Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Discord Among Allies

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Submitted: November 18, 2017




The calm, peaceful silence was suddenly broken by the loud tolling of the dock’s bell, ringing loudly as the day begun. The seagulls screeched loudly as the workers began shipping crates of fish from their ships, lugging them off to the stores lined across the docks. People started flooding into the docks, chattering loudly; some to work and others just to browse. Everything was normal. It would have been thought that after a party such as the one that took place the previous night, people would be confused or acting strangely, but the people just went about their lives like normal. It seemed that it really was just normal to be around Vampires here in this city.


In the ships cabin, Kathrina was laying on her side still. She frowned, irritated by the noise from outside. Slowly, she stretched her arm out – to her immediate astonishment, something was stopping her from doing so. She opened her eyes and stared ahead and as she did, her eyes met with another pair of light green eyes, their pupils thinned like that of a cat. But as they stared back at her, they dilated quickly, gazing at her.

‘’Elijah?’’ she asked, both surprised and confused.

He smiled and blinked slowly, a tired look on his face.

She was surprised to actually see him still lying beside her; whenever she woke up, he was either up and doing something or not even in the room anymore. Seeing him there was a huge surprise, but she also felt happy about it. She dragged her hand from beneath her and placed it on his chest, also leaning her head on it just to make sure that he really was there and she wasn’t imagining it. She smiled and closed her eyes again, still tired.

However, the noise from outside was keeping her from being able to relax again. The bell continued to toll, and the loud chattering of people became louder every minute. The ceiling above was also creaking, which meant Henry was awake. If he was awake, then that probably meant everyone else was awake too, meaning they were waiting on her once again. For some reason, she always seemed to be the last person to wake up, but that was down to Elijah. He refused to allow anyone to wake her up and if anyone even tried, he’d turn violent. She liked the fact that he was protective – well, overprotective - but sometimes, it got a little out of hand.

As the bell tolled again, she opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at him again. He was still gazing at her, the tired look on his face slowly becoming worse. Like he always did, he had avoided sleeping. The shadows under his eyes made him look like one of the blood-drained Humans in this city and his pale skin made him look even more so.

Looking up at him, she stared at the scar on his face for a moment, starting to think about Lucious. She was still haunted by that man’s memory; she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened and most of her dreams turned into nightmares, replaying the moments her friends were killed by him. Although everyone had tried convincing her otherwise, she still believed it was her fault. She could have done more, she should have been more careful – she had the chance to fight him, but somehow, he had caught her just as she was about to attack him. She didn’t know where she had gone wrong, but every time she thought about it, she tried to come up with an answer, thinking of how it might have ended if she hadn’t been caught. Her failure made her feel so weak, so useless. If she had been stronger, she might have been able to prevent all of it from happening.

Her eyes slowly drifted from his face as she started thinking about it. She wanted to be stronger; she wanted to be able to fight without relying solely on her shifting ability. That was the only thing she felt was of any use. If she didn’t have the ability to shift, then what use would she be? She was alright with a sword, but her skills came no where close to Elijah’s sword skills, or Tsunami’s, Logan’s – Even Harley was better than she was. She felt like an idiot for even owning a sword. Fair enough, Harley and Elijah were Master Arikarin, but Logan wasn’t, Tsunami was just a soldier from whatever Realm he had come from. She was a Shadow Teshika, she should know how to fight better with a sword!

But then, it hit her: Elijah was a Master Arikarin – Masters taught other Arikarin, so what if she was to ask him to teach her? Would he? He had taught Harley some things, so why wouldn’t he teach her? He had taught her how to fight a little back when she had first met him, so there was no reason for him to refuse her – if anything, she’d think he’d be more than happy to teach her again. He loved being smug about the fact that he had taught her to shift, so giving him something else to rub in her face would probably give him some kind of satisfaction.

So, she looked up at him again, ‘’Elijah?’’ she asked quietly.

He looked at her and smiled, ‘’yes?’’

‘’Um… Will you… ‘’ she paused for a moment, trying to think if this is really what she wanted, but then she sighed and looked away nervously, ‘’can you teach me to fight?’’

Staring at her, he frowned in confusion, ‘’to fight?’’

‘’Yeah, like you – to fight like an Arikarin’’ she said, looking back up at him.

As a rather concerned look appeared on his face, he sat up and stared down at her, ‘’why do you want to learn to fight like an Arikarin?’’

She also sat up, gripping onto the blanket to cover herself, seeing that he had gotten dressed, making her feel embarrassed about being naked, ‘’I just… want to fight better. I don’t want to always rely on my dragon form – I can’t even maintain it for that long and I’m basically useless once my magic is drained’’ she explained sadly, looking down.

Elijah frowned sympathetically and slowly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer, ‘’you are far from useless’’ he said, ‘’you have the Tekashime-Jikato and you have even learnt to combine it with your shifting ability. Nothing can compare to that, mai rabu’’

‘’But I can’t rely on it all the time; I can stay in that form for like, ten minutes. But what happens if after that time we still haven’t defeated whatever we’re fighting? I can’t really do anything’’ she disagreed, pulling a stroppy face as he hugged her tightly.

He sighed quietly and started thinking. It was clear that she wasn’t going to let him say no, but he didn’t want to agree. Nothing got any harsher than Arikarin training and he wasn’t going to let her go through something like that, and there was no way he was going to be the one teaching her. He’d be forced to put all his personal feelings aside and he knew he wasn’t going to be capable of doing that with her. If she was really serious, he could ask Harley, but he had only just recently become a Master, so he was no where near ready to teach anyone anything.

Reluctant, he sighed again and rested his head on hers, ‘’I cannot’’

She pulled away and glared up at him, ‘’why not?’’

He leaned to the side on one of his arms and frowned sternly, ‘’because I am incapable of teaching’’

‘’Liar’’ she scowled, ‘’I know you’ve trained people, I heard you talking to Harley about it’’

Surprised by her knowledge of such a conversation, he smiled nervously and dragged his hand over the back of his neck, ‘’well… I… Uh… ‘’

Leaning closer, she frowned angrily, waiting for his next lie.

He sighed and lazily slumped back down, ‘’I just cannot put you through something like that. Arikarin training is beyond harsh’’

‘’Oh, you don’t think I can manage it?’’ she growled.

‘’No,’’ he said, looking up at her as she leaned over him, ‘’I know that I will not be able to. I cannot bear to see you in any kind of distress but to cause it myself? I would rather- ‘’

‘’Pleeeeease’’ she pleaded, staring at him desperately.

He stared at her and frowned. She really wasn’t going to give in; she knew how much he struggled to say no to her and how he couldn’t resist the ‘puppy-dog’ face she was pulling. He rolled his eyes and sat up, staring at her again, ‘’alright’’ he said, ‘’but trust me, it will be nothing like the training I gave you back in the Warlock kingdom’’

Her face lit up with excitement as she threw her arms around him, ‘’thankyou’’ she smiled, hugging him.

As he wrapped his own arms around her, he smiled too.


Outside, Alpha, Joe, Harley and Opus were standing beside the foremast chatting to each other. They had been awake for a few hours and like always, they were waiting on Kathrina and Elijah. However, Logan hadn’t returned to them yet, most likely still with the Vampire he had left the party with last night. Tsunami was no where to be seen either, but he was probably out causing more trouble or looking for clues on Alucard considering as no one had seen anything at the party last night.

As they spoke, Octavia slowly walked up from beneath the deck, a rather nervous look on her face. She looked over at them, making sure none of them noticed her. Then, she quickly scurried over to the cabin, coming to an abrupt halt as she reached the door. She looked back at them again and then stared at the door, slowly raising her hand. She knocked quietly and stepped back slightly, waiting.

She waited for a few moments, but there was no answer. So, she raised her hand to knock again, but just as she was about to, the door clicked and opened-

‘’Oh!’’ she squeaked, stepping back, startled.

Elijah glared down at her as she tucked her ears behind her head, staring down at the floor nervously, twiddling her thumbs together.

He frowned, ‘’what do you want?’’

She flinched, startled by his slightly hostile voice, ‘’oh, um, well… I… Can I speak to Kathrina?’’ she asked, gradually looking up at him.

Staring at her, he frowned again, ‘’why?’’

‘’Um… About… Girl things’’ she said nervously, looking around slowly.

‘’Talk to Thea’’ he said quite rudely.

She shook her head, ‘’n-no, she doesn’t… She isn’t… Well… I want to talk to Kathrina’’

Irritated, he looked back over his shoulder at Kathrina who was staring at him curiously.

‘’Who is it?’’ she asked.

‘’Octavia’’ he answered.

‘’What does she want?’’

‘’She insists she needs to talk to you’’

Staring at him, she frowned, but then reached down to the floor and picked up the kimono she had been wearing last night. She quickly slipped it on and tied the strings, hiding her legs under the blanket. Then, she looked back over at him, ‘’she can come’’

Elijah turned back to Octavia and frowned, but then stepped to the side, allowing her to enter. She quickly scurried past him, intimidated by him. She stared over at Kathrina who was sitting in the bed, and then looked back at Elijah.

He sighed and walked out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

She jumped and gasped as the door slammed.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ Kathrina asked, looking over at her.

Octavia slowly walked over to the bed and sat down, looking around at everything, both fascinated and startled by all the weapons covering the walls and tables. But then, she looked back at Kathrina, her face starting to turn red as she tucked her ears back again. She stared at her, thinking. She had come here hoping to talk about something pretty personal with her, but now, she was starting to feel so nervous that she just wanted to leave. But she knew that if she did, she’d never get the answers to the questions she had. She looked at her and sighed quietly, trying to find the right words. But it was most likely going to take her a long time to find the courage to ask.


Outside, Elijah was leaning against the door, an irritated look on his pale face. He had his arms crossed in front of him, tapping his foot on the deck impatiently. Octavia had interrupted his and Kathrina’s conversation about Arikarin training just as he was about to tell her exactly what it involved. He was still going to try and convince her to take back what she had asked, but his chance had been taken. He’d try again later, but it would probably make her even angrier.

Just then, Harley wandered over, a concerned look on his face. Alpha slowly followed, leaving Joe and Opus by the foremast alone, chatting quietly to one another.

Elijah eyed them both as they slowly walked over. There was a sly smirk on Alpha’s face which meant he was probably about to try and be funny, most likely by insulting him. Harley looked both curious and concerned, making Elijah wonder what it would be that he was coming to him for.

As they reached him, Harley leaned on the fence beside them and stared at him, ‘’you look… better than you did last night’’ he said.

‘’Why do you look so glum? Kathrina kick you out again?’’ Alpha grinned.

‘’The only thing getting kicked will be your face if you do not- ‘’

‘’Can you not? You literally just got up’’ Harley moaned, an irritated look on his face.

Alpha snickered quietly and leaned back on the main mast, staring at them both.

Harley then looked back at Elijah, ‘’so, any idea as to why those Vampires tried kidnapping Kathrina?’’

He shook his head, ‘’no, but I have a pretty good idea of who might be responsible’’


‘’Kathrina and I spoke to one of the shopkeepers yesterday. He threatened to ‘rat us out’ to Alucard’’ he said.

‘’Rat you out for what?’’

He shrugged, ‘’from what he was saying, I assume a lot of people come here to kill Vampires. He probably assumed Kathrina and I were here for that reason. Apparently, Alucard pays people for informing him of any suspicious-looking outsiders’’

‘’But why would he bother?’’ Alpha asked, ‘’if this Alucard guy really is an Elemental, why would he care about some petty Vampires?’’

Elijah looked over at him vacantly, ‘’there is a possibility that Alucard is in fact a Vampire, maybe even the very first to have ever existed’’

‘’Wait – what?!’’ Harley exclaimed, leaning forward and grabbing his arm.

Immediately, Elijah flinched and shoved his hand off, ‘’do not touch me’’ he growled.

Harley held up his hands in surrender, ‘’yeah, whatever’’

He then slowly looked back at Alpha, ‘’your shit brother made a mess last night which I had to involuntarily clean up. He apparently let something escape from that castle and went looking for it. In his search, he came across some talkative Werewolves who gave him this information’’

‘’Werewolves?’’ Harley asked, frowning.

‘’Yes. They may have told him more, but I did not have the patience to listen. One of you should probably go and ask him’’

‘’You’re a real piece of work, you know that?’’ Harley grumbled, turning around.

As he walked away, Elijah and Alpha watched him. Then, as he walked below the deck, they turned and glared at one another. But to Elijah’s surprise, Alpha didn’t initiate an argument. He pulled a rather concerned look and sighed quietly.

‘’So, what happened to my brother?’’ he asked.

‘’He died’’ Elijah said plainly, glaring down at the floor.

Alpha frowned, ‘’yeah, but how?’’

‘’I killed him’’ he growled, starting to become irritated by all the questions.

‘’But why? I know you’re an asshole, but you wouldn’t kill him without a reason, would you?’’ he questioned, scowling at him.

Starting to anger, Elijah closed his eyes and sighed deeply, ‘’he was attacked by a Vampire. It tried to turn him; I ripped his heart out before he did. I killed him’’ he repeated simply.

He nodded slowly, ‘’uh huh… You know, it wouldn’t have mattered whether you had or not, he still would have woken up’’

‘’But if I had not, there would now be two disgusting Demon-Vampire hybrids walking around. That would mean there would be two people I would end up killing someday’’ he grumbled.

Alpha smirked and scoffed, ‘’you were afraid’’ he said slyly.

Angered by his assumption, he glared over at him.

He laughed quietly, ‘’you know for a fact that if my brother was the same as me, you’d have to watch your back even more than you already do. You’d stand no chance against the both of us as we are now, but if he were to become like me, you’d be dead before you can even say ‘shit’, am I right?’’

He scowled angrily, but didn’t say anything.

Staring at him, Alpha snickered, ‘’the only reason we haven’t already killed you is because my brother cares about Kathrina. If it weren’t for your little pet, you’d had been dead a long time ago. I tried convincing him if we killed you then he might actually have a chance with her, but he’s convinced she’ll know it was him and kill him herself, which wouldn’t happen, seeing as how weak she is without you. So, ultimately, both of you would die which I’m all for, but my brother has morals. Such a shame, really’’

Elijah glared at him, an explosive anger burning within him. He wanted to lash out, he wanted to rip that bastard to pieces over and over, but he didn’t want to do so in front of all these people. Not only would it grab the Vampire’s attention, but it would also grab Tsunami’s. Alpha was somewhat right; he knew he couldn’t risk getting into a fight with the both of them. A few punches wouldn’t make Tsunami turn violent, but the way Elijah wanted to attack Alpha would most certainly make Tsunami get involved.

Trying to calm down, he smirked, ‘’you think Kathrina is weak? Say that to her face and I assure you, you will be left crying just like you were back in that alley yesterday’’

‘’She kicked me in the dick – oh, so powerful!’’ he mocked, ‘’face it, scar-face, if she didn’t have you clinging to her every second of everyday, she’d be as useless as- ‘’

Suddenly, Elijah moved forward and grabbed his throat, pinning him against the mast, ‘’shut your mouth before I shut it for you!’’ he hissed, glaring into his black eyes.

Choking, he laughed, ‘’she couldn’t even kill Gahi – she died, remember? The only thing she’s good for is a place to put your dick’’

‘’I said – SHUT UP!!!’’ Elijah yelled, tightening his grip on Alpha’s throat so much that he couldn’t breathe anymore.

Opus and Joe stared over at the altercation, unsure of how to react.

Alpha grinned, grabbing hold of Elijah’s wrist, trying to pull him off. The two of them glared at one another as Alpha grunted, choking. Elijah growled angrily, refusing to let go. He felt furious, angrier than he had been in a very long time. The fact that he had insulted Kathrina instead of him made him even angrier, so angry that he couldn’t let go, he just continued to tighten his grip, growling angrily as Alpha choked and tried to pull him off, starting to dig his claws into his arm –


Elijah abruptly let go of Alpha as his body fell to the floor, lifeless. He scowled down at him as he stepped away. His anger had caused him to break his neck, killing him. But it didn’t startle anyone. Pretty soon, he’d just get up again. However, that wasn’t exactly a good thing; he’d most likely try to get some payback, so Elijah either had to prepare to fight, or get away and trust someone to keep Alpha from going haywire.


Just then, the door to the cabin opened and a very red-faced Octavia walked out, scurrying away so quickly that she didn’t even notice Alpha’s lifeless body lying under the mainmast.

Glaring down at him one last time, Elijah turned around and hurried back into the room, shutting the door behind him. He then sharply turned his head and looked over at Kathrina who was still sitting on the bed, a rather bewildered look on her face.

He frowned and calmed down, starting to walk over to her, ‘’what did Octavia want?’’ he asked.

She shook her head and smiled, ‘’nothing’’

As he sat down beside her, he frowned doubtfully, ‘’I can tell when you are lying just as easily as you can tell when I am’’ he smirked.

Kathrina gazed up at him, ‘’well… she asked me about… um… ‘’ she paused and looked away nervously.

‘’What?’’ he asked, starting to feel slightly concerned.

‘’Um… She wanted to talk to me… about… ‘’ she mumbled something so quietly that even he couldn’t understand.

Again, he frowned, ‘’what?’’

She scowled slightly and looked at him, ‘’about… that’’

He frowned, confused, but as she stared at him, he suddenly realised what she meant – ‘’oh’’ he said, starting to feel like an idiot for not understanding the first time, ‘’what did she want to know?’’

She deadpanned, ‘’you seriously want to know that?’’

Elijah smirked, ‘’I want to know what you said’’

Amused by his curiosity, she giggled, ‘’I told her that I’m not the best person to ask’’


‘’Because… Well… We’ve only done it twice and I honestly don’t know anything about it’’ she admitted, frowning down at the blanket.

Suddenly, startling her, Elijah grabbed her hands and pinned her down again, leaning over her. He smirked and stared into her eyes, ‘’perhaps we should make it three right now’’ he suggested, a seductive smile on his face.

She giggled as he playfully kissed her neck and abruptly untied her kimono, pulling it open. He kissed her again as he dragged his hand over her breasts, making her laugh again.

‘’Elijah,’’ she laughed, tugging on his shirt.

He laughed too, gently nibbling on her neck. But as he went to kiss her again-


The door flung open and Tsunami stormed into the room-

Almost instantly, Elijah leaped over to him, grabbing him and smashing him face-first against the wall, holding his arms behind his back so he couldn’t move, growling angrily.

‘’What the fuck?!’’ he growled, trying to break free.

‘’Yo yo, what the hell are you doing?!’’ Alpha called from outside, walking over followed by a very confused looking Octavia and Logan.

Still holding Tsunami, Elijah hissed angrily. He then looked back at Kathrina who had sat up, frantically covering herself as she stared over at him in confusion and shock.

‘’Get the hell off me!’’ Tsunami growled, still trying to break free.

Elijah then pulled him back, turned around and threw him out of the door.

Tsunami stumbled forward and crashed into his brother who helped him stay standing, glaring over at Elijah as he stormed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

‘’Do you not know how to fucking knock?!’’ he yelled, storming over to him as everyone else backed away, even Alpha.

Suddenly, Harley rushed over and held his arms out, ‘’hey, let’s not- ‘’

‘’Get the fuck out of my way!’’ Elijah hissed, harshly shoving him away.

Harley fell back and hit the mast pretty hard, grunting painfully as he gripped his arm, blood starting to drip violently from it.

Angered, Tsunami stormed forward, clenched his fist and swung it towards Elijah-

Effortlessly, Elijah held out his hand and grabbed Tsunami’s fist, glaring angrily at him.

‘’The fuck is your problem?!’’ Tsunami growled, throwing his other fist forward-

Again, Elijah held out his hand and grabbed it, now holding both of his fists, ‘’YOU are my problem!’’ he growled, glaring evilly at him.

His anger quickly increasing, Tsunami quickly lifted up his leg and smashed his foot into Elijah’s stomach, sending him flying back.

As his back hit the cabin door, Elijah grunted painfully but recovered immediately, looking up and glaring over at Tsunami as he started rushing towards him. He was already furious that he had burst into the room and interrupted him and Kathrina, but as he stood there, the things Alpha had said to him were starting to come to his attention – Tsunami wanted Kathrina? He thought he had a chance with her? The idea not only made him cringe, but it made him angry beyond explanation. She was his and anyone who even thought of trying to come between them would be dealt with by him.

Now he knew that Tsunami wanted her. That wasn’t going to happen. He scowled angrily and stood up straight, his claws bared. If he had to kill him to teach him to keep away from what’s not his, then he’d do it.

Reaching him, Tsunami swung his fist towards Elijah, but he grabbed his hand and smashed his head into Tsunami’s, making him stumble back, slightly dazed. Then, he crashed his own fist into Tsunami’s face, making him grunt painfully as blood splattered onto the deck.

However, he wasn’t so easily dazed. He dodged Elijah’s next attack and grabbed his arm, pulling him over his shoulder and slammed him down onto the floor. Before he could get up, he stood over him, crouched down and smashed his fist into his face.

Elijah growled angrily, grabbing Tsunami’s wrist as he went to punch him again and threw him off himself, quickly climbing back to his feet as Tsunami also stood back up, blood pouring down his face. The two charged at each other again, both of them yelling angrily.

Tsunami swung first, but missed as Elijah dodged to the side, curved behind him and pushed his back, almost as if to mock him, watching as he stumbled forward and hit the fence. He growled and turned back around-


An evil grin on his face, Elijah smashed his fist into Tsunami’s face as more blood splashed onto the deck. To both of their astonishment, no one had tried jumping in. Alpha was watching with a rather amused look on his face, laughing every time either one of them got a hit on the other. Harley was being seen to by Opus as Logan, Joe, Octavia and Thea watched with either horror, disgust or disappointment.

Moving out of the way of Elijah’s next attack, Tsunami clenched his fist and slammed it into Elijah’s side, making him stumble slightly – but he wasn’t done – he grabbed his shirt, pulled him back and kicked his knee into his stomach, making him grunt painfully. Then, he threw him to the side, watching as he fell and tumbled across the deck, coming to an abrupt halt as he slammed his claws into the wood, starting to climb to his feet again.

But Tsunami wasn’t going to allow that – He leaped over to him, slamming his feet down on one of Elijah’s wrists and as he yelled painfully, he crouched down and grabbed his throat, starting to choke him.

‘’You always start shit you don’t know how to finish!’’ Tsunami growled, tightening his grip on his throat.

Elijah scowled angrily and swung his free hand at his face –

Startled, Tsunami fell back and growled painfully, more of his blood spraying onto the deck. He held his hands to his face, Elijah’s claws slashing it violently.

Grunting, Elijah quickly climbed to his feet and grabbed Tsunami by his throat, picking and holding him up. He watched as he grabbed his wrist, choking. There were three deep slashes across his face, blood escaping from them. He could see them healing already, but he didn’t care; as long as he was in pain, that’s all that mattered.

Choking, Tsunami tried to hold up his hands in submission, but Elijah was holding him so fiercely that he couldn’t move at all.

Just then, Alpha started walking over, ‘’alright, that’s eno- ach!’’

Elijah instantly turned his head and grabbed hold of Alpha’s throat with his other hand, glaring at him with a frighteningly evil look in his eyes, growling, his fangs bared.

Alpha’s eyes widened with shock – this wasn’t good. There was something very, dangerously different about Elijah… Not only did he seem stronger, but he was far angrier – the look in his eyes made him believe he intended to kill them – for good.

He struggled and choked as Elijah lifted the both of them up off their feet. He glared back and forth at the both of them, still growling, a devilish look in his eyes. He wasn’t going to let go. He wasn’t going to stop.

Realizing their possible defeat, Alpha glanced over at his brother-

Simultaneously, the two of them grinned, their wings and horns forming from the air. They hissed angrily, digging their newly formed claws into Elijah’s wrists. But he still didn’t let go. He flinched slightly, but that was it.

Tsunami growled angrily and forced one of his wings forward, smashing it into Elijah’s chest. He instantly flew back and crashed down onto the deck. The brothers then rushed towards him, fangs bared, claws readied – They leaped into the air and aimed right for him as he rolled over onto his back-


Elijah threw both of his fists forward, one hitting each of them – A huge blast of wind erupted around them as his fists collided with their stomachs – the sheer force sent them flying back up into the air, spinning around, trying to steady their wings.

Below, Elijah quickly climbed to his feet and glared up at them, standing ready, waiting for them to come back down at him…

The brothers steadied and then stared at each other, confused by what had just happened. Whatever he had just done, they had never seen him do it before. But they didn’t care. They weren’t going to let him get away with that – They growled angrily and folded their wings back, speeding down towards him, ready to kill-

But suddenly, a ferocious roar filled the air –

Before they could reach him, a black feathered dragon came out of nowhere and smashed into the two of them, sinking its jaws into their wings, savagely tearing at them as they growled and tried attacking back, but the dragon was coated in a shield of black flames, stopping any of their attacks from being effective.

Then, the dragon let go and backed off, flapping its wings as it growled warningly.

The brothers took a moment to catch up with what had happened, but then realised that it was in fact Kathrina in her dragon form. She glared at them with her bright green glowing eyes, the flames slowly vanishing from around her feathered body.

They looked down at Elijah who looked just as startled as they did. But they weren’t done with him – they flew to the left, but Kathrina flew over and blocked their path, growling quietly. They tried getting past her, but she continued to block their path, keeping them from getting to Elijah.

Tsunami sighed angrily, giving up.


Kathrina slowly descended, landing gracefully on the deck. She stood protectively in front of Elijah, watching as the two of them landed and walked away, their wings and horns disintegrating. Then, she turned her head and glared at Elijah.

Black smoke surrounded her and a few moments later, she emerged from the smoke dressed in her Teshika outfit. Elijah reached out to take her hand and say something, but she harshly smacked him away and walked towards her sister.

Elijah frowned in both anger and confusion, but then turned around and stormed back into the cabin, slamming the door shut behind him. Inside, he grabbed his swords and tied them to his belt, breathing frantically, his anger not ceasing. But as he went to grab his coat, he stopped and stared down at his arms – the wounds that had been made by Alpha and Tsunami’s claws… Were healing! He could literally see the torn flesh closing, a strange black smoke floating faintly just over the wounds.

He stared in confusion, unsure what to think. His wounds shouldn’t be healing, not this rapidly… He was just a normal Demon, he didn’t get any rapid healing powers, so why were his wounds healing as quickly as they were? He didn’t know, it was starting to unsettle him, so he grabbed his coat and pulled it on, also grabbing his cloak and put that on too.

Then, he turned around and headed back for the door, trying to calm down. Kathrina was obviously mad at him, so he was going to fix that before anything else. 



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