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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Order Of The Holy Grail

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SMASH!!! - The door to the mask store flung open, a cold breeze rushing in, but what followed was far deadlier than the cold-

The shopkeeper screamed hysterically, backing against the wall – He watched as Elijah burst into his store, a frightening anger all over his pale face. He had no time to talk or walk – he leaped forward and onto the counter, crouching like a cat, grabbing the man’s coat, pulled him forward and growled angrily as he cried and whimpered in terror, staring into Elijah’s furious eyes.

Then, Elijah forced him down onto the ground, gripping his throat with his claw-bared hands as he crouched down over him-

‘’What do you want?!’’ the man cried, turning his head to the side and holding his eyes shut in fear, whimpering like a child.

Elijah gripped the man’s throat tighter, an unbelievable anger firing up within him. He had kept it restrained since the talk with his brother; if he had lashed out when he had wanted to back then, he would have hurt the people he cared about. But he didn’t care about this man – this measly, arrogant shit that caused Kathrina and himself an unnecessary amount of trouble – he had even been bitten by a foul, revolting Vampire because of this man – he wanted to kill him; he wanted to decorate his expensive store with his own insides, but he knew he couldn’t do that – yet. Opus needed him. So, he was going to get him – probably not in one piece, but he’d get him.

The man started choking, unable to breathe with Elijah’s hands gripping his throat. He tried to pull his hands off, but Elijah harshly smacked his hands away with his other one, muttering something in Japanese as he did. It was then that he recognized who Elijah was – he had spoke in that same language when he and Kathrina were there to purchase their masquerade masks. Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared up at the furious face of Elijah who was growling quietly.

He choked, ‘’you… You’re that guy… From yesterday…’’ he said, his voice coarse and pained.

Tightening his grip, Elijah scowled evilly, ‘’why did you betray us? We paid you to keep your mouth shut!’’

Struggling, he shrugged, ‘’a… A man has to eat!’’

‘’So does a Demon’’ Elijah snarled, leaning closer and baring his fangs, a devilish glare in his eyes as he lifted his thumb from around the man’s neck and dragged it across his cheek, cutting it deeply as blood oozed out.

The man shuddered and grunted as blood trickled from the wound and down his face, ‘’D-Demon?’’ he asked, petrified as he stared at Elijah’s face.

Elijah grinned evilly and leaned closer, intimidating him-

‘’W-Wait! Please don’t kill me!’’ he pleaded, struggling.

‘’Then talk’’ Elijah demanded, deadpanning, ‘’why did you tell the Vampires about us?’’

He stared up at him as he slowly loosened his grip on his throat, glaring evilly at him, ‘’I… ‘’ he started, clearing his throat, catching his breath, ‘’I… had… no… choice… ‘’ he said slowly, so slowly that it seemed like he was stalling-


Elijah deadpanned again, blinking slowly as he turned his head and stared down at his left arm – The man had picked up a small dagger and stabbed it right into his arm just below his shoulder, but Elijah didn’t even flinch. All he felt was total disappointment. Was that all he had?

The man panicked and let go of the dagger as Elijah turned back to look at him, the same unimpressed look still on his pale face. He raised his right hand and yanked the dagger from his arm –

‘’W-Wait!’’ he pleaded again, holding up his hands in surrender.

Scowling angrily, Elijah snarled and dropped the dagger, his blood soaking the blade.

‘’I had too! Alucard would have just found out anyway! He would have killed me!’’

‘’You should have let that happen – by the time I am done with you, you will be wishing you had not crossed me’’ he threatened, slowly standing up.

‘’Please! I- ‘’

Elijah leaned down and grabbed the shopkeeper’s coat, pulling him to his feet as he whimpered and looked around desperately for help, but no one was coming.


Meanwhile, back on the ship, Opus was below the deck sitting at a table in his room. The small jar containing the insect was standing beside an inkpot, the creature chirping and scraping furiously at the glass, trying to escape. The scratching of a quill on paper echoed through the room as Opus scribbled expeditiously, a concerned look on his face.

His room was gloomy, a small candle sitting on the windowsill, the window blocked with his coat which he had taken off, now sitting in his shirt, the runes scattered up his arm all visible as well as the scars that covered his left arm. There were scrolls thrown into a pile on one table, pieces of paper scattered all over another as well as old quills and empty ink pots. There were also shelves lines with jars and containers filled with powders, plants and all sorts of strange alchemy ingredients; there was even a dead rat preserved in a rather large jar, floating in a green bubbling liquid, a candle burning beneath it.

Just then, a quiet knock came at his door. He slowly swung around in his chair to see Kathrina standing in the doorway, gazing over at him. His eyes lit up slightly, seemingly intrigued by her sudden, unexpected appearance. He leaned back behind him and placed the quill he had been using back onto the table and then leaned back in his chair, relaxing as he folded his arms in front of him, looking over at her still.

‘’Kathrina’’ he said, ‘’what is it?’’

At first, she seemed reluctant to answer. She looked around slowly at everything and gasped quietly when she noticed the rat. It was a fact that Opus was an alchemist, but she didn’t know he had such a barbaric experiment in his room. The rat still looked alive and the fact that it was boiling in that water made her feel extremely uncomfortable. However, she wasn’t there to question why he was boiling a rodent. Taking her eyes off it, she looked back over at his curious face, his Warlock eye seeming to glare at her more than his Seer one.

She took a deep breath, trying to ignore the rat, ‘’why… why did you get so worked up when Merek mentioned what he and Luka were looking for?’’

He frowned slowly, losing the curious look, ‘’I assumed you were here to ask me more about Demons, specifically Elijah’s type’’

‘’No’’ she said sternly, trying to keep him from changing the subject, ‘’why did you become so anxious when he mentioned them? And he said they had purple crystals in them – do they have something to do with you or the sword?’’

‘’Hmm’’ he mumbled quietly, slowly spinning back around in his chair to face the paper he had been scribbling on, ‘’you never fail to miss anything, do you, Kathrina?’’

Confused by his anomalous tone, she stood there in silence, waiting for him to continue. But he didn’t say anything else; he picked up the quill and started writing again. The scratching that came from the pen as it met with the paper was eerie and irritating, even more so since he had ignored her question and was most likely expecting her to leave. But she wasn’t going anywhere. He was clearly hiding something, and she wanted to know what.

‘’Are they something to do with the crystals that appear from the Elementals when we kill them?’’ she questioned, becoming more impatient as he continued to write.

The old man continued writing, mumbling quietly to himself as he did. The longer she stood behind him, the more rapid his movements became, scribbling so quickly it was like he wasn’t even trying to keep whatever he was writing in a readable state. It wasn’t even clear whether he was actually writing or not.

‘’Opus!’’ she exclaimed, ‘’talk to me!’’

Suddenly, he slammed the pen down irritably, startling Kathrina, ‘’we will need them eventually’’ he said, looking over his shoulder at her.

‘’What? The amulets Luka has found?’’

He swung around in his chair again and nodded, ‘’along with the crystals we acquire when killing the Elementals’’

‘’But, what do we need them for?’’

‘’Do you remember back in Japan when I told you how the Elementals came to be?’’

She nodded, ‘’yeah, the story of the ancient creature being sealed away, creating the Teshika to one day return his power’’

‘’You have somewhat answered your own question. I was asked if he wanted to be freed and I did not answer that question’’

‘’Well, does he?’’

Opus looked at her reluctantly and sighed, ‘’yes, that is the goal. Once we kill all of the Elementals, we will take the crystals to the Gateway that he is sealed within. We will free him’’

Kathrina was speechless. She had no idea what to say or think. It was starting to make sense though; the voice within the sword was the creature that had been sealed away by the Humans all those years ago and he was expecting them to gather his stolen power and then eventually free him. She didn’t like that at all; there had to be a very good reason for his imprisonment, the story about greed just didn’t convince her enough. Yeah, Humans were greedy, but if the creature really was as powerful as Opus had made it out to be, how could it have been defeated like that? There had to be something else going on here.

She thought deeply – Opus had said one of the Dragon Magus’ that sealed the creature away had killed all of the others and stolen its power – was it possible that Lucious was actually this Dragon Magus? Yes, that had to be it! It was all falling into place now – The group of people called the Dragon Magus’ were strong enough to imprison a godly creature and Lucious seemed the perfect fit for such a description; she had seen how easily he defeated all of them back then… How easily he had kicked Elijah to his knees, how heartlessly he killed her friends… And according to Opus, Lucious couldn’t die until all of the other Elementals had been slain.

It now made sense – enough sense for her to see that they really were dealing with something they probably should have left alone. Lucious was a maniac, but she had never imagined he was powerful enough to bring a god to his knees. It frightened her even more. What was she thinking? This was stupid, there was no way they could fight someone like that! Unless Opus was planning on freeing the creature to help them fight Lucious… Could that be it?

‘’Wait,’’ she said, moving closer to him as he eyed her closely, ‘’do we only need to kill the Elementals to free him?’’

Opus shook his head, ‘’killing them is the first step. We must then kill Lucious; he holds the majority of the ancient beast’s power and without it, we cannot complete our mission’’

She frowned angrily, ‘’I still don’t understand this. What even is our mission?’’

‘’Restoring order’’ he said sternly, ‘’this realm is rotting and without him, everything will wither and die, Kathrina. We must free him, it is your people’s destiny’’

Looking away from him, she frowned in confusion. This was so frustrating! This creature created the Teshika in his last moments so that one day he would be free again, but why? There were so many questions… But most of all, why did Opus seem so dedicated? He was one of the ten Elementals; shouldn’t he at least be a little reluctant about all of this?

Frustrated, she shook her head, ‘’okay, what about the amulets? Why do we need those all of a sudden?’’

Opus reached behind him and snatched the paper he had been drawing on from the table. He held it up in her face and pointed to it; there was a drawing of what looked like an amulet on it. It was greatly detailed, too. There was a crystal in the centre of the pentagon-shaped pendant with what looked like a rune drawn behind it.

‘’This is what Elijah’s brother seeks. I am surprised, yet relieved. I do not know where he discovered their existence, but it saves me having to get you to find them’’

Taking the drawing from him, she stared at it, ‘’but what are they for?’’

‘’They are keys’’

‘’Keys?’’ she asked, lowering the paper to look at him.

He nodded and took the paper back from her, ‘’yes, keys. They will open the Gateway that he is sealed in and release him. However, his power must be returned to him first via the sword’’

She nodded slowly, ‘’okay… How many keys are there?’’


Her jaw dropped, ‘’nineteen?!’’

Opus nodded, ‘’yes. Elijah’s brother has found two and I must get a closer look at them’’

Kathrina stared at him, still unsure. What he was saying did make sense and she was grateful that he had given her a better understanding of what they were doing all of this for: to free a god. It seemed almost unbelievable, but it also excited her. But then, she frowned again; what would happen after everything was done? What did this god have planned once he was free?

‘’Opus’’ she said, watching him swing back in his chair to face his table, ‘’what does this god plan to do once he is free?’’

‘’Restore order’’ he repeated, scribbling again.

She frowned angrily, ‘’what does that mean?!’’

‘’I do not know’’ he said, ‘’it is all he told me. Now, if you do not mind, I have things to get back too. Make sure to get Elijah to tell his brother to allow me a look at those amulets’’

Glaring at him as he scratched the paper with the quill, she turned around and walked away, closing his door behind her. That was rather rude of him.


She stood in the narrow corridor not too far from his door, thinking. A lot made sense now and a lot of things she was unsure about had been cleared up. All she had to do now was tell everyone else, so they were on the same page, but she knew each of them would react differently. Finding out that they were actually aiming to free an ancient god had made her feel both afraid and excited, but that was just her usual curiosity getting the better of her. The others wouldn’t take it so lightly, especially Elijah and Tsunami. Alpha would probably treat it as a joke and Thea would express a huge amount of doubt. She was now thinking that maybe it would be best no to tell them.

But then, she remembered what happened last time she failed to tell them something as important as this. She hadn’t told them about the warning she had received from Lucious and as a result of that, three of her friends were killed, Tsunami’s curse was awoken, and Elijah lost his eyes, his Jikato along with them and almost died himself. If it hadn’t been for the combined efforts of Luka and Opus, Elijah would be blind and immobilized. So, she wasn’t going to make a mistake like that again.

She started walking again, heading towards the steps that led up to the deck, but as she came closer, she could hear muffled mumbling along with what sounded like crates being stacked and dragged across the wooden floor. Curious, she stopped beside the stairs and peeked to the left, noticing Alpha leaning back on the doorframe of the storage room, a rather amused grin on his face as he stared inside. Then, Tsunami’s unmistakeable voice came from within the room as another loud clang echoed from their direction.

Instead of turning to walk up the steps, she wandered over. Alpha immediately turned his head and watched her as she walked over, his grin slowly fading.

‘’What are you doing?’’ she asked, looking up at him.

Just then, Tsunami emerged from the room, a rather exhausted look on his face, ‘’oh, Kathrina, what are you doing down here?’’

She frowned, watching as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, ‘’I came to see Opus – what are you doing?’’

‘’Scar-face is bringing a prisoner back, isn’t he? We’re gonna need somewhere to torture the poor sod, right?’’ he said, a strange excitement in his voice.

‘’We’re not torturing anyone’’ she snapped, glaring at him.

‘’Uh, yeah, we are’’ Alpha said, ‘’ain’t Opus gonna let that creepy little bug crawl into that guy? You saw how Harley reacted- ‘’

‘’I think it’s a stupid idea!’’

‘’But wasn’t it scar-face’s idea? Don’t you like, agree with everything he says?’’


Kathrina stepped back as Alpha grabbed his face which immediately started turning red from where she had slapped him. Tsunami laughed quietly as his brother sharply turned his head and glared at him in shock.

‘’You deserved it’’ Tsunami snickered.

Alpha rubbed his face irritably and then looked back down at Kathrina.

‘’We don’t know what’s going to happen, so it’s best if we keep him somewhere secure’’ Tsunami said, ‘’if he escapes, it would most likely lure Vampires to us and we don’t need that’’

She looked up at him and nodded slowly. He was right. If they didn’t keep the prisoner somewhere secure, he could draw the attention of Vampires and that was something they really didn’t need. This entire city was full of them, after all, and there was a thin chance they’d be able to hold off that many Vampires without casualty.

‘’Fine’’ she said, but before she could continue, she was interrupted by some commotion coming from above, dust falling from the wooden ceiling above them as the sound of footsteps stomped across the deck above.


‘’Move it!’’ Elijah growled angrily, shoving the shopkeeper forward and onto the ship.

He panicked, stumbling forward and as he fell, he hit his face on the deck, whimpering quietly.

Logan and Harley rushed over, leaving Joe, Octavia and Thea with Merek beside the foremast, watching curiously.

Elijah harshly kicked the man’s side just as he was about to stand up, making him stumble and fall again, bawling like a frightened child.

‘’Is that the guy?’’ Harley asked, stopping beside Elijah.

‘’It is’’ he growled, kicking him again.

Just then, Kathrina came rushing up the stairs from beneath the deck, Alpha and Tsunami following her as she rushed over, a concerned look on her face.

‘’Take this piece of shit before I kill him’’ Elijah growled, looking at the brothers as they stood beside Logan, all of them looking down at the whimpering man as he rolled around on his back.

Tsunami rolled his eyes and crouched down, picking up the man as he continued to bawl, staring at Elijah with a petrified look. He and his brother then disappeared below the deck again, vanishing with the man.

‘’Did you get anything out of him?’’ Harley asked.

He shook his head-

Kathrina suddenly grabbed his arm and examined the tear in his coat, ‘’what happened?’’ she asked, clearly worried.

Looking down at her concerned face, he smiled, ‘’nothing, I just caught it on something’’ he lied.

She frowned, but smiled and hugged his arm. He smiled again and pulled her under his cloak, hugging her tightly.

Then, Merek wandered over, ‘’Luka has made contact with the organization here’’ he said, looking up at a black bird that he had just created, brushing the black dust from his hands, ‘’he will return to us in due course’’

Elijah nodded, ‘’it seems this time he really did make haste. I though it was just something he had a habit of saying’’ he smirked.

Merek laughed quietly, ‘’indeed’’

‘’What was the bird for then?’’ Harley asked, staring at Merek suspiciously.

‘’The rest of our crew stayed behind in case we need to relay any information. Luka is on his way back with one of the organizations members. Apparently, he can help us’’

Kathrina moved out from under Elijah’s cloak and stared at him, ‘’help us how?’’

Looking down at her, Merek smirked, ‘’this organization exist solely to rid this city of Vampires; you don’t think they don’t know anything about the big bad leader Vampire?’’


He nodded, ‘’he should be able to answer your questions and help you find this guy’’

‘’So, we’re finally going to get somewhere then?’’ Logan asked, relief in his voice.

‘’Indeed, you are’’ came Luka’s voice.

They all turned around and watched as he walked aboard the ship, a rather oddly dressed man beside him.


This man was dressed in white vestments; the amice was red in color with a golden outline. His cincture was golden as well, tied around his waist beneath the white chasuble. The stone was just visible under the cincture, also red and golden in color. The Alb was also white, falling to his ankles. In one hand, he was holding a black book, his other hand hidden within the long sleeves of his outfit. He had short, greasy dark brown hair and dull, amber eyes. He looked rather pale and there were patches of dirt all over his visible hand and face.

‘’This is Father Gizon; he is a Priest’’ Luka introduced, holding out his hand towards the man.

Thea frowned as she walked over with Joe and Octavia, ‘’a Priest for what?’’

Father Gizon bowed respectfully, ‘’I am Father Gizon, one of the higher Priests of our order. It is a pleasure to meet with you all. Your friend speaks very fondly of all of you’’

Elijah scowled at his brother and leaned into his ear, ‘’why have you delivered us a religious nut-job?’’

Luka shoved him away, ‘’do not be so disrespectful, brother’’

He stumbled back into his place, holding Kathrina tightly. Just then, Opus, Alpha and Tsunami emerged from beneath the deck, wandering over as they stared curiously at the new man.

‘’I hope he’s not here to sanctify us’’ Alpha laughed, ‘’I’ll kill him before he can even chant one verse’’

‘’I do not sanctify Demons, but if I have reason to believe you wish to cause me harm, I will not hesitate to do so. It took a lot of convincing from your friend here to make me meet with you all. Having one Demon among your allies would have been a shock, but three?’’ he asked, eyeing Alpha, Tsunami and then Elijah, ‘’I would have thought you were here to kill us having not been greeted by Luka beforehand’’

They all stared at the Priest strangely.

‘’Well, what order are you from?’’ Harley asked, changing the subject.

He straightened up and held his black book to his chest, ‘’The Order of The Holy Grail’’ he said proudly, ‘’we have existed here for many centuries. We first banded together when Alucard came to this land with the plague known as Vampirism. This land belongs to the Nirbron family and it is our job to make sure we can return it to them’’

‘’The Nirbron family?’’ Tsunami asked.

‘’A family of very skilled hunters. But they disappeared a long time ago, shortly after Alucard’s arrival’’

‘’So, why is it your job to get rid of the Vampires?’’ Alpha asked.

Gizon lowered his book, ‘’they entrusted us with the task before leaving. They own this land, this city, everything- ‘’

‘’This does not matter,’’ Elijah interrupted, ‘’tell us about Alucard, mainly how to kill him’’

The Priest looked at him and nodded gracefully, ‘’Alucard is presumably thousands of years old. He was the very first Vampire, so you can imagine he is very different from any other Vampire. He can walk in the daylight and nothing we have tried so far can kill him’’

‘’What have you tried?’’ Kathrina asked.

‘’Stakes, silver, holy water, fire, magic, Demon venom, Demon blood – he cannot die. However, I see potential in you. I hear you have slain immortals like him before’’

‘’We have’’ Elijah answered, ‘’so, tell us where he is, and we shall kill him too’’

He nodded again, ‘’Alucard lives in the castle atop the mountain; however, it cannot be reached. The only entrance is within the forest beyond the walls, but it is plagued with walking corpses and Werewolves’’

‘’Lurkers’’ Kathrina said.

Everyone looked at her strangely.

‘’The walking corpses,’’ Elijah said sternly, ‘’we called them Lurkers’’

‘’Makes sense’’ Harley mumbled.

Tsunami shook his head impatiently, ‘’where is this entrance?’’

‘’I am willing to lead you there, provided you can protect me from such beasts’’

‘’Stupid question’’ Alpha grinned.

‘’Wait,’’ Kathrina said, ‘’what can we expect to find in this castle?’’

The Priest looked down at her, ‘’we are not sure, none of us have ever set foot within, but we do know that he is there. He hasn’t left it since his lover died’’

Alpha scoffed and rolled his eyes, ‘’great, a love story’’

‘’Shut it’’ Tsunami growled.

‘’Well,’’ the Priest continued, ‘’if he has left since then, we do not know of such an event. We keep a close eye on the castle; the only one who ever leaves and enters is Count Urin’’

‘’Count Urin?’’ Thea asked.

He nodded, ‘’Count Urin is one of Alucard’s only trusted allies. In fact, he was injured not too long ago, I hear he received a silver arrow through his chest, missing his heart by mere inches. It could have killed him – if only it did, things would have gotten a lot easier for us all’’

‘’Silver arrow?’’ Harley asked.

He nodded.

‘’Ah shit’’ he mumbled, scratching the back of his head as he looked away.

Elijah frowned at him, ‘’you missed’’

‘’Yeah, I did’’ he mumbled, clearly disappointed in himself.

Gizon frowned, but then understood what they were talking about, ‘’it was you who fired the arrow?’’

Harley nodded slowly and then grunted angrily, ‘’how the fuck did I miss?! I saw it go right fucking through him!’’

‘’Oh, that wouldn’t have been your fault’’ the Priest said, ‘’Urin is a very powerful Vampire; I am not at all surprised that he survived. He was in fact one of the first people Alucard turned’’

‘’You’re straying from the subject’’ Tsunami called, ‘’tell us more about this castle entrance’’

‘’Of course,’’ he said, ‘’this entrance is in a very hostile area of the forest; there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of… Lurkers, there’’

‘’Alright, how about you tell us what these Lurkers are’’ Logan suggested.

He nodded, ‘’they are undead monsters; we believe Alucard created them to keep the Werewolves from entering his city. The Werewolves live outside the walls and have tried entering the city countless times, but then he released the creatures you called Lurkers. They swarmed and attacked the Werewolves’ homes and families. Now, the Werewolves are too busy trying to protect their homes from those monsters’’

‘’Why? What made him so worried about Werewolves that he went and created those creatures to keep them occupied?’’ Kathrina asked suspiciously.

‘’We do not know. Perhaps you can find those answers’’

‘’Did you know that the Lurkers are something between Human and Vampire?’’ Elijah asked.

He shook his head, ‘’n-no, we never managed to get close enough to tell. How did you find that out?’’

‘’We found one buried in the ground’’ Kathrina said, ‘’Elijah managed to get a closer look at it; it had fangs, just like a Vampire’’

‘’They seem to be attracted to us as well, like they have some kind of hunger’’ Elijah added.

‘’I found out from some Werewolves that Alucard was apparently trying to make something… better, but those Lurkers is what he got – I guess he failed’’

The Priest took a moment to take it all in, but then nodded slowly, ‘’yes, I see you have made unbelievable progress already… I am amazed… Yes, we shall head for the ruin right away- ‘’

‘’Tomorrow’’ Elijah said sternly, ‘’we have something else to deal with right now’’

‘’What would that be?’’ he asked, looking at him impatiently.

Alpha grinned, ‘’a little experiment’’


‘’We found something that emits the same magic as the people we hunt’’ Tsunami said, ‘’we think it could help us find Alucard’’

Gizon’s face seemed to light up a bit, ‘’very well, take as long as you need. Would you mind… Can I see this discovery of yours?’’

Everyone looked at each other unsurely.

Luka sighed, ‘’I do not see a problem with that. Old man, is it still alive?’’

Opus nodded, ‘’yes, and I believe we shouldn’t waste any more time. Elijah was successful in bringing us a host, so let us get on with it’’

‘’Host?’’ the Priest asked.

‘’We’ll explain it when we get down there’’ Tsunami said as he turned around, starting to follow Opus as he led the way beneath the deck.

Slowly, everyone else followed, unsure of what to expect from Opus’ experiment…

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