Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Mesmerising Danger

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Meanwhile, back at the ship, Kathrina was still lying beside Elijah, her head rested on his chest. She had fallen asleep as well as the cat which had curled up on his stomach. It had been nearly an hour since they had returned from the altercation with the Vampires and everyone else was still either at the party or running around in a forest going against everything they had been advised.

As the wind howled loudly outside, Elijah grunted quietly, a sharp pain lingering in his neck and the left side of his face. He tried to pull his left arm up, but he noticed that something was somewhat crushing it. There was also something digging into his stomach, so he slowly opened his eyes and looked down – He smiled when he saw Kathrina leaning over his left arm, her head rested on him. But as he looked down and noticed the cat, he frowned irritably. That damn animal was clearly just using him for his body heat.

He pulled his right arm up to his face and rubbed his left cheek which still ached from where Harley had hit him – twice. To his relief, the Vampire venom had worn off and he felt normal. The pain in his neck had ceased too. But then, he noticed, he was back on the ship and the blood had been cleaned from his hands. It seemed that they had taken him back – how long exactly had he been asleep?

Looking at Kathrina again, he noticed that she had changed into one of his kimonos. He didn’t want to wake her, but he did want to know what had happened. By the sound of it, no one else had come back yet and Harley had clearly chosen to head back to the party. Still irritated by the cat, he flicked its ear with his free hand and watched as it suddenly woke up, startled. It glared at him and yawned, digging its claws into his skin.

‘’Psshh!’’ he growled, shooing it away.

The cat grumbled and stood up, leaping off him and to the ground, strolling over to the large table. As it leaped up onto it and started cleaning its paws, Elijah sighed, relaxing.

But just then, Kathrina mumbled quietly and slowly opened her eyes, staring over at the cat. She frowned and slowly turned her head, ‘’Elijah?’’

He slowly sat up as she shuffled away from him, freeing his arm that she had been sleeping over. At first, he looked a little dazed and confused, but as he looked down at her, he smiled.

‘’Do you feel okay?’’ she asked, worry in her tired voice.

Again, he rubbed the side of his face and nodded, ‘’what happened?’’ he asked, ‘’why are you wearing that?’’

She looked down at the kimono she was wearing and sighed, ‘’I shifted, remember?’’

Gazing at her, he started to remember and nodded slowly. She had shifted, which meant whatever she had been wearing was torn to pieces. She hadn’t been wearing her Teshika outfit, so her clothes wouldn’t have remained intact through the shift.

‘’How did I get back here?’’ he asked, looking around the room.

She smirked at him, ‘’I had to carry you’’

‘’You did?’’ he asked, slightly startled.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’I shifted back once Harley left’’

Staring at her, he smiled again.

She frowned and smirked, ‘’what?’’

But as she stared at him, his smile quickly turned into a seductive smirk. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down onto her back. He leaned over her and stared down into her eyes as she gazed back. There was a familiar look of both excitement and eagerness in his eyes, similar to the look he would give her when he wanted to ask for her blood. But this was slightly different.

She stared back curiously as he slowly grabbed her hands in his, gradually lifting them above her head and holding them against the pillow. Then, he moved his face into hers and started kissing her, so slowly that it seemed as though he was teasing her. As he moved his mouth from hers, he started kissing her cheek, and then her neck, making her wince quietly.

He slowly dragged his right hand down her arm, moving it down to the string on her kimono and started untying it as she turned her head to the side, her breathing quickly speeding up. A familiar excitement started to consume her as she laid there, Elijah softly kissing her neck as he pulled the string from the kimono she was wearing. For some reason, she started to feel weak, almost like he had some kind of power over her. But she liked it.

She sat up slightly as he pulled the kimono from her body, chucking it on the floor. As he looked back down at her, he started to slowly drag his finger around her waist, making her wince again, kissing her lips again.

As he started unbuttoning his shirt. The cat suddenly appeared beside them, meowing loudly. It startled the both of them, making Elijah stop abruptly, glaring at it as it stared back. Kathrina giggled quietly, amused by his irritated face. But she was also slightly annoyed that the cat had interrupted and startled Elijah.

However, he wasn’t going to let something like a cat stop him. He carefully climbed back from over Kathrina, standing up and grabbed the cat before it could scurry away. He walked over to the door, opened it and dropped the cat outside onto the deck. It turned around and tried to get back into the room, but he shut the door before it could.

Then, he sighed deeply and looked back over at Kathrina. She was gazing at him curiously, waiting for him to get back over to her. He smirked and as he walked over to her, he pulled his boots off and threw them onto the floor. Reaching the bed, he climbed back over her and held her wrists down again, proceeding to kiss her lips as she kissed back.

Her excitement increasing, she watched as he pulled away from her, taking his shirt off and throwing it to the floor. Her eyes instantly wandered down to the three scars on his stomach, but they didn’t keep her attention for long. She had always been captivated by his muscular body, especially his abs and arms. She placed her now free hands on his chest, slowly grabbing his shoulders and pulled him back over her. He instantly started kissing her neck again as he unclipped her bra, pulling it from her body quite roughly, dropping it to the floor.

Kathrina moved her hand down his back as he started kissing her chest, making her wince quietly, finding it hard to contain her excitement. She could hear his eager breaths and he seemed to be just as exhilarated as she was. As he stroked his hand down her side and started slowly pulling her underwear off, he moved his face back up to her neck, breathing deeply.

It frightened her slightly; in his deep breaths, she thought she heard him growl quietly. She then remembered what had happened back in Japan the first time they did this, but she didn’t want him to stop. He pulled her underwear off and threw it on the floor, slowly dragging his fingers along her thigh, making her wince again, turning her head to the side as he kissed her neck.

He then quickly removed his belt and threw it to the floor, pulling off his trousers which he also dropped on the floor. Then, he moved his face from her neck and as she slowly turned hers to face him, he rested his forehead on hers, staring seductively into her eyes as she gazed back.

As she stared, her heart started racing, the excitement she was feeling quickly increasing. But she still felt slightly afraid, intimidated. There was a predatory look in his seductive eyes, his hands holding hers beside her head. Just like he had said before, in this moment, he owned her and there was nothing she could do to deny it – she enjoyed feeling this way.

Elijah breathed deeply, tightening his grip on her arms. Staring into her eyes, he started to slowly move into her and as he did, she breathed sharply, wincing. As she started to moan, he silenced her by placing his lips on hers, kissing her slowly, but as he moved deeper, he could feel her legs trembling against his own. She turned her head to the side, breathing deeply, soft moans in her voice.

Turning her head to the side, she winced again, louder this time, almost moaning as he moved deeper into her. She started to breathe quicker, her legs trembling weakly. Her wincing suddenly turned into a loud, pleasurable moan as he stopped, moving his face to her neck and breathing deeply on it. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply, still trying to contain the exhilarating excitement she was feeling.

As he moved his face down to her neck, he grinned, exhaling deeply. He felt an overwhelming satisfaction as Kathrina submitted, her body trembling beneath his own. He exhaled deeply and slowly pulled back out of her, listening as she moaned again, her voice shaky and weak. He stared at her neck, the small wounds from where he had bitten her earlier still visible on her skin. As much as he wanted to sink his fangs into her again, he knew that he shouldn’t.

He slowly kissed her neck and continued to slowly move in and out of her, his hands trembling, his heart racing. The more he moved, the louder she moaned and the more eager it made him.

Kathrina moaned again, the feeling of pleasure unbearable. He still held onto her wrists, keeping her from moving as he moved into her again. She could feel him breathing on her neck again, most likely debating whether he wanted to bite down or not. She wanted to tell him he could, but she felt so breathless that she couldn’t even speak, all she could do was moan again.

But then, as he exhaled deeply, he let go of one of her wrists, dragging his hand down her body, stroking her left leg as he lifted it up over his back, moving even deeper into her. She cried out in pleasure, gripping the pillow with her free hand. He slowly moved back out, starting to breathe quicker as he listened to her moan.

As Elijah moved back into her, she moaned again, lifting her hand over his back. She dragged her fingers across his back like claws, moaning loudly. He also moaned quietly in her ear. She moved her hand to the back of his head, gripping his hair, pulling his face closer to her neck. He moved back again and as he did, she lifted her other leg over his back, moaning loudly. She wrapped her legs over his back as he let go, moving his hand back down her body. He grabbed her hand from his head and forced it back down beside her head harshly, growling slightly as he placed his fangs on her neck.

Abruptly, he bit down, making her whine in both pain and pleasure. He gripped her arms tighter, moving back into her. The blood from her neck seeped into his mouth causing him an even greater pleasure, groaning quietly as he drank it. He then let go of one of her wrists, his claws bared – He abruptly dug them into the beds headboard behind them, dragging them down, leaving slashes in the wood, groaning quietly as he did, moving out of her again.

Kathrina continued to wince and moan as Elijah moved in and out of her, biting down on her neck. She felt so overwhelmed, finding it hard to breathe, the pleasure unlike anything she could have imagined. Her whole body was trembling, her heart racing – She didn’t want it to end.


However, after a few more minutes, she could feel Elijah biting even harder on her neck, gripping her wrist tightly. He moved into her one last time and moaned quietly, making her moan too. He stopped, breathing frantically as he harshly pulled his fangs from her neck, blood dripping onto her shoulder. She was also breathing frantically, the pleasure still surging through her trembling body.

She breathed deeply, trying to relax. Elijah exhaled deeply, nudging the side of her face with his, low, quiet growls in his voice. She felt him drag his face back down to her neck, thinking he was going to bite down again. But he didn’t; she flinched slightly as he slowly dragged his tongue along her shoulder and neck, clearing the blood off her skin.

Slowly, she unwrapped her legs from his back, resting them back down on the bed. As she did, he slowly pulled out of her, making her moan quietly. He moved back, watching as she rolled over onto her side, her entire body trembling. Grabbing the blanket, he threw it over her and himself, laying down beside her on his side, staring at her exhausted face.

Starting to calm down, she looked into his eyes as he wrapped one of his arms around her, pulling her closer. Exhausted, she smiled, but then lowered her head and leaned it against his chest, closing her eyes.

Elijah smiled too and as she rested her head, he exhaled deeply and rested his chin on her head, also closing his eyes, ‘’watashi wa anata o aishite’’ he whispered.

Kathrina smiled, ‘’I love you too’’


Meanwhile, back in the forest, Tsunami was hiding behind a tree, a rather panicked look on his face. Not too far away was a small cabin, its roof collapsed and rotten. There were fences, corpses of what looked like sheep mangled and scattered all around the pen. The ground was covered in blood, corpses and body parts, mangled and chewed. He felt sick; such a scene was like something out of a nightmare. The stench of blood and rotting flesh lingered in the air, sickening him.

The moon shined brightly in the sky, lighting up the disgusting area clearly. There was a wagon with the corpse of a horse attached to it, its head missing and its torso rotting. Flies were buzzing around loudly, swarming the bodies. But that wasn’t what had him startled. The area was swarming with a lot more of the ghouls than he had thought. He had struggled against just one, but this many? He didn’t have a chance.

He peeked around the tree every couple of moments, making sure not to alert any of them. There was no sign of the one missing its head, although there were some missing arms, legs and even chunks of their bodies. Some have half a head, some severed horizontally and others vertically. A few were missing their eyes while others had their eyes dangling out of their heads. All of them were covered in the same green and yellow sludge, dripping off their bodies as they moved like snails leaving slime trails. He had no idea what these things were or even how they were moving, but he knew they were dangerous.

Still searching the crowd, he was beginning to believe that his specific ghoul wasn’t here. But it didn’t really matter anymore. There were others here, he didn’t need that specific one, did he? He could use any one of these monsters to find out exactly what they were, all he had to do was get one on its own.

But, just then, he stopped. That same scent he discovered when the Werewolves came to him started to appear – had they come back? He looked around, but there was no sign of them. Could they have led him here on purpose? Had they lured him into a trap? He frowned angrily, but then –


The ghouls started gurgling and growling loudly, startling him. He leaned around the tree and to his astonishment, the Werewolves he had seen had appeared in the clearing – they were attacking, growling, fighting – they tore at the ghouls with their jaws and claws, relentless, vicious, blood and sludge spraying everywhere.

He watched in both confusion and awe; seeing Werewolves in action was something he had never got to witness before, mostly because he had been there to stop them. But these wolves weren’t harming Humans, so he didn’t need to intervene. He watched, waiting and as he spotted the huge red-eyed Alpha, his eyes lit up with interest.

The beast was amazing! It tore through the ghouls like a knife through butter, their heads flying clean off their bodies, arms and legs spinning through the air like boomerangs, slamming against trees and exploding into puddles of sludge. He was bewildered, astonished at how efficient these wolves were. They’d stop and howl at one another, responding with growls, grouping up to take down stronger targets together.

Suddenly, a pained cry echoed through the air – Tsunami watched as one of the wolves tumbled onto its side, thrashing and rolling around in agony as several other wolves ran to its aid.

But then, Tsunami’s amazed look faded into a disturbed, traumatized stare – He watched as four of the wolves viciously tore at the fallen one with their jaws, chewing and ripping its flesh from its body as it cried and howled in agony. None of the others stopped the barbaric act; they continued fighting the ghouls, their numbers quickly falling.

Tsunami wanted to do something, but he knew he shouldn’t interfere.

A few moments later, the wolves stopped tearing at their comrade, backing away slowly, blood dripping from their huge jaws. To his astonishment, the wolf they had been attacking slowly climbed to its feet, huge patches of its brown fur missing, but the wounds were slowly healing.

He frowned, confused. Why had they just so viciously attacked their comrade? The wolves quickly scurried back over to their alpha and as they all group up, they rushed back into the woods, disappearing before Tsunami could even try to call them.

Still shocked, he peered around the tree again, making sure all of the creatures were dead. He could still hear gurgling and growling, but no moving corpses were in sight. Cautiously, he stepped out from behind the tree and walked out into the opening. He was totally confused. Werewolves and ghoulish monsters roaming around right outside the Vampire city? What was going on here?


He sighed as he walked through the carnage, looking down at all the sludge and bodies. But as he continued walking, he began to feel that same ominous feeling that he had back in the forest –

‘’Hgrrr… They do not die… Hggrrr’’

Startled, he turned around to see the alpha Werewolf standing behind him, looking around at all of the mess it and its pack had just made.

‘’What?’’ he asked, perplexed.

The wolf snarled, ‘’these creatures… Hgrrr.. Ghouls, we call them… Hgrr… We can only make their bodies useless by tearing them apart… Hgrrr’’

Tsunami frowned and looked around again, ‘’why don’t they die?’’

‘’Hgrr… They are not Human, nor Vampire… Hgrr… They are… Hgrrr… Something in between…Hgrrr’’

‘’Something in between?’

It nodded, ‘’Alucard was trying to make something… Hgrr… Better… Hgrr… But this is what he got… Hgrrr… He sent them outside the walls to keep those within safe… Hgrrr…’’

He was now even more confused. Alucard had been trying to make something better? Better than what? But then, he remembered what that Vampire had told him, ‘’doesn’t fire kill them?’’

Glaring at him, the wolf frowned, ‘’hgrr… we have not tried… Hgrr… But if you are really here to kill Alucard… Hgrr… These ghouls may help you… Hgrr… ‘’

‘’How can they help?’’

‘’Hgrr… He made these abominations… Hgrrr… I think they may have the same magic he has… Hgrr…’’

Tsunami’s face lit up – void power? Did these ugly monstrosities really have void power? If they did, they were going to be a huge problem. But he wasn’t going to be able to tell. The only person who could tell if they had void power or not was Opus. He was going to have to get back to the ship and share his discoveries with the others. If he could bring them all back here, not only could they find out if fire really did kill them, but they could also see if they really did have void power.

He looked back for the wolf, but he was gone! How had he managed to sneak off so easily? Whatever, it didn’t matter. What mattered was getting back to the ship and sharing his discovery. If they had any chance of finding Alucard, they’d need to find out if these creatures had void magic. Tsunami wasn’t exactly sure how it worked, but if they did, there was a possibility that they’d have to kill these things with the Elemental sword too. Had Alucard maybe tried making his own Elementals but got these things instead?

Looking around at the carnage one last time, Tsunami rushed off into the forest, heading back for the wall.


Back on the ship, Kathrina was asleep beside Elijah who was gazing at her relaxed face. She looked so peaceful and it made him happy. However, his calm was about to be broken –

A loud knock came at the door as it abruptly opened –

‘’Elijah!’’ Tsunami called, stepping into the room.

As soon as Tsunami entered, Elijah took his eyes off Kathrina and glared evilly at him.

Tsunami stared back at Elijah as he laid in the bed, an evil look on his face. His eyes quickly wandered around, staring at the clothes on the floor and then the slash marks on the bed. He then looked at Kathrina’s back, her Teshika mark glaring at him, blood smudged down her shoulder. The blanket was covering everything but her upper back and he found it hard not to stare.

Then, Elijah sat up, leaning on his arm, ‘’what do you want?’’ he growled, glaring at him.

Shaking his head and ignoring the scene, he looked at him, ‘’I think I found something that’ll help us find Alucard’’

‘’What?’’ Elijah asked impatiently.

‘’It’s… ‘’ Tsunami paused as the black cat strolled past him and leaped up onto the bed, staring at Elijah who glared back, ‘’let me tell you out here, we shouldn’t wake Kathrina’’ he suggested, seeing that she was still asleep.

Elijah looked down at her peaceful face and sighed quietly, ‘’fine’’ he grumbled, carefully pulling the blanket away from himself. He reached down and picked up his trousers, sitting on the side of the bed as he slipped them on, grabbing his belt and attaching it to them. Then, he climbed out of the bed and carefully folded the blanket back, covering Kathrina completely, making sure she was comfortable.

He walked around the bed, picking up his boots and shirt which he pulled on over his head. He irritably pulled his boots on and followed Tsunami out of the room as the cat curled up beside Kathrina.


Leaving the room, Elijah pulled the door shut and followed Tsunami up onto the quarter deck, glaring at him. They stopped beside the ship’s wheel and glared at one another.

‘’Well?’’ Elijah asked impatiently.

Tsunami sighed deeply, ‘’I know you told me not to wander off- ‘’

‘’But you did anyway’’ he hissed, ‘’you are a reckless shit!’’ he snapped.

‘’And you’re not?’’ Tsunami growled, ‘’you’re even worse than me!’’

They both glared at each other for a few moments.

‘’I found more of those… Things’’ Tsunami said, looking out at the sea behind them.

‘’Things?’’ Elijah asked, confused.

He nodded, ‘’yeah, the thing I let out of that room – there were dozens of them in the forest beyond the city walls. There were Werewolves too and they were quite talkative’’

‘’Talkative how?’’ he asked, his interest clearly increasing.

He looked at Elijah and frowned, ‘’he said that these creatures were made by Alucard and they also told me that Alucard is a Vampire – possibly the first’’

‘’The first Vampire?’’


Elijah frowned and stared down at the deck, ‘’did he specify how old he is? A Vampires power- ‘’

‘’-Comes from his age – Yeah, I know. And no, he didn’t. Look, we might not even be able to beat this guy’’ he warned, ‘’if he is the first, he could be thousands of years old!’’

‘’Yes, but everything has a weakness; we just have to find his’’

‘’They said that people have tried everything: holy water, stakes, fire – nothing works’’

‘’But they did not have the sword’’ Elijah said.

‘’Yeah, but sword or not, we need to find out how to kill him as a Vampire otherwise the sword is totally useless’’

Scowling, Elijah looked at Tsunami, ‘’why did you go looking for those creatures?’’

‘’That’s where it gets interesting-‘’

‘’Doubtful’’ Elijah mumbled.

Tsunami frowned angrily, but continued, ‘’the Werewolf said that Alucard made them; he was apparently trying to make something… Better, but that’s what he got. I was thinking: what if he was trying to do what Lucious did and make his own Elementals? What if that’s what those monsters are? Opus said he felt a void power within those castle walls and it faded after I let that creature out’’

Thinking, Elijah nodded slowly. He did have a point. There was a chance that this Alucard Vampire was trying to make his own Elementals to further insure his immortality, but being an Elemental himself, it may have failed and created abominations instead.

He looked at Tsunami, ‘’where are these creatures? We should get the old man to take a closer look’’

‘’Agreed – I can take you to them’’

‘’You will – In the morning. I am sure everyone will be either too drunk or tired to do anything once they return from that party’’ he said, looking over at the docks.

‘’True. Well, later’’ he mumbled, turning around and heading for the stairs.

Elijah watched him leave and then leaned over the fence, staring down at the sea. So, Alucard was a Vampire and possibly the first. This was going to be far more dangerous than their previous fights. He couldn’t help but feel slightly cautious. A Vampire of four hundred years had given him an issue, but one that was more than double that age would defeat him easily, especially since he no longer had his Psyche-Jikato.

He frowned angrily and sighed. The first thing they needed to do was find out who and where this guy actually was. Then, they needed to find any weaknesses and what would kill him as a Vampire before they could even think about a plan to kill him with the sword. He was relieved that Tsunami had found something useful, but it wasn’t enough. Hopefully, tomorrow, they’d get some more answers.

Then, he reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a small black box, staring down at it. It was the same box Luka had given to him before they left Japan. He smiled before tucking it back into his pocket, pulling out something else from his other pocket.

Just then, he heard someone approaching. He looked over his shoulder and watched as Thea walked over to him, a strange look on her face. She was the last person he wanted to have to deal with right now, so he turned away and opened a small glass bottle he had pulled from his pocket. He poured out its entre contents, a black power spilling out onto the palm of his hand. He then slipped the empty bottle back into his pocket as Thea halted beside him.

‘’What are you doing?’’ she asked, frowning.

He held out his hand and slowly placed his other palm over it. As a faint crunching sound echoed from his closed hands, he closed his eyes.

Thea watched curiously and as he started pulling his hands apart, she stared in amazement.

The powder spun around slowly in his hands, morphing together to eventually form a black bird, its eyes the same light green as his own. He held out his arm and glared at it.

’Buraza, watashi wa anata no tasuke ga hitsuyodesu. Anata no enjo to chishiki no ryoho ga hitsuyodesu. Reddo Rakushasa to yoba reru gurupu no koto wa shitte imasu ka? Watashitachiha, kodai vu anpaia o atsukatte iru koto o hakken shimashita’’ he said, staring at the bird.

The bird bowed its head and flapped its wings, racing off into the distance.

‘’What the heck did you just say?’’ Thea growled, angered.

Irritated, he looked down at her, ‘’I was contacting my brother. I asked if he knew anything about The Red Rakshasa. Now leave me alone’’ he grumbled, starting to walk away.

She watched him leave and then stared back out at the sea. What had she even been thinking? She had come to apologize for what she had said, but now she didn’t feel like he deserved it. He was rude, arrogant and she despised him. There was no way she’d ever say such a thing to him.

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