Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Invite Only

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As Gizon’s light floated into the room, Tsunami, Elijah, Alpha and the Priest followed, looking around warily in case there were any more traps lying in wait for them. It was more than odd for there to be traps like the ones they had got themselves caught in down in a wine cellar, but that only made it look like there was something worth protecting down here, and they wanted to know what.

They filed into the room, Elijah leading as Tsunami remained at his side, helping him walk as he was still recovering from his recent injuries. Upon entering the room, the sweet smell of wine zapped away, replaced with that of damp, mould and ash. There was also a faint hint of ink in the air.

The light floated and sat in an old lamp shade, lighting most of the small room. The walls were lined with shelves and stacks of books, most of which were burnt. The shelves were full of scrolls that were surprisingly well-kept. A single desk sat at the end of the room, old, empty ink bottles and quills scattered all over it. Splashes of red and black ink were dotted across the brick floor, but as Elijah stared down at it, he frowned.

Breaking free from Tsunami’s grip, he crouched down and dabbed his fingers into the red ink, and as he brought his ink-covered hand to his face, he scowled. The red wasn’t ink at all. It was blood. He stood back up, wrapping his left arm back around Tsunami’s shoulders, his right still in the makeshift sling.

Alpha strolled past them and flicked one of the old quills from the table onto the floor, ‘’what is this place?’’ he asked sceptically, ‘’I thought this was supposed to lead to the castle’’

Looking around, Gizon seemed just as confused as the three of them did. Every Priest in his organisation believed that this place was linked to Alucard’s castle, but now that they were here, it seemed that their suspicions were wrong – and it wasn’t the first time they had gotten something wrong. The Order had thought the Lurkers were just random monsters Alucard had created, but these people had discovered that they were actually abominations, something stuck between Human and Vampire, most likely failed experiments.

Again, Elijah harshly broke free from Tsunami and stumbled over to one of the shelves, something catching his eyes. They watched him as he grabbed a scroll from one of the middle shelves, unrolling it and starting to read it. To his surprise, the language was actually English. He couldn’t tell how old it was, but it had to be fairly new as the ink wasn’t faded at all. Either that or whoever had been writing down here used magic to preserve their writings.

‘’What is it?’’ Tsunami asked, walking over.

Ignoring him, Elijah looked back over his shoulder at Gizon, ‘’you mentioned the name Nirbron not too long ago. Does this mean anything to you?’’ he asked, holding the scroll out towards Gizon.

Curious, the Priest walked over and took the scroll from him, looking down at it. But as his eyes set upon the name at the bottom of the paper, he gasped slightly and looked back at Elijah, ‘’this must have been one of the Nirbron’s studies!’’ he said, an envious look on his face, ‘’we thought that all of them had been destroyed!’’

‘’Great’’ Alpha called, clearly not impressed, ‘’wanna tell us why that’s so important?’’

‘’Like I said, the Nirbron family are a very powerful family of hunters. Alucard made sure to burn everything they owned after he destroyed them’’

‘’Why?’’ Elijah asked, taking the scroll back from him.

Looking around at all of the scrolls, Gizon sighed in awe, ‘’they were close to finding a way to kill him- ‘’

‘’Impossible,’’ Elijah grumbled, ‘’people like him cannot be killed without the sword the old man gave us’’

‘’That may be so’’ Gizon said, turning back to face him, ‘’but they didn’t know that. Did you not say you need to know how to kill him as a Vampire before you can kill him as an immortal?’’

‘’Elemental’’ Tsunami corrected, ‘’and yeah, we need to know how to kill him as a Vampire first’’

He nodded, ‘’then that answer could very well be in this room. The Nirbron’s were very resourceful, but Alucard didn’t see them as a threat – until one day, he just decided to kill them off. That can only mean that they were close to discovering his weakness, that has to be why he destroyed their studies. But he obviously didn’t know about this one- ‘’

‘’Hold on’’ Tsunami said, scowling suspiciously at him, ‘’didn’t you say your people see that Urin guy coming in and out of here?’’

Shaking his head, he stepped back, ‘’no, we see him leaving the castle. We have tried to capture Count Urin to interrogate him, but he always manages to escape from us. Perhaps, if you want answers straight from someone who knows Alucard personally, you should capture him. I think you lot would be capable of such a task’’

‘’Not now’’ Elijah said sternly, turning away.

They all frowned at him.

‘’Why not? Don’t you like capturing and torturing people?’’ Alpha sneered.

Instantly, Elijah sharply turned his head and glared at him, ‘’I’m not going anywhere near a Vampire, especially not one who tries turning Demons’’ he said, looking back at Tsunami.

‘’Shit, you’re right’’ he said, ‘’he’s just drank your blood; if he gets bitten, he’ll start turning and he’ll die’’

Alpha grinned, ‘’is that so? Why don’t I just- ‘’

‘’Come near me and I’ll gut you!’’ he growled defensively, backing away.

Snickering, Alpha turned away and started flicking more quills off the table, ‘’I was just kidding’’

Shaking his head in disapproval, Gizon picked up one of the scrolls and started reading it, ‘’well, once you’re able to risk getting bitten, do you think you’ll attempt to capture him?’’

But no one answered. He frowned and looked up from the scroll, staring at the three of them. Alpha was still making a mess, but Elijah was staring intensely at the floor, like he was deep in thought. Tsunami was reading the scroll Elijah had picked up, frowning every couple of seconds.


Elijah thought deeply. Something wasn’t making sense. Alucard obviously had a weakness, and if those hunters really had found it, how could they get it from them? If it was written somewhere in this room, it would take too long to find it. There were hundreds of scrolls here and seeing as one of them couldn’t read, it would take days to read them all.

The pain in his leg suddenly started to increase, causing him to stumble back and hit the wall. Tsunami tried to help him, but he shoved him away and slowly sat down, still thinking. The Lurkers were apparently Alucard’s failed experiments – experiments for what? Something better? What even was better supposed to be? And if they were failures, why let them live? To send them out into a Werewolf infested forest to keep such beasts occupied – why did he even need to keep them occupied? Werewolves were no match for Vampires, were they?

He frowned, rubbing his hand over his face in frustration. All of this had to link together somehow. Why had the Werewolves spoken to Tsunami so openly? Why the hell did the Werewolves even remain here? But, just then, it hit him – Werewolves… That was it! It had to be! Why would Alucard go through so much trouble to keep the beasts at bay? He had built walls, created monsters specifically to distract the beasts… he had apparently destroyed all of the hunter’s studies except this one which so happened to be out in a Werewolf infested forest-

‘’Werewolves’’ he said, sighing as his head hit the wall behind him, staring up at the ceiling.

They all frowned down at him.

‘’What?’’ Tsunami asked.

‘’Werewolves’’ he repeated, ‘’it all makes sense’’

‘’What does?’’ Gizon asked.

Elijah laughed slightly, ‘’your order sucks. You seriously could not put all these pieces together?’’

The Priest frowned in both confusion and offense, ‘’what?’’

Leaning his left arm on his knee, he sighed and looked up at him, ‘’who came here first?’’

‘’To the city?’’

He nodded.

‘’I guess… Alucard. Why?’’

He laughed again and looked up at the ceiling, ‘’I see’’

‘’See what?’’ Tsunami asked impatiently.

‘’This family of hunters you mentioned, they did find Alucard’s weakness’’

All of them stared at him, waiting for him to explain.

He looked at their perplexed faces and sighed irritably, ‘’the fucking Werewolves. Why else would they still be here after everything Alucard has done? He built those damn walls and even created those Lurkers just to keep the Werewolves occupied. Werewolves are no match for Vampires, and that is why you never thought of it’’ he said, pointing at Gizon, ‘’he hides up in that castle because he knows the Werewolves cannot get to him up there. He sends that Count Urin down to the city to do his bidding because Urin is just a normal Vampire, Werewolves are no match for him. Alucard destroyed every study, except this one, and that is because it’s here in this forest. The very forest that is full of the one thing that can kill him’’

Gizon’s eyes widened in shock.

Tsunami laughed in amusement, ‘’doesn’t take long for you to catch on, does it? He’s right. That must be why those Werewolves approached me so openly. They must know it themselves that they can kill Alucard, but they can’t do it alone’’

Elijah nodded and grabbed Tsunami’s arm, pulling himself to his feet, ‘’it would seem that they need assistance. I imagine that before the Nirbron family’s disappearance, they had said help. But now that they are gone, they were unable to continue with their mission’’

‘’That’s right!’’ Gizon called excitedly, ‘’the Werewolves arrived here at the same time the rest of the Nirbron family did!’’

‘’The rest?’’ Alpha asked.

He nodded, ‘’yes. All those years ago, three Nirbron’s lived here. The rest of their family were out fighting battles. Once Alucard showed up, they called upon the rest of their family. They spent many years making studies like this, documenting all of their discoveries. Then, the Werewolves arrived. We thought it was just mere coincidence, but now it makes sense. They must have been working along side each other to stop Alucard’’

‘’Well,’’ Elijah smirked, ‘’looks like we need to go and find ourselves some Werewolves’’

‘’Indeed’’ Tsunami grinned as Elijah wrapped his arm over his shoulders.


But, just as they started walking towards the small room’s exit, Elijah started feeling a strange burning pain in his back, travelling up to his head, causing an agonising headache. He instantly dropped to his knees, Tsunami falling with him. He slammed his free hand down onto the ground and yelled painfully, startling all of them-

‘’Elijah?!’’ Tsunami asked, ‘’what is it?!’’

He shook his head, grunting, trying to hide his pain. But it was awful – unlike anything he had ever felt before, like fire was burning through his veins, making every inch of his body ache.

‘’What’s wrong with him?’’ Gizon asked, looking over at Alpha who looked just as perplexed as he did.

Suddenly, Elijah dug his claws into the ground, slashing the stone like it was nothing, dragging his claws slowly as he growled quietly, the pain unyielding. Unsure of what to do, Tsunami backed away cautiously, remembering what had happened back on the ship when he started that fight with him. It looked like it was happening again – it looked like he was losing whatever restraint he had on his Demon-side.

He yelled again, glaring down at the floor – he panicked slightly as blood started dripping onto the floor below him – he had no idea where it had come from, but he knew that it was his.

‘’Do something!’’ Gizon insisted, unsettled by Elijah’s painful growls.

But, just then, the pain abruptly ceased – quickly, he reached out and grabbed hold of Alpha’s fist before he could hit him, startling everyone.

‘’I’m fine’’ he growled, slowly turning his head to glare at him.

Tsunami shook his head, ‘’fine?! That didn’t look or sound like fine!’’

Letting go of Alpha, he exhaled deeply and looked up at Tsunami, ‘’help me up’’

He unsurely held out his hand, flinching as Elijah grabbed it and pulled himself to his feet, ‘’what the hell was that?’’

Placing his arm around Tsunami’s shoulders again, he sighed quietly, ‘’nothing’’

Alpha grinned as they started moving again, ‘’you didn’t take my advice, did you, scar-face?’’

He glanced back at him and scowled evilly. If that man said one more word, he was going to rip his throat out.


Soon, the four of them reached them surface again, leaving the wine cellar. They weren’t too sure how long they had been down there, but the sun was now high in the sky, lighting up the small clearing they were now standing in.

Elijah’s eyes quickly adjusted to the light, his cat-like pupils thinning to the point where they were barely visible. Gizon held his hand over his eyes; Human’s eyes were so sensitive, it was laughable. There was no reaction from Tsunami and Alpha’s eyes, the same empty, soulless darkness lingering in them.

‘’We’ll head back to the ship and tell everyone what we found out. I’m pretty sure we’ll be done and out of this place by tomorrow’’ Tsunami said, making sure Elijah was getting enough support from him.

‘’What about the Werewolves?’’ Alpha asked, ‘’ain’t we spose to be finding them?’’

‘’We need to get Elijah back to the ship first. Opus is gonna need to fix his arm which you inconsiderably broke’’ Tsunami said, looking back at his impatient brother.

He grinned, ‘’maybe if he weren’t so fragile, it wouldn’t have- ‘’

Elijah sharply turned his head and glared at him, unable to attack because one of his arms was sitting in a sling, broken, and the other was around Tsunami, keeping him from falling over. Alpha fell silent, but the grin remained on his pale face.

‘’Let’s just go already’’ Tsunami mumbled, starting to walk forward-

‘’Stop’’ Elijah suddenly said, gripping Tsunami’s shoulder with his hand, making him flinch.

‘’What?’’ he asked, irritated. But he could tell that Elijah was tense, like he had just noticed something bad.

He frantically scanned the trees with his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything – if only he had his Jikato. But, he wasn’t going to need it.

The small group watched as a very large group of people slowly emerged from the cover of the trees. All of them were pale, their eyes red, their clothes all-black with tall pointed collars – they were all actually wearing outfits that looked a lot like Elijah’s, but their coats fell down to their shins. They were all grinning, some of them hissing.

Tsunami’s eyes widened in shock as Gizon cowered behind him and Elijah, ‘’Vampires?’’ he whispered.

But, to their astonishment, the Vampires walked out into the sunlight –

‘’It can’t be!’’ Gizon mumbled from behind them.

‘’Greetings!’’ the lead Vampire called-

‘’Urin’’ Elijah mumbled.

Confused, Tsunami looked at him as he watched the Vampires prowl towards them. He turned back to look at them – how were they walking in the daylight?! They should be going up in flames, the sunlight should be killing them. But it didn’t look like it was even hurting them the slightest. They walked out into it like it wasn’t even there.

But they stopped a fair distance away from them. Urin stood in front, all of the other Vampires waiting behind him, glaring at the four of them as they stared back in shock.

‘’I see zat you did not turn, and I see zat you are still alive – you people really are vorthy of my master’s concern’’

They all frowned at it, but Alpha snickered quietly at Urin’s strange accent.

‘’Did you come here to die?’’ Elijah threatened.

Urin laughed mockingly, ‘’oh, please. In your state, you probably couldn’t even veach me in time’’

Elijah scowled angrily.

‘’Anyvay,’’ he called, ‘’I have come here vith a message’’ he grinned, baring his two fangs.

They waited, unsure of what to say or do. There were a lot more Vampires here than they could handle, especially with Elijah unable to fight.

Frowning, Urin looked back at his party and laughed, ‘’vat? Do zey scare you?’’

The crowd laughed mockingly.

‘’I zon’t see vhy my master is so intervested in you. Vut, I am just here to- ‘’

‘’Can you shut the fuck up?’’ Alpha called, ‘’your voice is annoying. I’m trying my best not to come over there and rip your throat out, you know’’

Turning his attention to Alpha, Urin gained a twisted smile, ‘’oh, how intervesting. You are vat I have spent my many years trying to achieve – I vink I vill take you vith me’’

‘’Touch me, and I’ll kill you before you can say ‘vuck’‘’ Alpha mocked, a sly grin on his face.

Shaking his head impatiently, Tsunami glared over at him, ‘’what do you want?’’

‘’Oh, I zon’t vant anyving. However, Alucard vants to meet with you – all of you’’

All of their faces gained confused and sceptical looks.

‘’He vants to meet ze people who have been causing a vuckus in his city’’

Tsunami laughed slightly, ‘’seriously? You think we’d just agree to this?’’

‘’Yes, you vill. Ve have just over vifty Vampires clinging vather closely to your ship. If you do not accept Lord Alucard’s invitation, ve vill signal zem to attack. I presume you are ze strongest out of your little group, so vithout you, they vill persish’’

They all looked at each other, apart from Elijah who was glaring evilly at Urin. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to kill that bastard – he had just threatened the others who were back on the ship, which meant he had threatened Kathrina. But, if Alucard really did want to meet them, then that was their chance to get rid of him. These Vampires probably didn’t know they had just discovered Alucard’s weakness, so if they agreed and went to meet him, they could kill him.

He glared at Urin, ‘’fine’’ he called, ‘’I’ll be more than happy to meet the fucker’’

‘’Are you crazy?!’’ Tsunami exclaimed.

He ignored him, waiting for Urin’s response.

Urin grinned pleasantly, ‘’the veak one knows ven to back down’’

‘’What did you just call me?!’’ Elijah yelled furiously, trying to break free from Tsunami, but he grabbed hold of him and held him back.

All of the Vampires laughed mockingly as Urin looked back at them.

‘’I called you veak, little man. Look at you – vat the hell did you do to look like zat? Did my pets give you a little… trouble?’’ he laughed, titling his head to the side.

Elijah growled quietly, his anger quickly increasing. This creep was mocking him and there was nothing he hated more than someone who mocked his injuries, judging him because of them. But he had to keep himself under control. If he did kill him, they’d lose their chance of getting to Alucard.

Still laughing, Urin glared back at Elijah, ‘’you zon’t look like much of a vreat, vut, you are a Demon, so I should ve careful, vight?’’ he laughed, ‘’anyvay, you vill meet vith Lord Alucard tonight. He vill await you in ze hall vhere you attended ze All Hallows Eve ball’’ he explained slowly.

Alpha growled quietly, becoming extremely irritated by his accent. Gizon was still cowering behind the safety of Tsunami and Elijah, occasionally leaning around to look at the Vampires.

But, it didn’t take long for Urin to notice him. Setting his cold gaze upon the coward, he grinned and stared curiously, ‘’I zee you have a companion’’

Immediately, Gizon flinched as Elijah, Tsunami and Alpha looked back at him.

‘’I zee… I’ll tell you vat: give me zat bastard, and ve shall leave you in… peace’’ he snickered, ‘’you zon’t need him – and I… am hungry’’ he laughed, the rest of the Vampires laughing with him, ‘’or, if he veally is important to you, I vill take ze Demon-Vampire instead’’

Alpha didn’t take much convincing. Before his brother or Elijah could intervene, he grabbed Gizon by his shoulders, picked him up and threw him over to Urin who laughed and grinned excitedly, looking back at the other Vampires.

‘’What the fuck?!’’ Tsunami exclaimed, glaring at his brother.

Elijah shook his head slowly, but remained silent.

Grabbing Gizon as he panicked and whimpered, Urin grinned over at the three of them, ‘’I vill see you later’’

And at that, they were gone. In the blink of an eye and a loud WOOSH, they all vanished.


Tsunami then shook his head, ‘’what the fuck was that about?’’

‘’Now I see why this apparent Order avoid the city’’ Elijah mumbled, a pained look on his face.

‘’How could they walk in the sunlight?’’ Tsunami asked, looking around to make sure that they weren’t watching them from the forest.

‘’Did you not say the Werewolves told you Alucard was trying to make something better?’’ Elijah grunted, shuffling his arm uncomfortably.

‘’Yeah – wait, you think that they were what he was trying to make?’’

He nodded, standing up straight, ‘’a Vampire that can walk in the daylight is better than an ordinary Vampire, and they can also kill Werewolves while they are in their Human forms. I cannot believe we did not put this together sooner – we had to come out here, I got totally – ‘’

‘’Wrecked’’ Alpha grinned.

‘’Call it what you want, there would have been no need for us to come out here if we had just been smarter’’ he admitted.

‘’Sheesh, someone sure is in a downer mood today – wait, it was the weed, right? You’re one of those guys that gets super depressed after it wears off’’ he sneered.

‘’No, it was not. I am simply being honest. Let’s go, we should tell the other’s what we found out’’

‘’Agreed’’ Tsunami said, starting to walk forward, ‘’but what about Gizon?’’

Alpha shrugged, ‘’who cares?’’

‘’His Order is certainly going to care’’ Tsunami mumbled.

‘’Forget him’’ Elijah grumbled, ‘’I did not like him anyway. He was carrying that sage shit because he was planning to use it against us’’


He looked over at Alpha, ‘’he belongs to an order that kills anything unholy – we are the most unholiest things of them all. I know for a face he was planning to try and take at least one of us back to where ever he came from – why else would he be carrying the one thing that can completely restrain a Demon?’’

‘’It didn’t restrain you’’

He scowled evilly, ‘’why the fuck else do you think I’m using your brother to walk?’’

He shrugged, ‘’because you secretly love him? That has to be why you saved him, right?’’ Alpha grinned, backing away as Elijah growled furiously at him.

‘’Both of you just shut up’’ Tsunami mumbled as they started walking through the forest.

Alpha quickly caught up and walked beside Elijah, ‘’hey, you never did tell me where you got that from’’

‘’Why should I tell you?’’ he grumbled.

‘’’Cause I’m curious’’ he said, ‘’I didn’t take you for the ‘let’s get high’ type’’

Rolling his eyes in irritation, he glared ahead, ‘’I stole it from one of my brother’s companions’’

He laughed in amusement, ‘’so you’re a thief too? What else ain’t you tell us?’’ he asked, obviously excited.

As expected, he didn’t answer. They continue walking through the forest in complete silence.


Back at the ship, Kathrina had left Opus’ room and was now above the deck, sitting by herself on one of the benches. She was glad that they had found out how to completely kill a Lurker, but she was extremely mad that the old man had locked her in that room with the foul creature. What if his assumption was wrong? She could have ended up a Lurker, or worse. She wanted to scold him, but she didn’t know what to do. She could simply slap him and tell him not to do it again, but that wouldn’t stop him. There was always the option of telling Elijah – if she did that, Opus probably wouldn’t see the light of another day – she frowned, the idea rather stupid. Elijah would kill Opus if she told him what he had done. If he did that, what would they do? They had only really gotten this far thanks to his unbelievable knowledge and the sword he carried. What would become of it if he was to die?

She frowned, waiting for Elijah to get back. He had only been gone a little while, but she had already started to miss him like crazy the second he left. She hated being away from him, even if it was only for a little while.

Just then, Thea slumped down beside her, sighing loudly. She glanced up at her sister, noticing the depressed look on her face. Leaning forward, she glared at Kathrina’s face, but there was no reaction from her. She just continued staring at the floor.

‘’Kathrina’’ Thea said, nudging her shoulder slightly.

She flinched and quickly looked at her sister, ‘’hmm?’’

‘’What were you thinking about?’’ she asked curiously, leaning back and relaxing.

‘’Oh, nothing’’ she dismissed, looking up at the mast.

Thea frowned doubtfully, but before she could interrogate her, the loud sound of rushing boots slamming against the deck startled her – she and her sister both looked up and watched as Logan and Harley suddenly rushed over to the ship’s exit, looking down at the docks below, panicked looks on their faces as they nattered in their strange language.

‘’What’s going on?’’ Kathrina asked as she climbed to her feet and started walking over to them.

But as she reached them, a mirage of mixed feelings suddenly overcame her – she watched as Elijah walked up onto the ship, Tsunami to his left, using him for support. His right arm was in a sling and he was covered in blood. She didn’t know whether it was his or not, but he looked awful, a pained look on his pale face, and as he noticed her, he tried to smile, but it seemed as though the pain he was in kept him from doing so.

‘’What happened?’’ she asked as the three of them stepped up onto the ship.

Tsunami let go of Elijah as he walked over to her, still limping slightly. He placed his hand on her shoulder so that he didn’t fall over, and sighed, ‘’Tsunami failed to look where he was going’’

As Elijah looked back at him, he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, ‘’yeah… we kinda set off some traps- ‘’

‘’And scar-face had to be the unnecessary hero’’ Alpha added, standing beside his brother.

Kathrina scowled harshly at Alpha, but then looked back up at Elijah.

‘’Someone get the old man’’ he grumbled.

‘’What the hell happened to you?’’ Harley asked as he pushed Logan away to go and fetch Opus.

Alpha then grinned and pointing to Elijah’s arm which was in the sling, ‘’snapped like a twig’’ he sneered, holding out his hands and acting like he was snapping something with them.

’You did this?!’’ Kathrina growled.

He lost his grin and gained an offended look, ‘’was just an accident’’ he mumbled.

Elijah nodded in agreement as he looked down at her furious face, ‘’it was’’

She frowned, noticing a rather odd scent lingering to the three of them, ‘’what the heck is that smell?’’ she asked, holding her hand over her nose.

Alpha snickered quietly as Elijah looked back at him.

Tsunami shook his head in disapproval, ‘’they decided to smoke a joint while I tried picking Elijah’s arm out from several spikes’’

Harley laughed, struggling to keep a serious face.

Thea frowned harshly as she stood beside her sister, ‘’you do drugs now, too?’’ she asked, scowling up at Elijah as he looked down at her and Kathrina, both of them as angry as the other.

‘’Um… I was dying’’ he said, clearly unsettled by Kathrina’s furious look.

Stepping forward, Harley came to his defence, ‘’believe it or not, he made a good call. I hear that stuff can distract you from pain, and we all know how much he struggles with pain’’

Elijah glared at him, offended by what he had just said, but then looked back down at Kathrina, ‘’I stole it from Merek’’

‘’Why would Merek have marijuana?’’ she frowned.

‘’Seriously?’’ Alpha called, ‘’you’ve seen that dude – he probably gets high on the salts they use in bath houses’’

All of them laughed, even Thea. But he was right. Merek looked and acted like the kind of person who did such a thing, and the fact that he had drugs on his person made it seem even more likely.

But then, Harley looked around and frowned, ‘’where’s the Priest?’’

The three of them looked at each other, hoping that one or the other would answer.

Just then, Logan returned with Opus at his side, Joe and Octavia following.

‘’Well,’’ Elijah sighed, ‘’we actually made more than one useful discovery out there, but we lost him in the process’’

‘’Lost him?’’ Harley asked, confused.

‘’He was taken by a bunch of Vampires – Vampires that could walk in the sunlight, I might add’’ Alpha called.

Opus frowned as he stopped in front of Elijah, ‘’day-walkers? They are real?’’

‘’Appears so’’ Tsunami said.

Logan then stood back beside Harley, ‘’what else did you find?’’

‘’Did you find out how to kill Alucard?’’ Kathrina asked eagerly, gazing up at Elijah.

He nodded, ‘’I believe that we did. But we cannot discuss it here. The Vampires who took the Priest told us that our ship was surrounded – it still could be’’

But before he could say anything else, Opus harshly snatched his arm, making him groan painfully, ‘’the bone is broken, yes?’’

‘’Yeah, like a twig’’ Alpha called, sneering.

The old man nodded and let go of his arm, ‘’you will come with me, I shall see if there is anything I can do’’

‘’If?’’ Elijah asked, slightly unsettled.

‘’You fixed his arm before’’ Kathrina called, ‘’and his leg… when Lucious… well, the fact is that you did it, why would there be a problem this time?’’

But he didn’t answer. He continued walking, expecting Elijah to follow.

Angered, Kathrina looked up at Elijah who slowly slid his hand down from her shoulder and grabbed her hand, glaring at the old man as he disappeared below the deck.

‘’We’ll all go’’ Tsunami suggested, ‘’you can tell them while he fixes your arm’’

Elijah nodded and started walking, following the old man.









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