Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - The Order's Archipelago

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Elijah stared at Kathrina’s still body, an overwhelming amount of feelings racing through him. Panic, shock, guilt, anger, worry, sadness – this was his fault. He had let himself get carried away, just like he had always feared. He knew this would happen – he knew he’d end up hurting and eventually killing her… but what was he supposed to do now? If she really was dead, how could he live with himself? The only reason he lived was for her, the only reason he had managed to keep his sanity was because of her. If she wasn’t by his side, he’d lose himself.

Staring at her, he could feel his heart breaking, an overwhelming sadness and sense of loneliness building up within him – what had he done? He had killed the one person he loved, the one person he would have done anything for – he had killed Kathrina. A tear suddenly came to his left eye, falling down his face as he continued to stare at her, his body starting to quiver. She wasn’t moving, she didn’t answer when he called her name – she was still, lifeless, and it was by his hand that she had met her end.


Kathrina slowly opened her eyes, the air around her warm and soothing, a light breeze racing past every few minutes. The sky above her was bluer than she had ever seen, not a single cloud hovering in it. The peaceful sound of chirping birds echoed around her, the soft, silky grass stroking against her hands as she lay there, gazing up, an amazing sense of freedom surrounding her. She had never felt so relaxed, so calm, so… free. It was like the world around her had stopped spinning, like everything had just stopped. There was not a single worry in her mind, and everything she had always feared now seemed so irrelevant, like it didn’t matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore.

Wherever this place was, she didn’t want to leave it. This place… it felt like the future she had dreamed of. The atmosphere was calm with such an amazing harmony. The birds sung like there was no end to their song, the grass swayed like it would live for eternity, the sky so bright that it made everything below it smile. A flurry of beautifully colored butterflies fluttered past, their wings like rainbows, leaving behind trails of silvery glitter, disappearing into the lush, green and pink trees that surrounded Kathrina.

Slowly, she sat up, grunting as she leaned back on her left arm. She didn’t know why she had grunted, however, because there was no pain. Even when she looked at her arm, there was no sign of wounds or marks. The left side of her waist also hurt, but she checked it for wounds, and there were none. She frowned, looking around. This place seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite remember why. In fact, she couldn’t remember anything. All she got when she tried to think was a mirage of blurred images.

The warmness of the golden sun hit her skin, making her smile. It felt so peaceful here, like she had nothing to worry about. She laid back down, resting her head on the soft grass. It felt like she was slowly sinking into a pool of silk, her body so relaxed, slowly falling… falling into an endless pool of nothing but light and warmness. And she let it take her. This was all she needed, all she wanted. Right now, nothing else mattered. She didn’t have anything else to worry about.

As she stared up at the sky, it started to slowly move away from her, getting further and further away as she fell back into the pool of tenderness. She smiled, raising her hand, watching as everything started fading away, disappearing as the feeling of calm increased. She felt so weightless, like she was floating, the world around her pulling her away.

However, as she twisted her hand around, her smile soon faded, her eyes gazing at a strange mark on her wrist. It was black in color, shaped like an eight, but it’s curves were pointed, and a line cut through it, three claw-like lines sprouting from its end. It looked familiar, but why? Did she know what this was? Did it mean something to her?

She stared at it a while longer, but nothing came to mind. She just wanted to sleep, and forget about everything. Nothing mattered anymore, it was too peaceful here to care…

But then, as she fell, from around her neck, two necklaces escaped from under her tunic, and started floating just above her face, clinking together quietly. She gazed at them, noticing that the first was a small sapphire, the crystal shaped like a teardrop, shimmering brightly. It was dangling from a small chain, floating gracefully beside the second one. The other necklace was on a black lace-like string, the pendant being a snake coiled on, in and around a six-pointed star which clung onto a vine-like circle, attached to the string. But at a single glance, they didn’t mean anything.

Kathrina closed her eyes, falling deeper, the world above her growing even further away, the birdsong still echoing around her like she was right beside them. But, as the birdsong suddenly ceased, she opened her eyes again. She was still falling, she could still see the blue sky above her, but all she could hear was the sound coming from the two necklaces as they hit one another.

She frowned, staring at them. For some reason, she couldn’t take her eyes off the snake one. It felt like there was a greater meaning lingering to it rather than it just being a piece of jewellery. So she stared harder, thinking, did it mean something? Was it something important?

And that was when it came to her: a voice, so sweet-sounding, like music to her ears, calling her name, but the voice sounded panicked, upset… who did this voice belong too? It seemed so familiar, and every time it called her name, she felt her heart ache, a sadness growing within her, erasing the overwhelming sense of peace that had consumed her.

The snake necklace hovered in her face, glaring at her as she stared back. It hummed quietly, and then it started to glow a dim silver color… she closed her eyes – ‘’In the Arikarin culture, snakes mean eternity and loyalty. Me giving this to you is my way of telling you that I will love you for eternity and will always protect you. I will never betray you or leave you. No matter what happens, I’ll always be at your side’’ – it was the same voice… the one that was calling her name… did she know this person?

But then, she remembered – Elijah. How could she forget? She panicked, looking around frantically as the world started sinking away faster, now dragging her back – she wanted it to stop, she wanted to go back, she wanted to see him! She couldn’t let whatever this was take her!

She struggled, Elijah’s calls breaking her heart even more – she wanted to call back, she wanted to get back to him, but she couldn’t. The bright blue sky abruptly faded to black, everything around her soon following until she was floating in an endless emptiness. Was this… death? Was this what it was like to die? She now remembered what had happened, how she had got here – no, she couldn’t leave him, she couldn’t leave him alone! She had to get back, she had to be with him! But the darkness wouldn’t let her go. It gripped onto her like a monster, dragging her deeper into the darkness, Elijah’s voice fading, the tiredness overwhelming her… this… was it. She really was going to die.

Holding out her hand, reaching ahead, she tried to scream, she tried to call for him, but no sound came from her mouth. Tears flooded from her eyes and danced above her, floating around in the darkness. But, then, out of the darkness, something made its way over to her. What looked like a pair of glowing light green eyes, their pupils thinned like a cats…

She gasped – a black cat sat on her chest, staring at her face. Something about the feline seemed familiar, but what? Staring at it as it stared back, she started to remember… this cat… it was hers, this cat was her pet, right? Yes, that was how she recognised it. It was called Luka, and it had followed her back from a mission she had undertaken… or something like that… she was unsure, but she knew that this cat was hers and that she had named it Luka.

Luka stared at her, his light green eyes glowing brightly, ‘’Kathrina’’ the cat suddenly said, its voice hoarse but silky.

Kathrina stared, unsure of how to react.

The cat meowed and stood up, moving his face right into hers, ‘’you cannot die yet, you have your whole life ahead of you – I will not let this happen’’

‘’How… How do you know my name?’’ she asked.

He ignored her, ‘’you must wake up before you reach the end, Kathrina. You must wake up, and forgive everything. This is not your time to die, this is your time to live. So, wake up – wake up!’’


Elijah slowly lowered his hand from Kathrina’s pale face, gritting his teeth, trying not to yell in order to let out his feelings. Tears were now falling down his face, dripping onto Kathrina’s lifeless body. He didn’t know what to do, this was his fault and now he was alone… she was gone, and there was nothing he could do about it. It was his fault. He had killed the only person he had ever loved, and now, he had to live with that – he had to live without her.

He grunted painfully; he could feel his heart breaking, his soul being crushed. He couldn’t… he wouldn’t live without her – how could he? Without her, he had no reason, no purpose… he had sworn to protect her, and ultimately, he had been the one that killed her. There was nothing for him in this world anymore, there was no reason for him to live.

Slowly, he looked away from her, staring at his hand, his frantic breathing calming – there was only one thing he could do: he would perform seppuku (a form of samurai suicide). There was nothing else in this world for him, so why should he keep living? He couldn’t live without Kathrina, so he would die with her instead. If he couldn’t be with her in this world, he’d find her in the next.

Looking at her pale face one last time, he closed his eyes tightly, trying to keep himself from crying any more than he already had, and reached behind him with his left hand, pulling his tanto (a kind of dagger) from its small scabbard that was attached to the back of his belt. He then held it in front of his face, staring at it. He didn’t feel reluctant, but his guilt was eating away at him. He couldn’t get the horrible thoughts out of his head: he had killed Kathrina, she was dead, and it was his fault. He had lost control of himself, he was a monster, he should have never let anything like this happen, he never should have allowed himself to get this close… he closed his eyes tightly again, gritting his teeth. The taste of her blood still lingered in his mouth, and it was so sweet… and it was the reason she was dead.

He sat up and pointed his face up at the ceiling, the blood from his mouth and the tears from his eyes sliding down his neck – this was it. He gripped the dagger’s hilt tightly as he pressed the tip of the blade against his stomach, breathing calmly. As the blood stained his shirt, he exhaled deeply and started to press the blade into his skin-

Suddenly, Kathrina grabbed his wrist before he could do himself any harm – ‘’Elijah?’’ she asked weakly, ‘’what… what are you doing?’’

Instantly, he gasped and looked down at her, his breathing abruptly speeding up as his heart raced furiously, the shock of hearing her voice overwhelming him – ‘’Kathrina?’’ he asked, his face covered in pure shock.

She stared at his tear-covered, bloodied face and frowned. What on earth was he doing? He was holding a dagger to his stomach like he was about to impale himself, tears streaming down his face, a look of unexplainable depression and worry strung across it. But then, she started to remember what she had just seen… had she really died – again? Or had she just passed out? She couldn’t tell which, but she was glad to be awake – she hadn’t expected to see Elijah in such a disposition – had he thought he had killed her?

Kathrina stared at him, unsure of what to say or think. He sat there, staring back – she wanted to sit up and hug him, to tell him that everything was alright, but she felt so weak, she could barely even speak.

But then, sheathing the dagger, Elijah threw his arms around her and pulled her up, hugging her s tightly that she couldn’t breathe. She could hear him sniffling, tears dripping onto her back as he held onto her with both of his arms, clearly forgetting about his injury.

‘’I… I thought I killed you’’ he cried, squeezing her even tighter.

She grunted, trying to tell him to let go, but she couldn’t. But, after a few moments, he loosened his grip on her and moved back to look at her face.

‘’I… I’m alright’’ she said, ‘’I just… fell asleep’’ she lied, looking into his distressed eyes.

She wasn’t sure if he believed her or not, but she didn’t want to make him think she was afraid now, or that she hated him. He hadn’t killed her… had he? If he had, she wouldn’t be awake, she wouldn’t be talking to him right now. No, she had clearly just passed out from the blood loss. He must have thought she was dead, but she couldn’t have been.

Struggling to pull a smile, she placed her cold hand on his face, ‘’I’m okay’’

He stared at her, wide-eyed and distressed, still breathing frantically. But he gradually placed his hand over hers. He could have sworn she had stopped breathing – he thought she had died… had she? Or had the shock of it made it seem like she had died? He couldn’t work it out, but right now, he didn’t want too, he just wanted to enjoy the relief that had come with her waking up. She was alive, she wasn’t gone, and he wasn’t alone.

Again, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closely, ‘’I’m… I’m so sorry – I can’t- ‘’ he stopped and took a deep breath, ‘’I… I cannot express my regret’’ he said quietly, trying to fight back more tears, ‘’I did not… I cannot… please, forgive me’’ he pleaded.

Kathrina shook her head and slowly pulled away from him, staring at his face, ‘’forgive you for what?’’ she smiled, trying to remove the distressed look from his face, ‘’you didn’t do anything that needs forgiving, I told you, I was just tired’’

He frowned, finding it hard to believe her, but he wasn’t going to question it. All that mattered was that she wasn’t dead.

‘’Look at me’’ she said, watching as he slowly looked down in disappointment.

Slowly, he looked at her and waited.

‘’Elijah,’’ she said, placing her hand on his face, ‘’you didn’t do anything. Don’t worry about it, okay? I’m fine, and always will be’’ she said, trying to convince him.

‘’I- ‘’

She placed her index finger on his lips and shook her head, ‘’you didn’t do anything wrong’’ she said sternly, ‘’okay?’’

He nodded slowly.

Before he could say anything, she placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down, making him lay beside her as she made herself comfortable. He continued staring at her face, noticing that there was some color returning to it. He still felt guilty and angry. Even know she had denied it, he knew that it was his fault that she was now is this state. He had lost control, and allowed himself to drain her of her blood to the point where she passed out. He could have killed her. Now, he knew that he had to stop. Not just for himself, but for her as well.

Staring at her face, he gently placed his hand on her cheek and as her eyes met his, he said, ‘’don’t leave me… ever’’

She smiled and shuffled closer to him, ‘’I will never leave you, Elijah. And you’ll never leave me, right?’’

He smiled weakly, ‘’never’’

Then, she smiled and curled up, resting her head against his chest, ‘’I want to sleep now’’ she said quietly.

‘’Me too’’ he said, resting his chin on her head.

After that, she fell silent. He could hear her breathing, and all he could think about was what had just happened. She may be alive, but if he hadn’t have stopped when he did, she really could have died. This time, she had fallen unconscious. There was no telling what would happen if it happened again, so he wasn’t going too. He swore to himself, he wouldn’t drink a single drop of her blood ever again. No matter how much he wanted it, no matter how much his hunger tormented him, he wouldn’t do it. He couldn’t take any more risks like that. It had to stop. Now.

Calming down, he slowly closed his eyes, trying to relax. Never again would he let that happen.


Several hours later, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The eerie sound of bickering seagulls echoed all around the ship as it came close to a small dock clinging onto an island just ahead of them. Luka’s ship was still tied to the side of the group’s ship, and both captains were on their quarter decks. Everyone else had retreated beneath the deck to rest, entrusting the crazy captains to get them to the destination Luka had provided them with.

As they sailed closer to the island, Luka emerged from beneath the deck of his ship, a tired look on his face. His long, untied crimson hair floated elegantly in the breeze as he climbed over onto the group’s ship, Merek following as he, too, emerged from beneath the deck.

The two of them walked up onto the quarter deck and approached Henry who was humming quietly to himself as he steered the ship.

‘’Mornin’, Lucille’’ Henry smiled, looking at Luka who frowned.

‘’It is Luka’’ he grumbled, ‘’not Lucille’’

Henry nodded, ‘’Luke’’



‘’Ugh!’’ Luka growled, turning around in frustration.

Merek laughed quietly as he watched Luka storm over to the fence, peering down into the ocean below. But then, he glanced over his shoulder at called him over, so he walked over and stood beside him.

‘’What is?’’ Merek asked.

Yawning, Luka ran his hand through his extremely long hair and sighed, ‘’wake everyone up’’

‘’Everyone?’’ he asked, slightly worried.

He nodded, ‘’yes, everyone. Why the concern?’’

Merek gulped and laughed nervously, ‘’well, uh… I heard that… if anyone tries to wake your brother’s girlfriend… he’ll gut them’’

Luka raised one of his eyebrows and turned to look at him, ‘’you honestly believe that? Whatever, go and wake everyone else up, I shall see to my brother’’

Then, Merek leaped down onto the deck and proceeded to jump around like a deranged child, smashing his feet down on the deck. Luka slowly placed his face in his hand and shook his head, sighing. Merek really was an idiot, but at least he got the job done. Just moments after, the group emerged from beneath the deck, led by Tsunami. All of them had both angered and tired looks on their faces. The only ones who hadn’t come up with them were Harley and Opus, but that was because Harley was still recovering, and the old man was most likely scribbling away again.


Approaching Merek who was now leaning back against the main mast, Tsunami growled angrily as Octavia grabbed his arm, trying to keep him from starting a fight – ‘’what the fuck?!’’ he growled, glaring at him.

Merek shrugged, ‘’he told me to wake you all up – so I did’’ he said, looking back at Luka who was slowly walking down onto the deck.

‘’Aye, ye could’a jus’ went down there an’ woke em up, idiot’’ called Luka’s Scottish companion as he skipped over from his ship onto theirs, the other companions following him.

All of Luka’s companions were wearing the same outfit as him, except their coats had sleeves, and his didn’t. All of them had the same symbol on the shoulder of their coats, but it looked like something written in Japanese, so no one had any idea what it said. However, Logan and Joe could read it; it actually said, ‘Shadow Walker’ – was that the name of their group, possibly? They already knew that Luka was nicknamed the ‘Crimson Pariah’, so it would make sense if their group had a name too.

As they walked over, Merek frowned in disgust, ‘’oh, shut up you Scottish prick, no one asked for your opinion’’

‘’Aye, but I’m sure as ‘ell gonnae give one – I’m gonnae kick ye teeth in!’’

‘’Bring it you ginger fuck!’’

The two of them went to hit each other-

’Ne!’’ Luka yelled, ‘’you two are worse than my brother!’’

‘’That’s debateable’’ Alpha grumbled, leaning on Tsunami’s shoulder as Octavia scowled harshly at him.

They stopped and stood up straight, staring ahead attentively as Luka walked over to them.

‘’Reiner, ‘’ he growled, staring at the ginger one as he stopped in front of them, ‘’can you not live for one moment without starting bullshit?’’

Reiner opened his mouth to speak-

‘’And Merek, ‘’ he scowled, glaring at him, ‘’what did I tell you about insulting your comrades?!’’

‘’S-Sorry boss’’ Merek said, trembling slightly.

Luka raised one of his eyebrows and then looked over at Reiner.

‘’Sorry, boss’’ he said.

‘’Right’’ Luka said sternly, backing away slightly as the other two of his companions fell into line beside Merek and Reiner.

The group watched in confusion; it looked like they were at some kind of military training camp, lining up and standing straight the way they were. Was that really the kind of relationship they had with Elijah’s brother? Was he really their boss?


Luka stood in front of them all as they stared ahead, stern looks on their tired face.

‘’Tell me’’ Luka said as he eyed each of them slowly, ‘’what did I say would happen if any of you started another unnecessary conflict?’’

Merek gulped as he slowly looked at Reiner. The other two also slowly looked at them both-

‘’WELL?!!!’’ Luka yelled, so furiously that everyone jumped.

Reiner jumped, ‘’uh, ye said ye’d punish us in a way we’d prefer death over, sir’’

‘’That I did’’ he said, calming down, holding his arms behind his back, ‘’and what did you two just do?’’ he asked, scowling at Merek and then Reiner.

Merek gulped again, ‘’we… we started an unnecessary conflict’’

‘’That you did’’ he said, still scowling at the two of them as they nervously looked at each other, ‘’so, turn around’’ he said.

The four of them looked at each other, unsettled. But they gradually turned around-

‘’See that island?’’ Luka asked, placing his arms over their shoulders as they all stared out at the island ahead of them where their ships were headed.


Luka backed away, ‘’swim’’

Without questioning him, the four of them immediately sprinted to the edge of the ship, jumped over onto theirs and then leaped into the water below, the water crashing loudly.

‘’Well, you clearly have not grown lenient, brother’’ Elijah called.

Turning his head, Luka stared at his brother as he walked out from the cabin, Kathrina at his side. Elijah was still wearing just his shirt and trousers, his right arm still sitting in the sling. He had his swords at his side, attached to his belt and a rather tired look clinging to his pale face. He had cleaned the blood from his face as well as Kathrina’s, hoping that no one would notice or suss what had happened. Kathrina was dressed as usual in her tunic, her sword at her side. However, she looked a lot paler than usual, and looked as if she hadn’t slept at all, shadows under her eyes.

Luka smiled at his brother, ‘’no, I have not. Discipline is necessary, as you already know’’

‘’That I do’’ he smirked, walking over as he held onto Kathrina’s hand tightly.

Alpha frowned and looked at them both, ‘’wow, you two look like shit’’ he called, ‘’what the hell happened?’’

Elijah glared over at him as he and Kathrina stopped beside Luka, ‘’none of your business’’ he growled.

But Alpha grinned. He could already tell what had happened. He could smell Kathrina’s blood from where he was standing, and the look on her face could only mean that Elijah had taken a little too much of her blood last night. However, he didn’t really care, so he remained quiet.

Staring at his brother, Luka placed his hand on his shoulder and frowned, ‘’are you alright, Eli?’’ he asked quietly.

‘’I’m fine’’ he snapped rather harshly, sharply turning his head to glare at him.

Luka frowned, but slowly lowered his hand from his brother’s shoulder and sighed, turning to face the group, ‘’we have almost reached the island. I advise those of you coming to get ready’’

‘’Ready for what?’’ Thea asked sceptically.

‘’For anything’’ he said, looking down at her, ‘’in the short time I spent with the people here, I was unable to tell whether they were trustworthy or not. So, be prepared for anything’’ he said sternly.


As the group turned around and disappeared back below the deck to get ready, Luka turned to face his brother and Kathrina. The both of them looked like they hadn’t gotten any sleep at all, and he was worried that something may have happened to keep them from sleeping. He stared sceptically at Elijah as he looked down at Kathrina. There were two possible answers; either one of them had had a nightmare and the other had stayed awake with them the entire night, or Elijah had defied him and had drank more of her blood, maybe a little too much this time, leaving her in the state she was in right now. Both options were just as likely as the other, understanding that his brother already suffered from night terrors, and that Kathrina had recently started having awful nightmares reminding her of what had happened back in Japan with Lucious.

He sighed and dragged his hand over his face in frustration. He was already pissed off with Merek and Reiner for starting another stupid squabble, but now it looked like he was going to have to interrogate his stubborn brother and find out what had happened. If he had ignored him and had been continuing to drink blood, he was going to have to do something about it, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

‘’Eli’’ he said, sighing slightly.

Elijah stopped looking down at Kathrina and stared vacantly at his brother, ‘’what?’’

’Nani ga okotta?’’ he asked, frowning.

What happened?’ – ‘’just like I told that pervert, it is none of your business’’

‘’It is my business, brother’’ he said sternly, ‘’do you not remember what I told you- ‘’

‘’What are you talking about?’’ Kathrina asked, looking up at the two of them.

Luka looked down at Kathrina, realising that Elijah mustn’t have told her about his seal, and that just made him worry even more. If he hadn’t told her, that must mean that he never planned on giving up the blood in the first place. If he had told her, she wouldn’t let him drink from her anymore.

He looked back at his brother and frowned angrily, ‘’you devious- ‘’

‘’LAND AHOY!!!’’ Henry suddenly yelled, so loudly that it startled all three of them, making them look up at him.

Luka turned to look at his brother again, but he harshly shoved past him and walked over to the front of the ship to stare at the island, Kathrina following abruptly.

As the two of them climbed up onto the forecastle deck, they stared out at the island just ahead of them, the oceans waves stroking a bed of white sand, a small dock stretching out from an old, crumbled stone building. The island looked a lot bigger up closer – it was actually an archipelago, a collection of islands huddled rather closely to one another. From what they could see, it looked like most of the islands were connected by long, stone bridges, all of which were decorated with white, red and golden flags as well as holy crosses and runes.

The beach was covered in a bed of shimmering white sand, palm trees scattered all over the place, a large stone building only just visible behind them. The sun above shined down brightly, but it couldn’t seem to light up the shadows that clung onto the palm trees that masked the building. Seagulls were hovering above, screeching loudly, swooping down occasionally, coming back up with what looked like small fish in their beaks.

Standing on the edge of the dock was a small man dressed in the same get-up Gizon had been wearing, holding a black book against his chest as he watched the ships slowly approach. Elijah really did not like the look of these guys, and he couldn’t help but feel like something was going on. Why had no one mentioned this order before? Why was there no mention of them back in the city, and why hadn’t the ‘know-it-all’ Werewolves told Tsunami about them?

He looked down at Kathrina who had an excited look on her face. He knew how much she loved visiting new places, and this one clearly had her captivated. He smiled, but then looked ahead again as the ships jolted slightly, coming closer to the dock. He really didn’t want to let Kathrina go without him, especially after what had happened last night, but he knew he couldn’t walk on holy ground. He glanced back at his brother who was still glaring sceptically at him, and started thinking. He trusted Luka, so he would ask him to keep an eye on her – but how could he do that without having to give him a reason?

Sighing, he looked down at Kathrina again, ‘’I’ll be right back, alright?’’

She looked up at him and smiled, nodding.

He smiled and then kissed her before turning around. He climbed down from the forecastle deck and walked over to his brother who was still scowling at him, following his every move with his eyes. As he stopped in front of Luka, he sighed, looking back at Kathrina as she stared out at the island.

Luka instantly frowned suspiciously, ‘’well?’’ he asked, ‘’are you going to try and convince me that you did not defy me?’’

Elijah turned his head and scowled at him, ‘’you do not own me, stop talking like you do’’

‘’I know I don’t, but that does not mean you can throw my advice away like trash. Do you not care about what will happen to you?!’’ he exclaimed quietly, leaning closer to him.

‘’Of course I care!’’ he snapped, glaring at him.

‘’Then why do you keep doing this to yourself?! Are you incapable of refraining yourself?!’’

‘’No!’’ he growled, ‘’I said I would stop and I have!’’ he lied.

Folding his arms in front of him, Luka raised his left eyebrow and glared at him, ‘’then explain to me why Kathrina looks like she’s had half her blood drained from her body’’

Elijah opened his mouth to speak, but then looked back over at her and sighed, looking down at the deck as his brother shook his head.

But then, Luka’s eyes widened in bewilderment, ‘’she’s not pregnant, is she?!’’

Immediately, Elijah looked at him and scowled, ‘’no! You are the second person to ask me that!’’ he growled, angered and slightly embarrassed, ‘’why would you even think that?’’ he asked quietly.

Luka sighed and looked over at Kathrina, ‘’it was just a thought. Of course, you would tell me if she was, right?’’

‘’Why would you even care?’’ he grumbled, also looking at Kathrina.

‘’I am your brother, and the only family you have. Did you ask her yet?’’ he asked, glancing at Elijah.

He frowned and looked at his brother, ‘’no’’

‘’Well, make sure you tell me when you do. By the way, Alice is organising a celebration for Christmas, will you and your companions be joining us?’’

‘’Christmas?’’ Elijah smirked, ‘’is that not weeks away?’’

‘’Weeks or months, it does not matter. Answer’’ he said sternly.

He rolled his eyes irritably and sighed, ‘’I suppose so’’

Luka laughed, ‘’wow, I was expecting you to deny it rather sternly’’

‘’I am not answering for myself’’ he grumbled, looking back at Kathrina, ‘’I answer for everyone else. I am sure everyone here would appreciate a break’’

Staring at his brother, Luka smiled, ‘’I see you have grown rather fond of these people. I am surprised, yet glad. However, your attempt to divert the subject was unsuccessful. Tell me, what is wrong with her?’’

Elijah slowly looked down at the deck and sighed, ‘’last night, when she went with the others to confront Alucard – she was forced to watch that rather unsettling torture’’

‘’The Priest’s disembowelment?’’

He nodded, ‘’it has caused her a great deal of trauma’’

‘’I see…’’ he said slowly, thinking, ‘’well, what is it that you came to me for in the first place?’’

‘’Kathrina’’ he said.

‘’What about her?’’

‘’I am not allowed to go with her, so I want you to stay close to her for me. Make sure she is safe’’

‘’You worry too much, Eli. But fine, I will remain at her side. Do me a favour while you are here: do not start any fights with those other Demons’’

‘’Or what? Will you make me swim to an island too?’’ he smirked.

Luka smirked, ‘’perhaps’’

The two of them laughed quietly, but as everyone started walking back up onto the deck, they fell silent, eyeing them closely. The ship jolted again as Henry and the other captain started throwing ropes to the dock below. They had arrived.


The song that plays while Kathrina is in 'limbo': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp2xrgojTxo

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