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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Vermilion

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Stepping forward slightly, Urin scowled impatiently, ‘’give me ze girl!’’ he demanded, his sly tone becoming more serious.

Alpha snickered and leaned into his brother’s ear, ‘’which one of us is going to take scar-faces place and yell at him for addressing Kathrina?’’

Tsunami looked back at him and scowled, ‘’just kill him already’’ he grumbled.

On his word, Alpha let go of Harley who fell back into Opus’ arms. Then, he strolled out from the small group and smirked at Urin who was watching him curiously. After taking a few steps away from the others, Alpha sighed and held out his arms, a grin on his face. He cleared his throat and glanced back at his brother, snickering slightly.

Turning back to face Urin, he stood up straight and pointed at him. Then, he gained a stern, almost mockingly angry face and called, ‘’do not dare address Kathrina! I will decorate this room with your innards and bathe in them!’’ he called, putting on a rather strange accent.

Urin frowned, confused.

Unable to contain his laughter, Tsunami slapped his hand over his mouth and laughed hysterically, leaning forward slightly as everyone else stared at him.

Alpha glanced back at his brother and smirked, then, as he turned back to face Urin, he held out his arms again and gestured to the whole room, ‘’ahem, I am the only person allowed to speak to her! If you so much as look at her, I shall rip your eyes from your head and shove them down your throat so you can see my claws tear your insides open!’’

From behind, Thea leaned into her sister’s ear, ‘’is he mocking Elijah?’’

Kathrina deadpanned and glared at her sister, ‘’you only just noticed?’’

Tsunami continued laughing, overly amused by his brother’s odd impression of Elijah, his laughter increasing every time Alpha swayed around, waving his hands to show just how he was going to undertake his threats.

Just then, Alpha cleared his throat again and pointed at Urin, ‘’this,’’ he paused and placed his hands on his hips, standing straight, ‘’can go one of two ways- ‘’

‘’STOP!!!’’ Urin yelled, furious.

Suddenly, Tsunami lost control and had to lean on Logan to keep himself from collapsing, laughing like a mad-man.

‘’It’s not that funny’’ Logan mumbled.

‘’Yeah, it is’’ Tsunami laughed, a tear in his right eye.


‘’Are you mocking me?!’’ Urin yelled, furiously staring at Alpha.

Alpha grinned and stood normally, folding his arms in front of him, ‘’nah, just mocking someone we know – you can probably tell by my brother’s laughter that it was very on-point’’

Still confused, Urin shook his head furiously, ‘’I’m being serious! Give me ze- ‘’

‘’Yeah, I’m being serious too. You ain’t gonna get her. We just killed your almighty leader, so I think it would be rather fitting if his little suck-up dies right after’’

But, just as Alpha was about to start moving towards him-


A door slammed behind Urin, startling everyone, even him.

‘’You zertainly are a funny vone’’ came a silvery, sly voice.

Instantly, Urin turned around and stared.

The group also watched as another man emerged from the very top of the stairs, slowly walking down them. Unlike all of the other Vampires had been, he was wearing a cloak, much like Elijah’s, but it was a very dark red color, and had white fuzzy fur around its collar. Beneath it, he wore a brighter red leather cuirass with what looked like several necklaces clinging against it, all of which had sacred crosses on them. His trousers were black, just like the knee-length boots he was wearing. The boots had spurs on the back of them, clinging loudly as he slowly walked down the steps, the sound of his necklaces clinging together echoing through the hall.

This man was also quite tall, slightly taller than Urin. His hair was dark red and thickly spiked on top of his head, his fringe falling just past his eyebrows. Locks of his hair also fell down the sides of his head, covering his ears. He glared at each of them, his eyes a lot different from anything they had seen; his pupils were like a Demons, thin and slit. But his eyes weren’t just one color – it looked like there were fires burning in his eyes, their color glowing from red to yellow to orange continuously. He grinned, baring two fangs in his mouth, his skin pale white – was this man a Vampire?

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, Kathrina glared at him. There was something… familiar about this man. She couldn’t quite work out what, but she felt like she had seen him before. But, as he blinked slowly and set his eyes upon her, she shuddered, the evil look on his face unsettling her.

Alpha started stepping back – something about that man was awfully wrong. The moment he set his eyes on him, he could tell that he wasn’t a man at all.

‘’Who are you?’’ Tsunami called, still recovering from his laughter.

The man instantly took his eyes off Kathrina and looked over at Tsunami. He grinned, lifting his arm out from under his cloak and then placed his hand on his chest, ‘’can you not tell? I am a 'oly man’’ he said.

Tsunami frowned, staring at the crosses he had around his neck, also noticing a silver ring on each of his fingers, all of which had holy runes on them. He recognised the first as a rune that sanctified objects, the second one that sanctified Demons. The third was a rune that kept evil spirits from touching the wearer, and the fourth was used for sanctifying dead bodies to keep them from becoming ghouls. The last, on his smallest finger, was one used specifically for banishing Vampires.

He caught a glance of a sword and what looked like a whip attached to his belt as he moved his hand back under the cloak, grinning again.

They all watched as the strange man looked down at Urin and said something in a different language, turning back to face them as Urin scurried away to a door beside the staircase.

‘’I hear zat you people ‘ave caused e’lot of trouble for me’’ he called, a pleasant smile on his face, his voice husky and honeyed.

Kathrina gasped slightly – wait, was this man… Alucard?

He chuckled and pointed at them, ‘’zis is ze virst time in ‘undreds of years I ‘ave ‘ad to step out of my castle’’

It seemed like everyone else was beginning to realise the same thing. She knew it! She knew that that other Vampire couldn’t have been Alucard, he went down far too quickly, and when she did stab him with the sword, he didn’t turn into the same ash that the other Elementals had, and she didn’t get a crystal from him either. But the question was: why was that Vampire pretending to be Alucard?

Stepping back beside his brother, Alpha scowled evilly at the man. He didn’t like the feeling he was getting from him, and it felt as though there was a great evil lingering to him. He had never felt this way about anything before, but right now, he felt… anxious.

‘’I ‘eard zere vas ten ov you’’ he scowled sceptically, ‘’vere are ze vest ov your companions?’’

But, just then, another door flung open, and Urin quickly walked out, dragging someone with him, a sack over his head. He was dressed in white rags, the fabric torn and soaked in water which dripped on the floor as Urin forced him to walk forward.

‘’Ah’’ the man called, ‘’zis is vere I make a demonstration’’

Urin threw the man forward, making him stumble and fall to his knees just in front of the fiery-eyed Vampire. Muffled, panicked words came from under the sack; whoever it was, they were clearly terrified.


‘’Let’s just kill him already’’ Tsunami said-

Alpha held his arm out in front of his brother and stared sternly at him, shaking his head, ‘’wait’’ he said.

His behaviour startled Tsunami; why did he look so serious all of a sudden?

Just then, Harley coughed violently, making everyone in the room look at him.

Kathrina turned around and grabbed Harley’s hand, looking up at Opus who had a disturbingly worried look on his face, ‘’what’s wrong with him?’’ she asked.

‘’I am not sure, yes’’ Opus answered.

‘’I’m fine!’’ Harley insisted, glaring at the old man.

Staring at him, Kathrina frowned. There was clearly something wrong with him, and whatever it was, she wasn’t sure why he was trying to hide it. But, as she looked back over at Urin and the other Vampire, she started to feel anxious again. That man seemed far too calm after witnessing ‘Alucard’ die. She really was starting to believe that the man she had killed wasn’t Alucard at all.


Suddenly, the red-headed Vampire grabbed hold of the sack and yanked it from the prisoner’s head-

The man whimpered and looked around frantically, his eyes lighting up slightly as he noticed the group staring back at him – it was Gizon! But as he turned his head and looked up at the Vampires, he whimpered again, terrified as he stared at the red-head.

‘’Y-y-you’’ Gizon whimpered, ‘’it’s… it’s you!’’

The red-head smiled, ‘’I ‘ave not seen vone of you guys in a vhile’’ he grinned, ‘’vhere ‘ave you been ‘iding?’’

Ignoring him, Gizon quickly looked over at the group – ‘’it’s him!’’ he yelled, ‘’he’s Alu-‘’

He grabbed his jaw before he could finish, crouching down and staring into his petrified eyes, ‘’you should ‘ave stayed in your little church’’ he grinned.

As he stood up, Urin grabbed Gizon’s shoulders and made him stand up-

Abruptly, the red-head laughed evilly and threw his hand forward – Gizon yelled in agony as the Vampire’s hand tore right into his stomach, blood spraying onto the floor. The Vampire laughed again as he twisted his hand around, making Gizon cough as blood spurted from his mouth. Then, to everyone’s disgust, the Vampire yanked his hand out of Gizon, slowly pulling his intestines out of him, grinning as Gizon spat up more blood.

‘’Keep ‘im alive’’ the red-head said.

Urin bit his own wrist, holding it over Gizon’s mouth, watching as his blood dripping into it.


The group watched in turmoil as the man disembowelled Gizon, his blood soaking the tiled floor. For some reason, none of them could move. They didn’t want to intervene; they were all too shaken by what they were witnessing. They had thought that Alpha was a monster, but this man before them was completely barbaric! He was making Urin use his blood to keep Gizon alive while he tortured him, it was like something from a nightmare!

Kathrina couldn’t bear to watch, turning her head away and covering Thea’s eyes with her hand.


Gizon gurgled loudly, his own and Urin’s blood filling his mouth.

The Vampire laughed again as he let go of Gizon’s insides, backing off slightly, pulling a cloth from within his cloak, starting to wipe his bloody hands.

But then, dropping the cloth on the floor, the Vampire held out his crimson-stained hand and threw it forward, Gizon coughing violently as his hand cut into his torn-open gut once again.

The group all flinched, hearing the disgusting sounds coming from the Vampires hand moving around inside Gizon’s body.

‘’Zis,’’ the Vampire called, ‘’is vat ‘appens ven people defy me!’’

Suddenly, he yanked his hand back and held it up in the air as Gizon coughed again, but then fell silent, his body slumping to the ground as Urin let go of him. In the Vampires hand was Gizon’s heart, blood trickling down his wrist as he laughed manically. Then, he dropped the heart and as it landed on the ground, he stomped his left boot down on it, blood erupted backwards, causing the spur on his boot to spin crazily, spraying the blood everywhere.

‘’Now,’’ he grinned, pulling another cloth from his cloak and starting to clean his hands again, ‘’give me ze girl, or you vill be next’’

All of the group huddled closely together around Kathrina who was still hiding her face from the disgusting scene.

Opus then leaned forward, ‘’I believe that this man is actually Alucard’’

‘’No fucking shit’’ Alpha growled.

Tsunami glared evilly at the Vampire as he continued cleaning his hand with the cloth. Was he really Alucard? Had the man that Kathrina had killed been a fake? If he was, why? Why would Alucard send someone out to fight them pretending to be him? And why did he want Kathrina?


But then, the Vampire raised his right hand, dropping the bloody cloth, ‘’I… am Alucard. Did you ac’ually vink zat fool vas me?’’ he asked, offended as he pointed to the ash pile they were standing over.

Everyone looked down at the ash pile, and then back at him, startled looks on their faces. Kathrina opened her eyes and stared at him as well. The Vampire she had killed wasn’t Alucard?!

Alucard grinned at their surprised faces and pulled yet another cloth from his cloak, still trying to clean the crimson stains from his skin, ‘’Urin ‘ere ‘as alveady failed to capture you’’ he said, looking at Kathrina through the crowd, ‘’so, I vought I vould come see vor myself vhy he struggled’’

As he started moving towards them, the group started backing away slowly, cautious. The real Elemental was now in front of them and they had no plan, no cover – they didn’t even know if Kathrina was able to use the sword again after killing that Vampire.

Alucard halted after taking a few more steps and dropped the blood covered cloth, his hands still stained with Gizon’s blood. He grunted in disgust, but then glared at them all, grinning, ‘’I ‘ave dealt vith people like you bevore’’ he said, pointing to Kathrina who was barely visible through Logan and Tsunami’s defensive stances, ‘’you are not so ‘ard to defeat – vut I zon’t vant to kill you’’ he grinned, ‘’I vant you vor my own purposes – and I vill take you by force if I ‘ave too’’

Kathrina flinched as she felt Thea gripping her hand tightly.

‘’You can come willingly, and I vill let the vest of your f’iends go – or you can try to escape and I vill ‘ave no other option vut to kill all of you – except you’’ he said, pointing to Tsunami, ‘’Urin vas very keen to ‘ave you as a pet’’

He waited patiently, staring at each of them, but then, he raised his hand again. Suddenly, a familiar chirping sound started echoing from behind Alucard, getting louder and louder every second.

Alucard sighed, ‘’I guess ve vill do zis the ‘ard vay’’

Suddenly, as the door he had come out of burst open, a river of the strange insects they had found in the forest flowed in, chirping loudly as they scurried down the stairs, rushing towards them as Alucard grinned excitedly.

Tsunami scowled harshly, ‘’we’re leaving – now!’’


And at that, the group instantly spurted into action – They turned around and headed straight for the door as the insects abruptly chased them, Alucard and Urin remaining where they were as the wave of bugs scurried past them.

They watched as the group ran out of the door and down the hallway, heading for the exit. Urin went to chase after them, but Alucard held his arm out and grinned, muttering something in another language as he watched the group leave the building.

He watched as they raced through the graveyard, heading towards the gates as the insects followed. Then, as they left the gates and entered the city, he lowered his hand – Urin growled and burst into action, chasing after them. Shortly after, Alucard vanished into a cloud of vermilion-colored smoke which floated around and zoomed out of the door, following Urin who was racing at lightning-fast speed, hissing furiously.


Not too far ahead, the group were panting furiously, sprinting though the abandoned streets, panicking as the sound of the chirping insects became louder.

In the lead was Tsunami, Alpha beside him. Logan ran beside Kathrina who was grasping her sisters hand tightly. Harley was running beside Opus, his face still pale, sweat dripping from his head through his headband. He seemed to be getting worse, and if they didn’t hurry, he might pass out before they could even make it back to the ship.

‘’What do we do?!’’ Logan called, looking back at the river of insects following them, rushing through the streets like an unstoppable tsunami.

Glancing back over his shoulder at the bugs, Tsunami frowned, ‘’we get to the ship – Kathrina and Thea are gonna have to push us out to sea before those things catch up!’’

Looking up at Tsunami, Kathrina and Thea nodded in agreement.

But, suddenly, a strange, ominous feeling suddenly appeared around them-

Looking back, Kathrina noticed a cloud of black smoke gaining on them, moving around like a demonic creature – it glided to the right, catching up so quickly that she didn’t even have time to warn anyone –

Suddenly, an arm stretched out from the smoke and snatched Kathrina’s wrist, pulling her back –

She screamed as Urin’s face became visible in the smoke, pulling her away from the fleeing group and up onto a building’s roof.

‘’Kathrina!’’ Thea yelled.

But then, Urin yelled painfully – Kathrina grunted as she felt someone pick her up, carrying her away from Urin as he materialised and slowed down, gripping a wound in his chest.

Quickly, Kathrina looked up – ‘’Alpha?!’’

He looked down at her and grinned, carrying her in his arms, rushing back over to join the group who were now rushing into the docks.


On the ship, Joe and Octavia were sitting on one of the benches playing cards, but as a ferocious roar filled the air, they jumped, startled. The sound of exploding fire followed, so they rushed over to the edge and watched in shock as they group ran towards the ship, panicked looks on their faces.

‘’What is it?’’ Elijah asked, suddenly appearing behind them, but as he caught sight of the group, he didn’t need an answer.

The three of them watched as a tsunami of insects sprayed into the docks, but then, in her dragon form, Thea appeared, raining fire down on the insects, burning as many as she could.

The running group quickly sprinted up onto the ship –

‘’Where is Kathrina?!’’ Elijah demanded, grabbing Tsunami before he could collapse with exhaustion-

Just then, he turned and watched as Alpha appeared on top of one of the buildings, holding Kathrina in his arms. He looked down at the insects as they raced towards the ship-

Kathrina abruptly escaped from his arms, a cloud of black smoke appearing around her – she suddenly emerged from it in her dragon form, flying down to the ship as her sister also flew towards it. Alpha looked back, noticing both Alucard and Urin gaining on them. He made sure that everyone was on the ship, staring at each and every one of them. Then, as his wings appeared, he raced up into the air and headed for the ship as well.


With a loud THUMP!!! Kathrina smashed into the right side of the ship, her sister crashing into the left, making it jolt violently, swaying in the water as everyone onboard stumbled and grabbed onto something to keep themselves from falling over.

Then, growling angrily, the sisters flapped their wings, pressing their front paws against the ship, starting to push it forward, making it move away from the docks. The mounted stairs cracked and fell into the water as the ship moved away. Just as the bugs reached the edge of the docks, the sisters managed to push the ship far away enough, but they couldn’t stop yet.

Kathrina looked back, noticing Alucard and Urin entering the docks, racing towards them, holding their arms back like they were preparing to jump – she looked over at her sister and growled. Seeming to understand her, Thea nodded.

Everyone looked up and watched as the two dragons flew up, heading towards the front of the ship as it drifted slowly in the water. Thea swooped down and grabbed a rope from the left side of the foremast with her jaws, Kathrina grabbing one on the right. Then, as they flew outwards, the rope twanged loudly, the ship creaking. It jolted again, making everyone stumble, gripping tightly to what they had bene using to keep themselves from falling over the first time.

Then, the sisters flapped their wings quickly, growling as they struggled, holding the ropes in their jaws. The ship slowly turned and started moving as they pulled it. The rushing waves below made it harder for them to pull the huge ship, but they couldn’t give up. They had to keep moving it far away enough so that neither of those Vampires could leap aboard.


Understanding their panic, Elijah turned around and climbed up onto the quarter deck where Henry was cowering beside the ship’s wheel. He rushed to the back so he could see the docks and as he reached the back, he stared ahead, watching as the insects stopped moving, some tumbling into the water. But, then, he frowned, watching as two Vampires appeared on the edge of the dock, one of them Urin and the other one he had never seen before, his hair red and his eyes glowing like fire, his cat-like pupils glaring right back at him.

He looked back over his shoulder as he felt the ship slow slightly. Kathrina and Thea had let go of the ropes, slowly descending back onto the ship’s deck. Forgetting about the Vampires, he abruptly turned around and rushed down the steps, watching as Kathrina landed and shifted back, the black smoke disappearing from around her just moments after appearing.

Reaching her, he instantly wrapped his left arm around her, hugging her tightly as he pulled her against himself, relieved.

She was relieved by him embrace, wrapping her own arms around him.

‘’The fucking hell man?!’’ Alpha yelled, ‘’the fuck kind of crazy shit was that back there?!’’

Tsunami grabbed his enraged brother as he went to hit the foremast, ‘’calm down!’’

Logan then stepped forward, ‘’he’s right!’’ he breathed, still exhausted from the chase, ‘’that crazy son of a bitch could have killed all of us!’’

Elijah looked up and stared at their panicked faces, ‘’what happened?’’ he asked calmly.

But then, Harley groaned painfully and fell to his knees, Startling Thea and Octavia who jumped away.

‘’What happened to Harley?!’’ Joe called, watching as Opus crouched down beside Harley, trying to see what was wrong with him.

Even though they had escaped the horde of insects and the two Vampires that followed, the groups panic hadn’t ceased. Kathrina clung onto Elijah, burying her face in his shirt. She had seen too much gore for one night, and she just wanted to forget about it. Being back with Elijah had calmed her a little, but she was still breathing frantically, shaken by what had happened. The Vampire she had killed wasn’t Alucard at all, and she had watched as the real Alucard disembowelled a Priest right in front of her. Something was wrong with Harley and she couldn’t help but think it was because of her. She had stabbed him, after all.

Kathrina slowly turned her head and looked back at Opus as he stared down at Harley who was grunting in pain, thrashing violently.

The old man yanked on Harley’s hakama where it had been ripped by the sword Kathrina had accidently stabbed him with. As he tore half of it away, a deep, rounded wound became visible on his shoulder, tacky blood surrounding it – but that wasn’t what had alarmed Opus-

‘’What the hell is that?!’’ Tsunami spat, staring at Harley’s wound.

Everyone leaned closer and stared at Harley’s arm; the rounded wound was surrounded in light-blue colored vein-like marks, spreading down to his chest. It looked like he had been bitten by a Demon, or a Vampire, but he hadn’t. Everyone looked just as perplexed as each other, but Opus seemed to realise what it was straight away.

He looked up at Elijah, ‘’do you have any Grim Root?’’ he asked hastily.

Elijah nodded and turned around, letting go of Kathrina as he rushed towards the cabin.

Harley thrashed violently, yelling in agony as he tried to grab his shoulder, but Opus snatched his hand and slammed it down on the deck, keeping him from doing so.

‘’What is it?’’ Kathrina asked, moving closer.

‘’Werewolf venom’’ the old man said as he looked back over his shoulder at the cabin, waiting for Elijah to come back out with what he had asked for, ‘’it was on the sword when you stabbed him – if I don’t remove it soon, he will be infected with lycanthropy’’

All of the group muttered and looked around at each other, unsettled by Opus’ analysis.

Just then, the cabin door banged loudly as Elijah came rushing back out. As he re-joined the group, he handed Opus a small jar.

Taking it, the old man abruptly yanked the top off and handed it back to Elijah. Then, scraping the remainder of the silky-white paste from inside out with his fingers, he dabbed it over the wound and then held his hand over it, waiting.

Harley yelled in agony as the blue marks started vanishing, descending up to where Opus had his hand.

‘’Is it working?’’ Octavia asked, a panicked look on her face as she clung onto Tsunami’s left arm.

Opus nodded.

Everyone watched in relief as the marks slowly disappeared, and as they did, Harley began calming down, relaxing after sighing in relief.

Kathrina sighed as well, leaning against Elijah as he wrapped his arm around her again.


A few moments later, Opus lifted his hand from Harley’s shoulder, the paste he had dabbed over it now a light blue color. He scooped it off with his hand and chucked it overboard, wiping his hand on his coat as he stood up. He handed the empty jar back to Elijah, ‘’you should make it your priority to get more of that. I fear we may be needing it’’

Elijah scowled at him as he sighed and walked past, quickly disappearing below the deck.

Just then, Harley slowly opened his eyes and looked at each of them slowly. He gradually moved his arm and patted his side, frowning shortly after, ‘’where’s my sword?’’ he asked.

The group all laughed quietly. He was alright.



(End of Part one)

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