Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Other Kutaki

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



Elijah smirked and slammed his hand into Luka's, gripping his wrist and the two embraced each other, laughing quietly.

As they backed away from each other, everyone wandered over.

Letting go of his wrist, he stared at Luka, ‘’what are you doing here?’’ he asked.

‘’I received your message – The Red Rakshasa – what the hell did you do to piss them off?’’ he asked, a rather concerned look on his face.

‘’You know who they are?’’ Kathrina asked.

He looked down at her and nodded, ‘’yes, I do. But back to my question, what did you lot do?’’ he asked again, looking around at them all, watching as Thea and Opus emerged from beneath the deck, joining the small circle.

‘’We did nothing’’ Elijah answered, leaning back on the fence, ‘’a group of assassins tried to kill Kathrina and made the mistake of revealing themselves to us. We managed to have one tell us who sent them, and that is where we got that name’’

Luka nodded slowly, starting to think.

‘’Merek’’ Elijah smirked, ‘’you look well’’

‘’Is that sarcasm, Kutaki?’’ he grinned, grabbing his hand as he held it out and shook it.

‘’So, you all know each other?’’ Thea asked irritably.

‘’I will let you decide that’’ Elijah answered, ignoring Thea.

Just then, Luka cleared his throat loudly, ‘’we must speak somewhere more privately, I cannot risk being seen here’’ he said, looking down at the docks, watching as all the people moved around.

Elijah nodded and stood up, starting to walk over to the cabin.

‘’Stay here and signal the others’’ Luka instructed, looking back at Merek as he followed Elijah.

Before Kathrina could follow, Thea grabbed her arm, ‘’so there’s two of them now?’’ she grumbled.

She frowned, ‘’two what?’’

Thea frowned stupidly and stared at her sister.

‘’Oh… Yeah, that’s Elijah’s older brother’’

‘’I’m surprised he didn’t kill him like he did his dad’’

Kathrina snatched her arm away, ‘’why do you have to be so bitter?’’

‘’Why do they both talk like that?’’ Octavia asked suddenly, a perplexed look on her face.

Merek then laughed quietly, throwing a black bird up into the air, ‘’why do they both speak like this?’’ he asked, putting on their vacant, emotionless tone, ‘’it is because they both spent much of their time in Japan, it is’’ he mocked, still laughing.

Some of the group laughed with him as he slapped his hands together, shaking off what looked like black dust.

Octavia frowned, ‘’but how would that make the way they speak change?’’

‘’Well, they speak Japanese as well as English. The vocabulary is very different. Either that or they’re just both narcissistic, arrogant assholes who speak that way as some kind of self-righteousness bogus’’ Merek called.

‘’I’m leaning more towards the second one’’ Alpha called, a sly grin on his face.

‘’Luka lets you speak that way about him?’’ Kathrina frowned.

He laughed, ‘’nah, he would have hit me round the back of the head if he was here’’

Then, Tsunami stepped towards him and eyed him evilly, ‘’why’d he seem so insistent to get out of the open?’’ he asked suspiciously, ‘’and why do you wear those – hiding yourselves like criminals’’

Merek scoffed, ‘’we are criminals’’

‘’What?’’ Thea called, slightly warned.

Most of them backed away cautiously, unsure of what to think.

Tsunami shook his head, ‘’you are criminals? What the hell?’’

‘’Hey, its all cool’’ Merek chanted, ‘’no one knows we’re here-‘’

‘’What the fuck are you even doing here?!’’

‘’Tsunami!’’ Kathrina snapped, ‘’calm down! Elijah sent Luka a message to see if he knew anything about the assassins that attacked us’’

‘’Yeah, fine, but what makes you criminals?’’ he asked, dismissing her and eyeing Merek again.

He shrugged, ‘’well, it’s not really me or any of the other guys, its mainly Luka’’

They waited for him to continue.

A wary look on his face, Merek leaned closer, holding out his hands signalling them to all move closer to him, so they did.

Then, he grinned excitedly, ‘’your buddies’ brother is one of the worlds most wanted criminals’’

Tsunami backed away in astonishment, ‘’what the hell else has he been keeping from us?!’’

‘’What did he do?’’ Thea asked curiously.

‘’Did he rob a bank?’’ Octavia asked.

Merek shook his head, an excited smirk on his face, ‘’Luka is- ‘’

‘’Look at Merek blabbing off to people again’’ came a voice, ‘’you’re gonna end up giving the boss away’’

They all stumbled back and watched as three more cloaked people descended from the mast, landing down on the deck.

‘’Yeah’’ another called as he landed, ‘’we almost got caught in London because you do all your thinking with your dick’’

‘’I do not!’’ he snapped, scowling harshly at them.

‘’You nearly told that whore you work with one of the worlds most wanted – if it weren’t for us three lying in wait to scare the shit out of you, you would have told her everything’’

The three of them chuckled harshly as Merek’s face went bright red.

The group stared at them, unsure of who they were, but seeing that they knew Merek, it was clear that they were more of Luka’s companions. They stood there, watching as the four of them scolded Merek who just glared at them, calling either ‘did not!’ or ‘fuck off!’ after each of their claims.


In the cabin, Luka had slouched down over the table that sat under the huge windows, the curtains closed tightly. He had taken off the cloak and thrown it over one of the other chairs; beneath it he was wearing a coat much like Elijah’s, but it was longer, falling down to his shins. The collar was curved over the shoulders and there were no sleeves on it, revealing a fox silhouette tattoo on his left arm in the same place Elijah had his dragon. He was fiddling with a small knife, watching as his brother stared into one of the glass cases filled with curved swords.  

He lifted up his leg and slammed it down onto the table, rocking back in the chair as he started to grow impatient, eyeing his brother closely, scowling almost. He slipped the blade into a small holster hidden within his right black boot and sighed quietly, pulling another knife from the left boot. Staring at it, he scowled, seeing that its blade was blunting it areas. Grunting quietly, he glanced back over at Elijah who was still staring at the swords. He had taken his cloak and coat off, revealing his white shirt, a small blood stain on the back just above his waist. Luka frowned when he noticed it; his brother had a habit of leaving messes after killing people, something that he made sure not to do himself.

Just then, Elijah opened the glass case and gently picked up one of the swords from its display stand, dragging his hand across the black scabbard.

‘’You have become sloppy, my brother- ‘’


In the blink of an eye, Elijah pulled the sword from the scabbard, turned around and pointed the blade’s tip at Luka’s throat, but he wasn’t at all startled. He stared at him vacantly.

Then, he slowly moved his eyes to look down at the blade which was black in color, ‘’Kiroi Kizuato: Black Scythe – it is a fine weapon, but why are you showing it to me?’’ he asked curiously.

Glaring at Luka, he gripped the hilt tighter, still pointing the tip of the blade at his throat, ‘’Kathrina has asked me to teach her to fight like us’’ he answered, slowly pulling the sword away from his brother.

‘’And you agreed?’’ he asked, concerned.

Elijah slipped the sword back into its scabbard, ‘’yes’’

Luka raised his eyebrow in concern, but didn’t say anything.

‘’Now,’’ Elijah said as he placed the sword on the table and slouched down in another chair beside his brother, ‘’who are The Red Rakshasa and why would they want to kill Kathrina?’’

‘’If I tell you,’’ Luka said, leaning forward onto the table, ‘’swear to me that you will not go after them on your own. They are not to be taken lightly’’ he said sternly, staring at him.

He glared at him, but lifted his legs up onto the table, crossed them and sighed, ‘’fine’’

‘’The Red Rakshasa are a group of highly dangerous Fire Teshika’’

‘’Fire Teshika?’’ Elijah exclaimed, ‘’why the fuck would Fire Teshika hire other Fire Teshika?’’

His brother shook is head, ‘’I do not know, but I have a few ideas’’

‘’Such as?’’

‘’Does Ysmay know you are alive?’’

At the mention of that name, Elijah snarled angrily, looking away from Luka, ‘’like I would know’’

‘’Your mother was a part of that group and there is a possibility that she now knows you are alive’’

‘’What does that have to do with anything?’’ he grumbled.

‘’Ysmay was exiled from the Teshika kingdom for using blood magic; she killed her sons, daughters and other Teshika. I fear she may want you for that purpose- ‘’

‘’But what does that have to do with Kathrina?!’’ he growled, becoming impatient.

Luka sighed and placed his feet back down on the floor, leaning closer to his brother, ‘’she must know that you have a mate and knows that if she was to die, you would come looking for whoever was responsible. Also, something like that would result in your loss of sanity, meaning you would become exactly like them. If this is Ysmay, she must be trying to have your seal break through sheer anger’’

Frowning, Elijah looked over at his brother, ‘’so, they were after Kathrina because of me?’’

He nodded, ‘’it is one of the possibilities, the most likely, actually’’

‘’You said… Something about my seal’’

‘’Yes: she may be trying to break it’’

‘’Why? What happens if it breaks?’’

A worried look appearing on his face, he sat back and frowned, ‘’why do I fear you are about to tell me something I do not want to hear?’’

Elijah glanced over at his brother and then looked down at the table, ‘’something strange happened this morning’’


He nodded, ‘’I got into a fight with Tsunami and his shit brother – they slashed my arms up pretty bad, but they healed’’


He held out his arms, ‘’completely’’

Luka grabbed his brother’s arms and stared at them, unable to find any signs of scars or wounds. Then, he let go and slowly looked at him, ‘’is it the first time it has happened?’’

Pulling his arms back and resting them in front of him on the table, placing his feet back down on the floor, he nodded, ‘’yes’’

They fell silent for a moment as Luka started thinking again. There were many possible explanations, but all of them had the same thing in common and he was afraid to think that it was actually possible that his brother was in serious danger. He had never actually been as worried about him as he was now. But he couldn’t just sit there and wonder – he had to know for sure.

He looked at him and frowned suspiciously, ‘’tell me honestly: have you been relying solely on blood ever since you left Japan?’’

Seeing his brothers sceptical look, he looked away in disappointment. He knew he had a problem, but seeing how his brother reacted to it made him feel even more ashamed of himself than he already did.

Luka sat up in astonishment and disappointment, ‘’Elijah! Do you not understand the risks you face doing that?!’’ he exclaimed, raising his voice.

‘’I know!’’ he snapped, glaring at him, ‘’you do not need to lecture me!’’

‘’Yes, I do!’’ he yelled, reaching to grab him, but he slapped his hand away harshly and stood up.

He jumped to his feet and fought with him, trying to grab him as he backed away, smacking his hand away every time he reached out for him-

Angering, Luka kicked his brothers shin, wrapped his arms around his head and stood behind him, holding him in a headlock, ‘’calm the fuck down!’’ he growled quietly.

Elijah struggled, but eventually calmed down, breathing furiously as his brother held him. If it had been anyone else, he would have thrown them off and torn them to pieces, but this was his brother. He was one of the very few people he actually cared about and wouldn’t hurt.


‘’Let me go’’ he grumbled.

Slowly, Luka loosened his grip, lowering his arms as Elijah irritably pulled away, turning around to face him.

Luka then pointed at him, ‘’take it off’’

Elijah frowned angrily, glaring at him, but reluctantly pulled his shirt off-

Then, Luka grabbed his shoulders and turned him around – ‘’tawagoto…’’ he whispered worriedly.

‘’What is it?’’ Elijah asked, trying to look over his shoulder at him.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he stared at the Teshika mark on his brother’s back. From each thorn-like point of the circle surrounding the yin-yang dragons, small black lines were spreading like ink leaking on paper, curving and breaking off into more lines like tree roots. The top lines spread just below his shoulders and curved, starting to form spirals. But those on the bottom of the circle had spread further, reaching the centre of his back, twisting around like snakes.

Clearly perturbed, he dragged his hand over the mark, pressing each thorn-point with his thumb, following the lines with his index finger. He now knew that this was a lot worse than what he had originally thought. His brother was in danger and if he didn’t do something to help, he was going to end up becoming something neither of them would want to see.

‘’Eli’’ he said, stepping back.

Elijah pulled his shirt back on and turned around to face his brother, ‘’what?’’ he asked, staring at his concerned face, growing impatient, ‘’what?’’ he asked again.

Luka sighed reluctantly, ‘’listen to me’’ he said sternly, placing his hand on his brother’s shoulder, ‘’you need to stop, or something terrible is going to happen to you’’

‘’What is going to happen?’’ he asked, staring at him.

‘’Our father put that seal on your rune for a reason and if you keep up with this, it will eventually break and… ‘’

‘’…And what?’’ he growled impatiently.

He ignored him, letting go as he started walking back over to the table, ‘’drinking blood is slowly breaking the seal’’ he started, ‘’if you keep doing it, it will eventually break completely and your Fire Teshika mark will take its place. You will become one of them. So, I suggest you distance yourself from Kathrina until you have- ‘’

‘’I can manage!’’ he growled, ‘’you are talking to me like I am some kind of child who- ‘’

‘’You are!’’ he snapped rather harshly, ‘’how could you let this happen? How does someone like you become addicted to something?!’’ he exclaimed, clear disappointment in his voice.

Elijah snarled quietly, watching as his brother sat down.

‘’Father told you to keep away from people, he specifically told you never to become as close to someone as you have to her!’’

‘’He does not control me and neither do you!’’ he yelled, ‘’I can make my own choices, I can- ‘’

‘’And look where that has got you! That damn seal is breaking and if you do not do something about it you will turn into a monster!’’

‘’Maybe that is for the best!’’ he growled, his anger starting to turn into something explosive, clenching his fists tightly.

Luka angered and jumped to his feet, ‘’is that what you want?! Do you want to end up killing everyone here including Kathrina?!’’

‘’I would never- ‘’

‘’You do not know that! If you carry on like this, you WILL kill the people you care about!’’

‘’I- ‘’

‘’Listen to me!’’ he demanded, ‘’that girl is no good to you right now! She is part of the problem!’’

Furious, Elijah lunged forward to hit his brother, but Luka could already see it coming. He grabbed his brother’s fist, pulled him forward and held his arm behind his own back, twisting him around and forced him down onto his stomach. He grunted angrily as his chin hit the floor; Luka crouched over him, holding one of his arms with both of his and pinning the other down with his knee, glaring at him as he struggled, trying to break free, but he quickly gave up.

He growled angrily, knowing that there was no way out of this lock. No one was better at Jujutsu than his brother who was also a Master-level Ninja. He didn’t threat easily, and he wasn’t afraid to use force when it was needed. Slowly, he calmed down and rested his face on the floor, waiting for Luka to let him go, but it didn’t seem like he planned on doing so until he was done with his lecture.

‘’I am being deadly serious, Eli. You cannot keep doing this. If that seal breaks, your life will become a whole lot more difficult. I am not calling you weak; something like this is near impossible to get back from, but I know you can do it. Never have I met anyone more determined than you. So, not only for your sake, but for everyone else’s… Rehabilitate yourself, or I will be forced to do it for you – and you know what that will involve’’

Elijah frowned angrily, dust flying across the floor as he breathed furiously on it. As much as he wanted to admit his brother was right, he just couldn’t bring himself to do so. He had said he wasn’t calling him weak, but it sure as hell felt like he was. There was nothing that would make him hurt anyone he didn’t want to, least of all a stupid seal his father had put within his Teshika mark to stop him from being able to shift.

He struggled, trying to pull free again, but it was useless. He harshly slammed his head back onto the floor in defeat, ‘’get off me’’ he growled.

‘’Not until you swear to me that you will stop this’’

‘’You want my fucking word?’’ he growled, ‘’really? You humiliate me like this and expect me to- ‘’

‘’I expect you to think about someone other than yourself for once!’’

He growled angrily and struggled again, but slowly calmed down, knowing that he wasn’t going to get out of this unless he swore that he’d stop. Luka was relentless, just like him and he was just as stubborn, too.

Relaxing, he sighed quietly, ‘’alright’’ he mumbled, ‘’I swear, I will stop’’

Luka frowned, but then quickly stood up, backing away as his brother irritably climbed to his feet, glaring at him.


Outside, Merek and the other three of Luka’s companions were still bickering while the group remained standing there, watching them, turning their heads back and forth to stare at them as they spoke. The argument had started off as entertaining, witty puns, but now it was a full-on argument and it was starting to anger the group, especially Tsunami.

The other three had pulled their hoods down like Merek had, revealing their faces.

‘’Hey!’’ he suddenly yelled, ‘’is this all you do all day?!’’

They all stopped and looked over at him, vacant looks on their faces.

The one closest to Merek had black hair which was spiked on top of his head, the sides falling down just past his ears. His eyes were a dull green and he looked rather pale. The man beside him was slightly taller and had ginger hair that fell down just past his shoulders, a long fringe tucked behind his ears. He also had short trimmed anchor-style facial hair which was also ginger, his eyes a dark brown, almost black. The last was the smallest of them all and looked to be the youngest as well, his eyes bright blue and his hair was golden brown, short and spiked up.

All of them looked to be wearing the same thing under their cloaks, black scarfs just visible beneath, wrapped around their necks.

The ginger one laughed, ‘’aye, we do’’ he called, his accent like that of a northerner.

‘’Merek is usually the subject’’ the youngest added, a sly smile on his face.

Merek scowled angrily, ‘’you’re all just jealous ‘cause Luka prefers me over all of you’’

‘’Ye don’ call him that, ingrate!’’ the ginger growled, ‘’ye so damn careless with everything!’’

‘’Whatever’’ he mumbled, looking away.

Just then, the cabin door clicked loudly and Luka walked out (now wearing his cloak again), Elijah following with a rather glum look on his pale face. He had put his coat and cloak back on, gripping the hilt of his wakizashi as it sat in its scabbard at his side.

‘’Finally!’’ Thea called rudely, watching them walk over.

‘’Yeah, we’ve been having to listen to your friends bicker the whole time you were in there’’ Tsunami added.

The ginger one laughed again, ‘’aye, ye just cannae- ‘’

‘’Shut it, Reiner’’ Luka instructed, pointing at him.

He fell silent, his smile fading.

‘’Old man’’ Elijah called, ‘’did you find anything useful from that thing we caught?’’

Opus looked over at him as he and Luka stopped beside Merek, ‘’yes, I did’’


He held out the jar with the purple insect still inside, chittering and crawling around, trying to get out as it violently smashed its head against the glass, ‘’he is a parasite’’

‘’Kinda gathered that’’ Harley said, slowly rubbing his arm where Elijah had previously stabbed him.

‘’He possesses some kind of venom, but I am unable to tell what kind. I am not sure if it is a kill type, or a turn-type. The only way we will be able to tell is if we give it a host’’

Immediately, everyone backed away from the old man, revolted looks on their faces.

‘’Do you think it can lead us to Alucard?’’ Elijah asked.

‘’Yes’’ he replied, ‘’it possesses void magic, but it is too weak to track. However, if we give it a host, I believe the magic will strengthen and we can use it to find him’’

‘’Right’’ Elijah said, ‘’I shall go and get you what you need- ‘’

‘’Where are you going?’’ Luka asked, grabbing his brother’s cloak.

He stopped and looked around at everyone, ‘’there is a man who caused a bunch of Vampires to try and capture Kathrina and myself – I think he would be a great candidate’’

Luka let go of him, ‘’fine, go and get him, but do not make a scene. The last thing we need are the Vampires chasing after us’’

Elijah nodded and quickly walked off, leaving the ship and disappearing into the crowd of people below.


‘’I will remain here’’ Luka said as he looked at Kathrina, ‘’my brother has asked me to assist you. I hear this Alucard may very well be the very first Vampire, so you are going to need all of the help you can get. I know of an organization here, so I will try and reach out to them’’

Kathrina frowned, ‘’an organization?’’

He nodded, ‘’yes, a group of people who resent and want to rid this city of Vampires. They may know of this man, so it is in our best interest to find them. We four will make that our task and you should focus on finding out what that thing is’’ he said, pointing to the insect, ‘’Merek, remain here, my brother may need you for intel’’

‘’Why didn’t you tell us sooner? You could have told us about them before we even came here’’ Kathrina scowled.

‘’My brother failed to tell me where it was that you were headed when you left Japan; if he had told me, I could have been of more use. Anyway, we cannot waste any more time – make haste’’ he said, pulling up his hood and looked over at his small group.

The three of them pulled up their hoods and followed Luka as he stepped down onto the docks, also disappearing into the crowd of people.

‘’So, ‘’ Tsunami said as he stepped forward, ‘’looks like we’re actually getting somewhere now’’

Opus pulled the jar back into his coat, tucking it in a pocket inside and then closed it, ‘’that may be so’’

They all stopped and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

He tucked his long hair behind his ear and sighed, ‘’but if Alucard is the first Vampire, we are going to have to take some extreme precautions. We will need to find out how to kill him as a Vampire before the Elemental sword will have any effect on him’’

Merek frowned, ‘’Elemental sword?’’

‘’It’s what kills the people we’re after’’ Kathrina called.

He nodded slowly, ‘’ahhh’’

‘’What have you been doing with Luka anyway?’’ she asked curiously.

An excited smirk appearing on his face, he leaned back on the mast, ‘’we’ve been looking for these weird amulets; Luka suspects they have something to do with your quest’’

Opus frowned and grabbed his arm quite harshly, ‘’what amulets?’’

‘’Wow, sheesh, get off me old man!’’ he growled, pulling away, ‘’just these weird little things with purple crystals in them- ‘’

‘’Show me!’’ Opus insisted, a strange, sincere tone in his voice.

‘’No, Luka has them’’

‘’How many have you found?!’’

They all looked sat him strangely as Merek looked around at them all for assistance, but none came.

He shrugged, ‘’two so far. We were actually on our way to France to look for another one when we received Elijah’s message’’

The old man eyed him evilly, but then swiftly turned around and disappeared below the deck, everyone watching strangely as he did.

‘’What the hell was that all about?’’ Merek asked, straightening his cloak.

‘’He’s weird sometimes’’ Logan shrugged.

‘’He’s crazy’’

‘’Yeah, maybe a little’’ Tsunami grumbled, ‘’well, if scar-face is bringing a prisoner back, we should find somewhere to put him’’

Merek frowned, ‘’scar-face?’’

‘’Can you not call him that?!’’ Kathrina growled.

‘’Yeah, it’s what they call Elijah’’ Thea answered.

‘’Oh… ‘Cause of the scar, right?’’ he asked, dragging his index finger down over his right eye.

‘’Well done’’ Alpha grinned.

Tsunami grabbed his brother’s arm, ‘’come on, help me clear out the store room’’

‘’Why me?’’ he groaned as he started dragging him along.


Watching them leave, everyone else slowly looked back over at Merek.

‘’Were you at the ceremony?’’ Harley suddenly asked, trying to create small-talk.

Merek looked over at him and shrugged, ‘’nah, I came with Luka, but I just waited on our ship with everyone else. I heard it though – You Japanese sure play some weird music’’

The two of them chuckled quietly.

Thea interrupted, ‘’now that your goofus friends are gone, tell us why Luka is a criminal’’ she demanded, glaring at him.

The same excited smirk appearing on his face, he looked down at her, ‘’our boss is one of the most wanted criminals in THE WORLD!’’ he stated, ‘’and for good reason’’

‘’I already know this story’’ Kathrina mumbled.

‘’Well we don’t!’’ Joe called, a rather curious look on his face.

‘’Yeah, I wanna know’’ Octavia called.

Harley nodded, ‘’I know some of Luka’s crimes, but he never shared the one that made him a world-class criminal. Please, do tell us’’ he smiled, clearly as curious as everyone else.

Clearing his throat, Merek made himself comfortable, ‘’I haven’t always been with Luka, but I was his first companion. When I first met him, he was just a thief known all throughout Japan and China, but now, he’s a lot more than just a thief’’ he started.

Everyone leaned closer, apart from Kathrina who rolled her eyes irritably.

‘’Luka has assassinated Generals, Masters, Kings, Queens, Bishops – He’s a murderer’’ he grinned, ‘’he’s stolen from those kinds of people too, captured and tortured them, made them tell him shit that would make you go ‘no way!’ – he’s the best of the best’’ he explained, clear awe and envy in his voice.

Harley frowned, ‘’Luka’s a Ninja: if he was as good as you say, he wouldn’t have ever been caught and would not be known as a criminal to anyone, least of the entire world!’’

‘’Yeah’’ Logan agreed, ‘’why is he known as well as you say?’’

Merek smirked again, ‘’well, that’s the thing about our boss: he never leaves a man behind. On one of our missions, one of our team was caught. We all insisted we leave him, but Luka wouldn’t. He went back for him – alone. In doing so, he exposed himself and after a while, everyone we had stolen from or those related to the people we killed started putting everything together. He’s even been given a name’’

‘’What’s that?’’ Thea asked.

‘’Crimson Pariah’’ Kathrina answered, ‘’red hair, criminal status – makes sense’’

‘’Huh…’’ Harley laughed, ‘’so, we have one Kutaki who’s a Master class Ninja, a world-known criminal, a murderer and a thief… interesting. And then we have another Kutaki: A Master Arikarin with a seriously bad temper, known throughout most of Japan for his Demon-like attitude and behaviour and in actuality, he is a Demon. Is there anything else we should know?’’

‘’One has a family whereas the other does not’’ Merek answered.

Logan frowned, ‘’what?’’

‘’Luka has a wife and two kids’’ he answered.

Thea also frowned, ‘’sheesh, how old is he? Fifty?’’

‘’Twenty-five, actually’’

Her eyes widened with shock, but she looked away and fell silent.

Now that the discussion on Luka was over, they all fell silent, waiting for both Kutaki brothers to return with the things they had set out to find. It was starting to look like they were finally going to get somewhere; after being here for two days, it seemed like they were going to be able to find Alucard and leave this cold, creepy city.

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