Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Reeves' Warning

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Harley frowned, staring at Reeves as he started petting the shaggy black cat that had wandered over to their table, sitting and cleaning its paws, stopping occasionally to glare at them all. The old Seer had given them nothing useful yet and it was starting to irritate him. It made him question how this group had managed to do all that they had done already; if all the people Luka sent them to find were like this, then it was a complete mystery to him how they had achieved all they did.

Thea growled impatiently, ‘’look, we’re after a guy named Alucard – You said you heard his name, so where did you hear it?’’

Reeves shrugged, ‘’some city run by Vampires. You can’t go there’’

‘’And why is that?’’ Joe called, flinching irritably as Logan snored, drooling on his shoulder.

‘’Duhh, Vampires! Do ye not know what they are?’’

The cat hissed as Harley leaned forward, ‘’yes, we do. We’ve dealt with things far worse than Vampires. So, tell us where this city is and we’ll leave you in peace’’

He shook his head, ‘’I ain’t sending kids to their deaths. Your mate told me to tell you about Vampires; he didn’t mention anything about giving you directions- ‘’

‘’You’ll tell us if you know what’s good for you’’ Thea growled, glaring at him.

‘’That’s right,’’ Joe called, ‘’we’ve got some very impatient friends waiting for us outside and if we go and tell them you didn’t tell us what we asked, you’re gonna be the one sent to his death’’

Slightly startled by his threat, Reeves sat up and downed another drink, ‘’ye got a ship?’’ he asked, suddenly gaining a hasty tone in his croaky voice.

‘’We do’’ Harley answered.


‘’Why do you want paper?’’ Joe asked.

Reeves pulled a piece of coal out of his pocket, ‘’so I can draw ye a map’’

They all looked at each other strangely, but started searching through their pockets. The cat watched them curiously as they grunted and grumbled, searching their coats, pockets and sleeves, but it seemed like none of them had any. But then, Harley looked over at the wall, staring at a small notice written in a language he couldn’t understand. He reached over and pulled it from the pin keeping it against the wooden wall and then slammed it down in front of Reeves.

The cat stood up and strolled over to Harley, rubbing its face affectionately over his as he tried shewing it away, but it sat right in front of him, gazing at his face as he glared back.

Pulling the paper closer, Reeves started scribbling on it with the piece of coal. As he did, he grumbled and mumbled quietly, drawing over the same lines and markings several times. He sighed quietly, but once he was done, he sat up and pointed to a circle he had drawn in the top left corner.

‘’This is where we are right now’’ he said.

All of them stared at the paper and watched as he dragged his finger along a line he had drawn, leading to another circle on the right side of the paper, curving around a huge forest he had quickly drawn up, several very badly drawn trees and bushes sitting in a circle.

‘’And this is where you’re headed. This forest,’’ he said, pointing to the badly drawn trees, ‘’avoid it. It’s where all the Werewolves are’’

Harley snatched the paper from him and glared at it, ‘’are you serious? You couldn’t just tell us it was to the east?’’

Reeves shrugged, ‘’I like drawing’’

‘’Yeah, but apparently, you’re not very good at it’’ Thea mumbled, watching as the black cat strolled over to her and nudged her hand with its face, making her pet it.

Tucking the paper under his scarf, Harley leaned back onto the table, ‘’so, what can you tell us about this city apart from the fact that its run by Vampires?’’

He sighed loudly and also leaned forward, ‘’well, only recently has it become a no-go zone for anything other than Vampires; usually, you were safe during the day, but the Priests warn everyone to stay away even during the day time now’’

‘’Priests? The same guys that sanctified this place?’’ Thea asked, intrigued.

‘’Ya. They’ve been trying for hundreds of years to sanctify that place, but they can’t get close. They kill one Vampire and another takes its place’’

Octavia leaned past Joe, ‘’do any people live there?’’

‘’Ya, there are villages. The Vampires have some kind of pact with ‘em: they let ‘em live there as long as they don’t interfere with ‘em’’ he explained simply, ‘’I don’t know why anyone would wanna live there’’

Harley nodded slowly, ‘’well, I guess we’ll find out when we get there’’

Reeves choked slightly, ‘’ye actually going there?’’

He nodded, standing up, ‘’thanks for your time. Come on, let’s go’’ he said, looking down at everyone.


Meanwhile, back at the ship, Elijah had placed Kathrina into the bed in the quarters they were staying in, staring down at her in confusion as Opus looked closely at her.

The room was lit dimly by a few scattered candles, their light reflecting off all the weapons scattered around the room. Just like he had previously asked, Harley had all of Elijah’s old Arikarin weapons and belongings moved to the ship before leaving Japan. There was a rather large display cabinet covering half of the left wall filled with the curved swords Arikarin favored, all of them with differently colored hilts and some even had patterns and carvings in the blades.

In between that cabinet and another was the armor he had worn when he fought Harley, the scarf hanging loosely around the shoulders just below the straw hat. The cabinet beside it had all different kinds of weapons in it; there were sets of kunai and shuriken as well as three pairs of sai’s. The first pair had two-pointed blade-like prongs curving outward from the hilt, the second having three and the third had four. There were two jutte beside them, their hilts red and pretty worn down. Next to that cabinet was the rack lined with several naginata’s, a bow mounted on the wall above them.

To the right of the table sat under the huge windows was a small cupboard with a sword display sat on it, a scroll hanged on the wall above it with several paintings of dragons and flames on it. It was the display on which Elijah’s Master Blade once sat before being given to him. He stared back at it, waiting for Opus to tell him what was wrong with Kathrina. He was worried beyond explanation, but he trusted the old man.

Trying to keep himself from snapping impatiently at him, he looked around the room, staring at all of his weapons over and over again. Slowly, he looked over at the small table that sat beside the bed, the small wolf carving Logan had given Kathrina for her birthday sitting on it beside a candle.

As a wave crashed against the outside of the ship, Elijah flinched slightly, startled by the sudden sound, turning his attention to Opus again who was kneeled down beside the bed, his hand placed on Kathrina’s forehead as he held his other above her stomach. His hand was glowing a dim golden color, but the confused look on his face wasn’t making either of them feel any better.

‘’What is it?’’ Elijah asked, his impatience becoming something unbearable.

Opus slowly stood up and held his hand over his mouth, thinking, ‘’I am not sure… It is strange… Yes… I must speak with you outside’’ he said, turning around and walking out before Elijah could refuse.

Watching him leave, Kathrina frowned strangely, but then looked over at Elijah as he walked over, kneeling down beside her.

‘’What’s up with him?’’ she asked quietly, he face paler than Elijah’s.

Staring at her, he frowned, ‘’I… I should go and see what he wants’’ he said, carefully pulling the blanket over her, making sure she was comfortable.

She smiled weakly, ‘’okay’’

‘’I’ll be right back’’ he smiled, leaning forward, gently kissing her lips.

Watching him leave, she smiled again, but as the door closed behind him, she grunted quietly, the pain and dizziness only getting worse. She had no idea what was wrong with her and hearing Opus say that he wasn’t sure either was making her worry. Opus knew everything… So why couldn’t he tell what was wrong with her?


Outside, Opus and Elijah stood up on the quarter deck, staring out at the ocean in an awkward silence which neither of them wanted to break. The silvery moon shone down on the ship, the sea below crashing against it as a cold, harsh breeze floated past.

But then, the old man turned and stared at Elijah, ‘’I was unable to tell what was wrong with Kathrina’’ he said.

Elijah deadpanned, ‘’I got that. Why?’’ he asked irritably.

He turned his head and stared back out at the raging sea, ‘’there is a Demon magic resonating from within her stopping me from detecting anything’’

‘’Demon magic?’’ he asked, just as confused as Opus.


The two of them fell silent for a moment, thinking. But just as Opus was about to speak, he was silenced by the sound of the others incoming, Logan’s drunk laughs echoing through the fog followed by Harley and Joe’s irritated responses.

They watched as they climbed aboard, Octavia scurrying over to Tsunami who hugged her tightly, walking below deck with her. Harley stopped by the main mast, watching as everyone slowly disappeared below the deck. He glanced over his shoulder as Thea wandered into the captains quarters where Kathrina and Elijah stayed.

Then, he turned around and looked up at Elijah who was already glaring down at him, Opus at his side with a rather concerned look on his face.

‘’What’s wrong with you two?’’ he asked, walking over to the steps and joining them on the quarter deck.

But they didn’t answer.

He shrugged and pulled the piece of paper out from under his scarf, ‘’that old man came through. He gave us directions to a place we might get some answers from’’ he explained, handing the paper to Elijah who snatched it abruptly.

Elijah glared down at it, but then shoved it into his pocket, turning around and walking away, stopping on the opposite side of the deck, leaning over the side and glaring down at the water, ‘’continue, old man’’ he called.

Opus walked over, ‘’at first, I put it down to the fact that you had marked her, but that wouldn’t stop me from using magic on her. I did, after all, keep her alive using magic after Lucious’ attack’’

Harley suddenly slumped against the fence beside them and blinked curiously, ‘’what’s wrong?’’

‘’Nothing’’ Elijah grumbled.

‘’Kathrina’s sick’’ Alpha called, descending from the mast and joining them, his wings turning to dust and disappearing.

He frowned, ‘’she’s sick? How?’’

Alpha smirked, ‘’she- ‘’


The door below them flung open as an extremely angry Thea burst out, looking around frantically and as her eyes fixed onto Elijah, she growled loudly, rushing over to the stairs and climbing them, storming over to him as the four of them watched her curiously.

Stopping in front of them, she glared at Elijah, ‘’what did you do to my sister?!’’

He scowled harshly at her, ‘’what did I do?’’ he hissed.

‘’Yeah, you!’’ she growled, stepping forward.

He scoffed, offended, ‘’why is everything always my fault with you?!’’

‘’Oh, I don’t know’’ she shrugged sarcastically, ‘’maybe because you’re the one who’s always sinking his damn fangs into her! You probably gave her rabies!’’

Alpha and Harley laughed quietly at her vacuous suggestion.

‘’Did you just call me a dog?’’ he asked, unsure whether he should be offended or humored like the others.

‘’This isn’t funny!’’ she growled, watching the two of them laugh.

Alpha snickered, ‘’rabies? Seriously?’’

Thea frowned angrily.

Opus shook his head slowly, ‘’one cannot get rabies from Demon bites, Thea. And I know what the symptoms of rabies look like; Kathrina has none’’

‘’Then why is she sick?!’’

They all looked at Opus.

‘’What is exactly wrong with her?’’ Harley asked, noticing the confusion on the old man’s face.

Alpha cringed slightly, ‘’she threw up’’

‘’And said she feels dizzy’’ Thea added, ‘’she’s even paler than this asshole’’ she growled, pointing to Elijah who scowled evilly at her.

Harley nodded slowly, ‘’okay… What else? Why can’t you tell what’s wrong with her?’’

Opus sighed quietly, ‘’there is a Demon magic within her stopping me from examining her with magic’’

‘’Demon magic?’’ Alpha asked, ‘’maybe it’s because scar-face marked her’’ he suggested.

The old man shook his head, ‘’I already thought about that, but it didn’t keep me from using magic on her those countless other times, yes’’

‘’So… What could it be?’’ Thea asked, worried.

‘’I am not sure’’ Opus answered, ‘’I think I should go back to the bar and see if there is anything there that might have caused her sickness’’ he explained.

‘’I’ll come too’’ Thea said, following him as he started walking down the steps.


Watching them leave, Harley looked over at Elijah who was staring down at the water again, a distressed look on his face. Alpha was staring blankly at the floor, his concern clearly not as serious as Elijah’s.

‘’Elijah’’ he called quietly.

‘’What?’’ he grumbled, looking over at him.

He shuffled closer so he was just inches from him, ‘’you’re a Demon, right?’’

Irritated, he turned around and glared into his eyes, ‘’well done for noticing. I’d pass you, but dumb, obvious shit doesn’t- ‘’

‘’Shut it’’ he snapped, angering.

Elijah scowled angrily, ‘’do not tell me what to do’’ he growled.

‘’Fine, I guess I won’t tell you my assumption on Kathrina’s – ‘’

‘’Tell me’’ he growled.

Alpha glanced over at them, listening.

Harley sighed quietly, ‘’I’m just going to say this as it is – Kathrina: you had sex with her. A couple weeks later, she’s sick and even threw up, correct?’’

Elijah turned his head away, an awkward feeling taking over as he stared down at the ocean, ‘’what are you saying?’’

‘’He’s saying that she might be pregnant’’ Alpha called.

‘’It’s the only thing that makes sense’’ Harley said, ‘’Opus detected a Demon magic; if she is pregnant because of you, the kid will be part Demon. This Demon magic may very well be coming from the fetus. Am I wrong?’’ he asked.

Elijah frowned in confusion, still staring down at the water, ‘’I… That can’t be it’’ he said quietly, ‘’she looks paler than a Vampire’’

Alpha laughed quietly, slamming his hands on Elijah’s shoulders, ‘’I would say congratulations, but I imagine any child of yours to be a little stuck up brat’’

Furious by his comment, Elijah turned around and grabbed hold of Alpha’s wrist as he tried to walk away, digging his claws into it, growling quietly.

Harley shook his head, ‘’guys, come on, do you have to do this every time?’’

But Elijah remained silent, taking his eyes off Alpha and staring down at the floor. It had only just hit him now – Demon magic and the symptoms Kathrina was showing… He had seen it before. But he couldn’t remember where. He tried thinking, remembering… Where had he seen it?

‘’Yo, let go!’’ Alpha growled, tugging on his arm as Elijah continued holding onto it.

Sighing, Harley grabbed hold of Elijah’s arm and yanked his hand free from Alpha’s wrist, freeing him. He didn’t make any attempts to re-grab him or fight Harley, he just stood there, staring down at the floor, so deep in thought that it was like he hadn’t even noticed.

‘’Elijah?’’ Harley asked strangely.

He ignored him, thinking deeply. Kathrina had been feeling dizzy and disorientated all of a sudden, a painful feeling occurring every so often in her stomach and head. She was paler than a Vampire, dark shadows under her eyes. It also looked like she was trembling slightly. It all sounded so familiar, looked so familiar… Demon magic… But then, he remembered-

‘’Come with me’’ he suddenly said, grabbing Harley’s arm and dragging him along as he raced down the steps and went into the quarters.


As they entered, Kathrina slowly turned her head, looking over at them. She frowned, confused. Elijah looked both worried and startled, more than he had before. Harley was growling irritably, unwillingly dragged into the room.

‘’What’s going on?’’ she asked, trying to sit up, but she felt too weak.

Letting go of Harley, Elijah abruptly kneeled down beside her, grabbing one of her hands, ‘’did you come across anyone wearing all-black, almost like the Ninja you saw back in Japan?’’ he asked quickly.

Confused, she shook her head, ‘’n-no, what does that have to do with anything?’’

He looked up at Harley, ‘’get me a glass out of that drawer’’ he instructed, pointing over to one of the small cupboards.

Kathrina stared at him strangely, watching as Harley walked back over holding a glass in one of his hands, also frowning at Elijah in confusion. He started untying her tunic, yanking impatiently at the strings, the worried look on his face becoming more and more serious by the second. She didn’t understand, but by the way he was acting, she could tell that he most likely knew what was wrong with her. So she didn’t question him.

However, Harley was completely perplexed. Elijah hadn’t said anything to him either. Although he looked like he knew what he was doing, Harley was satisfied with his own analysis. In his opinion, there really was no other explanation and Elijah was probably just shocked by it. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out as he watched Elijah pull off Kathrina’s tunic, dropping it beside him. He stared at a strange black mark curving around her waist, originating from her back.

‘’What the hell is that?’’ he asked, looking down at Elijah who looked just as shocked.

But he didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at Kathrina’s confused face, ‘’I need to see your back, okay?’’ he asked.

She nodded.

Placing his hands on her shoulder and waist, he slowly turned her onto her side, staring and following the black marks which were spread all along her back, twisting and curving everywhere. He panicked, searching frantically –

‘’There’’ Harley said, pointing to a small cut on her left shoulder, ‘’that’s what you’re looking for, right?’’

Noticing it, Elijah stared, thinking again. He knew what this was. But he didn’t understand why such marks were on Kathrina… The marks were caused by Fire Teshika venom; these particular Teshika were mainly known for being hired assassins, using knives laced with their own venom to take out whoever they had been sent after. So why had Kathrina been attacked by one? Did someone hire an assassin to kill her? The thought angered him, but he knew he didn’t have time for such an emotion.

Trying to stay calm, he moved closer to the cut, ‘’Kathrina, you’ve been poisoned by a Demon venom; if I do not remove it, it will kill you’’

‘’Then what are you waiting for?!’’ Harley exclaimed.

‘’Her permission’’ he growled, looking back at him evilly.

‘’Yeah,’’ she said weakly, ‘’do whatever you have to’’

He looked back at her and nodded. Suddenly, moving his face closer to the wound, he opened his mouth and sank his teeth into her skin around the cut. She flinched slightly, but sighed quietly in relief.

Harley frowned, confused. But as he watched the black marks start to slowly fade, moving up to where the wound had been, he understood what Elijah was doing. Being a Demon meant he had some resistance to Demon venoms which meant he could remove it from Kathrina without being affected by it. But how did he know? Of course, Harley was going to question him once it was over; he kept far too much a secret and he wanted to know how he seemed to know something the old man didn’t.


As all the black marks vanished, Elijah held out his hand. Quickly, Harley handed him the glass, watching as he moved away from Kathrina’s shoulder, spitting in disgust into the glass. He stared at her, seeing that the color was already returning to her pale skin. Whatever Elijah had done had seemed to be working.

Just then, he stood up, turned around and held out the glass towards Harley, ‘’hold this’’

Harley frowned in disgust as he took the glass from it. It was half full with a thick black liquid; it looked a lot like blood, but it obviously wasn’t – Was it Demon venom? He had never seen it before, but the fact that the marks that had been on Kathrina’s back were black, he could only assume.

Elijah sighed quietly, kneeling back down as Kathrina slowly rolled over onto her back, gazing up at him.

‘’Do you feel better?’’ he asked quietly, grabbing the blanket and pulling it over her.

She smiled, ‘’yeah, I do’’

He also smiled, ‘’stay here and rest, I need to have the old man look at that’’ he said, looking up at the glass Harley was holding, a revolted look on his face.

‘’What… What is that?’’

‘’It’s Demon venom’’ he said, ‘’and I am going to find whoever did this and make sure they suffer a hundred times worse than you did’’ he smirked.

Kathrina smiled, ‘’I don’t doubt it’’

Elijah stood up, taking the glass from Harley who handed it to him forcefully, backing away so he couldn’t refuse.

‘’Where’s Thea?’’ she asked.

He looked back down at her, ‘’the old man went with her to look for anything back at the bar you met Reeves in. They should be back soon’’ he explained, but then he leaned closer, ‘’by the way, your sister thinks Demons have rabies’’

‘’What?’’ she laughed, ‘’rabies? Why’d she say that?’’

He shrugged, ‘’like always, she was trying to blame me for your being sick’’

‘’Oh… Well, that’s just Thea. Your brother was the same around me for a long time’’

‘’Yes, he was’’ he mumbled, irritated by the fact.

‘’Are we going then?’’ Harley called, standing over by the door, ‘’the sooner we find the ones who did this, the better’’

Looking over at him, Elijah nodded, ‘’agreed’’ he then looked back down at Kathrina, ‘’stay and rest, okay? I’ll be back soon’’

She smiled and nodded.

Elijah smiled, but then turned around and walked out with Harley, leaving her by herself again.

As he left, she frowned slightly. He had said she had been poisoned by a Demon venom, but she didn’t recall any kind of Demon attacking her… Why had he asked her if she had seen anyone dressed in all-black like the Ninja back in Japan? He clearly knew exactly what had attacked her, but why didn’t he just tell her? She hadn’t even asked; she was distracted by her clingy sister being absent, allowing him to get away without telling her. It annoyed her when he did that, but sometimes, it was better to keep things quiet, even from her. She knew that he would eventually tell her and whatever the answers to her questions were going to be, she was sure she wasn’t going to like them.

She laid there, staring up at the wooden ceiling. The pain was gone and the dizziness as well as the nausea was slowly vanishing. She felt relieved and glad that Elijah knew what he was doing. If he hadn’t, she didn’t know what might have become of her. Demon venom, when used lethally, killed quickly, the only cure being that same Demon’s venom mixed with their blood or to have another Demon remove it, but that was extremely risky as another Demon’s venom is toxic to them. However, if Elijah had managed to do so without hurting himself, it could only mean that the venom belonged to the same type of Demon as him or one ranking lower in power.

But that could only mean… That it was a Fire Teshika that had attacked her… Why would a Demon like that go out of its way to attack her? She didn’t know much about them, but Elijah had told them before that Fire Teshika were assassins – Of course! That was why he asked if she had seen anyone dressed like a Ninja; the assassins dressed in all-black to keep themselves concealed in the dark. Did that mean someone had hired an assassin to kill her? Why?

Confused and worried, she wanted to get up and interrogate Elijah, but she still felt weak. If she wanted to get better, she needed to stay resting. He had said he would return soon, so she would wait. She continued staring up at the ceiling, waiting.


Outside, Harley and Elijah were standing on the quarter deck, staring out into the fog and waiting for Opus and Thea to get back.

As time went by, they both started growing impatient. Elijah was still holding the glass in his hand, glaring forward. Again, he found himself wishing he had his Psyche-Jikato; if he did, he could easily locate the two of them, but he didn’t. He felt far too lazy to use his Demon senses, so he just stood there.

Harley glanced over at him, ‘’how did you know?’’

Elijah deadpanned and glared at him, ‘’know what?’’

‘’That she had been poisoned. You didn’t even consider that I was right for one second – Why?’’

He rolled his eyes irritably, staring back out at the fog, ‘’if Kathrina was pregnant, I would know’’

‘’How?’’ he asked, confused.

Growing tired of all the questions, he sighed. Arikarin really were far too curious for their own good. He remembered that he had started fights with many other students back when he was training in Japan simply because they would not stop asking questions. He despised them. The only people he allowed to interrogate him were Kathrina and his brother, Luka. The two people he trusted with his life.

Sensing Harley’s curious eyes on his face, he frowned, ‘’I would just know’’ he grumbled.

He frowned in disbelief, ‘’that’s not really much of- ‘’

‘’Well, it’s all you’re going to get. Now leave me alone’’

’Jaku’’ he mumbled, turning away.

Staring forward, Elijah scoffed, ‘’indeed, I am a jerk’’

‘’You’re comfortable with that?’’ Harley chuckled.


The two of them fell silent, staring out into the fog, waiting for Opus and Thea to return. They had no idea how long they were going to take, but if they didn’t show up soon, they’d probably end up running out there to look for them. It was, after all, a dangerous place to be out at night.


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