Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - The Entrance

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Kathrina gasped and quickly opened her eyes, breathing frantically as she looked around – an evil, wicked laughter echoed around her as she sat there on her knees, her arms being held behind her by something so much stronger than her – she looked behind her to see one of the huge creatures that had been there the day they were defeated by Lucious. She panicked, looking away from it’s disgusting face, trying to pull herself free from its grip.

But then, she stopped, realising that she was back in that castle… that ruin where she had been made to watch as Lucious tortured her friends. It was happening again. She stared forward as Lucious instantly killed Regis, smacking his head from his body like it was nothing. He then made Tsunami kill Divina, her quiet cries echoing around Kathrina’s head as she sat there, tears rolling down her face. She looked over at Elijah who was already staring at her, an overwhelming look of panic on his face.

Divina screeched as Tsunami stabbed her, making Kathrina scream, her tears dripping onto the floor.

Lucious turned to Nightly and laughed evilly as he tore her heart from her body, grinning as she crumbled to ash. Almost instantly, he moved over to Elijah, but instead of turning to silence Kathrina as she cried for him to stop, he laughed manically and forced his claws into Elijah’s chest. He yelled in agony, making Kathrina cry in both terror and heartbreak, unable to do anything but watch as the wicked man ripped Elijah’s heart from his body, silencing him.

She screamed in horror, her face covered in tears and blood. Lucious prowled over to her, a demonic grin on his bloody face. He reached her and leaned down, grabbing her throat as she struggled, cried and screamed-


‘’Kathrina!’’ Elijah called.

She quickly opened her eyes, breathing frantically. She looked up at him; he was holding her shoulders, a worried look on his face. Instantly, she wrapped her arms around him and held onto him tightly, terrified.

Relieved, he wrapped his arms around her. Once again, she had just woken from a nightmare. This was the fifth time since leaving Japan, and it was starting to really worry him. He knew too well what it was like to be tormented with nightmares, and he hated seeing someone he cared about so deeply dealing with the same issue.

‘’What was it this time?’’ he asked quietly.

‘’It was… him’’ she said quietly, her voice shaky.

She felt him grip her tighter, obviously unsettled by it as well.

‘’What happened?’’ he asked.

‘’He… I saw them die… and you… he killed… you’’ she said quietly, burying her face in his shirt.

Elijah shook his head, ‘’that will never happen. I will never leave you’’

Slowly, she calmed down. It was only a dream, even though most of it had actually happened. It was real that Regis, Nightly and Divina were dead. Lucious was real. But, Elijah was here. Lucious hadn’t managed to take him away from her. And she trusted Elijah never to leave her.

Now calm, she slowly let go of him and sat back, staring at his face as he looked down at her.

‘’Did you get any sleep?’’ she asked.

He frowned and shook his head, ‘’no’’

‘’What time is it?’’ she asked, looking around, staring at the closed curtains, the only light coming from a single lit candle on the table beside the bed, and the slight glow from Elijah’s eyes.

Still staring at her, he answered, ‘’dawn; I think everyone is already waiting on us’’

Hearing his answer, she frowned and looked at him with a rather stroppy face, ‘’why am I always the last one to wake up? You know I don’t like keeping people waiting – you should wake me up earlier’’

He shook his head and smirked, quickly leaning towards her and kissed her lips. Then, before she could scold him, he backed away and climbed out of the bed, stretching his arms above his head as he groaned lazily, walking over to the table. The cat instantly stood up and stretched, meowing at him as he grabbed one of the curtains and pulled it open, the blinding light from outside flooding into the room.

As he did, Kathrina climbed to her feet and started putting her boots on. She then grabbed her sword from the table between two of the cabinets and put it into its holster on her belt, yawning quietly as the cat leaped down from the table and approached her, dragging its body along her leg affectionately.

Smiling, she crouched down and started stroking its belly as it rolled over onto its back.

Elijah glanced back at her and smiled; she really did adore that cat and as much as he wanted to kick it out, suspicious that it might very well be something Luka sent to spy on him, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Not just because she loved it, but he was starting to like the feline too.

Letting go of the curtain, he picked up his coat from the table and put it on. Then, he grabbed his scabbards and attached them to his belt, grabbing his cloak and putting that on too. It looked like Kathrina was eager to go, so he wasn’t going to make her wait. He put his boots on and then walked over to her as she stood up, gazing up at him.

‘’Do you think we’ll actually find Alucard today?’’ she asked.

He placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer, hugging her tightly, ‘’I hope so. Once he is dead, we can leave- ‘’

‘’Leave? Like we were talking about last night?’’

Looking down at her curious face, he smiled and nodded, ‘’yes. We will run away’’

She smiled brightly and buried her face into his coat.


Outside, everyone was waiting on the deck, staring up at Henry as he pranced around on the quarter deck like an idiot, humming and mumbling to himself, the bucket on his head spinning around crazily as he danced around.

‘’That man is cr-a-zy’’ Merek said, staring up at him.

‘’Not as crazy as that stuff on your head you call hair’’ Thea called, giving him a rather dirty look.

Ignoring her, he looked back at Tsunami and frowned, ‘’is he really your captain? Like, what the heck is wrong with him?’’

Tsunami shrugged, ‘’Elijah said people who spend as much time out at sea as he does end up like that’’

Merek nodded slowly, a perplexed look on his face.

Then, Luka appeared from behind him, stopping and standing on his left. He also looked up at Henry, an amused smirk on his face. He had hand-picked him as the groups captain; not only because he was an amazing sea man, but because he knew he’d be able to get a kick out of seeing just how much the crazy man’s attitude annoyed Elijah and everyone else.

Luka looked at Merek, ‘’we should head out’’

‘’You’re not gonna say goodbye to your bro?’’ Merek asked, frowning at him.

‘’I already did. I left him in a rather embarrassing state last night. We should leave before he wakes up and hits me’’

‘’What did you do this time?’’

He smirked and turned around, walking over to the steps leading to the dock, ‘’childhood memories,’’ he called, ‘’he has many he would prefer both of us to forget’’

Walking over to join him, Merek laughed quietly, ‘’which one did you get him with this time?’’

‘’The most embarrassing or them all. Come, we should meet the others’’ he said quietly, but then turned around and looked at Harley, pointing up at the sky, ‘’keep your eyes on the sky, old friend. I will send a bird when we are heading back’’

Harley nodded.

Then, Merek and Luka pulled their hoods over their faces and walked off the ship, joining the crowds of people in the docks below.

As they left, Logan turned to face everyone, ‘’so, which of us is going to be the one to get strangled today?’’ he asked casually.

All of them looked back at him and frowned in confusion.

He laughed and looked over at the door to the cabin, ‘’someone has to wake them up’’

Tsunami shuddered and shook his head, backing away as he remembered what had happened the previous morning, ‘’don’t look at me’’ he grumbled.

‘’Yeah, me neither’’ Alpha agreed, stepped back beside his brother, ‘’that asshole is crazy. Look at him the wrong way and he’ll gut you’’

Everyone stared at the brothers strangely, confused by their strange submissive attitudes.

‘’What’s gotten into you two?’’ Harley asked, ‘’usually, you’d both jump at a chance to do something he’d obviously disagree with’’

Alpha shrugged, ‘’can’t be bothered’’

Thea irritably rolled her eyes and shoved her way past Harley, ‘’I’ll do it!’’ she growled, starting to storm over to the door.

But just as she was about to reach it, it clicked loudly and opened. She stopped in her tracks as Kathrina walked out with Elijah slowly following. He looked just as grumpy as always, and her sister still looked tired. She had always known Kathrina to be a deep sleeper, sleeping for hours and hours, always the last to wake up, but she looked like she hadn’t really gotten much sleep at all. Glancing up at Elijah as he closed the door, she frowned harshly. Maybe he had something to do with it.

However, before she could yell at him, her sister stood in front of her, ‘’what happened with that guy yesterday?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’Oh, well, he turned into one of those Lurker things’’

Elijah frowned and looked down at her, ‘’what did you do with it?’’

She looked up at him and scowled, ‘’it’s still down there’’

He opened his mouth to speak-

‘’Yo, let’s go already!’’ Alpha suddenly yelled, glaring over at the three of them.

They looked over at him, seeing that everyone else had the same impatient look on their faces. Gizon was also there, but he looked panicked and nervous.


The three of them walked over and joined the group and as they did, Kathrina noticed that Joe and Octavia didn’t look ready to go. Neither of them had weapons at their sides and they were still wearing their sleeping clothes. Then, as she looked at everyone else, she realised that the majority of them weren’t dressed for the mission they were about to go on.

Elijah had also noticed, looking at them all sceptically, ‘’well? Are we leaving?’’

Just then, Harley stepped forward, ‘’not all of us are going’’

‘’I can see that’’ he grumbled, looking at everyone who wasn’t ready.

Opus nodded slowly, ‘’I am going to remain here and- ‘’

‘’No’’ Elijah said as he pointed harshly at him, ‘’the last time you stayed behind, we ended up walking into a trap and… ‘’ he paused for a moment, his angered look starting to fade into a distressed one, slowly lowering his hand.

Everyone stared at him, waiting for him to finish. But they all knew what he was trying to say. It unsettled them to see that someone as tough as Elijah couldn’t even speak of it without showing some kind of emotion. He looked distressed and anxious, staring at Opus, no words coming from his mouth.

But then, he snarled and pointed at the scar on his face, ‘’this happened! Three of us died! You are coming whether you like it or not. If I have to drag you, I will!’’

Kathrina stared up at him, realising that he was starting to breathe frantically, almost as if he was panicking. She frowned, worried by his current disposition.

Opus shook his head slowly, ‘’it is very unlikely that you will come face to face with Lucious again. Right now, he is most likely trying to find new vessels for the two void crystals he took from you. I will remain here and further study the Lurker’’

Elijah clenched his fist angrily as he lowered his arm back under his cloak. He wanted to argue, but if he did, there was a chance he’d let his anger get the better of him again. Even though he didn’t particularly like Tsunami, he did feel some regret for starting that fight with him. For some reason, since saving his life, he had started to think differently about him. He would still tear his insides out if he tried anything with Kathrina, and he’d still hit back if he tried starting a fight, but he didn’t want to kill him. Alpha, on the other hand, was a different situation. He wouldn’t hesitate to end that man’s life.

He exhaled deeply and looked back at the old man, ‘’we are not leaving without you’’

‘’Then no one will be going anywhere, will they?’’ Opus replied, standing his ground.

He angered, clenching his fists again, growling quietly.

Just then, Tsunami stepped forward and sighed, ‘’it’ll be fine. Alpha and I are coming as well. We think that a smaller team will work faster, especially one that consists of all Demons’’

Elijah frowned in both confusion and disapproval, ‘’I am NOT going alone with you two!’’ he denied, pointing two of his fingers at them.

Alpha snickered and stood beside his brother, leaning on him, ‘’are you afraid we might kill you when you’re not looking?’’

‘’No’’ he growled, ‘’I might just end up killing the pair of you!’’

‘’I’ll come too’’ Kathrina said, grabbing Elijah’s arm that he was holding out to point at them both, slipping her hand into his as he lowered it.

Tsunami nodded in agreement, ‘’sounds good. The four of us will head out with Gizon and find this entrance. And if we do so happen to find Alucard, we have the two of you’’ he said, pointing to Elijah and Kathrina, ‘’you can kill him’’

She nodded, ‘’what are the rest of you going to do?’’

But then, Thea shook her head, ‘’no, Kathrina, you can’t go’’

‘’What?’’ Elijah hissed.

‘’What?’’ Kathrina asked, looking over at her sister.

‘’Yeah, why?’’ Tsunami asked, also looking at her.

Opus then coughed loudly, ‘’I need her here’’

An evil, protective look on his face, Elijah turned and glared at the old man, ‘’why?!’’

‘’The Lurker’’ he said slowly, ‘’it may only be able to be killed by the Elemental sword. So, I need one of you to remain here. You can stay instead, Elijah. But do you really trust those two with Kathrina?’’ he asked, looking at him sceptically.

Timorous and confused, Elijah looked over at Tsunami and Alpha. The sly smirk on Alpha’s face made him want to hit him, but he knew he shouldn’t. He didn’t want to leave Kathrina, and there was no way he was going to let her go out there with those two. He didn’t want to go out there alone with them either, because he knew something bad was most likely to happen. Either they would try and kill him, or the other way around. How were the three of them supposed to work together?

He looked down at Kathrina. He didn’t want to leave her here, but it wasn’t like she wasn’t going to be safe. Thea was here, and so was everyone else. He trusted Logan and Harley not to let any harm come to her and it seemed like he didn’t really have any other choice. The old man needed one of them. So, either he had to go with the sadistic brothers and risk murdering them, or being murdered by them, or stay here and let Kathrina go with them – no way.

Sighing deeply, he looked up at the sky and grumbled, ‘’fine, I’ll go’’

‘’Great’’ Opus smiled, ‘’Kathrina, please come with me’’

She looked up at Elijah who was already looking down at her. Reluctantly, she let go of his hand and started to follow Opus as he walked towards the stairs – Suddenly, Elijah grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, her chest hitting his as he abruptly kissed her lips, making her smile. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, and was more passionate that she had ever felt.

Then, he moved his face from hers and whispered into her ear, ‘’I’ll be back soon. I love you’’

Smiling again, ‘’I love you too’’

Then, she backed away from him as he slowly let go of her hands, watching her leave with a reluctant, longing look on his face. She didn’t want to leave him, but Opus needed her. Turning to face ahead, she smiled again, thinking about what had just happened.

Most of the group reacted the same way to his sudden action, staring in both shock and confusion, surprised to see someone as private as Elijah do something like that in front of them all. Alpha frowned, an annoying sense of jealousy starting to consume him. Thea frowned angrily and had been tempted to kick him between the legs for being so inconsiderate and disrespectful to her sister, but she knew Kathrina would scold her if she did.


Watching her walk away, Elijah frowned sadly. He didn’t want to go anywhere without her, but if he didn’t, then they weren’t going to get anywhere with this mission. He sighed and then looked over at Tsunami and Alpha.

‘’Well, are we going?’’ he grumbled.

They were both watching Kathrina walk below the deck, but on his word, they turned their heads and looked over at him.

‘’Yeah’’ Tsunami said as he looked over at Gizon, ‘’you ready?’’

Gizon nodded, ‘’yes. We must be cautious. Although it is day time, the Vampires will try and keep us from entering that castle without hesitation. I trust you know how to fight Vampires?’’

‘’We don’t fight them…’’ Tsunami said.

‘’We destroy them’’ Alpha grinned, baring his fangs.

He nodded slowly, an obvious look of uncertainty on his face. He really wasn’t comfortable being around three Demons at the same time, especially ones that seemed to want each other dead. But there was no other way. If these people really were the city’s only hope of killing Alucard, then he would do his best to assist and work beside them.

‘’Very well’’ he said, nodding gracefully, ‘’please, follow me’’

Elijah gripped the hilt of his sword tightly as it sat in its scabbard, glancing over at Tsunami and Alpha as they started following Gizon off the ship. The sooner this was over, the better. Still reluctant, he sighed and followed as they walked down onto the docks below.

As they walked through the crowd of people and headed towards the end of the wall, Elijah caught up to Gizon, planning on interrogating him. Tsunami and Alpha fell back, walking far enough behind so that neither of them could hear them.

‘’So, what are we gonna do?’’ Alpha asked quietly, a sly smirk on his face as he glared ahead at Elijah.

Tsunami looked over at him and frowned, ‘’what do you mean?’’

He frowned and nodded in Elijah’s direction, ‘’scar-face: we’re gonna kill him, right?’’

‘’What? No!’’ he whispered, growling slightly.

Alpha frowned in disappointment and pulled a stroppy face, ‘’why, man?’’

‘’Because I said so! Just leave him alone’’

He laughed quietly, ‘’why the fuck are you defending him?’’

‘’I’m not defending anyone, I just don’t think Kathrina would appreciate it. Let’s just get this stupid mission over with’’

‘’You’re no fun anymore. What happened to ‘let’s kill the bastard Tsunami’?’’

‘’That wasn’t me. That was the Demon talking’’

‘’Yeah, right. Whatever’’

The two of them fell silent as they came closer to the wall, still staring ahead at Elijah and Gizon who were also talking quietly.


Elijah looked down at the Priest and scowled. Even though Luka had delivered this guy to them, he felt very suspicious of him. If there really was an order here that was trying to rid the city of Vampires, then why hadn’t he seen or heard anything of them until now? He understood that they had to keep themselves hidden from the Vampires, but he hadn’t seen or heard any Vampires dying anywhere. It was starting to feel as if these people were fakes.

He looked ahead again, ‘’I do not believe your crock of a story’’ he said sternly.

Gizon slowly looked up at him, gripping his book tightly against his chest, ‘’excuse me?’’

‘’Order Of The Holy Grail? If you really are here to kill Vampires, then why have you not killed any? I can tell just by looking at you that you have never held a weapon’’

‘’I am a Priest; I sanctify and bless. We have many warriors back in our church – most of which would be a challenge for even someone like you’’

Doubtful, Elijah glanced down at him and scoffed, ‘’I am willing to test that’’

Just then, they stopped, reaching the end of the wall. Gizon sighed loudly and looked at the three of them as they stood side by side, waiting for him to continue leading the way.

‘’Well? What are you waiting for?’’ Tsunami asked impatiently.

Gizon sighed again, ‘’please stay wary. These forests are dangerous’’

‘’Yeah, we already know that’’ Alpha grumbled.

‘’Very well’’ he said, nodding.

Then, he turned around and started walking through the sludge, walking around the edge of the wall as the three of them slowly followed, reluctant looks on their faces. The last time they had entered this forest, they had had to deal with Lurkers and Ghouls. They didn’t want to think of what else might be lurking around; they were just glad it wasn’t night. If it was, they would have Werewolves to deal with as well. They followed in silence, stepping around the wall and into the forest outside of the city, unsure of what to expect. But whatever they came across, they were all hoping to find the same thing: Alucard.


The Priest silently led them through the forest, no sign of any Lurkers or Ghouls at all. It was strange; even when they passed the old farm stead that they had battled the Lurkers in before, there was no movement, no sign of anything. And for some reason, it felt as if they were being watched. The silence was more ominous than ever, barely any light creeping through the treetops that were so tightly huddled together.

Although it seemed like nothing was around, the three of them didn’t let their guard down. They knew that as soon as they did, something terrible would probably happen. However, as they came close to what looked like a collapsed castle entrance, the three of them stopped and stared.

Gizon also stopped, looking back at them, ‘’that is it’’ he said.

‘’Where are the Lurkers?’’ Elijah asked, ‘’you said it was surrounded by them’’

He shrugged, ‘’I imagine something else must have grabbed their attention. Come, we must get inside before they show up- ‘’

‘’Hold on’’ Tsunami said, grabbing his shoulder before he could leave, ‘’Elijah’s right; where are the Lurkers? Isn’t it just a little coincidental that they’re not here the day we choose to come?’’

Looking at their sceptical faces, Gizon shrugged again, ‘’coincidence or not, we should not waste this chance’’

Elijah glared suspiciously at him, but he didn’t want to stand here arguing. The sooner they got in there and out again, the better. He didn’t want to be here, and he didn’t care if he was leading them into a trap full of Lurkers. If he was, he knew how to defeat them. With Lutakarinku at his side, the Lurkers stood no chance.

Growing impatient, he shoved past the Priest and started walking towards the entrance. It really was just a single arched door way, a small tower to its left fallen and crumbled. There was no sign of any other parts of a castle, this just looked like a ruin that had been launched all the way out here, sitting tangled up in vines and mud.

He frowned down at it as he reached it, stopping. Tsunami, Alpha and Gizon slowly caught up, also staring at it. The fallen wooden door was actually covering a staircase that led down below, a deep darkness glaring up at them.

‘’You said it was a castle, not a dungeon’’ Elijah grumbled, glaring over at Gizon.

‘’Afraid of the dark?’’ Alpha snickered.

Angered, Elijah glared back over his shoulder at him, but then looked down into the darkness again. He wasn’t afraid of the dark, but he wasn’t so confident about going down into a dungeon which was sat in the middle of nowhere. There was no telling what could be down there, and he didn’t want to be the one to find out.

He looked back at Tsunami, ‘’you can go first. I do not trust the two of you behind me’’ he said sternly, stepping aside so he could enter.

Tsunami rolled his eyes irritably, but agreed and stepped forward, glaring down into the darkness. He gulped quietly; he wasn’t so sure about entering either. It was dark and silent; he had no idea what as down there, but if this really was the entrance, then there was no turning back. He exhaled deeply and stepped down onto the first step, his anxiety increasing. As he stepped down onto the next step, Elijah followed, Gizon and Alpha behind him. Whatever was down here, he was hoping it wasn’t a room full of Lurkers. The last thing he wanted was to have the same thing happen to him that had happened to Harley back then.

He sighed reluctantly, continuing to walk down, the darkness quickly consuming them. Why did he have to go first? Why couldn’t Alpha? Or Gizon? If there was anything down here, he was going to be the first thing it saw, and he’d end up getting hurt. He couldn’t see in the dark, unlike Elijah, and it made no sense that he wasn’t leading. If he was, they’d at least be able to see before it was too late.

Just then, Gizon started chanting something and a few seconds later, a small white light appeared from his book, hovering above them and lighting their path. As the light surrounded them, they stared at the hideous walls around them, still walking down the steps. There was mud and clay leaking through the cracked bricks, vines and cobwebs everywhere. Spiders were dangling from the ceiling and some of the steps were covered in dead rats and bones.

Elijah turned his nose up at it in disgust, bones cracking beneath his boots as he stepped on a small rat skeleton, the bones splintering and causing him to stumble slightly, but he slammed his hand on the wall to keep himself from falling forward.

‘’Watch your step, you might accidently fall’’ Alpha grinned, leaning forward.

‘’Fuck off’’ Elijah hissed, standing up straight and continuing to follow Tsunami.

Alpha snickered quietly, following.

They eventually reached the bottom, filing out from the stair case and into a rather large hall. There were huge barrels lined along the walls, the sweet smell of fruits and alcohol lingering in the air.

‘’A wine cellar?’’ Tsunami asked.

‘’It appears so’’ Gizon agreed, looking around.



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