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Chapter 27 (v.1) - The Wolf And The Lamb

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A few hours had passed since the group had to make a hasty retreat from Transylvania’s docks, leaving behind the city that was full of Vampires, and now, home to Alucard. In their short time there, they had manged to find out that Alucard was in fact the first Vampire, and was just as sadistic as the other Elementals they had already vanquished. They had also found that Werewolf venom may very well be his weakness, meaning they knew how to kill him. But, the only problem was getting to him. He now knew that Kathrina was the one capable of carrying out such a task, and he most likely had every Vampire in his city looking for her. Returning there was something they couldn’t do so hastily.

Harley had been taken below the deck to his room, so he could recover from his injuries; having almost been infected with Lycanthropy, he was in a rather dazed state due to the venom and shock of the situation combined. Opus had retreated to his room and hadn’t been seen since he cured Harley. Tsunami had fallen asleep with Octavia, and Alpha was sitting alone on the deck with a bottle of whiskey at his side. Logan and Joe were conversing with Henry who was slumped in a corner up on the quarter deck, still shaken from the evenings previous events. Thea was sitting on the other side of the deck, keeping a watchful eye on Alpha who looked unusually down for a person of his personality.

Everyone was exhausted after the past couple of days, and with no plan or destination in mind, they took the time to relax. As far as they were concerned, they were safe out at sea, drifting aimlessly.


In the cabin, Kathrina was sitting cross-legged on the bed, contemplating whether she wanted to tell Elijah what she had seen back there, or to just keep it to herself. He had asked countless times what was wrong, but she had refused to tell him each time. She didn’t want to talk about it; seeing someone have their insides torn from their body while they were still alive… it was something she wouldn’t have thought she’d ever be made to see. It was disgusting.

Elijah was sitting at the table, his legs thrown up on it as he stared up at the ceiling, deep in thought. He wanted to know what had made Kathrina look so shaken, but she wouldn’t tell him. But that wasn’t what was consuming the majority of his thoughts; he couldn’t get the picture of Alpha carrying Kathrina out of his head. It was his job to protect her, not Alpha’s. Seeing such a thing made him feel disappointed in himself for being unable to be there for her, but it also made him furious, so angry that he wanted to kill Alpha for even touching her.

But then, he started thinking about the Vampire he had seen beside Urin as they were leaving the docks. No one had told him who it was, but he could only think of one possibility: Alucard. It had to be. Just by looking at him, he could tell that he was a lot different from any other Vampire he had seen. Not only was he wearing sacred items that would kill any ordinary Vampire, but his eyes… they were different. It looked like fire was burning within them, his pupils like a cat’s. At first glance, Elijah would have thought he was a Demon, but he didn’t have that specific scent of sulphur lingering to him. If he had, Elijah would have noticed it from miles away.

He frowned and glanced over at Kathrina; she still looked shaken, and seeing her in such distress was making him feel even worse.

Grunting as he moved his injured arm, he slowly climbed to his feet, walking over to her. He sat down beside her, expecting her to look at him, but she didn’t. She continued staring forward like she was daydreaming. He placed his left hand on her thigh and leaned closer, ‘’are you going to tell me what has you so upset?’’ he asked quietly.

She instantly shook her head, ‘’I don’t wanna talk about it’’

Elijah sighed, taking his hand off her. He wasn’t going to force her to tell him, but he was worried why she wasn’t telling him. She told him everything. Could it really have been so bad that she didn’t even want to tell him about it? But then, she turned and looked up at him, so he stared back, waiting.

‘’Before we left’’ she said, ‘’Luka sent one of his… birds, I guess. If he’s on his way back, what if he runs into those Vampires back there?’’

Staring at her concerned face, he smiled, ‘’do not worry about my brother- ‘’

‘’I am worried!’’ she interrupted, startling him slightly, ‘’that wasn’t just another Vampire back there – it was Alucard!’’

‘’Alucard?’’ he asked, surprised that his suspicion was true.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’even Luka can’t- ‘’

‘’I will send a spectre’’ he said, hastily climbing to his feet.

She also climbed to her feet, following him as he rushed over to one of the glass cabinets. As he opened it and reached inside, he grabbed a small bottle filled with what looked like black ash. He pulled the small cork out with his injured arm, grunting slightly, and emptied some into his hand; it was actually a black powder, kind of like gun-powder. As he put the bottle back into the cabinet, he rushed over to the back of the room, pulling open one of the huge curtains. Then, he pulled a small latch on one of the large windows and pushed it open like a door, the powder still in his hand.

Standing at his side, Kathrina watched as he slowly placed his right hand over his left, grunting slightly where it was still injured. Then, as he slowly lifted his hands apart, the powder started spinning in his hand, eventually forming a black crow, its eyes light green like Elijah’s.

’Kyodai, machi o sakete kudasai. Anata wa sugu ni watashi ni kuwawaru hitsuyo ga arimasu’’ he said, glaring at the bird.

‘’What did you say?’’ Kathrina asked as she watched the bird fly away.

Looking down at her, he said, ‘’I told him to avoid the city and come to us right away. I just hope he has not reached the city yet’’

She could tell by the sound of his voice that he was worried about his brother, and she felt bad for not telling him sooner. However, she was sure that Luka was alright; she knew that he wasn’t an idiot, and if he did come face-to-face with Alucard, he’d be able to get away. But she couldn’t tell whether Elijah was as confident as she was. All they could do now was wait until either Luka or a bird came back.

As Elijah pulled the window shut, she grabbed his left arm, ‘’let’s lay down, you still need to rest’’ she said, starting to pull him along with her as she walked towards the bed.

He smiled, and as they reached it, he sat down, ‘’you…’’ he smirked as Kathrina stood in front of him and grabbed her hand, ‘’…are resting too, right?’’

She smiled and pulled herself forward, sitting on his lap, ‘’maybe’’ she smirked.

As she sat down and placed her arms around his neck, he stared at her curiously. She rested her forehead on his and sighed quietly, closing her eyes.

‘’I saw… something awful happen’’ she said slowly.

Elijah frowned and placed his left hand on her waist, ‘’what was it?’’ he asked, worried.

‘’When Alucard revealed himself… he killed Gizon right in front of us – but he didn’t just kill him… he… he ripped his… he… ‘’ she paused for a moment, clearly struggling.

He waited, staring at her distressed face.

She sighed deeply and moved her head down to his shoulder, resting it there, ‘’he… ripped his insides out… he made Urin keep him… alive while he did it. That man… Alucard tortured him. It… reminded me of that day… ‘’ she said, her voice now quiet and shaky like she was trying to hold back tears, ‘’it reminded me of when we met Lucious’’

Leaning his head on her shoulder, he went to say something, but was interrupted by her sniffling-

‘’Every time I see… something like that’’ she cried, gripping his shirt tightly, ‘’all I can think about… is that day’’

Hearing her cry, he wrapped his arm around her back and held her tightly, resting his head on hers, ‘’nothing like that will ever happen again, mai rabu, I will not let it’’

Ignoring his attempt to convince her, she sniffled again and said, ‘’I feel like an idiot for doing this; it’s my fault that Regis… Nightly and Divina died that day – it’s my fault that you- ‘’

‘’No,’’ Elijah denied sternly, moving back, making her look up at him, ‘’it was not your fault – it was not anyone’s fault. You cannot keep blaming yourself’’

She stared at him, tears falling down her face. She didn’t know what to say, all she could do was stare at him, her eyes slowly moving to stare at the scar that cut down the right side of his face.

Elijah then lifted his left hand from her back and placed it on her face, dragging his thumb across her cheek to wipe her tears away, ‘’listen to me,’’ he said, leaning his forehead on hers, ‘’we will kill Alucard, and once he is dead, we will leave, just like we spoke about’’

Her eyes slightly lit up with happiness, ‘’you promise?’’

He smiled, ‘’I promise’’

Just then, the cat pounced up onto the bed beside them and sat down, glaring at Elijah as he and Kathrina slowly stared back.

‘’Are you sure he’s not one of Luka’s?’’ Kathrina asked, looking back at Elijah.

Frowning, Elijah looked back at her and shrugged, smirking. His hand still on her face, he moved closer to her and slowly kissed her, closing his eyes.

The moment she felt his lips touch hers, she felt like all of her sadness and doubt was fading. She closed her eyes, kissing him back, quickly forgetting about Alucard and what she had seen. Once again, Elijah had ended the conversation using the same method he always used. But she didn’t mind. She was glad that they didn’t get into a full conversation about Lucious, that was the last thing she wanted. Right now, all she wanted was Elijah.

But as they continued kissing, Kathrina could feel Elijah getting rougher again. He had started biting her bottom lip again, gripping her waist tightly with his hand. But she enjoyed it. She actually wanted to see more of this rougher side to him, but she knew if he so much as thought he was hurting her, he’d stop and cease any kind of intimacy for a while. As much as she wanted to tell him, she was just too nervous and shy to admit she liked his more aggressive side when it came to things like this.

As he kissed her again and gently bit down on her lip, she winced quietly, gripping his shirt tightly with her hands as she pushed her body against his, her excitement quickly increasing.

However, Elijah suddenly grunted painfully, moving his face away from hers and looked down at his arm as Kathrina moved back slightly, realising that she may have just hurt him.

He looked back at her and sighed sadly, ‘’this is bullshit’’

She frowned, ‘’what is?’’

‘’My arm’’ he said, looking back down at it again, ‘’we could have killed Alucard right there and then if I had been able to come with you – we could have been away from here already by now, if only I had- ‘’

‘’Shhh,’’ she said, placing her hand on the back of his head and pulling him closer, ‘’we’ll get rid of him soon enough’’ she said, trying to keep him from getting angry at himself for something he couldn’t even control.

He looked at her face and slowly smiled, ‘’you- ‘’

Suddenly, the ship jolted slightly, startling the both of them. The cat hissed and pounced onto the floor, scurrying under one of the tables and hiding as they stared at the door cautiously.


Outside, Logan, Alpha, Thea and Joe had rushed over to the right side of the ship, leaning over the side as another ship a little bit smaller than theirs bumped into it. From atop the quarter deck, Henry threw a rope over to someone who was standing on the quarter deck of the other ship.

‘’Ahoy there!’’ Henry sang, picking up and throwing another rope to the other ship.

‘’Ahoy!’’ yelled the other man.

It was too dark to make out his face, but it seemed like Henry knew him, so Logan and Joe proceeded to pick up the ropes that hung from the ships side and threw them over to the other ship as several other people rushed over and started tying them to the side of their ship.

One of the men seemed to be struggling with tying the rope, stopping to scratch his head in confusion every couple of seconds.

‘’Oh, ye big dope!’’ came a familiar voice, ‘’get ye arse away from there ‘fore ye cause yeself some ’arm!’’

The man dropped the rope and held up his hands as he backed away. As the other man grabbed and started tying it, another person approached the side of the ship, climbing up onto the fence and then jumped onto the group’s ship as everyone eyed him closely. He was wearing a cloak that concealed everything, even his face. However, just a few seconds after boarding their ship, he raised his hands and lowered his hood, revealing himself as none other than-

‘’Luka!’’ Kathrina called, peering out from the cabin door, Elijah behind her.

Turning around to look at her, he smiled pleasantly, taking off the cloak and handing it to another man who had just climbed aboard from the other ship. He also lowered his hood, revealing himself to be Merek. Three others climbed over and joined them, and as they lowered their hoods, the group recognised them as Luka’s other travelling companions.

But before any of them could say anything, the ginger companion hit Merek across the head, ‘’don’t ye know ‘ow ta do anything?!’’

Merek grunted and stumbled forward, ‘’fuck off you Scottish prick!’’

‘’Hey!’’ Luka growled, ‘’both of you shut it before I kick both of your asses simultaneously!’’

Both of them stood up straight and said, ‘’yes boss!’’

Shaking his head, Luka turned to face Kathrina and Elijah as they walked over, but, noticing his brother’s arm, he frowned and pointed at the sling, ‘’Eli? What happened?’’

Elijah looked down at his arm and sighed, ‘’it is a long story’’

Kathrina leaned forward and hugged Luka. He frowned, unsure as to why she seemed so happy to see him, but he slowly placed his arm around her and hugged her back.

‘’We thought you may have run into Alucard’’ Elijah explained, noticing his brother’s confusion, ‘’we were worried he may have caught you – or worse’’

Luka shook his head as Kathrina backed away and stood beside Elijah, ‘’no. Actually, I was already at sea when I received your message. I had just sailed to the Order’s island to pick up the rest of my allies. I assume you found Alucard then?’’

Walking over to join them, Logan nodded, ‘’it’s something we won’t soon be forgetting’’ he cringed.

‘’Where’s that Priest guy?’’ Merek asked, looking around sceptically.

Alpha grinned, ‘’he got himself… pulled into a rather messy situation’’

‘’He’s dead?’’

He nodded, ‘’had his guts torn out right in front of us’’

Merek frowned in disgust.

‘’How… pleasant’’ Luka frowned, glaring over at Alpha, but then, he turned back to his brother, ‘’is he responsible for this?’’ he asked, pointing at his arm again.

‘’Alucard? No. It happened just before we lost the Priest’’

‘’So, how did it happen?’’

‘’It was him’’ Kathrina growled, pointing at Alpha who scoffed.

Everyone on the deck turned to look at Alpha.

‘’You think this Order could help in any way?’’ Joe asked, trying to keep everyone from starting a fight.

Slowly taking his eyes off Alpha, Luka looked at Joe, ‘’help how?’’

‘’Well, aren’t they Vampire hunters?’’

Logan nodded, ‘’yeah, if we want to defeat Alucard, we’re going to need all the help we can get’’

Luka nodded slowly, ‘’we are not too far from their island, we can head there now. I am sure they will want an explanation as to why one of theirs is dead – you will not be allowed inside, however’’ he said, pointing at Alpha, ‘’the church is sanctified’’ he paused and looked at his brother, ‘’same goes for you, brother. You will have to wait on the ship with him and his brother’’

Elijah frowned reluctantly. He felt so left out at the moment. He wasn’t allowed to go with the group when they went to meet Alucard, and now he was being told he would have to stay behind again while everyone else went to speak to Gizon’s order. He had had to let Kathrina go without him once, and he didn’t want to have that happen again. He had spent the whole time she was gone with the others worrying, thinking something awful may happen. And it did. This time, he wanted to be there with her in case something did happen.

However, if the church where this order lived really was sanctified, there was no way around it. He would have to stay behind. If he took one step on sanctified ground, he’d regret it for the rest of his life. Not only would he go through an agonising hell of pain, he’d also start to lose sanity. He had heard about what happens to Demons who set foot on holy ground, and he didn’t want to experience it for himself.

He sighed and nodded, ‘’fine’’

Luka smiled, ‘’right, I shall tell Henry where to take us’’

They watched as Luka walked pas Elijah and climbed up onto the quarter deck, approaching Henry.


As everyone started walking off, Merek followed Elijah as he and Kathrina started walking back to their room. He reached forward and grabbed his shoulder-

Instantly, Elijah turned around, smacked his arm away and growled, ‘’do not touch me!’’

‘’Sheesh, sooorry’’ Merek mocked.

Elijah scowled at him, ‘’what do you want?’’

Merek looked down at Kathrina as she grabbed Elijah’s left arm, but then looked back up at his angry, pale face, ‘’you, uh… wouldn’t so happen to know what happened to my…’’ he stopped and looked around sceptically, making sure no one was listening, ‘’… my… uh, stuff’’

‘’Stuff?’’ Elijah asked, playing dumb.

‘’Yeah’’ Merek nodded, rubbing the back of his neck, ‘’you know what I’m talking about’’

Kathrina frowned. So, it seemed that the marijuana Elijah and Alpha had come back smelling of really was originally Merek’s, meaning Elijah had stolen it from him. But now, the question was, why had he stolen it from him in the first place?

Shaking his head, Elijah shrugged, ‘’I have no idea what you are talking about’’

Before he could turn around, Merek grabbed his right shoulder-

‘’Idiot!’’ Elijah growled, shoving him away as he gripped his arm, groaning painfully.

‘’Oh, shit, sorry’’ Merek mumbled, ‘’seriously though, I may look like an idiot-‘’

‘’You got that right’’ Kathrina snickered.

Elijah looked down at her and laughed as well.

‘’Yeah, ha ha ha, so funny. Anyway, I know you took it. You’re the only person who could have known I had it, apart from Luka, but he wouldn’t take something like that’’

‘’So you assume I would?’’ he asked, slightly offended.

Merek growled in frustration as he lowered his hand from his neck, ‘’look, just give it back man, I need that shit’’

‘’Why?’’ Elijah asked, staring sceptically at him.

‘’Calms my nerves, don’t it’’ he mumbled, ‘’just give it back’’

‘’I can’t’’ Elijah mumbled, ‘’I used it’’

Merek’s face lit up with both anger and surprise, ‘’you did?’’

Elijah nodded, ‘’I was dying’’

He laughed, ‘’I don’t know what surprised me the most just now: the fact that you smoked weed or the fact that you were dying while doing so. Jesus, Elijah, what’s happened to you? Where’s the big scary Demon gone? Why do you seem so soft now?’’

Offended and angered, Elijah glared evilly at him, ‘’I’ll show you if you do not get out of my face… NOW!!!’’ he growled, so fiercely that it made Kathrina flinch.

Startled, Merek jumped and backed off slightly, ‘’sheesh, mister sensitive over here’’

Elijah growled angrily-

’Ne!’’ Luka suddenly called, ‘’what’s going on down there?’’

Merek looked up at him, ‘’nothing’’ he mumbled, turning around and then walked away.

Watching him leave, Elijah turned around and walked into the cabin, Kathrina following.


Once they were in the room, he let go of Kathrina’s hand and slammed the door shut, finding it hard to contain his anger. Did people really think he was turning soft? Was he? It made him furious to think that people were starting to think he was weak, or becoming weak. Why would he be? Why would they even think that? Was it just because he had gotten himself into that trap? He did that to save someone else, not because he was an idiot or weak!

He stormed over to the table and slammed his hand down on it, breathing furiously. That inconsiderate asshole… who the hell did he think he was saying those things?! He just wanted to go back out there and beat the living daylight out of Merek and show him that he wasn’t soft at all – how dare he?! He couldn’t understand, why would they think that? How-

‘’Elijah?’’ Kathrina called, worry in her voice.

He stopped, realising that he had dug his claws into the table, slashing the varnished wood. His heart was racing, his anger boiling – he had to calm down before he did something he would regret.

Slowly, he took a deep breath and turned around, looking over at Kathrina who was stood over by the door, ‘’yes?’’ he asked, his voice shaky because of his surging anger.

She frowned and started moving towards him, ‘’are you… okay?’’

‘’I… ‘’ he paused and looked down at the floor, trying to calm down, ‘’yes’’ he said, looking back up at her.

Kathrina frowned again and stopped. Instead of walking over to him, she turned back around and walked over to the bed, sitting down as the cat meowed at her. It wasn’t hard to tell that what Merek had said had angered Elijah. She could see him trembling with anger from where she was sitting. She didn’t know what to say or if there even was anything she could do to help him calm down.

But, as he started walking over to her, she shuffled over, making space for him to sit beside her. He sat down and sighed, staring down at the floor.

‘’I can stay here with you tomorrow if you want’’ she said quietly, leaning her head on his left.

He looked down at her and frowned. Did she think the same as Merek? Did she think that he was so soft as to need her to remain with him just because he wasn’t allowed to go somewhere? No – he shook his head, unsure why he had even thought such a thing about her. She didn’t think he was weak, she didn’t doubt him… did she?

Just then, she looked up at him, ‘’what’s wrong?’’

Elijah frowned. He didn’t want to ask, but he remembered what she had said earlier about how she wanted to know what he was thinking or feeling. He sighed and looked into her eyes, ‘’do you think I’m weak?’’

She frowned and backed away slightly, ‘’what?’’

‘’Do you think I am becoming… soft?’’

Kathrina shook her head, ‘’no – why would I think that? Why would anyone think that?’’

He frowned sadly and looked down at the floor, ‘’what Merek just said: he’s right’’

‘’No he’s not!’’ she insisted, placing her hands on his face, ‘’you’re not weak, Elijah, you’re not becoming soft – you’re just not what he perceives you as. He thinks that just because you’re a Demon that you should be like Alpha. He thinks you should be a heartless killer, but you’re not. Don’t pay any attention to what people like Merek think – he’s an idiot anyway’’

He slowly looked at her, ‘’I am a heartless killer. You and I both know I would not hesitate to kill everyone on this ship’’

‘’That’s not what I’m talking about, Elijah’’ she frowned.

‘’Except you’’ he said, ignoring her, ‘’maybe that is why’’

‘’Why what?’’

‘’Am I weak… because I love you?’’ he asked, slowly looking down at the floor, frowning.

She frowned, unsure of what he meant.

‘’I love you so much, I feel like it is too good to be true. I feel like if I just so much as blink, you will disappear like sand through my fingers,’’ he said quietly, lifting up his hand and glaring at it, ‘’since I met you, I have felt abandoned without your closeness; your closeness is all I ever dream of, it is the only thing I need. I cannot stand being away from you. I have grown deeply interlaced with you. I cannot think of any greater happiness than to be with you all the time’’

‘’Elijah- ‘’

‘’Does that make me weak?’’ he asked, looking at her, ‘’am I weak because of that?’’

She shook her head unsurely, ‘’it doesn’t make you weak – it just means you have something worth living and fighting for’’ she said, ‘’right?’’

He looked at her vacantly, ‘’I… ‘’ he fell quiet and slowly lowered his head, resting it on Kathrina’s shoulder, ‘’you are my only weakness’’ he admitted, ‘’but if there is one thing my brother has taught me, it is that you can use your weaknesses to drive your strong – you make me… stronger’’ he said quietly, wrapping his arm around her and hugging her tightly, ‘’if I did not have you, I would have lost my sanity a long time ago. Forgive me, ‘’ he said, tightening his grip on her, ‘’I did not mean to break down like that in front of you – I just… I cannot stand to let people think I am weak – If I am weak, that means I am incapable of protecting you. If I am weak, I do not deserve you- ‘’

‘’Elijah’’ she said, pulling away from him, ‘’you’re not weak, you never were and you never will be. No one here is more capable than you – don’t ever think that you can’t protect me – I trust you, and I know you’ll always be here for me’’

Looking at her, he slowly smiled and pulled her closer, hugging her tightly, ‘’I do not know what I would do without you’’ he whispered.


As Elijah hugged her tightly, Kathrina smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. She was glad that he had spoken to her this time instead of keeping it to himself, but she couldn’t help but worry that he was going to keep thinking that way. What Merek had said had really unsettled him, and had made him question his own strength and abilities. She knew that he was more than capable of protecting her and everyone else here, but he was now doubting it. She had noticed herself that Elijah had seemed to have calmed down a lot lately; he wasn’t as violent, although he was still a jerk. There had been many times where he would have usually started a fight with someone for something they said, but he didn’t. He held back.

She frowned. Was he doing that because she had asked? Was he refraining himself from starting fights and squabbles because she had told him he needed to stop? She now felt guilty. She only wanted to keep people from getting hurt, but it seemed all she had done was make Elijah act like he was weak, keeping him from fighting and defending himself. That wasn’t what she wanted at all.

Pulling back, she stared into his eyes as he slowly looked at her, ‘’this is my fault’’ she said.

He frowned, ‘’what?’’

‘’It’s my fault that you feel this way – if I had just stopped telling you to stop fighting- ‘’

‘’No’’ he said, pulling her back and hugging her, ‘’I stopped fighting because it benefits me as much as it does anyone else. Unlike those two, I can actually die. I stopped fighting, because if I did die, that would leave you alone. And that is something I will never do’’

‘’Then it is still my- ‘’

He shook his head, ‘’I want to live – I do not want to die, and that is why I stopped. I cannot keep taking stupid risks like that. It was my decision, and no fault of yours’’

She pulled back and stared into his eyes again.

Almost instantly, he moved his face into hers and kissed her softly, making her smile. As she kissed him back, she felt him move his arm around behind her; the cat suddenly meowed and pounced off the bed, scurrying away as Elijah moved his arm back round and placed his hand on her right shoulder, gently pushing her back.

As he pushed her back, she laid down, resting her head on the pillows as he moved his face from hers and started kissing her neck. She lifted her hand and ran her fingers through his hair, wincing quietly as he started pulling on the strings on her tunic, still kissing her neck.

A few moments later, he tugged on her tunic, so she sat up and let him take it off. But as it hit the floor, he placed his hand back on her shoulder and aggressively pushed her back down, moving his face back to her neck, biting gently on her skin as he kissed her. He seemed to be acting a lot more hasty than usual, but she didn’t mind. She placed her hand on the back of his head again as he continued kissing her neck, making her wince quietly.

But then, without any warning or approval from her, he abruptly sank his fangs into her neck – she flinched and grunted painfully, gripping his hair tightly. But a few seconds later, the pain ceased and was replaced by an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, making her moan quietly. She gripped his hair tighter, trying to keep herself from making too much noise; the last thing she wanted was for everyone to hear her. She wasn’t even sure why Elijah was acting like this; he only ever drank from her when it was the two of them alone somewhere, he was just as worried about people finding out as she was. But right now, it seemed like he didn’t care. He didn’t even ask her if it was okay.

Elijah then frowned, gripping onto her neck with his fangs. He didn’t even know himself why he had suddenly bitten her; all he knew now was that he didn’t want to stop. It felt too good, her blood tasted so sweet, so warm… for some reason, right now, it tasted better than it had before. He knew he should back away and stop, but every single one of his senses were telling him to keep going, to keep draining the blood from Kathrina’s body. And he did. He wasn’t going to let go, he wasn’t going to stop. It felt too good, like it was all he ever needed.

His excitement growing, his hunger unsated, he pulled his fangs from her neck and started moving down her body, kissing every inch of her as he moved down to her waist, leaving smudges of blood on her skin as it dripped from his mouth. She continued wincing, holding onto his hair tightly as he placed his fangs on the left side of her waist and instantly bit down, making her whine loudly. He felt her grip his hair tighter, making him groan slightly, and as more of her blood seeped into his mouth, he placed his left hand on the blanket, gripping it tightly. It felt amazing, and all he could think about was biting again and again, making her wince as his venom spread throughout her body, her blood giving him a satisfaction beyond explanation.

Kathrina then frowned, a strange dizziness starting to spin in her head. She felt light-headed, like she was so tired, moments away from passing out. Elijah was drinking too much, and if he didn’t stop soon, she would pass out, or worse. But as she laid there, she couldn’t bring herself to tell him to stop, it felt so good, and she didn’t want it to end.

With his fangs still in her side, Elijah groaned quietly, the taste of her blood so overwhelmingly satisfying. He wanted to keep going, he wanted more, but he could feel Kathrina getting weaker, her breathy moans ceasing into struggling winces. He knew he was taking too much, but it was just so intoxicating! He had never felt so good, and he didn’t want to give it up. However, if he didn’t Kathrina could die from blood loss – as the thought crossed his mind, he instantly pulled his fangs from her body and exhaled deeply, breathing frantically, his heart racing.

Panicking, he moved his face up to hers and stared at her pale face, ‘’K-Kathrina?’’ he asked frantically, blood dripping from his mouth onto her cheek.

But she didn’t respond. Her eyes were closed, and she looked as pale as she had the night she was attacked by the Fire-Teshika assassin. Elijah’s eyes widened in panic – he frantically placed his hand on her face and stared at her, ‘’Kathrina!’’

Still, there was no response – and then, it hit him: had he killed her?



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