black fire sprayed from her jaws, smothering the Vampires as they screamed and yelled.

Snapping her jaws shut, she opened her wings and leaped into the air, dodging a Vampire who had rushed at her. As he stumbled, she rolled around in the air and spat fire at him, turning around and heading towards a fleeing crowd as those below her screamed, the black flames consuming them.

But as she flew towards them, she could feel her magic wearing down. Having her Tekashime-Jikato active while she was in her dragon form sucked away her magic like a Vampire sucked blood. But without such a combination, she and Harley wouldn’t be able to fight these Vampires alone. She snarled angrily, reaching the crowd and as she did, she held out her wings and widened her jaws, black flames raining down onto the Vampires.

Abruptly, she looked back at Harley, realizing he had stopped firing. He was running along the rooftop, a Vampire chasing him, gaining on him. She could see he was heading towards a dropped arrow, its silver head his only hope of defeating his pursuer. But, she then looked over at another crowd of fleeing Vampires – If they got away, they’d inform whoever had sent them that they were as strong as they were and more would probably end up coming. But if she went after them, Harley wouldn’t make it…

There was no time and no choice. The black flames vanished from her feathered body, her Jikato fading as her eyes turned back to their normal glowing green. Flapping her wings furiously, she sped over in Harleys direction, her claws ready to grab the Vampire chasing him…


Harley raced forward, his eyes fixed on the arrow that was laying just ahead. The Vampire chasing him was quickly gaining on him and he didn’t know if he was going to make it, but he had to try – if he stopped now just because he knew his chances were slim, what kind of Master would he be? In a situation like this, giving up was unacceptable! Fair enough, it was all down to chance, but trying was better than just giving up!

Just inches from it, he felt as though he was going to make it, he could almost reach it –


The Vampire hissed loudly –

Harley’s foot suddenly became trapped between two rooftiles, causing him to trip and fall – Startled, he rolled over onto his back and stared in horror as the Vampire rushed at him – He could see Kathrina racing towards them in the corner of his eye, but there was no way she would reach him in time! The Vampire leaped forward, its fangs bared –

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Elijah threw himself in front of Harley, crashing into the Vampire and the two of them tumbled to the side, rolling along the roof, the tiles spraying up into the air as they came to an abrupt halt.

‘’Elijah?!’’ Harley exclaimed, staring over at him as he tore the Vampire’s head from its body, growling furiously.

Kathrina quickly landed beside Harley and the two of them rushed over to Elijah as he collapsed, breathing frantically. Harley skidded along the roof and crouched down beside him as Kathrina lifted her head and glared back at the now empty clearing where the Vampires had been. Now, there were just piles of ash and patches of black flames still burning.

She snarled angrily; some of them had gotten away. Then, she looked down at Elijah who was grunting painfully, gripping a wound on his neck.

Harley stared at him in panic, ‘’what do we do?!’’ he asked, frantically looking up at Kathrina.

But she couldn’t answer. Not because she didn’t know, but because Teshika in their dragon forms were unable to communicate with anything other than another shifted Teshika. She growled quietly and shook her head. She could shift back and tell him, but that would be the most embarrassing thing ever. She had been wearing that dress and not her Teshika outfit, which meant if she shifted back, she’d end up being naked. That was something she was not going to do and Elijah would most likely tear out Harley’s eyes if he even glanced at her.

Suddenly, Elijah grabbed Harley’s collar, ‘’watashi o nokkuauto suru!’’ he pleaded, grunting painfully.

He stared back in confusion, ‘’what?’’

Elijah growled angrily, ‘’knock me the fuck out!’’

He frowned, but held up his fist and abruptly smashed it into Elijah’s face. He watched as the side of his face hit the rooftiles – But then, he snarled and glared back up at him-

‘’I said knock me out! What the fuck kind of a hit was th- ‘’


Harley shook his fist painfully as Elijah fell silent.


Kathrina stared down at them both curiously.

Sighing, Harley prodded Elijah’s arm to make sure he was actually unconscious. Sure that he was, he then looked up at Kathrina, ‘’so, what do we do now?’’

She blinked slowly, shuffling her wings slightly.

He frowned, ‘’I guess you can’t speak when you’re like that, huh?’’

She nodded slowly.

‘’Well, turn back’’ he grumbled.

She shook her head and turned around, opening her wings.

He stared at her in confusion, but as she looked down at Elijah and then looked at her back, he understood what she was suggesting. He frowned, but proceeded to grab Elijah’s shoulders, holding his right arm over his own shoulders, walking him over to Kathrina.

As he reached her, she lowered her right wing, allowing him to lift and place Elijah on her feathered back.

‘’How ironic,’’ he smirked as he watched her fold her wings back, ‘’isn’t he usually the one carrying you around?’’

Kathrina frowned, holding her wings back to keep Elijah from falling. She then started walking towards the edge of the roof.

Picking up his bow and the arrow he had been heading for, Harley followed. His hand still hurt; he hadn’t expected Elijah to be able to take his first punch and still remain conscious, but the second had, to his relief, worked. If he had had to hit him a third time, he might have ended up hurting himself more than he already had.

As Kathrina started hopping down the rooftops, he curiously watched. There was a dragon… That was actually Kathrina… Carrying Elijah who had just begged him to knock him out… All of this didn’t make very much sense to him, but he had learnt by now that questioning it would get him nowhere. So, he followed silently, still staring curiously at the black feathered dragon.

He had never seen an actual dragon this close before; the fact that Kathrina’s people had the ability to transform into dragons at will made him slightly envious. How amazing would it be if he could so such a thing? He would have never lost a single battle back in the Japanese war… But then he frowned and thought for a moment… Elijah was a Teshika, so why couldn’t he turn into a dragon? Were there only specific people among Kathrina’s species that could do it? However, he couldn’t imagine Elijah not being able to master such a skill… Was he like Luka? Had he not inherited the ability?

Confused and curious, he looked over at Kathrina, but then remembered that she wasn’t able to talk while in her dragon form. He sighed quietly and continued following her.


Soon, they came to the docks. Kathrina led the way to the ship and as they climbed aboard, they stopped outside of the cabin.

Kathrina opened her wings, giving Harley no choice but to retrieve Elijah as he started slipping from her feathered back. She then pushed the door open with her paw and looked inside. The cat meowed in greetings as it stared at the dragon, not at all afraid.

Harley sighed, holding Elijah’s arm over his shoulders. He slowly dragged Elijah into the room and laid him down on the bed, sighing in relief. Then, he walked back outside and stared over at Kathrina who was still in her dragon form, glaring over at him.

‘’Well, what now? Are you going to turn back so we can have a conversation about what just happened or… what?’’ he asked, slightly irritated.

She raised her paw and grabbed Harley’s suit, shaking him slightly. He frowned and backed away, staring at her insistent face.

But as she went to grab him again, he smacked her paw away and sighed, ‘’alright, god, what do you want it for anyway?’’ he asked as he took his coat of and held it out towards her.

He watched as a thick cloud of black smoke started to surround the dragon and his held-out hand. He flinched slightly as he felt he coat being snatched from his hand. Then, as the smoke started clearing, he stared curiously…

Suddenly, as the smoke cleared, standing in the dragon’s place was Kathrina, a nervous look on her face-

‘’Look away!’’ she insisted.

Noticing that she had wrapped his coat around herself, he quickly turned around and stared out at the docks.

Glaring at his back, Kathrina eased her arms through the sleeves of the coat he had handed her and then gripped her chest tightly, the cold bitter air scraping at her naked skin.

‘’I’m gonna stay here’’ she said, looking up at Harley.

Slightly embarrassed, Harley slowly turned his head and glanced back at her, ‘’uh… Alright… I’ll head back to the party… You, uh… Yeah… I’ll see you later’’ he said, turning away and starting to walk away, climbing off the ship.

Watching him leave, she quickly rushed over to the door to the cabin and leaped inside, closing the door behind her.

The black cat meowed loudly and started purring as Kathrina stroked its head, walking past the table it was sitting on. She looked over at Elijah who was still unconscious, laid down on the bed. There was blood all over his hands and neck, even some on his face. Then, she looked down at the coat she had taken from Harley.

Sighing, she walked over to one of the tables and pulled the drawer open, revealing several neatly folded black kimonos. Elijah seemed to own a fair few of them and she was sure he wouldn’t mind her borrowing one. She snatched one and pulled off the coat, throwing it on the floor. As she stood there in her underwear, she looked down at the rune on her wrist. The cat strolled over and meowed again, dragging its face across her ankle, purring. She crouched down and smiled, petting its head as it purred louder, rolling over onto its back, allowing her to rub its stomach. As she did, it nibbled her hand, making her snatch it back.

She frowned at the playful cat, but then stood back up and slipped into the kimono, tying the string-like belt around her waist. The cat meowed and dragged its face on her foot.

‘’Get outta here’’ she laughed, shooing it away with her foot.

It meowed again, but slowly walked away, pouncing up onto the table and sat beside her violin, licking its paws.


Kathrina sighed, but then wandered over to another table, a large cabinet beside it. She opened one of the glass doors and stared at all of the items inside. Some of the glasses and containers were marked with the strange Arikarin writing that she didn’t understand at all, so she made sure not to touch any of them as she had no idea what they could be – coming from Elijah’s armory back in Japan, they could be anything from explosives to poisons.

She frowned and searched through the cabinet, but smiled when she set her eyes upon a small black circular box. Grabbing it, she closed the cabinet and picked up a cloth from the table as well as a small bowl of water that had been left for the cat to drink. She felt bad taking it, but there was no way she was going out in the cold to fetch some from below the deck.

Reaching the bed, she climbed onto it and sat beside Elijah, placing the water on the cupboard just beside it. Then, as she placed the small box down, she dabbed the cloth into the water. The cat leaped up onto the bed and sat beside her, watching curiously as she started dabbing the cloth over the wound on Elijah’s neck, cleaning the blood away. The wound had stopped bleeding at to her surprise, it had seemed to have already started healing.

But as she continued cleaning the blood from the side of his face, she remembered that he had once mentioned how his healing was faster than that of a Humans; being a Demon gave him quite a few perks, but like everything else, there were also downsides to it. However, she didn’t want to think about it. She dabbed the cloth back into the water and rinsed it, watched as the water turned a light red. Then, she carefully grabbed his left hand and stared cleaning it.

The cat started cleaning its paws again, stopping occasionally to stare at Kathrina as she continued cleaning the blood from Elijah’s hands.

After a short while, she was done. All of the blood had been cleaned and all she had to do now was wait for him to wake up. She leaned back and placed the bloody cloth beside the water dish, grabbing the black box. Grunting slightly, she twisted the lid off and revealed a light green colored paste, just like the stuff Luka had used on her wounds back in Japan. She dragged her fingers across it, scooping some out and proceeded to dab it onto the wound on Elijah’s neck.

As the cat meowed again, she screwed the lid back onto the box and placed it back onto the table, sighing quietly. She didn’t know how long Elijah was going to be unconscious for, but she hoped it wouldn’t be too long. Being alone like this was never good for her; even though he was there and the cat was too, she still started to feel both alone and depressed, the sad, distressing feelings taking over again. Why did this happen every time she was alone?

Saddening, she shuffled back and leaned forward, resting her head on Elijah’s chest. All she wanted to do was wait for him to wake up, so she laid there, staring at the cat as it laid down itself, closing its eyes.

Kathrina did the same, hoping that he’d wake up soon.

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