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Chapter 22 (v.1) - 'It Was Just Instinct'

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Submitted: December 03, 2017




Tsunami stared at his brother in confusion, ‘’what do you mean ‘who am I?’ – It’s me!’’ he growled, letting go of Alpha’s shoulders.

But he stared at him vacantly and tilted his head to the side, ‘’who?’’

Gizon was still trying to accept the fact that someone who had been impaled through the head was alive and talking. He had heard of Demons who could heal, but never ones who could return from death. There really was a lot he had to learn. But then, he looked back over at Elijah who was still mumbling in a different language, his voice becoming quieter and weaker. How was he still conscious? Surely, he should have passed out by now? He had lost a lot of blood and more was still dripping from his wounds into the huge puddle on the floor.

He looked back down at Alpha who still looked dead, dried blood all over his face.

A pain cutting through his chest, Tsunami shuddered and backed away slightly. Had the injury caused his brother to lose his memory?! The thought caused him an awful pain, his breathing starting to turn into panicked panting – what was he supposed to do now?!

Angered, he grabbed Alpha’s shoulders again, ‘’I’m your brother!’’

Alpha slanted his head to the other side and frowned, ‘’I have a brother?’’

‘’Yes!’’ he insisted, ‘’I’m your twin brother!’’

‘’Twin?’’ he asked, ‘’you look like a pansy – does that mean I look like a pansy too?’’ he asked, a shocked look appearing on his bloodied face.

From behind him, Tsunami heard Elijah snickering quietly, angering him even more. Now furious, he gripped his brother’s shoulders even tighter, a deep sadness suddenly taking over. If he had lost all of his memory, then what was going to happen? What was he going to do without his brother?! He couldn’t stand to live without him – he couldn’t stand to live knowing that he was alive but had no idea who he was!

‘’Alpha!’’ he cried, shaking him frantically, ‘’you can’t have forgotten!’’

He watched as tears started rolling down Tsunami’s face.

‘’I can’t lose you again!’’

Just then, Alpha grinned and started snickering, ‘’look at your face – I’m just fucking with you’’ he laughed, playfully jabbing his brother’s shoulder with his finger.

Almost instantly, Tsunami’s face switched from distressed to furious – BAM!!! – ‘’ASSHOLE!!!’’

Alpha continued laughing, raising his hand as he dragged it over his cheek that Tsunami had just hit with his fist.

‘’I hate you!’’ Tsunami spat, standing up furiously, glaring down at him.

‘’Whatever’’ Alpha snickered, reaching down to his leg – he gripped the end of the bar that was sticking out and abruptly ripped it out, blood spraying everywhere.

Gizon stumbled back in shock, Alpha’s blood spraying onto his vestments and book -CLICK!!!

Another bar shot down from the ceiling, smashing into the ground just between Alpha’s legs, missing him by inches.

He stared in shock, relieved that it had missed – ‘’I don’t think I would have healed from that one’’ he called, slowly losing his sly grin.

‘’S-sorry’’ Gizon said, remaining where he had fallen, trying to avoid setting off anymore traps.

Alpha gripped the bar that had missed him, but then frowned and leaned forward, noticing that Elijah was still trapped, ‘’is he dead?’’ he asked, looking up at his brother.

Tsunami widened his eyes in shock, realising that he had forgotten about Elijah, ‘’Elijah?!’’ he called, starting to rush over, making sure to avoid the triggers.

‘’Why you dancin’ around like a fairy?’’ Alpha called, slowly climbing to his feet.

He abruptly turned around and pointed at his brother, ‘’watch out for the darker bricks – they’re what set off this shit in the first place’’

‘’Actually, that was you. If you had been looking where you were going- ‘’

‘’How could I have- ‘’

‘’Can you… like, stop bickering… for one minute?’’ Elijah said, rolling his head around to stare at Tsunami.

Alpha quickly made his way over, avoiding the bricks, and stood beside his brother, staring at Elijah, ‘’wow, you really got yourself in a mess this time, scar-face’’

Elijah rolled his eyes irritably and turned his head to look up at the ceiling.

Then, Alpha leaned closer to his brother, ‘’let’s just leave him here’’

‘’What?! Are you crazy?!’’

‘’Uh, yeah’’

‘’He’s… right’’ Elijah suddenly said, ‘’just leave me alone’’

Tsunami frowned, ‘’are you crazy?!’’

He turned his head to look at them both, ‘’hmm?’’

‘’Am I the only sane person here?!’’ Tsunami exclaimed, looking over at Gizon who was still sitting where he had fallen, trying not to move at all.

Elijah slowly shook his head and grunted painfully, ‘’you… cannot get me out of this – I don’t have no magical healing powers like… this pervert’’ he said, nodding his head in Alpha’s direction.

‘’What happened to his fancy way of speaking?’’ Alpha asked, ‘’he deluded or something?’’

‘’No’’ Tsunami denied, looking at the bars that had trapped Elijah, ‘’he’s lost a lot of blood, so I guess he’s disorientated or something’’

‘’Huh?!’’ Elijah suddenly growled, ‘’what did you call me?!’’

‘’Nothing’’ Tsunami answered.

He stared at each bar cutting through Elijah; there wasn’t going to be any easy way to get him out of it, but there was a way. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to like it, but if he didn’t do it, then he really was going to die.

Slowly, he looked back at Elijah’s dazed face, ‘’hold still’’ he said.

But as he gripped the bar cutting through his shoulder, Elijah grunted painfully and shook his head, ‘’no no no no no’’ he muttered, shaking his head, growling in agony.

Alpha shrugged, ‘’well, we tried. Let’s go- ‘’

His brother grabbed him before he could walk away, ‘’help me you lazy bastard!’’

He grunted angrily, but stopped walking and stared at the bars-

Suddenly, Elijah turned his head and looked at them both, ‘’hey, I got… I got something’’ he said, his tone like that of an excited child.

The two of them frowned at him strangely.

‘’What?’’ Tsunami asked.

He smirked, ‘’my pocket’’ he said, looking down, ‘’I got something in my pocket’’

Again, they frowned at him and then looked sceptically at each other. There was something seriously wrong with Elijah. Not only was he speaking like he was drunk, but he was acting like a completely different person. Clearly, the blood loss was causing this behaviour, and it was both confusing and amusing to them. However, there was no time to enjoy his vulnerable disposition.


Tsunami looked down at Elijah’s pocket and then glared at his brother, ‘’you look’’

Alpha frowned in disagreement, ‘’no, you!’’


‘’You do it!’’

‘’You!’’ Tsunami growled, shoving his brother with his shoulder.

‘’You!’’ Alpha growled, glaring evilly at his brother.

‘’Fine!’’ Tsunami hissed, holding out his right hand, slowly moving it closer to Elijah’s trouser pocket. He had no idea what to expect, but seeing as it was Elijah, it was probably something that could melt the metal, or a healing substance, something that would help him.

Slowly, he eased his hand into Elijah’s right trouser pocket and frowned. There was nothing there – but then, he stopped and frowned again. There was something, but it was small, and felt like paper. Unsure, he grabbed it and pulled his hand back out, holding out whatever he had taken in his palm.

Just then, Elijah started snickering, leaning his head back on the pole as he stared up at the ceiling, slowly closing his eyes.

‘’Are you fucking serious?’’ Tsunami growled, listening to him snicker as he stared down at what looked like a cigarette in his hand.

‘’Oh, well thanks’’ Alpha snickered, snatching it from his brother before he could refuse.

’Ne’’ Elijah called.

They both looked at him. His entangled arm started trembling, but he lifted up his index finger. A few seconds later, a small flame suddenly appeared on its tip. Alpha laughed and reached over, lighting the cigarette, but as he pulled it to his mouth and inhaled, he coughed violently, staring down at it.

He grinned and stared at Elijah, ‘’where the fuck did you get this?’’

‘’Shhh’’ he said, snickering, ‘’don’t tell anyone’’

Alpha frowned. This new Elijah was actually quite enjoyable. He didn’t seem to give a shit about the fact that he was slowly dying – and Alpha didn’t care either. Whatever was happening with Elijah, he didn’t want it to come to an end.

But Tsunami had other plans. He glared at his brother, squinting as he exhaled, smoke spraying everywhere and making him cough. But then, as the scent of the smoke hit him, he gritted his teeth and glared at Elijah who was still snickering.

Then, Elijah looked over at Alpha, slowly moving his left hand from the bar he was gripping and held it out, ‘’give’’ he demanded.

Without any hesitation, and a sly grin, Alpha handed Elijah the cigarette and as he started to smoke it, Tsunami shook his head in disagreement.

‘’Are you seriously going to stand there and smoke a joint while you slowly bleed out?!’’

Handing it back to Alpha, Elijah exhaled and laughed, ‘’yeah’’

Alpha also laughed, ‘’hey, don’t ruin this, he’s cooler this way’’

‘’Cooler or not’’ Tsunami said as he grabbed hold of the bar cutting through Elijah’s wrist, ‘’if we don’t free him, he’ll die’’

‘’He ain’t gonna die’’ Alpha mumbled, ‘’he’s a Demon’’

Elijah nodded, taking the joint from Alpha again, ‘’I’ll just… go to hell, or somin’’’ he said.

His impatience increasing, Tsunami gripped the bar tighter and glared at him as he handed the joint back to his brother, ‘’you’re so damn high you can’t even speak properly’’

‘’Least I know how to have fun’’ he grumbled, leaning his head back on the bar.

‘’You got that right’’ Alpha agreed, smoking again.

‘’Are you going to free him or what?!’’ Gizon called.

On his word, Tsunami frowned and abruptly pulled on the bar he was holding –

The bar clicked loudly followed by Elijah’s agonised scream, startling everyone.

‘’Sheesh’’ Alpha said, ‘’you’re so harsh’’

‘’Shut the hell up and help me!’’

He frowned and looked down at the half-finished joint, ‘’I ain’t done yet’’

‘’Is that seriously more important than his life?!’’

‘’Yes’’ both of them answered, angering Tsunami even more.

Grumbling, Tsunami gripped the bottom of the snapped bar-

‘’Wait’’ Alpha said, ‘’why not just break off the top parts then slide his arm out?’’ he suggested, a grin on his face.

Elijah shook his head, ‘’uh uh’’ he denied, ‘’you… you gotta leave them in… or I’ll bleed out’’ he said, a pained look on his face.

Looking at him, Tsunami nodded, seeing that he was actually being serious. He gripped the bottom of the bar again and started bending it, trying his hardest not to cause Elijah too much pain, but it seemed that no mater how much he tried, it still hurt, making him grunt and growl in torment.

Alpha just stood there and watched, enjoying the joint Elijah had given to him. He couldn’t help but wonder where he had gotten it from, or why he even had it in the first place. He really didn’t see him as the type of person that smoked this kind of thing – Elijah didn’t smoke at all, he didn’t even drink alcohol, so why did he have this? Frowning, he looked over at him, cringing as Elijah howled in pain, Tsunami snapping the bottom half of the bar that was cut through his wrist, leaving a small piece still embedded in his arm, keeping it from bleeding vigorously.

Tsunami then moved onto the next bar, gripping the top of it as it stuck out of Elijah’s forearm, tacky blood slowly sliding down it to join the puddle below. He glanced up at his dazed face, panicking as he watched him roll his head to the side, like he was passing out – he couldn’t let that happen – he slapped Elijah’s face – ‘’stay awake!’’ he growled.

Elijah flinched, opened his eyes and slowly glared over at Tsunami, unable to say anything. He felt so weak that he couldn’t even think of anything to say. He felt light-headed and couldn’t feel most of the pain anymore; thanks to the marijuana he had lifted from Merek’s pocket, he felt a lot calmer, but he knew he couldn’t keep acting like an idiot. Tsunami was trying to help him and all he could think about was Werewolves. Why had Werewolves come to his mind at a time like this? It was probably the drug, making his mind act crazy. He felt crazy. What was he even doing here? What time was it? Were Werewolves men cursed to turn into wolves or wolves cursed to turn into men? Huh, he never really gave that much thought. Maybe it was the other way around-

‘’Hey!’’ Tsunami called, snapping the top half of the second bar, ‘’keep your damn eyes open!’’

‘’Oh, leave him alone, brother, he’s high. You have any idea what that feels like?’’ Alpha snickered.

Tsunami scowled harshly as he dropped the bar and took hold of the bottom half, ‘’no, I do not, and I don’t wanna know’’

Suddenly, Elijah threw his left arm over and grabbed Tsunami’s wrist before he could snap the bar, ‘’stop’’ he breathed, ‘’I… I can’t… ‘’

He frowned and snatched his arm back, ‘’shut it, I’m getting you out of this’’ he mumbled, grabbing the bar again as Elijah lowered his hand.

Then, abruptly, he snapped the bar, flinching as Elijah yelled in agony, banging his head back on the bar he was leaning on in frustration. Alpha had stepped forward and was now holding Elijah’s arm out so that it didn’t fall and cause more damage to his shoulder.

Grabbing the third bar, Tsunami frowned, ‘’why’d you do it?’’ he asked, glaring sceptically at Elijah as he grunted painfully.

‘’Do… what?’’ he grumbled.

Snapping the bar, he waited for Elijah’s yell of agony to cease, and then he sighed, ‘’why’d you push me out the way? You didn’t need to – I would’ve just healed like my brother’’

Turning his head away, he mumbled, ‘’it… was just instinct’’

Alpha frowned as his brother snapped the bottom half of the third bar, making Elijah yell again, ‘’your instincts tell you to take a hit for someone who could have survived it?’’

He slowly turned his head and glared at him, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he rolled his eyes back and closed them, his head falling back and hitting the bar again-

‘’Elijah!’’ Tsunami called, letting go of the fourth bar just as he was about to snap it, ‘’hey!’’

But there was no response.

Panicking, Tsunami abruptly snapped the fourth bar, moving onto the one in his shoulder, snapping both ends as quickly as he could. Then, before Elijah fell, he caught him, holding him up, grunting.

‘’Get the one in his leg!’’ Tsunami instructed, looking at Alpha as he lowered Elijah’s arm.

‘’Fine’’ he mumbled, instantly breaking the bar with even more ease that his brother had.

Now that he was free, Tsunami dragged Elijah back over to the stairs, sitting him down and leaned his back against the wall, staring frantically at him. He crouched down beside him, trying to think of what to do. Alpha also wandered over, dropping the finished joint onto the floor, sighing in disappointment. Gizon joined them, carefully crawling across the floor like an animal to make sure he didn’t trigger any more of the traps, sitting beside Tsunami.


Slowly, Tsunami placed his hand on Elijah’s shoulder and shook him, trying to wake him up. Receiving no kind of response, he quickly placed his hand on Elijah’s neck, checking for a pulse – and there was one, but it was very faint and slow. He wasn’t a healer, he had no idea what to do now. Elijah was unconscious, six pieces of metal embedded in his body, blood still seeping from the wounds. If only Opus was here – why did this idiot have to save him?! He didn’t even need saving!

There was no way he was going to die here – he was tougher than that! If he did die here, Kathrina would never forgive him, and would most likely blame his death on himself and his brother. He had to do something, but what?

He turned and looked at Gizon, ‘’can’t you do something?’’

‘’Like what?’’ he asked, just as confused as them both.

‘’I don’t know! You’re a Priest, think of something!’’

‘’You could smack him over the head with that book of yours’’ Alpha suggested.

The two of them deadpanned and slowly looked up at him.

‘’What? It was just a suggestion’’

‘’Just shut up’’ Tsunami scowled, looking back down at Elijah.

Gizon frowned, staring closely at Elijah. He then reached into his robes, rummaging around, eventually pulling out what looked like a handful of sage. Then, placing his book down on the floor, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a match, dragging it along the stone wall. As it fizzed and lit, he held the flame over the end of the sage, waiting for it to light.

‘’What the hell are you doing?’’ Alpha asked, leaning against the wall and glaring down at them.

The Priest blew out the match and threw it away, holding the smoking sage, ‘’this is a specific type of sage we use back at the church to… torture Demons’’

‘’Torture? The fuck kind of Priest are you?!’’ Alpha exclaimed, staring at him sceptically.

Tsunami shook his head, ‘’alright, two questions: why the fuck do you have that with you? And how is that going to help him?!’’

Ignoring his first question, Gizon leaned closer to Elijah and held the smoking sage under his nose, ‘’it will wake him up, but he’ll probably start acting violently – this sage triggers every pain receptor in the body’’

Alpha stepped back warily, ‘’oh, he ain’t gonna like that’’

‘’Oh’’ the Priest said, moving it away from Elijah’s face, ‘’should I stop?’’

‘’No’’ Tsunami said, ‘’just wake him up. He’s too weak right now to even try and fight anyone’’

Gizon nodded, holding the sage back in Elijah’s face, waiting.

But then, a few moments later, Elijah frowned and coughed quietly – Suddenly, he growled angrily and opened his eyes, trying to lunge at Gizon as he backed away, but Tsunami pushed him back against the wall, making him grunt painfully.

Looking at him, Tsunami could see that he was too exhausted to even react to the pain that sage must be causing him. He was trembling, breathing frantically as he rested his head back against the wall, closing his eyes again-

‘’Hey!’’ Tsunami growled, ‘’stay awake!’’

Elijah slowly opened his eyes and glared at him.

‘’Now,’’ Tsunami said, exhaling deeply, ‘’tell me what to do; you’re the expert here’’ he mumbled, looking at Elijah’s somnolent face.

Slowly, he raised one of his eyebrows and looked down at his arm, ‘’oh’’ he said, almost as if he had only just noticed the pieces of metal sticking out of it, ‘’you…’’ he took a deep breath, ‘’you cannot remove them until you find something to heal me with’’

Thinking, Tsunami slowly looked up at his brother.

Alpha scowled, ‘’what?’’

‘’Don’t ‘what?’ me; you’re half-Vampire, give him your blood and it’ll heal him’’

Both Elijah and Alpha frowned in disgust.

‘’Nah man, I ain’t doing that’’ Alpha denied, looking away.

Gizon frowned curiously, ‘’you’re a Vampire-Demon hybrid?’’

But no one answered him.

Glaring at his brother, Tsunami growled angrily, ‘’do it, or I’ll kill you and- ‘’

‘’You’d kill me?’’

‘’Just fucking do it!’’ he insisted, watching Elijah as he started slowly closing his eyes again.

‘’Fine! Sheesh!’’ he growled, kneeling down beside Elijah.


Glaring at his brother, Alpha irritably pulled up his sleeve and dragged one of his claws across his wrist, blood starting to trickle down his arm. He sighed angrily and held it out towards Elijah, but he grunted in disgust and turned his head away.

‘’Drink it you idiot!’’ Alpha growled, quickly growing impatient.

‘’I would rather… die’’ Elijah growled.

Alpha pulled his arm away, ‘’fine by me- ‘’

Tsunami snatched his wrist, ‘’we’re not letting him die’’ he growled, glaring evilly at him.

Staring at his brother, he could see that he was worried as well as angry. For some reason, it looked like he actually cared about Elijah. Perhaps he felt guilty; it was him he had taken those bars for, so perhaps he felt like he owed him. Alpha didn’t really care, he just wanted to get out of this place as quickly as possible, and it was clear that Tsunami wasn’t going to leave until Elijah was able to go with them. He sighed and snatched his arm back, holding it back out in front of Elijah.

But Elijah wasn’t going for it. The wound Alpha had made on his own wrist was starting to heal, his blood evaporating.

‘’Come on!’’ he growled, ‘’do you wanna die or what?!’’

‘’I… already told you… I would rather die than… drink that shit!’’

Tsunami frowned, ‘’what about Kathrina? Huh? Are you just gonna die and leave her by herself?’’ he started, trying to encourage him to do something.

Slowly, Elijah glanced at him, a sceptical look on his face. Tsunami was right. If he died, he’d be leaving Kathrina, something he had promised her he’d never do. He had sworn to remain at her side forever, and if he died here, he’d be breaking his promise. But then, he thought about what Luka had said; if he drank any more blood, he risked breaking the seal on his back. If that broke, there was no telling what would happen to him.

He scowled angrily and looked away again.

Angering, Tsunami looked over at Gizon, ‘’what about his? Will you drink his?’’

‘’He cannot’’ Gizon said, backing away defensively.

‘’Why? Demons can heal faster from drinking any kind of blood!’’ he insisted, trying to grab Gizon, but he stood up and back away.

The Priest shook his head, ‘’my blood is laced with- ‘’

‘’For fucks sake’’ Tsunami growled, already sure of what he was about to say.

Irritated, Alpha rolled his sleeve back down and grabbed a fistful of Elijah’s hair in his hand, ‘’if you don’t fucking do something then I’ll force- ‘’

In the blink of an eye, Elijah lunged forward, forcing Alpha’s head to the side with his left hand, and abruptly sank his fangs into his neck, making him grunt painfully.

Both Tsunami and Gizon flinched and backed away in shock as Alpha growled, trying to shove Elijah off him, but he couldn’t.

Alpha growled angrily as Elijah gripped onto his neck with his fangs, growling furiously like some kind of wolf, snarling quietly. Even in his exhausted state, he was somehow able to keep Alpha from shoving him away.

‘’Get this asshole off me!’’ Alpha called, looking over at his brother for help.

On his word, Tsunami shuffled over and grabbed both of Elijah’s arms, trying to pull him off his brother, but he growled furiously, his fangs still in his neck, blood tricking down Alpha’s shoulder.

‘’Get off me!’’ Alpha growled, trying to pull away, but Elijah’s claws suddenly dug into the side of his face.

Struggling, Tsunami grunted, pulling on Elijah’s arms – suddenly, he let go of Alpha and fell back against the wall, Tsunami stumbling and falling back as well.

Alpha immediately sat up and dragged his hand over the bite mark Elijah had left – ‘’you fucking asshole! I’ll make you- ‘’

‘’Don’t’’ Tsunami said sternly, holding out his hand to keep him from getting at Elijah, ‘’its not like you won’t heal’’

‘’That’s not the point!’’ he growled, standing up furiously, straightening his coat.

Listening to them bicker, Elijah frowned in revolt. He had forgotten just how disgusting Alpha’s blood tasted, but to his relief, he could feel the wounds on his arm and leg trying to heal. So, he reached down and abruptly yanked the piece of metal from his shin, yelling painfully as he removed it, chucking it to the other end of the room furiously.

He leaned back against the wall, breathing frantically as the wound on his leg healed. Then, he grabbed the metal in his shoulder, taking a deep breath before yanking it – he yelled in agony, ripping it from his shoulder.

‘’Don’t you want some help with that?’’ Tsunami frowned.

Elijah shook his head and threw the metal he had just pulled from his arm, ‘’no’’

But then, as he tried pulling one of the bars from his upper arm, he grunted and let go of it, starting to feel weaker. He was taking too long, and if he didn’t hurry, the healing would cease, and there was no way he was drinking anymore blood.

Ignoring his refusal, Tsunami grabbed the bar and abruptly yanked it from his arm, making him yell in both anger and agony.

Alpha’s usual sly grin quickly returned. Nothing entertained him more than seeing Elijah in pain. He watched along with Gizon as Tsunami pulled another piece of metal from Elijah’s arm, leaving the two in his forearm, sighing before he started trying to remove them. As he pulled the one in his wrist out, he yelled again, hitting his against the wall in frustration. Then, Tsunami gripped the one in his forearm, but as he gave it a slight pull, Elijah yelled even louder and grabbed Tsunami’s wrist.

He shook his head, ‘’it… just leave it’’

Tsunami frowned at him, unsure why he had told him to leave it.

But Elijah had a good reason. Just from feeling Tsunami pull the metal, he could tell that the bar was somehow entangled between the bone in his arm. He had thought that all the bars had missed the bone, but clearly, he was wrong. If Tsunami tried removing it, his arm would break.

However, Alpha wasn’t as patient as his brother – ‘’oh, for fucks sake, you fucking wuss-‘’


Elijah suddenly howled in agony as Alpha yanked the metal from his arm, blood spraying everywhere.

‘’Oops’’ he mumbled, dropping the bar onto the floor, shrugging as he started walking away.

Tsunami stared down at Elijah’s arm, unable to see what had caused him to scream like that. He quickly grabbed the bottom of his sleeve and rolled it up –

‘’Alpha! You moron!’’ he growled, glaring over at his brother.

‘’What?’’ he shrugged, ‘’I didn’t know’’

Growling, Tsunami looked back down at Elijah’s arm; the wounds had almost healed, but his arm looked twisted and swollen.

‘’I think it’s broken’’ he said.

‘’No fucking shit!’’ Elijah spat, trying to pull away from him, but he was too exhausted.

‘’Will it heal?’’ he asked.

Grunting painfully, Elijah shook his head.

‘’Great’’ Tsunami mumbled, rolling Elijah’s sleeve back down, ‘’well, you’re just gonna have to deal with that until we’re done here’’

Then, Tsunami started looking around. First, he looked up at his brother who was staring up the stairs, a vacant look on his face. He frowned, but then looked over at Gizon, examining his outfit closely with his eyes. Then, staring at the chasuble he was wearing, he thought for a moment…

‘’You, gimme that’’ he said, pointing to Gizon’s chasuble.

Offended, he shook his head, ‘’no!’’

‘’Give it to me before I tear it off your dead body!’’ he growled, so furiously that it startled even Alpha.


It didn’t take much convincing after that. Gizon pulled off his chasuble, reluctantly handing it to Tsunami, and as he started tearing it, Gizon stared in torment.

‘’What… are you doing?’’ Elijah grumbled, glancing at Tsunami as he tore the fabric with his hands.

But then, as Tsunami started tying the two ends of the torn fabric together, dropping ripped off pieces onto the ground, he moved closer to him, ‘’it’s for your arm’’ he said, showing him that he had made a sling.

Elijah frowned at him, surprised that he was actually going to such lengths just for him. He cooperated as Tsunami pulled it over his head, letting it rest around his neck as he carefully picked up his arm and slid it into the sling. He grunted painfully, but didn’t try to fight him. Tsunami then reached behind his neck and made sure it was secure.

Then, he stood up and held out his hand, ‘’let’s go’’

Staring at his offered hand, Elijah rolled his eyes and slowly grabbed it with his left hand, grunting as he helped him to his feet.

Alpha slowly wandered over and sighed, ‘’so, what are we doing?’’

‘’There’’ Elijah said, nodding in the direction directly ahead of them, ‘’there is a door… at the end of the room’’

Looking back and noticing it, Tsunami pulled Elijah’s left arm around his shoulders, helping him stand, ‘’then let’s go’’ he said.

‘’What about the traps?’’ Gizon asked.

Tsunami deadpanned and looked over at him, ‘’avoid them’’

Then, before Gizon could complain, Tsunami and Elijah started walking forward, staring down at the floor, making sure not to step on any of the darker bricks. Gizon and Alpha slowly followed, unsure of what to expect in the room ahead. But whatever it was, it better be worth what they had just gone through to get there.



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