Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - A Beastly Encounter

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



As the night continued, Tsunami and the others were still at the ball. Logan had wandered off with a female Vampire who had seemed overly attracted to him causing the rest of the group to grin at him every time he glanced over at them from the table he was sitting at with her. They had never thought Logan was the kind of person who was any good at attracting the opposite sex; he was always too into lectures and stories. But this time, it seemed his story-telling skills had actually interested someone.

Thea had returned and was sitting beside Joe, a rather perplexed look on her face. She still felt bad for upsetting Elijah, but she had convinced herself it was necessary. She had sworn to herself that she wouldn’t rest until she got Kathrina to see how much of a selfish jerk he was. That man did not deserve her sister and after everything he had done, he didn’t even deserve to be alive. In her eyes, everything that had happened all those years ago with the Teshika war was his fault. He could have stopped all the destruction if he hadn’t been so afraid of fighting the Warlocks.

Alpha was surprisingly quiet, leaning back in his chair with his feet rested up on the table, a half-empty bottle of wine in his left hand. He had a dazed look on his face, starting to feel ill from all the alcohol he had consumed in an attempt to get drunk, but such a thing wasn’t possible for Vampires. Opus was sat beside him, staring up at the ceiling. The fact that there was no conversation was starting to make them all feel glum and bored.

Octavia was leaning on Tsunami’s arm, her eyes closed. She flicked her cat-like ears every so often, making Tsunami smile.

There hadn’t been any signs of Alucard yet and none of them had any idea what they were supposed to be waiting for. They had no idea what he looked like and it was starting to look like he really wasn’t at the party. The musicians just kept playing and the guests kept dancing. It was startling to see how well the Humans and Vampires were getting along. It seemed a little suspicious, actually.

Sitting there, Tsunami kept looking around. He was growing extremely impatient and after what had happened with that Vampire, he just wanted to leave and find something to distract himself. He had thought about leaving to find that strange undead creature he had accidently released from that box, but then he thought about what Elijah had said about wandering off alone. He didn’t want to risk coming across another Vampire that turned out to be stronger than him. He was lucky Elijah had come to his rescue the first time, but there was no chance he’d come a second.


He sighed impatiently and started tapping his fingers on the table.

His brother grinned and leaned forward, ‘’what’s got you so antagonized, brother?’’

Sighing, he rolled his eyes, ‘’all this waiting… This guy clearly isn’t going to show himself’’

Gulping down some of the wine from the bottle in his hand, Alpha laughed, ‘’I could have told you that hours ago’’

‘’So why are we still here?’’ he grumbled.

His brother shrugged and fell back in his seat.

‘’There is still a chance he will show, yes’’ Opus called, ‘’it is not unlike a host to show up later to surprise his guests, yes’’

They all looked at him and frowned, but stayed silent. It was starting to look like they were going to be staying until the party ended and however long that was going to be was a mystery. This party could go on until morning, right up until the sun started rising and that moment was hours away. If Alucard really was going to show himself, he’d better do it soon.

But then, Alpha leaned forward again, ‘’yo, what’s your bet that Logan actually gets laid?’’

‘’What?’’ Tsunami frowned, glaring at his brother.

Joe then leaned forward, ‘’the rest of that bottle’’ he grumbled.

Everyone stared at him; he seemed rather irritated.

Alpha grinned and just as he was about to place his own bet –

‘’Give it’’ Joe spat, holding out his hand, pointing over at Logan with his other hand.

Frowning, Alpha turned his head and stared over at the table, watching as Logan and the Vampire started leaving hand-in-hand.

He laughed and handed Joe the bottle, ‘’I guess your brother can pull after all’’

‘’Whatever’’ he mumbled, starting to gulp down what was left in the bottle.

Just then, Harley appeared behind them, staring down at them all.

‘’What the hell happened to you?’’ Alpha asked, looking up at him as he walked past.

Harley slumped down and sighed loudly, ‘’fucking Vampires’’

Alpha laughed, ‘’I guess Logan isn’t the only one taking advantage of – ‘’

‘’Not like that you imbecile!’’ he snapped, ‘’some of the fuckers tried to get away with Kathrina’’

‘’What?’’ Tsunami exclaimed.

Thea glared at him, ‘’what happened?’’

He shook his head, ‘’she’s fine. I’m surprised you didn’t hear the commotion’’

‘’Where’s scar-face?’’ Alpha asked.

Sighing deeply, Harley leaned forward, ‘’I had to knock him out; I guess one of the Vampires bit him. I don’t see how being unconscious would do anything for him, but I don’t know much about Vampires, so’’ he explained, waving his hand around.

‘’Good, hopefully he dies’’ Thea mumbled.

‘’That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?’’ Harley frowned.

She rolled her eyes and looked away, a stroppy look on her face.

‘’What a wuss’’ Alpha mumbled.

‘’Wuss?’’ Harley asked, confused.

Opus nodded his head slowly, ‘’Vampire venom causes hallucinations, yes… It is most likely that Elijah asked to be knocked unconscious so he wouldn’t end up hurting people due to the venoms influence. It would most likely make him see things he’d want to tear to shreds’’

Harley frowned, ‘’isn’t it going to turn him into a Vampire?’’

The old man shook his head, ‘’no; for somebody to become a Vampire, they must have both Vampire venom and blood in their system. However, Demons cannot become Vampires. The combination would kill them’’

Joe glared over at Alpha, ‘’then how come this asshole is a cross between both?’’

‘’That’s simple’’ Alpha smirked, ‘’Ares’ curse doesn’t let us stay dead when we die, so the combination would kill us, but then we’d just resurrect through the curse. We’d have the shit in our bodies so it would turn us. It doesn’t feel so great though; I remember when I turned – It felt worse than the time I actually awakened the curse’’

‘’No one cares’’ Thea mumbled.

He glared at her, but didn’t say anything.

Just then, Tsunami stood up, startling Octavia who looked up at him sadly.

‘’Where are you going?’’ Alpha called.

‘’I’m not sitting around here listening to you lot bicker,’’ he said as he slid his chair under the table, ‘’I’m going to go look for something more interesting to do’’

‘’It’s sitting right next to you’’ Alpha mumbled, a sly smirk on his face.

Octavia’s face went bright red as she looked down at the floor. Tsunami frowned and glared at his brother in revolt. He had no idea where his perverted attitude came from, but it was starting to get a little out of control. He’d make any kind of sexual joke whenever he could, usually causing discomfort for everyone as well as the people he directed it at. He wanted to hit him, but he just couldn’t be bothered.

He pointed at his brother, ‘’stay out of trouble. I’ll be back soon’’

Watching him leave, Alpha laughed quietly.

‘’You’re disgusting’’ Thea called, glaring at him.

He looked over at her and grinned slyly.


Leaving the building, Tsunami stormed down the path through the graveyard, heading for the gate. He was beginning to doubt that Alucard was going to show and he wanted to actually do something. Sitting around and waiting really was not his thing. But he had no idea where to start. He had no hope of finding this Elemental alone, however, that strange walking corpse might have something to do with him. Opus had said the void power had vanished shortly after that corpse had escaped, so Tsunami suspected that the corpse was the thing carrying that power.

As he left the graveyard, he started walking down a deserted street. As disgusting as it was, being covered in that creature’s goop was actually a good thing. All of his Demon abilities were new to him, but he had recently been working on using his tracking skills. While sitting in the ball room, he had been focusing on the creature’s scent and now he had a trail. All he had to do was follow it.

Following the strange scent, Tsunami walked onto another path, turning left onto another and then another, constantly switching onto different streets every couple of minutes until he reached a dead end. He glared ahead at what looked like a huge stone wall which as surrounding the entire city. It reminded him a lot of Niagrad except the walls were really only a couple of feet taller than he was. If the creature had dragged itself over here, there was a high possibility it had managed to climb the wall and escape to whatever was on the other side.

He frowned and sighed quietly. He started to regret leaving, thinking about what Elijah had said about running off by himself. But what was he going to do? He was unconscious, after all. He sighed again and jumped up, grabbing hold of the top of the wall and slowly lifted himself up, climbing onto it. As he climbed up, he stared ahead at what was on the other side in confusion and awe… There was a huge, vast forest, massive green-leaved trees spreading all across the land. There were no clearings from what he could see and no signs of any other towns or villages. Whatever was out there, it felt as though this wall was here for a good reason.

Tsunami stood up and squinted, but still couldn’t see anything other than tree tops. So, he climbed down into the forest below, twigs snapped below his feet as he landed. Panicked birds flapped their wings and scattered into the sky as he clapped his hands together, removing the gravel and dirt from his hands that he had gathered from climbing the wall.

But as he looked around, he couldn’t help but feel slightly cautious. It was quiet. Far too quiet. There was no bird song, no chirping insects… It was just silent. He couldn’t even hear the music from the party anymore.

Starting to walk forward, his uneasy feelings started to get worse. The moonlight couldn’t break through the leaves above, so his path was nothing but total darkness. Unlike most other Demons, Ares Demons didn’t have the ability to see in the dark, so he was near enough blind. But he continued walking, squinting, trying to see. As the ground rustled below him, a bitter breeze floated past. He was still following the scent, but it was becoming weaker – was he losing it?

Worried that he was losing the trail, he stopped. From what he could see, he was surrounded by several trees and bushes. He looked up, but there was no light. He frowned angrily and closed his eyes, trying to locate the scent again. It made him extremely agitated – how did his brother and Elijah do this? How did it seem so easy for them? He was struggling to pick up a trail using a scent that was all over him, but those two could track using a scent from miles away! How was that even possible?! He growled angrily and opened his eyes, too furious to concentrate.

What had he even been thinking? There was no way he could do this alone. Even if he did find the creature, what was he even going to do with it? He couldn’t kill it; the creepy Vampire had told him the only way to kill them was with fire and seeing as he possessed no such abilities, he was pretty much useless against them. He sighed angrily and turned around –

But then, he stopped – Something was watching him. He could feel its eyes on him, its hungry, predatory gaze peering right at him… But what was it? Where was it? How did he even know these things? Was it instinct? He didn’t know, but he knew he couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. If something really was watching him, it was most likely hostile.

Looking around, he crouched down, his wings forming on his back, his four black horns appearing on his head as he growled defensively. He really hated doing it, but he had found that acting like the creature he was supposed to be actually scared off a lot of things, especially Humans and Vampires. So, if it wasn’t another Demon following him, then this should scare off his stalkers.

However, the longer he remained there, the more eyes he started to feel on him. He started looking around frantically, unsure of what to do. Could it be Vampires? Black-Dogs? Or more of those strange walking corpses? He wasn’t sure, but he had to find out before it was too late. He tried focusing… Soon, the foul stench of wet dog and blood filled the air around him – This was far worse than he had thought.


Vigilant, Tsunami stood up, his claws bared, ready to fight – ‘’show yourselves!’’ he demanded.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of hurried footsteps hitting the ground, loud, rushed breathing circling all around him which soon slowed and turned into low growls.

He started to feel intimidated. He knew now what had been following him – hunting him. Just then, as the bushes around him rustled violently, he panicked, unsure of what to do. He watched as a huge black wolf emerged from the darkness, its eyes glowing a dark red, growling loudly as it glared at him. It was about seven feet tall, standing on its four legs, an evil glare on its furry face. He went to threaten it, but a large number of other wolves abruptly emerged, growling quietly.

Startled, Tsunami looked around at them, their yellow eyes glaring at him, watching his every move. If he even tried to attack any of them, the rest would pounce on him before he could even try to get away. He wasn’t familiar enough with his Demon powers yet to fight them alone and without his sword, he was pretty much useless. He could try using his ice abilities, but there were far too many of them for him to be successful.

But, considering as they hadn’t immediately attacked him, he started to think they wanted something. It was unlike a Werewolf pack to reveal their Alpha so quickly unless they were after something. So, he relaxed slightly, hoping that they weren’t going to attack. If he could get out of this without having to shed or lose any blood, then it would be great for both parties.

Easing up, he slowly retracted his claws, his wings and horns turning to dust and vanishing. Then, he glared at the red eyed wolf, waiting.

Just then, the wolf snarled, ‘’what are you doing… Outside of the city? Hgrrr’’

Tsunami frowned, ‘’why were you stalking me?’’

It scowled and bared its teeth, ‘’what…Hgrrr… Are you doing outside of the city?’’ it asked again, scraping its talons along the ground.

His patience quickly disintegrated. Werewolves were rude, impatient bastards who never answered questions – just like Elijah. The man Tsunami hated most. Great. He frowned and sighed, ‘’I’m tracking something’’

The Alpha looked around at his pack members as they all growled quietly.

‘’I don’t suppose you’ve seen it: dead, headless, leaking green shit everywhere…’’

The wolves all suddenly looked at him and snarled quietly, almost as if he had offended them. He stared at them all strangely, unsure of what he had done to cause such a reaction.

He then looked back at the Alpha, ‘’why are there a bunch of Werewolves running around outside a city run by Vampires?’’

‘’Hgrr…. The same reason… Hgrrr… You are here’’ the Alpha snarled, glaring down at him.

Confused, he frowned, ‘’okay… What reason is that?’’

‘’The Ghouls’’ he growled, stomping his front paw down into the ground, ‘’hgrr… We find them… Kill them… Hgrrr’’

‘’Why? Don’t Werewolves hunt and kill… Humans?’’ Tsunami questioned, confused.

All of the wolves growled quietly as they stared at him.

The Alpha snarled quietly and dragged its front paws along the ground as it started moving towards Tsunami who began backing away cautiously, ‘’hggrr… The creatures plague this forest… Hgrr… We were outcast here… Hgrr… We must kill the ghouls… Hgrrr… Before they kill our homes… Hgrrr… Families… Children… Hgrrr’’

Tsunami frowned. This Werewolf wasn’t making much sense. He didn’t really make a habit of conversing with Werewolves, but he was regretting his choice to do so. Ghouls? Is that what that strange undead creature was? A ghoul? And why were these Werewolves even talking to him? What was going on?

He shook his head and held out his hand, making the wolf stop, ‘’look, whatever you’re doing here, I’ll just go and let you keep doing it. You don’t seem to be of any harm to me or my mission, so I’ll just- ‘’

‘’Mission? Hgrrr’’

‘’Yeah, ‘’ he grumbled, ‘’this… Creature I’m looking for. I need to find it’’

The wolf frowned and slowly sat down, ‘’you are hunting a specific ghoul, hgrrr?’’

Slightly uncomfortable with the beast’s openness, he nodded, ‘’uhh… Yeah…’’

‘’Hgrrr… Why?’’

‘’Uhh… Well, I kinda let it out of a lab in the castle and- ‘’


Tsunami looked around nervously as all the wolves started growling to one another again. He had no idea why the Alpha seemed so startled by the fact that he had been in the castle, but he was now starting to feel curious himself. These Werewolves seemed overly calm for what they were and this Alpha seemed even more so… He wanted to know why they were here and why they hadn’t killed him already.


Relaxing slightly, he frowned at the Alpha, ‘’yeah, the castle. They were having a ball’’

‘’Hgrrr… And you… Sneaked into the main castle?’’

‘’Yeah, I guess’’

The Alpha stood up and glared down at him, ‘’who are you? Why have you come here? Hgrrr’’

‘’I can’t just tell you- ‘’

‘’You will tell me or I will order my pack to kill you, hggrr’’ he threatened, glaring evilly at Tsunami with his red eyes.

Slightly intimidated, reaching down for his missing sword once again, Tsunami sighed, ‘’I came here with some people to kill a guy named Alucard’’

The Alphas gaze widened, ‘’Alucard?’’

Tsunami smirked slightly. He could tell by the look on the wolf’s face that he knew Alucard. Or knew of him. Either way, he saw an opportunity to get what everyone else had failed to get: information.

‘’You know him?’’ he asked, staring at the wolf.

It shook its head, ‘’hgrrr… Not personally… No… But he… Hgrrr… Is the cause for our exile… Hgrrr… ’’

Intrigued, Tsunami started to feel a little more confident, ‘’exile?’’ he asked.

The wolf sat back down and nodded, ‘’many, many centuries ago, there was a truce here between us Werewolves and the filthy Vampires, hgrr… But that bastard… Hgrrr… He cheated us… Chased us from our homes and built that retched city, hgrr’’ he explained, extreme anger in his voice.

‘’There was a truce between Werewolves and Vampires?’’

It nodded as all of its comrades started relaxing too, ‘’we lived here, protected the land… Hgrrr… But that man… Alucard… Hgrrr… He appeared with an ancient vendetta… Hgrrr… The people we protected had apparently caused his pain… Hgrr… So he returned to kill them and when we stood in the way, he went through us too, hgrr… Our people were exiled and have lived outside the city ever since, hgrrr’’

‘’You couldn’t just… Fight him?’’

The wolf snarled angrily, ‘’hgrrr he is immortal! He will not die!’’

All of the other wolves started growling angrily as their leader did.

‘’We tried everything! Hgrr! Holy water! Stakes! Fire! But nothing can kill him!’’

Tsunami suddenly froze – Holy water, stakes, fire… Was Alucard a Vampire? Had he just found out what their target was?

He frowned and looked up at him, ‘’so… Alucard is a Vampire?’’

‘’Hgrr… A Vampire? Hgrr… No… He is the first Vampire!’’ he howled, furious.

As all of the wolves started howling and growling, Tsunami laughed nervously. Alucard… Was the first ever Vampire? If that was true, then there was no telling how powerful he really was. If it were true, they might not even be able to fight him. A Vampire’s strength came from their age and Vampires had appeared nearly a thousand years ago… If this was true, Alucard may be impossible to defeat.

He frowned and looked back at the wolf, ‘’do you know how old he is?’’

The wolf frowned strangely at him, ‘’hgrr… A hundred… A thousand… Nobody knows, hgrrr’’

Disappointed, Tsunami sighed. At least he tried. At least he had gotten some information out of these stupid animals. Now all he had to do was get back and tell the others. But he had to make sure he could leave without the Werewolves thinking he was going to cause them any harm.

‘’Well… ‘’ he said nervously, ‘’I have a ghoul to find, so… I’ll be going’’

Just as he went to walk away, the wolf held out its paw and stopped him. All of the other wolves started prowling towards him, evil looks in their yellow glowing eyes.

The Alpha snarled, ‘’you should leave this country, hgrrr… It is no place for outsiders… Hgrrr…’’

He frowned angrily and stepped back, ‘’yeah, I’ll leave once Alucard is ash’’

The wolf laughed harshly, ‘’you are not the first who has come to try and kill him, hgrrr’’

‘’What?’’ he asked, shocked.

All of the other wolves snickered quietly.

‘’People like you have come before… Hgrrr… Hunters, even other Vampires… But all have died, hgrr… No one can kill him – He is immortal- ‘’

‘’Oh, shut up!’’ he snapped, growing impatient, ‘’do you even hear yourself? Talking up the guy who banished your kind from your own city – Fucking idiot’’

All of the wolves snarled in defense of their Alpha, but he laughed again.

‘’Hgrr… Please, tell me how you are any different, hrgg’’

‘’Simple, ‘’ Tsunami smirked, ‘’we have the weapon that can kill immortal beings’’

Staring at his smug face, the Alpha frowned, ‘’there is a weapon that can kill immortals?’’

‘’Yep’’ he answered, a smug look on his face, ‘’we’ve killed three other immortals already. Now, we’re here for him’’

The wolf looked around at all of the others as they started growling to each other.

But then, Tsunami realized that he had just spat out the one thing he had sworn to keep quiet. Telling these wolves that they had such a weapon put Kathrina and Elijah at risk as well as everyone else that was with them. These wolves could easily take this information to Alucard – What had he done? He couldn’t let them leave now knowing that they could kill Alucard – He was going to have to kill them.

However, the wolf stared backing off into the woods.

‘’Hgrr… The ghouls are west from here… Hgrr… Maybe your specific monster is among them… Hgrr…’’

Tsunami frowned. He knew he shouldn’t let them get away, but there was something inside him telling him that he shouldn’t kill them… For some reason, he felt as if they were of no threat. They had, after all, made no attempt to kill him… And, they had told him where he might find the creature he had come here to look for.

Watching the group of Werewolves leave, he started reflecting on everything they had just told him. It appeared that Alucard was a Vampire, possibly the first ever Vampire which was a huge problem. They had also told him about some ancient pact the Werewolves had once had with the Vampires – but was that really important? He wasn’t sure, but for now, he was going to continue his hunt for that monster and see if it really was what had been giving off that void power Opus had sensed.

Without wasting any more time, he turned around and started heading west. If that wolf had been telling the truth, hopefully, he’d find what he was looking for.

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